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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm CET

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soko. people here tend to have a clue about feminism but there are women who want to constantly change in every day life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts november thirteenth. w. . bush obama blair cameron and ceroc western presidents and prime ministers who came and went while a chancellor remains has been chancellor of germany for thirteen years she was once called the most powerful woman in the world or not any more tonight germany and europe's merkel demo the end of a political era has officially begun i'm burned off in berlin this is the day.
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he's a few. tournaments my last is german chancellor he thought you know that i'm going to start the next federal election in twenty twenty one i will not run again huntington to me in the next party congress in december and how i will not run for reelection as chat person up to see the u.n. even though i have been chair of the c.d.u. in germany for over eighteen years now and upon my party can now prepare itself for the time off to me. again from the dots and i see this is an opportunity in which the party can look within the reflects because it's a great development this is something we haven't had in over eighteen years old and he's. also coming up tonight a dark warning from northern ireland over the consequences of a no deal. great to be back that up take.
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it away from us and then. every calorie. counts. we begin the day approaching the finish line of the miracle marathon it has been eighteen years since i became head of germany's conservative c.d.u. party it has been thirteen years since she became germany's chancellor today merkel said it is time to rethink the calculus for governing the country the first step she says is to remove herself from the political equation americal is stepping down as head of her conservative c.d.u. party at the end of the year she plans to call it quits for good in twenty twenty one when her term as chancellor ends but after today's announcement after dismal regional election results after the rise of the far right how much more miracle will the system allow how much longer can miracles current government attempt to
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govern and once merkel is gone who will replace or open questions tonight with no easy answers here's our first report. an earthquake a bombshell a day of destiny there's been no shortage of drastic descriptions. that. essence. firstly at the coming c.d.u. party conference in december i have decided not to run again for c.d.u. party leader and secondly this fourth term is my last as chancellor of germany. at the election in twenty twenty one i won't run again c.d.u. chancellor candidate nor will i run for seat in parliament nor will i seek any other political. position and. merkel has previously said that the two jobs chancellor and party leader should go together but after eighteen
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years heading the christian democrats the moment has come where she feels she can only do one of them. a disastrous result in the election in hesse or should be seen as an opportunity for the whole government to change merkel said above all the cooperation between christian democrats and social democrats needs to improve for their part merkel's s.p.d. coalition partners are also licking their wounds after a terrible result in sunday's regional vote their leader andrea knowledges whose future in the job has also been questioned it was clear that lessons have to be learned at a national level. you didn't fret so we are absolutely determined to ensure that we can continue our work in the coalition it needs more commitment and margit stimulation to leave behind the problems of the past few months. for gun rights. opposition parties are already seizing their chance to capitalize on medicals
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weakness. but not to get america is giving up the wrong job this won't make government more stable it will merely slow the death of the coalition. for long. but the much diminished grand coalition will limp along for now with a severely weakened chancellor at its head who will follow her a c.d.u. leader several candidates have already thrown their hats into the ring they could yet be a public battle for the soul of the c.d.u. for now merkel's tone remains thoughtful and sober as ever but as the chancellor spoke it was impossible not to feel that slowly she is giving up power yagni i'm against it has always been my wish to carry out my state and party judi's with dignity and one day to leave them with dignity but i know that in politics this cannot always happen in a planned way i split the plant didn't on that is the measured magical way of
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saying i may not be chancellor for very much longer. and the clock is definitely ticking joining me to talk about that is really going to say he's a member of the german parliament and a member of miracles c.d.u. party mr cruz it's good to have you on the day the message from the chancellor today was. i'm part of the problem here in berlin my exit is also part of the solution do you agree. i think the message is that she wants to act and this was the oh but unity because of the election and it hasn't it is not necessary to do this step to take this step. why did she do it because this shows her free will she now as opposed to say i'm doing this to give my
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party's a chance to bring up someone else for the future we're still a deep dish she see that she had meaning that her power is being eroded. she always said that this will be the last. the party itself we want to govern from and in the future because we have something to give for the land something to do for the stand and of cause as this she is not there for eternity something years on the line it's a long time in politics. there's a k. . we have. to show up that there is a future with the christian democrats and this has to be developed by the party were you shocked today when the when she made the i was surprised because it was not necessary if she would have lost the election. be able to get the
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green president of hessen. this would be a major crisis this way it was not a very nice even though but you could go more or less business as usual if you didn't do this and one of. us to consider what the chancellor said twenty years ago back in the year one thousand nine hundred eight she was interviewed in a book about power in politics i want you to take a look here's a photo of miracle from one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and this is before she took over the leadership of the c.d.u. and she was asked what dreams do you still have beyond politics in her answer was well someday i'd like to find the right point in time to get out of politics now that's much harder than i ever could have imagined but i don't want to end up a half dead wreck when i leave let me ask you mr cruz are the leaders of the other parties in this country they would say
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that she is leaving much of the country in a wreck no suddenly not i mean look in the vault we do have. a strange president in the u.s. . we didn't have a long time of no president and fronts now we have one. italy is crucial we have to brecht's it and germany standing good standing strong. and we only have first world problems the docs. this country is in a very very good situation but the people want to keep this high level of cause and therefore we have to say something. about the future and this is for you people to the former finance minister of all things show a bullet who is now president of the german parliament she was asked today about
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miracles but take a listen to what he said about her being wounded is one didn't see strong those together and therefore i would i would not be. so decided she has announced she would run again that is an important step to do and i wanted i think she is a good turns and we believe it will be agreed in my party that we've been known to be we do what we can to avoid to brezhnev lame duck you know to avoid the situation of having a lame duck leader isn't she though after season else with a lame duck leader is she going to last until the next election in two thousand and twenty one she will last up to the next election and will not be the christian democrats who decide whether we have the next election and twenty twenty one any time this is up to the social democrats as you know so you're saying you feel
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confident that she will remain in office as chancellor until the next election twenty twenty one if there will be the next election and twenty twenty one yes what about the current government. the current government has a problem that. from my opinion the story of the so for them of has ended in the just let our viewers know the social democrats are in this grand coalition with your party the christian democrats and it's having is having serious problems right now yes but these problems in the structure of this party it's a pity but they have to solve most of these problems for themselves if they might say ok. break time out in the opposition i wouldn't recommend it but it's possible and have a a minority government until twenty twenty one or would you go into
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a government with the greens. there was times we had the chance to have a government as a greens the first time two thousand and thirteen and i was very in favor of it they decided that's too early for them and they wanted to go into the to drink a little bit of tea and wait up of it we will know that they're almost at parity with the with the cd you. and wait and see and the second time the liberals say no you know to this possibility the people around the world looking at the situation are going to ask ok a miracle is leaving who's going to replace or. the funny thing is that the common. commonsense that did not leave anybody. to follow up on the in this morning three people all respectable say they're considering to do it so this is
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quite a good sedation so the party can look at what to do and i believe that the most important thing is what do we want to say for the future. of a clue. for the future and as i told you that we will need a good citizen in germany but the questions people ask. is that sustainable before we run out so much with the there is that you have a very impressive record with the c.d.u. would you consider be a change their candidate in twenty twenty one this is a very charming question a novel. like the diplomat she's. a member of the german parliament and a member of merkel c.d.u. party if you change your mind just for things you will lead as all right thank you very much thank you for. well another election and another victory for a far right populist this time in latin america's biggest country brazil voters
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there have chosen a new president giving the former army captain sonando their overwhelming support after one of the most divisive campaigns in recent history also not all brings a lot of baggage a track record of racism sexism homophobia and adulation of the country's former military dictators tonight he's recasting himself as the man who can drain the brazilian swamp and the man who can unite the country. change has come to brazil. after a decade and a half of leftist and centrist rule the far right has emerged triumphant. but i like it because it represents a shift in power we had the same group ruling the country for sixteen years and these results are making the people happy and they're watching. i think it will be good for brazil we need a change i'm sick of so much corruption there are many things we need to change.
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yet others see a darker side to the news as any social. element these elections in reality have revealed the worst of mankind how much they have shown the soul of human beings this is how i feel about it i feel sad for really sad piano essentially. the division in brazilian society was clear to see after the results came in sunday evening a crowd of both supporters gathered to celebrate outside the prison where former leftist candidate lula da silva is serving time was the election front runner until he was jailed on corruption charges. by. and in the city anger towards the winner with many protesters shouting not him. many fear the sudden rise of both sonata could mean a threat to their democracy he has praised dictators supported torture and just
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before the elections he promised to purge the country of leftists. in his victory speech also not to appear to dial back his extreme views. but of their lives not the oh this is a country for us all brazilians by birth or heart you know brazil of diverse opinions colors and orientations as a defender of freedom i will lead a government which defends and protects the rights of citizens who comply with their duties and respect the laws. in two months brazil will begin to see what kind of change it voted for both in our will take office on january first. and tonight i'm joined by one carlos go he is a latin american policy analyst at the cato institute he joins us from our studios in washington d.c. good to have you on the program u.s. president truong was among the first to congratulate mr wilson are they kindred spirits. there are lots of points of common between both so not on trump
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also natalie's is very strongly support to israel i wouldn't be surprised if one of his first measure will be to move the brazilian embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem in that regard to he will find a lots of points in common with president trump i don't also false or not is very skeptical of china he has claimed that china has a policy of impoverishing nations that trade with beijing so in that regard again there is points of common with their troubles the restriction in this war against china what were brazilian voters what were they choosing between this election and you but some people have said that they were choosing between the was are of two evils here what would you describe the choice as being. well certainly a lot of also not his supporters don't see him as a wrong don't see me as a listener evil they were enthusiastically supporting his candidacy there were
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three main concerns in in brazil right now one of them is crime and let's remember that also not a percent to himself. somebody who's going to be extremely tough on criminals the other one is corruption also natural serve in congress in congress over for a quarter of a century and for some reason he's never been tainted in corruption scandal so that's certainly helping the other one is the. rejection of the of the workers' party they were the party of. former president it was if a lots of brazilians resent the party for his corruption lots of procedural reason the party for its ties with venezuela and they wanted something different from from what the workers party have to offer you say that the new president comes into office without any of the scandals that we're familiar with being in brazilian politics how do you explain this is it because of his close ties to the
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military. now i mean he was in here when he was an obscure congressman he was well known but he was not a part of the establishment he didn't deal much power through all he's legislative career i think he was twenty seven years in the backbenches of brazilian congress that's why that's probably one of the reasons he's pretty small he he actually switch parties and many times during his career. that's one of the reasons probably he wasn't tainted with corruption scandals because he never actually have much much power now he's going to enjoy the support of probably two thirds of congress many parties are supporting him many governors are supporting him is going to be one of the one president with the strongest man days in brazilian democratic history with this strong mandate do you think he will further democracy in the country and i ask you that because he is compere to what with other authoritarian leaders not only
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the u.s. president but some have said today that he would like a boy scale and that he's more kindred spirits with the leader of the philippines mr do charity. i think that the best comparison will be with detecting the philippines right now as he stands the executive branch's that week as branch of the brazilian government that will put the judiciary first the latest sage of a second and the executive third let's remember that seems democracy came back to brazil to have presidents having peached so presidents tend to be weak in brazil however he's going to enjoy the support of two thirds of brazilian congress more days and that's certainly a lot of power to change laws to change the constitution let's hope he's going to be for the best i don't think that i don't think he will act on his misogynist and racial and and all they are speech we know that speech can have consequences by itself as we have witness here in the united states you know if that is indeed the
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case one carlos' or dago latin american policy analyst at the cato institute joining us tonight from washington one cause we appreciate you taking the time to be with us like thank you. or british if one is mr philip hammond says that voters can look forward to the end of fiscal austerity if the u.k. manages to strike a deal with the european union on brags that the british economy has already taken a hit since the twenty sixteen vote to leave the e.u. there's still no certainty that london can reach a deal with its european partners on breaks it but hammond was beat in his speech to parliament today take a listen. this is nobody speaking we're at a pivotal moment in our negotiations and the stakes could not be higher get it right and we will not only protect britain's jobs businesses and prosperity but we will also harvest a double deal diffident a boost from the end of uncertainty and
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a boost from releasing some of the fiscal headroom that i am holding in reserve at the moment we are confident that we will secure a deal which delivers that dividend. the message from him basically is that british voters can look forward to an increase in spending on public services only if teresa mayes government can get that elusive deal with brussels on budget well far from westminster the mood in northern ireland is not so upbeat our correspondent has visited the british province where the failure to reach a deal could mean a hard border between it and the republic and the consequences of that she reports could be much more serious than the amount of cash in people's pockets. on some day the memories come flooding back. memories of the ear and then
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as the troubles in belfast. often mccrory experience terror and all the knowledge fest hand he was that when a bomb exploded on the shankill road his neighborhood and a protestant area nine people died it was one of the west bomb attacks by the irish republican army or ira in belfast. and all over the people summer day and some were injured some are. twenty five years on the memory is still and people remain the hurt and the loss of people who have lost loved ones. the attack was a tanning point file few mccrory a protestant. has wanted peace ever since that day. the catholic enclave is just a few blocks from shankly wrote the boma thomas begley came from here he was a member of the ira. begley was killed by his own bomb and today he's venerated by
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radical irish catholics like the phantom. for us already volunteers. who were martyred paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and the oath of office and i mean war the republicans have traditionally saw that as long as we are competing i mean some p.s. and the irish people have their interest occupation valedictory reforms that's been traditionally been the republican view point gregson seems to be bringing back the identity politics of northern ireland's pods and the such it's a huge test for the peace process the question is whether any change in the status quo would trigger a violent reaction on either side. at the memorial in belfast commemorating ira finest killed during the conflict it becomes clear twenty years after the good friday peace agreement the catholic community fears a so-called hot border on the island to follow and it would be the external border
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of the e.u. looking for a great leader needs to be honored to respect that that takes away the hard part of it take out away from us and then things every television for all the years has been about the conflict will not come again alfy make sure it is processed and friends also feel an existential threat they want to remain a part of the u.k. and are against northern ireland being given special status as the e.u. has proposed theresa may mean the statement that the u.k. will be leaving. so we treat god as a reassuring should we are just as important to them in fancy english a scotch no welsh betrayals the big word not brax it means accent we're worried about betrayal alfie mccrory hopes the atmosphere will remain relatively quiet despite the impending bricks it the first time in two decades there is a sense that peace in northern ireland is decidedly fragile. a lot
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at stake there the conversation continues online as always will find us on twitter . hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody. gets.
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this is d.w. news longer from berlin tonight. political leaders says the time has come for change german chancellor angela merkel says this is her fourth and final term in office. today also announced that she will resign as head the for conservative c.d.u. party at the end of the year disastrous regional election results are just one factor.


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