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trying to be strong but deep down i'm broken. the war continues to haunt the flood from syria. i'm trying to reach them but nobody answers the war on my phone or to court documents tree starts december eighth t w. hello and welcome to drive with a d w motor magazine coming up a compact with a kick a new ford focus to a new year. a ship sudan from france the peugeot five zero eight. and the porsche nine eleven targo four s.
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demise influence hard to stick close needs for its realizes that to most people their cars are little more than a means of transportation but there are others for whom most cars aren't individual one they want to bismo lecturing the porsche nine eleven target is designed just for them and has lots of luxury with a price tag to match that there's an even more so like few who would like even more purge the nobody else sensitive portion has something for them to do something from the fortune exclusive manufacture these perks may be found in this particular car the target for as feature some extra design details that make it a true feast for the ice. target signature rolled barbie pillar is finished in matte black with matching black wheels.
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the models had a long life in the mid one nine hundred sixty s. regulations in the united states required the rule bar as protection now it's become all but a trademark when opening and closing the roof a clever technical solution moves the elements over the rollbar. this was on a lot of points out the convert to a part is not the entire top but only the roof panel overhead and it protects against the elements of them even at speeds elderly hundred kilometers per hour and more on germany's autobahn it's still nice and quiet as. close as come to the german or c i haven't observed that there are no out of ones here good thing given the magnificent views of the scene to him fees are the perfect conditions for driving a target with a top down. in april two thousand and seventeen the porsche unserved exclusive manufacture opened its doors the showroom
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expanses sports car makers global dealership network it presents exclusive models and five hundred square metres of floor space and host changing exhibitions at a small workshop customers can make special requests the individual style of each cars for the most part made by hand. even in its purely standard version the portion target appeals to individualists with its distinctive exterior design the exclusive manufacture offers a broad range of customisations for the lecture a sports car to suit different tastes and needs both inside and out. has it in it's close notices some differences from the standard production version they all come tara covered seats and steering wheel the carbon fiber trim and the cup holder even the floor mats have edges in the body color. as none of this is standard the
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company calls it child colored and klaus just sees grays that the engine is also slightly different klaus is coming to that and it was another motel but that's a comment last. he still has a few special features to discover about the interior for example the porsche coat of arms in boston the weather of the center armrests an address. the stitching in the seats is also done in the body color of course the seat belt color harmon isis. and even the key ring sports the same exterior color to give the whole composition an organic uniformity. to me his new clothes personally doesn't really care for a car has all come time receipts what matters to him are the suspension in
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performance and it's possible to get an engine with more than twenty kilowatts more output that including it on a par with a g.t.s. i give some around three hundred thirty kilowatts making it quite a little powerhouse. close nodes of the target for a starts in about one hundred thirty two thousand euros by the time it's been equipped with all the options the buyer is likely to want and a bit more power that it can easily come to one hundred fifty or one hundred sixty thousand euros for the wood although i know that they have to sell the level. and for that money you get a thing of beauty on wheels like no other and driving fun like never before been driving characteristics can be said with a guy on the steering wheel even with all his optical touch ups this particular target for us as the familiar three leaders six cylinder boxer engine under the hood it puts three hundred nine kilowatts through porsches dual clutch transmission and her. rolls the car from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in four point
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two seconds it hits top speed it not three hundred but three hundred one kilometers per hour. as it climbs to seem just a sample of what a customer can do with special requests on a car like this and porsche seems very able to respond to all the wishes coming its way this one is a beauty and so is the price tag on it so he wouldn't say it's a car for the average joe. ford has unveiled the fourth generation of its bread and butter compact the focus will be testing its wagon version the term ear and steel line trim. current tester the man who was shafer takes his place behind the wheel for us. like many of its competitors the new focus also has
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a large number of driver assistance systems which ford has grouped together under the name ford copilot three sixty. but will start on the outside the sharply drawn l.e.d. headlights and numerous body accents create a sporty design. the twenty year has grown by more than ten centimeters. b.s.t. line is distinguished by black trim components including the roof rails and grille . detail lights a door in the rear. a twin exe. sauced accentuates in sporting us.
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when it comes to power plants there is a choice between five gasoline engines all three cylinder and three diesels were testing the most powerful gasoline engine with one hundred thirty four kilowatts it allows a top speed of two hundred twenty kilometers per hour. this engine is available exclusively would be as t. and big mallet trim lines. the interior is tidy and clearly structured. red stitching accentuates the steering wheel. the dash features an eight inch infotainment touchscreen.
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base seats are comfortable and provide good lateral support there is red x. in stitching here too. and on the shift knob. you have us off the car just very minimal schafer says he has no complaints when it comes to space and there's plenty of leg room and more importantly a lot of headroom so you can sit comfortably without bumping your head on the roof even if you're two meters tall so you five almost there would. the trunk holds five hundred seventy five liters of cargo. and money money well says there's a lot more space if you fold the seeds down i guess easy to do with these really
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slippers. and now there's plenty of room one thousand six hundred fifty three leaders to be precise. thanks to one sport suspension the s. t. line wagon is very good at handling curves but it's right isn't quite as comfortable as for example of b.w. gulfs early next year ford will launch a crossover version of the focus be active for the first time an eight speed automatic will also be available for some trim levels. the focus has a starting price of eighteen thousand seven hundred euros in germany attorney your wagon will set you back at least nineteen thousand nine hundred euros. well as sixty has entered its third generation the new sedan sports current styling
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ques with a wider grill and eleni headlights while its predecessor looked like a ford or who pay the third generation sedan marks a return to that classic notch back with a new as sixty bull is offering to plug in hybrid drives and to gasoline and ships . no audi model is closer to a race car with a sharp dynamic lines now audi has unveiled the second generation it wants high performance art eight intervene ten mid engine and newly developed quatro drive ensure remarkable performance especially in the top version with four hundred forty nine. kilowatts we are eating celebrates to one hundred kilometers per hour and just three point two seconds and has a top speed of three hundred thirty kilometers an hour.
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when people go on holiday they often travel by car so to make sure the trip to your next vacation destination is an enjoyable and safe one we've got some tips for you . first up get your fellow travelers to make a list of all the things they'd like to take along for the right after that you can leave it up to the roll of the dice what things will get left behind if there's not enough space. and goll of automotive journalist i know dies and over says whatever the season traveler should load their vehicles sensibly and safely sensibly means that things which need to be removed first get put in last safely means that nothing should go flying because of an impact a water bottle for example develops a force equivalent to thirty to fifty times its own weight when traveling in just fifty kilometers an hour and that can be extremely dangerous as it's just come down
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so you feel. feel more down if i know nose the many modern vehicles like this compact s.u.v. have storage compartments in addition to the trunk here there's extra space next to the spare tire under the trunk floor it's the perfect spot to put things like cleaning supplies for the cot each would at least like to go large and heavy objects should always go on the bottom as close as possible to the rear axle and the rear seat bench which keeps objects out of the passenger compartment but if you have more cargo and need to fold down the rear seats you'll need something else to secure your luggage like. this is where a luggage net can come in handy it protects passengers from flying objects and they say it had taken the neck can even be mounted. to waste with the rear seat bench up or folded down and it takes just seconds. the net protects passengers should a piece of luggage unexpectedly become just watched. in so i know what i know says
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you can fit a lot of cargo into modern compact s.u.v.s like the take up but before you start loading things and it's wise to consider what fits best where and don't forget to obtain special lashing straps which hold luggage firmly in place it is the law don't they steal. the least tie down strap scampi fastened to the appropriate mountings in a few easy steps. now it's time to start loading our vehicle ideally you'll want to stack your suitcases in such a way that they're flush with one another as this reduces the risk that those shift around. to transport bicycles reinhold advices using special bike racks inside or mounted on the roof the same goes for snowboards or skis they belong either in the roof box or secured in the trunk floor. this is by no says it's vital not to
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exceed the car's maximum weight rating they should be listed in the vehicles registration certificate and then calculate the difference between the maximum weight and the curb weight the curb may include the driver but you'll have to add weight for other passengers and all of the cargo. when fully loaded a car is bound to sink slightly due to the extra weight so reinhold reminds drivers to adjust the side mirrors and headlight height accordingly. checking the tire pressure is also a must but as we have a lot mantling braking distance and the time needed to overtake other vehicles all changed when a car's hauling a heavy load. so ryan hold advice is taking the car out for a spin in familiar terrain or an empty parking lot first to get used to the altered performance they have.
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so i count it as he has two final tips to offer never leave valuables in your vehicle and should your car go not be properly secured and something happens util could be fined if the damage is big enough or bad enough your insurance company may refuse to pay will be thought oh right holds advice and nothing should stand in the way of enjoying a safe and relaxing holiday. the new second generation push zero five zero eight lift back teams up a distinctive elegant design with sports car performance and solid safety features is spearheading the french car makers effort to win back lost ground in the mid range i'm number of features of the exterior design immediately command attention. to. the slim grills been given
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a checkered pattern mounted front and center is the mix trademark line in the daytime running lights underlined narrow headlights extending to the sides to make for a low broad front. at a height of just one point four metres the body gives a low broad impression the length of four point seventy five metres further emphasizes the sleek look a horizontal glossy black strip extends from low broad effect of the rear three dimensional eleni tail lights put on a spectacular little light show. the french lift back is powered by a two liter diesel engine that fully. meets the euro sixteen temp emissions norm and puts out one hundred thirty kilowatts pulling the car from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in eight point three seconds and moving on to a top speed of two hundred thirty five kilometers per hour show rates fuel
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consumption of four point seven leaders per one hundred kilometers and germany confusional five zero a lift back starts at thirty one thousand two hundred fifty euros our test car with the most powerful diesel and the g.t. line goes for at least forty six thousand euro us. the five zero aids interior with its smallest steering wheel and i said digital instrument cluster labeled cockpit is a cut above the competition. the touch screen is either age or ten inches depending on the trim the seven toggle switches beneath the monitor control the radio and navigation system directly. the center console with the somewhat oddly shaped gear selector lever rises fairly high so the driver and passenger almost feel as if they're sinking into their seats. the
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seats come with a massage function and are shaped to give the driver extra back support and comfort . under the air vents in their rear are two additional u.s.b. ports that passengers can use to recharge their phones. the peugeot five always hatchback combine style with function along with easy access to the cargo space and its total volume of four hundred eighty seven leaders . five only drivers can set one of four driving modes to suit their own driving style . eco sport comfort or normal active suspension with variable dampers is optional the liftback is equipped with plenty of drivers assists as the first peugeot with
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a night vision system using an infrared camera and darkness or limited visibility to spot animals within two hundred fifty meters of the vehicle in front optional systems include the active lane keeping assist driver attention alert automatic beam selection traffic sign recognition adaptive cruise control was stop and go function and the three hundred sixty degree busy opar camera all of those pulls the peugeot up towards the high end of the mid range and terms of engineering design and technology. open the throttle are test writer christophe powers negotiating the mountain passes in northern italy as trentino region he's writing a vintage one nine hundred thirty d k w super sport six hundred. number of her first dive says that dk w.
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has a long tradition of making quality motorcycles and one nine hundred nineteen they've built the first auxilary motor for a two wheeled vehicle some referred to it as a but warmer over the next decade d k w grew into one of the world's largest manufacturers of motorcycles and this super sport is the firm's crowning achievement its design for a long hauls at top speed. the engine makes a distinctive clatter. it's actually a two stroke motor. with a six hundred c.c.'s of displacement this is the biggest and baddest cycle a d k w ever built. christo says that at the beginning of the one nine hundred thirty s. the nikkei w. supersport was the fastest bike around twenty two horsepower and
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a top speed of one hundred kilometers per hour with a side car but the side car could take some getting used to if you went into a fast curve on the left it could lift off so you had to keep calm and not try to steer too hard against it otherwise you'd end up in the opposite lane and if you went too fast into a curve on the right the cycle itself could flip over the nose of the side car. these if they cut krista says that there was nothing else like the d k w super sport on the road at that time of the modern bikes are lighter and more refined everything from the chrome radiator to the two mufflers is solid and it weighs one hundred seventy kilos on its own but since it's so powerful and rugged is perfect for use with a side car so one hundred seventy kilos by itself that's and two hundred forty with a side car that's it wow what a. two stroke engines like the one in the supersport six hundred tend to
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overheat that's where the bikes radiator comes in the chrome plated streamlined gas tank holds fourteen leaders that's enough to travel about two hundred kilometers even at high speeds. but this thirty two wheeler steel frame is perfectly suited for use with a side car advertisement from that period described the six hundred as the greatest motorcycle of its kind. the six hundred three speed transmission and fish fin exhaust system were pretty modern for the time the bike could hit a top speed of one hundred thirty kilometers per hour without a side car. that's why i took that chris cuffe says that the dk debbie is tuesday. engine had a lot of power for a one nine hundred thirty s. motorcycle twenty two horsepower guys that doesn't sound like much today but that six hundred c.c. displacement water cooled engine and flat piston grounds were top of the line
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features back then on tools dk w. also used some of this technology in the top selling small car of that area is one it was the first german car with a front wheel drive every zeal and i think a w. aircraft with a gun and because he flew so it would it does a top in the petite who. gave him a christan points out that this model is the rear is d k w bike of law only three hundred of them were built in one thousand nine hundred eighty germany was in the middle of the great depression and few people could afford luxuries like motorcycles a super sport six hundred cost about the same as a small car like the opel p four production of the six hundred was cancelled in one nine hundred thirty three after just three years christo says that's a real shame i think i know diabolo.
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in one nine hundred thirty four d. k.w. motorcycles started using reverse scavenging exhaust technology in all their engines this allowed better engine performance and improve fuel efficiency. christof says the dk w. super sport six hundred is a bike for real men big powerful and built like a tank if you took a machine like this on the road in the early one nine hundred thirty s. you were in for a real adventure and the six hundred engine served as the model for the one used in the first german passenger car with front wheel drive the dk w f one up until the one nine hundred fifty s. they hardly changed the design of that car so you. you can say that the dk that new super sport six hundred was definitely a milestone in german automotive history and. fans of the super sport six hundred referred to it today with great reverence as they cadillac
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a motorcycle and perhaps the most exciting dk the vehicle ever built. next time on drive it we test the third generation mercedes b. class. and check out the retro classics trade fair in co-op.
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culture. hair. superfood stylish dialogue on the stove.
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life style during. the last. thirty minutes strong delicious. letter we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listen up. double. binds. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but most end up in with the to me but i don't think deep into german culture up here you don't seem to take this grandma day oh do you go it's all that bad no time rachel join me to meet the gem of on the gulf coast history show the story of the first movie
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more told from different perspectives by peter crane jim from the eastern european perspective from the african perspectives from the perspective of turkey from the arab world. t w dot com slash w w one. russia is becoming a hotbed of the aids accompanied by a lack of information and stigmatize asian in some cities a child believe me spreading rapidly. via several road structures age i think the democrats been moving too many youth he's making a definitive transition from the so-called fall on the rebel groups to the bane of jewish. and chivied in russia today on t.w. news. how to cover more. then just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother's from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that
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it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking for i mean journalist they can trust for them to make sense of this. but it is backed up and i work a double. act. play. wild leaders are calling for a deescalation of the russia ukraine tension the standoff was sparked after russian vessels fired on boarded and captured three ukrainian ships on sunday ukraine has reacted by introducing temporary martial law in parts of the country. a chinese
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professor claiming to have altered the d.n.a. of tween girls has been condemned for his experiment the researchers says he wrote the d.n.a. of the babies to prevent her from country.


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