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tv   Arts.21 - 100 German Must- Reads The Talk part 2  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm CET

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put together a state government you'll know the results. has always had quite tight results in the elections traditionally and this was the case here i think it was four minutes past two in the morning when we had the last vote counted so that now we can continue with the. coalition that we have now that there are other options and we will look into this as well i'm planning to spend this afternoon. you've been watching live coverage coming from the c.d.u. headquarters here in a but when we were just listening to follow the fear he's a state female of the state of press a button elections took place yesterday on sunday and before that we heard chancellor angela merkel confirming the announcements we've been expecting or a day for analysis let me turn to our senior correspondent peter craven peter we heard a flock of a few talk about this being a turning point for the c.d.u. party himself is from the c.d.u. and he was referring to often clinic of decision not to stand for party leader at
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a party conference in december and also that this is her last parliamentary term what did you make off chancellor merkel's comments was very interesting gave it it wasn't quite the end of an era that wasn't the sense that you have we know that angle americal is still in office is german chancellor intends to remain in office and indeed returns to remain in office and serve her full term. her full four year term that would be then for four terms in office as german chancellor she writes of that with conrad out an hour and helmut kohl. but this is a new chapter i think in german politics definitely i think this is the american slowly taking her back this is the clichéd beginning of the end of the cliche really works today it has substance and i thought it was interesting that she said that she's not going to accept the appointment or apply for any other political office i saw earlier i didn't investigate any further but apparently she has been offered one reads post
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a senior post in european circles in the european union and of course in the past under the merkel has been talked about united as the united nations secretary general so i don't know if she's counting all of that i would certainly she's you know beginning to think about what she wants to be doing with the rest of her life and not just the rest of her political career in a fish she was looking very composed melissa go back to the edge to the body a press conference at the city that borders because until america is taking questions. from reporters then let's take a listen to what is being said. and for you to. put on it with come and see and spawn a new condition of the doubt form a song of songs off just. under. the. influence of ones one hundred m. from the dots here. in the files of mukesh an indian off the
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sets for the song called us i in there sure enough it says to help me it's off to vox neon this orne. was under medical answering a reporter's question of the cd head see if you had quarters she was asked who would she like to see as taking over from her as party leader when it's put to vote in the party conference in hamburg in december and she said she didn't want to get involved in that discussion right now that we need to return to our. ok let's go back and take a listen to two more questions being asked and with the question being pushed to. fear. yes i'm going to take care of the tests and now and then the c.d.u. it over and the decision in the sea. will be made by the c.s.u. and horsed zero for two and i don't think he needs my advice in the press before.
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him madam chancellor mr matz has also said he wants to run as counters are you expecting there to be a change of direction in the party with that and secondly what would happen if the s p d were to leave the grand coalition before the end of the parliamentary term and call for new elections would you run then. i can just exclude that possibility . that includes that but i don't think it's worth just getting involved in speculations here which is why i won't say anything else about that i read something on there spitefully dish mats but i can't really say anything sound about it at this point and otherwise my decision goes in the direction that i wish to contribution as best i can to ensure that this german government that was hard enough to put together succeed. madam chancellor
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a question about your chancellor ship you said you were prepared to continue to work as chancellor does that mean you will. not necessarily remain chance until twenty twenty one and what is it you want to achieve on a national and international level in the time remaining two years chancellor what are your aims and then just briefly what are you going to do after twenty twenty one you are saying it sounds like you don't want to stay in the world of politics. well i think we'll talk about that when the time comes i'm not worried that i will know what to do with my time but i just made it clear because there are rumors in brussels that i might wish to aimed for some position there that's why i said it you can see what our main aims are in the coalition agreement and the events i mean there's bracks it on the cards the fact that the us has said that they want to pull out of the. treaty. on.
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us i mean there are plenty of issues that we want to look at things that will keep us very busy and then at the end of the term we can talk about what we've managed to achieve. madam chancellor i would be interested in knowing when you decided to make this step and what the decision making process entailed did you regret running as chancellor again and we have heard a lot of people saying merkel must go did this affect you or the decision making. and i wonder if you could say as well. i mean you can live with any chair of the city you asked chancellor is that the case certainly but
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naturally i respect any democratic choice made by my party that's part and parcel of democracy and the process of democracy i'm very pleased looking back that despite all of the poor elections we've results we've seen we find ourselves in a position in which there cannot be a government formed in germany without the studio and managing to achieve that for the fourth time running is success in itself or at least no small matter it's important i believe there was another question oh well when did i decide this well we had a meeting of the party before the summer break and i decided but i put it forward one week earlier. to concur. now since the some of break you have known that you would resign or not resign i
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said that i wouldn't be running as candidate again as party chair. madam chancellor i'd like to ask you about the separation of these two offices now for years you've been very very eminent in maintaining that in terms of power politics it's not good to separate the two now you're saying it's the lesser of two evils perhaps you could explain what sort of. latitude you will have mr chancellor in that context and many in europe will be asking what this means for european policy in the german government. and. you'll have a new party chair and a new parliamentary group will they will you know they'll be surrounding you well the parliamentary group supports what we do for a cow did it and. as well so you can say that will be and circles are surrounded by the parliamentary group this is and. you can't really do politics if you have everyone behind you i mean i'm thinking here of the euro bailout. not much is going
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to change here the person in the government will have to be negotiating these things and i know when it comes to every european treaty around finances obviously whoever negotiate something has to get. a majority in the parliament and so not much is going to change here in the way we do things now i think i've spoken ot them in such detail about this because i believe that the party chair and chancellor should be one of the same persons that normally but since it's clear that i will not be running again that one can separate the two for i while in that it's possible but like i said you know if you are dog dog isn't. and if it hadn't been clear to me that i wouldn't be running again i wouldn't have seen as tenable to separate the two but since it's only
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a limited period of time that we will be doing this i think it may help us focus more on our government work to have a strong party chair a chancellor and head of the parliamentary group but only for temporary amount of time. madam chancellor you did you inform your see her phone in advance or did she find out about your decision by twitter. and also we do continue to leave her and them as minister of interior well i think what counts today. for me is that yes i did inform her see her for us and and analysts before everyone else. and there's a speaker there at the back of wisconsin's and madam chancellor and this comes from and he's not and some of them didn't want to now last chancellor you will have to work closely together with the new cd your leadership but of course it will depend
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on the person's so what speaks in favor of it being. a swedish merits how can you be sure that they will help you and continue to support you to a lot of your position by then title well i would say let's wait and see who wins the vote as party chairman feel i'm someone who can work very well together with lots of different people and i think i have the reputation of being milk and equality otherwise how could i run a coalition government. from . the work of new chancellor you have said i'm over here your country can you see me at the back. oh yeah for a very little now you said yourself that it was exactly here nearly two years ago that you and now it's that you were going to run as chancellor once again do you regret it now i think i just answered that question but i'm happy that you can know
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i don't regret it because since then we didn't just win in silence again with the. current of our but also north west a failure with russia in chief because time we got a new cd you want to win again and now we have a situation in the bundestag where you cannot form a government without the cd and i think these are all things that we can be proud of. things mr shouldn't. could some. on the cordon chimes in just to ask you again about the decision making presence did anybody put pressure on you or does your decision come entirely out of your own considerations and i'd also be interested in knowing in an exact description of the reasons was it the performance of the german government or was it also about the course of the c.d.o. at the moment that it was off i think i said already that i had
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decided in favor of this very early on in principle because it was clear to me that i wasn't going to be running as counted for chancellor again and i wanted my party to have the latitude to prepare for the future well in terms of our party program and in terms of personnel constellation and i believe that this is important to find a transition for the next terminals in office in parliament so that there's a real chance for the c.d.u. to play a leading role in the politics of chairman and we don't have the situation that we have in france or the us. where there's a sort of in a good automatic and and then i thought about how in the current constellation we could get some fresh wind in the matter.
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three more questions but just to understand you said that since the sun of break you knew that you weren't going to be running as a party chair again but you recently announced this to sort of aquash the discussion as it came up was that a necessary white lie or what was that and then you refer to you as cetera that this state that you will find yourself in in the future is lame duck which often means a loss of authority don't you have to worry about. everything has its advantages and disadvantages i have opted for this option and in international politics worldwide it is done and the individual states are still governed properly and then in. the t.v. yesterday something i said in our newspaper i said it again i was trying to leave some latitude for my party believe i can have three more questions on taxes today
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has a mr gottman have you mr bush. you've just said it's. a . new party chair could be a real new opportunity what sort of characteristics do you think this candidate would have to have in order to. take on the cd leadership good well that's a good attempt i don't know who's running as candidates yet but. what i want to say . is that we mustn't just focus on the individuals themselves but look at content and issues this is important to and i think that the party is whole has a real need not just to see a new face there but also to find out a bit about where we are headed as a party and how we want to get there let me just give you an example. yesterday we had the same experience as the variance c.s.u.
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you know we had we lost as many votes to the f.t. as we lost to the green party. and now just to say we have to shift to the left or to the right cannot be the response of a mainstream party. and it's not easy to do but we're seeing it across europe and beyond europe too in some cases but what you have in the in the middle as sort of big tent mainstream party we need to be when she reach more voters you need to be stronger as a mainstream party so we won't be able to keep the germany stable politically and then what that means for me is that we need to. get voters back from both sides from the far right and the green party and that's not easy but it means we have to think through our concepts and i believe that this is a real opportunity so that people can see. you've been listening to
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a live press conference coming to you from the c.d.u. headquarters here in berlin at a press conference where chancellor angela merkel it took made a statement of then took questions from reporters asking her about a decision not to stand for party leader. in the party conference in december and also not to stand for the post of chancellor again peter craven political correspondent has been listening to those questions and answers in what mechelle has been thing. and if you can recap for us bitter what exactly did mick to face in her statement briefly and what do you make of the reason why she said she's not going to be fun for party leader and this is the last post of chancellor but i think you summed it up perfectly rigid that is four times in office you know intends to carry that through to the present chancellorship so that would be the four terms and. more quite an historic tell if it's a big tally but she is stepping down as of the party conference where a new party chair will be elected for conservative c.d.u.
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party why is she doing so i think there was there was an element of pragmatism in the reason this she gave the she said she admitted really quite clearly that in politics it begets. roman have been distracting from the good work being done by the christian democrats in hessen and therefore could do for the movie in particular and she took her responsibility that she admitted that the distracted from a potential bigger seeded c.d.u. success it was a federal setback but they did manage to keep the state premiership of the state but at the same time she also revealed just the extent of her embitterment about horses a hole for the head of the variance e.s.u. germany's interior minister with whom she has been tangling until recently for many weeks on the on and. she clearly believes that a good start to government good policy that was in the making as being cured by
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bloody mindedness if that's a term that would fit for on the part of holds the whole for and i think a lot of people in germany have identified horse a horse as the villain in the piece and that's a huge i heard it's these are two such rivals i'm going to markland holds the whole thing and that she is stepping down from one of her offices and he's still in his in his ministry i think movement on that in the days and weeks to come that they have she made it quite clear that she felt the results in these recent elections in the setback suffered by the two big parties partly to do with the perception off people at the national level the government the national level with all this infighting and bickering going on for his has been completely unacceptable and she was talking about her own government have to build that's right and i thank you so much for now peter let me now join another political analyst or left a bank if he is an analyst for that office in global an international political consulting firm and he's joining us from bottom entries today has the welcome to you not to tell us what you heard what on the american had to fend what
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deficiencies she's taken what is your take on the high deficiencies and the reason she gave for making these decisions at this point. i think she she had only two alternatives either to watch going as a party polls the numbers going down the drain which happened now for quite a while and there was no and inside or to be proactive to get ahead of the curve and this is what she did and as peter said so it's kind of the pragmatism which is characterizing her. her type of how she's doing politics so she didn't talk much a bald so this was not really a defeat whatever so like you're used to to party leaders after the last election but she admitted there was wrong and but she wants to do something about it to make this a bawley can move because as you said sir it doesn't matter if she's the chairman
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of the party or not she admitted stores she wants to remain chancellor for sure and if my guess my theory is that her master plan is actually if the secretary general in a great come come on bo or who she appointed in the first place in the beginning of the legislation period will be her successor they can be a winning team if the the numbers in the polls of the c.d.u. by this move actually go up again it's a win win situation and she can remain chancellor for the next three years it is there's a lot of risk in this of course but she had simply no alternative and the comparison is look at the s.p.d. so the s.p.d. has nothing like this right now so we don't know if there will be any kind of resentments in the pipeline but for the time being so the s.p.d. needs a step a recipient like america did now and we will see who will who will succeed with. this strategy in the end here and she's all of us just americans all of us they
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good on a strategy she also said that you know she takes the responsibility for what is happening at the successes that is the failure of the national government but there's also you know there's a discussion as there were. the question that people are asked what is responsible for this situation that the government finds as if the medical finds a set is on preval acacia not accepting responsibility that things are not going well in the national coalition or is this really a fight for direction within the c.d.u. party as well to reporters asta. i think it's a combination of both sore i remember having discussions with friends of mine who are members of the city you ten years ago when she was in a first term and we had a night over beer when they said ok she should remain chancellor but she should give up the party chairmanship because she's not conservative enough she's selling out the conservative values so she succeeded to remain chancellor the chairman of the party in the party backed her because she was successful but now the success
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obviously is. fading and so there are question marks and of course as i said she could just take it as it is and watch actually like she might be kicked out of office in both maybe offices but she said actually she she will do something the paradox situation we're in right now is that as we've seen with the elections yesterday night you have a very successful government in has been but they are not so people are not appreciating it so the c.d.u. is losing significantly although the prime minister as well as his government actually are going well in the polls so it's really this very emotional driven situation right now and only a political symbol symbolic step like we've seen now with her announcement might change the situation again and once more the question is if that will succeed then
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everybody will will say ok she proved to be the best crisis manager or it will not then we'll see then she has to take the copy of that if we have to wait and see all of what you know one of the questions somebody put to her was that you know if you're giving up the body leadership and you're only chancellor that you are in effect going to be a lame duck johnston what is the danger of that happening. i'm not even sure if that's true it totally depends on the question so who will be a wing man or wing woman so meaning who will be her successor in the in the office as chair of. chairman of the of the c.d.u. if it will be an a grade come come and go then for sure she will be a still very influential chancellor it will be for instance for the man who is one of the candidates and who's a former rival she kicked out of office then of course we are in a different situation so therefore nobody knows but i wouldn't sword never my golden rule with angela merkel is never underestimate angela merkel she's much
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stronger even in those situations where you don't think she are you i think a lot of people would agree with you on that it would have been a good political scientist at the last listen gil bill thank you very much for that and that this isn't talking to us and. you know what. that me to recap our top story for you i'm going to mecca will give up the ship at the end of this fall into term which is due to end in two thousand and twenty one she told a news conference in the last hour that she was not running for reelection as leader of the christian democratic union in a vote in december mechelle has led her party for eighteen ias the move comes off to disastrous returns for medical school english and between conservatives and social democrats and a bad off regional elections has said on sunday and bavaria earlier this month. you're watching the news that i have more news coming up for you in a few minutes do stay with us if you can otherwise you can also go to our web site for the basis of the dot com.
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this is due to the new news coming to you live from berlin is this the beginning of the end of the american gymnast chose to say she was not seek reelection at the end of a. i have a clear sense that the time has come to open a new chapter but as the chancellor and the chair of the christian democrats i do the good woman is in the halls of the field their responsibility the buck stops here oh for the successes and failures. shows the michael really also resigned as head of a conservative party opened the door for potential.


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