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tv   Doc Film - The Mobility of Tomorrow  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2018 4:15pm-5:00pm CET

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came back after a decade very strong showing here from him in what and the big question now is how many of those fifteen percent will now supports and are going to come kind of on how many will support mats many say sponsor line is closer to finish math but we don't know kid got thirty nine and again spawn got fifteen you you seem to indicate that these kind of percentages were roughly although their life was expected what happens now if you can just talk us through the procedure as to what happens before we go into the second round. well basically there will now be a runoff between the two there was the opportunity to ask questions of all candidates we see those you can probably still see those voting booths on the table that is portable voting booths that was introduced to speed up this process they knew this could potentially be a rather lengthy process with them of course expecting here at the party conference
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that more candidates would come forward that didn't happen so we're now entering into what will be a very interesting runoff because it's difficult to assume how many percentage points from you and spawn will really end up with foolish mouths how many will be with a k. k. and this also really confirms many conversations we had here that nobody really wanted to say who they would tip to win although quite from the beginning it was clear that young spawn wouldn't really pull through into a second round in the end only you know once the votes are cast i guess that's rather reassuring in any democratic process. ok so michelle let's take a listen at the candidate who's got the most votes so far as an exit clamped out in battle as we just heard from michelle occurs now and she outlined her vision for the party in front of her colleagues this is a short while ago let's have a listen to what she said before we continue our conversation. and on the talk of.
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the question is do we have the courage not to pander to the doomsday sayers the courage not to look fearfully to the right and the left do we have the courage to steer our course even if it means going against the zeitgeist. the courage to develop our own bright ideas that will cause people to develop a fascination for our party mentions because we are so good with our ideas and not because we launched the harsh attacks on our political opponents and sent every one of us can do the latter but that was not enough among us can that is not an. for a strong and proud people saturday but i did see do i'm fucking our. so that was an exit ramp cut in by let me add join like a correspondent colleague peter craven in the studio to talk about it peter tell us what do we know about it she took this post of body genocide could only describe the way. it was viewed as quite a bit of a surprise because she had prior to that been been the senior minister of the small
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state of stalin and before that she believed here in this you've been involved in real everyday politics with great success you've actually won an election with the c.d.u. policy in the salon getting over forty percent of the vote which was viewed as quite a considerable achievements of the time when she was brought to berlin to become party secretary general just like an effective sort of political manager of the party she not she was i think what she was there she was clearly being sort of put in position to take up. this about toll from hunger for my grandmother when she finally steps down in three years' time is under the microscope say she's still doing she's quite stevie she's quite feisty she's quite tough she's intellectually pretty of joe she's got a great sense of humor she's an interesting character. it's being distressing to see how the press has reported on her is the mini miracle we heard the term just now which she actually took on on her in a speech she said i mean she said i've got this long eighteen year track record as a successful politician i am not so many medical i am myself and even other
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journalists you know they've been using the term that they've been a war of voiding the mini medical thing and calling her diminutive what's it got to do with anything we don't need to know we need to know about what kind of politician she is and she's very successful politician so far you know it'll be interesting to see whether she can take the next that because i mean all four of us will be thinking i can't just pronounce the name i don't know what she actually does here she doesn't have much of a foreign policy sort of showing so far that somewhere you know if she does become leader she's going to learn wrangle americal but it's looking very tight it's looking very tight indeed ok it's looking they had we not don't have michelle a krishna who is at the party conference the gnutella behind you delegates of bush . one thousand and one delegates are voting in a second run between a.k.k. the candidate favored by the chance that they say and her longtime critic the comeback kid they met what do you think who has the better chances in the second round. no i'm not going to be drawn on this one though i think it's going to be a very tight race now and deeds are not going to predict this one the question is
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really heart of a head of a heart and a lot of delegates i spoke to feel they like the rhetoric of like him being tough talking they like him basically laying out what is something that is a key concern to many delegates is how to tackle the far right if tea party although you of course you can't condense policies down to that but he says there's a need for a policy reform to be much tougher talking to have much tighter messages much shorter messages and then get across and win back those voters back to the center and it could have come also wants to win back those voters and it's interesting that sound bite there that she stressed the see in the c.d.u. she almost echoed actually the speech the last speech of posse these are also stressed that see that stands for christian values that she's been so unwilling to give any ground over throughout the past years since what became known as the migration crisis in twenty fifteen and there she was quite clear at the same time
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there she was interior minister she was responsible for security issues as well but also migration and then she acted rather tough she is very tough talking also when it comes to sending migrants back who have no right in the reagle right to stay in germany and here. we saw him in that series of conferences question although he does say he didn't but he did the right to asylum as laid out in the german constitution he made that an issue and he was unafraid to sound rather populist so that's where we are. it is a question of which direction this party wants to take in the future whether it wants to be more prone market more mounts he said quite clearly that he wants people to take more responsibility for themselves he doesn't want to see politicians politics be a protective hand over citizens who have to be shielded from the world she wants to see more opportunities open to businesses so they sound similar and yet so
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different in many parts although both stress they want to work with each other and for the stress that he would want to see the other contenders also take take a very strong role within the c.d.u. party whether they actually won whether i'm going to come would want to do that that's a completely different question so a very open very interesting election going on right behind me on who will succeed in america as possi leader that's right and michelle that was a very shrewd move by a man to say that if he were to be elected that he'd take both the other two candidates with him and work closely with them that was very shrewd but he comes into this race with a lot of political baggage especially baggage relating to the child the angle of mac and cheese to tell him he was always out of a leadership battle in two thousand and two he left politics in two thousand and nine and maybe people say he has not been in politics how effective really be when he comes back let's take
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a listen now to fit what he had to say in this speech at the party conference before we continue our conversation. you might as well do i want to give a clear answer to a question i've often been asked how can things work well with friedrich merits as party leader and angle america list chancellor let me be quite clear of course things will work just fine we all not only have great respect for uncle america's personal achievements but we also have respect for this great office and we always put the country before the party and the party before any single one of us and everyone will abide by that including friedrich merits as party leader for the. so that speaking early at the c.d.u. party conference trying to win the support of the one thousand one delegates was a voting on the leadership of the c.d.o. party b j you listen to what he had to say he said they. had positive words about it in this speech that he does except that we just heard that everything else he said he was criticising cuz style the direction of the party and talking but
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clarity what do you make off his address to the delegates i think there's another i mean this is i'm just going precedents of the numbers here we have got forty five kerry kerry thirty nine three dismissed that means he needs another six percent and then he would be elected in a c.d.u. party leader that would mean he would then be working in tandem with angela merkel he's say he's being a good boy he's saying that he will. there will be no problem he won't be looking back to old grudges and feeding on those but there are many others who think that the two are completely incompatible there are business school of thought as i said that suggests that there will be a vote of no confidence in america in pretty short time that she may be replaced by . german chancellor. and then perhaps a snap election perhaps to tie in with the european election next year here in may you know anything could happen if it i think i do think for freakishness if he wins
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this vote and does become c do you possibly don't have the prospects for years. on the road to becoming german chancellor he might go on his best behavior he might decide to take a late apprenticeship with angela merkel who is a must a mistress of foreign policy of public policy in general and he could learn an awful lot from and he could bring the party together around that relationship that would be a huge human challenge for her dish mats given that he does people close to him do say he does still no grudges against and that's that's why be spoken about in apparently one come did you also said at one point he said i can bear to stand in the same room as from within a minute so he's obviously got to pulling back a lot of that oil kind of animosity in dreaming that in if you will i mean trying to come up to a what he thinks would be a good compromise and just research on some of these things is produce custom himself as the character who can take give germany a big new fresh stone but he's actually only one year younger than the chancellor
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herself and he a lot of the promises he makes to have the sort of the feel about them of old to see do you policy rather the new cd your policy yet they don't pull in and you say that the party of conference michelle what do you make i mean there is a lot of talk about if matz is elected and based on the math it is possible he might be elected because many people who voted for young spawn a bit on the third a candidate may now vote for the dick met since they're both more conservative then a k.-k. what would this mean for the party because the party is at the moment fairly divided over the success of i'm going to back in and if he's elected will the party get even more polarized do you think. but to start with the policy was not terribly polarized it's now energized and now it is it was you know it was debating the policies the macro era already and now it's energised the big question is it if
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mass doesn't succeed whether those. granted old reenergized party members will do the expectation is that some would actually leave the party and just would come back to some of the pieces. may say that he wants to work very closely with angela merkel but then the question is come to the test when they actually have to find a way of defining the policies he has very strong views of course about domestic policy but also international policy whether they could really make that work with that he could make that work the man who's offering a fresh start he's sixty three years old how much time do you really have if you want to launch the process of becoming chancer yourself these are all very real factors and this but let it be said this is about the future direction of the party how much of the macro era will remain intact the direction of germany and with that potentially of europe and just to spell out to how few votes this comes down to and
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it's come to our needs about sixty extra votes here. mats would need just around about one hundred ten votes to swing it his way that's the number of delegates a couple of dozen delegates will make that decision right behind me in this room over the next couple of minutes and that's quite quite something taking place in this party but it will also produce loses quite clearly because the majority's on that clear and that will be the big question whether the c.d.u. manages to then pull together how to integrate those who didn't get through. made the offer it sounds like an awful but it really is almost a challenge to join the leadership in the future and what that would then in the end actually work all become a bit more like the social democrat s.p.d. that has been tearing itself apart of the last couple of years that something gets you see. something they don't want to head in that direction you had me say let's
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not forget the cd you have there been so many rumblings of this. and with then the c.d.u. for the past couple of years and they've really been eating into the heart of the party but let's now listen to what a buyer the delegates there are voting for a leader to succeed and love back and let's all take a listen to what i got back and has said had to say as she made a speech to the party delegates in hamburg at the end of a speech it was clearly an emotional moment for her let's take a listen to what she said. it is not. a parting ways but you see do you i don't have to be party chair to have strong ties to this party and it's also about wanting me to be a german chancellor you see do you is going to be focusing on the time after me it is a matter close to my heart and the last term of my political affairs that i contribution for ensuring the news success of the studio is whilst the same time maintaining
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responsibility nation to do to contain the governments this is how we can set the course for the future. so that was a bit of a dignified exit by chance the maquis want to think she also said during the speech i wanted to govern with dignity and i wanted to lead with dignity and that's exactly succeeded and she succeeded in that she set herself another three years to stay in office she's that she's a person who's has a strong sense of duty and she believes that the vote is devoted to her in for a full four year term then she will serve a four year term and she was looking i mean it just should the g. twenty last weekend she was looking pretty sort of up for it i have to say and that's part of the little discussion we've been having with michelle about what her role could be visa v. whoever wins this race this evening she could be she could be transferred from transformed into a roving sort of super diplomatic representative to germany something more than a foreign minister in spirit w.
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but the fact that i think for i shall start opinion anything because i think was just an announcement has been made i'm not sure. oh yes and you know no information ok so the model that some people have cooked up would be that you would have fridges mats doing the domestic thing dealing with the you know german european issues and angle americal having a broader purview on the diplomatic stage and i think that mobile would work with on a great trump combo russian a.k.k. would then be able to learn from anglo american what a person to learn from whether free just minutes is up for that or not because that you know a lot of the glory of politics these days is done in the foreign policy field and that's where i'm going to medical school some of the biggest successes and where she still remains the most powerful woman in the world whatever that means absolutely because you know i've been travelling around in asia recently and she is still hugely respected overseas receiving at a record year i considered this and then it all restored but the one point under which for which she's most criticising germany and that is the two thousand and
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fifteen decision to let invest fiji's and which is why i think that as a humanitarian gesture a compassionate and empathetic gesture but that is what has got into so much political trouble here and many i think there are you know people people in asia would obviously would clearly think that that was a great good humanitarian gesture it purports rate germany and uncle amount in a very positive light there's been something sustained about about people do still view germany positively but it's true what you're saying is that you know within germany itself the refugee situation the refugee crisis as many people call it from twenty fifteen on boards and the austerity situation in europe the good the role that austerity is had. and i'm get americans roll in in in supporting the austerity regime they are very open in the european context let me ask you because you as our chief political editor you've been covering i'm going to make this politics it extensively over the last few years give us
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a sense of what what you make off of a controller to exit as a party leader what brought it to this position and how do you think she's handled it. well she actually gave more than a hint in her own speech why she came to that decision and it was quite clearly it was a very long winded german sentence but she came to recognise that she was standing in the way of social cohesion and that she really saw that that was a way to ease that and she was calling on everybody. oh let me just listen. and ok i think everybody got very excited because we thought we had a result. do continue they're not quite there yet yes. as he was saying they said oh no i think they're just saying it's going to take a bit longer so let me just elaborate on that as she called on everybody and every state servant as she described herself as party leader but also as chancellor and
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every state servant she explicitly quite clearly also meant the candidates standing here. today that they should assess what they personally can do to stop divisions in society and she quite clearly doesn't want to see this populous vote voice really getting an opera hand in her own party she doesn't want those kinds of divisions and she does want the c.d.u. to sound firm on its core principles as her own volk own role goes quite clearly over the last couple of weeks we've seen the chancellor who is very at ease with herself who's very happy to take a back seat now and let the party source house its own future and to focus on being german chancellor she she clearly embraces the opportunity to be on the international stage and she actually appeared rather liberated i spoke to a lot of people about this so it seems almost hard to believe we did ask her also
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how clearly she meant when she said she would not strive for a political role again she is quite adamant that she won't so. she clearly will be somewhat of a diplomat on the international stage how that will translate into an actual role once she is no longer chancellor. is an open question but i dare say that that might be a lot closer than those three years she still has to go that's where we are and let me just bring the viewers up to date michel as to where we are watching the interview news coming to you live from berlin i'm under thirty with me is peter craven our political correspondent and at the party conference in hamburg we have our chief political editor michelle who you've just been listening to what is at stake is the leadership position of the c.d.u. party that is chancellor angela merkel's party she has stepped down as party leader
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and the three candidates who have thrown their hats in the fray wanted to take over the first round of voting has taken place at the party conference in hand but let's have the results from that first round of voting in the lead is an exit ramp. with full hundred and fifty votes next is friedrich mets who has got three hundred and ninety two votes and finally the third candidate yes he took home just one hundred and fifty seven votes which means he is no longer a contender in the race but he has achieved the goal he wanted before this vote he said his main goal is to make it as far as he wanted to stand for this he said he was told he was too young to go into this race that he had lots of time to go into this race but he said i have to do what i have to do and i need to stand in this election and show my intentions that i am keen to be the party leader which he did but he's now out and it's going into the second between the two top candidates
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peter craven is with me. in the last kind of eighteen years it was an american who always won this party leadership so what is it at stake in this election to talk a lot about this democratic process within the party. democrats i mean what they need to become at the moment is that they've got two challenges that lie ahead one is the is to begin to win elections again rather than to suffer massive losses the elections which we're being told that the you know the party's election five element is full of enthusiasm you dynamism but the fact is they recently very recently lost two very important regional elections in hessen and in bavaria before that a year ago and then in the national election they scored very very badly it was a massive historic defeat so they've got to try and they've got to try and regenerate themselves this reinvent themselves as an election winning party which is what i call america little which given that was have big promise i can win
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elections that's a pretty sort of a match show both of which he can deliver on that. we hearing voices and i guess you're going to get very very very tense in this interview every time we hear voices in that yes the the second gun disaster is out but he said like you first keeping an eye on that voting going out of the body count in hamburg and she said as soon as there's something what's telling you about in the meantime peter you can see to you has got to try and. organize get organized to reinvent themselves in this respect is what fritters match been saying freakish masses delivered a concrete promise to count the vote for the a.f.c. the far right populist they have to here in germany by half the problem is how we see going to deliver on that and just talking tough and imposing new rules new regulations on all migrants on asylum seekers on people coming to germany it isn't going to do it because it focuses the whole debate it focuses the whole national
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political agenda on the refugee situation and that plays into the hands of the f.t. what's the alternative strategy was interesting and a great come. in in the sala and when she won the last election there hope policy to see you got forty percent of the vote the a.f.c. only got seven percent of the vote and that was because the election wasn't an obsessive. featuring of the gender of the of the earth theory it was much more talking about proper political issues that people face here in germany about care for the elderly about transport about the digitization of the economy about housing all these things are what she looked at and i think that's the way to move forward against and listen go to inhabit the party congressman. obviously still no result there otherwise you would have told us but give us a sense that this contest is also very important because the potty. in germany goes on to become chance that the party wins the national election isn't that correct. well if the bundestag votes and that needed
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a coalition last time around is not quite that clear but the convention within the conservative c.d.u. is to ever lead the party also has the vote to see themselves put forward as chancellor candidates the c.d.u. doesn't tend to split the two to the confessional you're hearing behind me that's just the chairmanship to making sure that no ballot remains uncounted that just chasing those last ballot papers here one thousand one delegates at eligible to vote nine hundred ninety nine votes cast last time around i daresay they will be a bit faster counting this time around but yes it is a very powerful position and it also creates potential tension if the chance or the current chancellor angela merkel and the party leaders don't see eye to eye on specific policies and that we heard from free today matt school so his proposal on
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a potential new way of securing pensions here in germany which includes buying says him of course being a deeding figure for a black rock in germany and the largest investor in the world and that raises a lot of questions and that's also likely to raise a couple. of alarm bells particularly in those eastern states that hold regional elections here come next also so if he were to become part of the day he would have a lot of convincing to do that he doesn't just talk the tough talk to rein in the far right if d. but also offers policies that are possible for those who will go to the voting booths next here in germany so very interesting times by the way happening here in germany and now this chasing the last ballot paper that wasn't put into the box yet
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so i think this will take a couple of more minutes here ok and while we're waiting for those couple of moments to get a final result in the second got explain briefly the math of this whole thing the three candidates one is out now it's a runoff between the top two candidates. absolutely and we saw an eclipse come combo with some forty five percent with a rather strong showing in that first round she only needs. one she needs five hundred votes essentially the nine hundred ninety nine that will be costs and she needs fifty plus percent and foolish man needs eleven percent to make it across the threshold and of those fifteen percent that and now up for grabs basically with bond dropping out of this the big question is which way those votes will go is by no means certain that all of those or even most of those would go to finish matt seems much closer to his line of thinking than an acclaimed come out on bow is because we have from many delegates here in vans before this even that they
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wanted to symbolically vote for him and spawn in that first round the deafening wants to see him go into double figures because he impressed his party that thirty eight year old health minister here in being so upbeat even when it became clear that he didn't really stand that much of a chance on fighting till the very last. also making a strong case here you could you could tell he was the third to speak first people were actually talking in the room he was having a bit of a tougher time than the other two to get through to absolutely everybody and then he managed to turn the room around and he did get a lot of applause which almost it came across differently it came across more as a thank you also for helping to energize the c.d.u. the big question now is whether the party so energized can then settle down into doing. governing party business again or whether it will simply produce too many losers in what has been a very intensive fourth contest here but particularly between an eclipse combo who
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clearly has the support of angela merkel although she won't say so and finish matts who still potentially has a political score to settle with the german chancellor he so vowels could definitely work with because as he said the country comes before the party the party comes before personal interests but there's no doubt there would be built tension in that relationship as one of the c.d.u. spokesman told earlier this has been the most exciting party conference acedia has had in decades and while we wait to get the final results on the second i suggest we take a look at other to what the candidates who also has not pulled the highest number she got forty five percent in the first one but she's also the preferred candidate among general voters in germany according to the latest poll let's have a listen to what she said. and on the part of. the question
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is do we have the courage not to pander to the doomsday sayers the courage not to look fearfully to the right and the left do we have the courage to steer our course even if it means going against the zeitgeist. the courage to develop a raw and bright ideas that will cause people to develop a fascination for our passing mention few because. we are so good with our ideas and also because we launched the harsh attacks and all political. ends and every one of us can do the latter but that was not enough and that's god that's not enough for a strong and proud people's party but i think it's a do i'm focused our. so that's that was added to come cotton ball she is the winner of the finest round of the boat that took place at the c.d.u. party conference in hamburg whether she'll be the one in the second round we're still waiting to hear i mean like let me go in a pizza craving again they obviously behind me said i took what winners and losers
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you talked about. who is clearly a lose at the moment because he's not in the final round she described is the energy he brought this whole debate that he was vague upbeat was he was also they controversial wasn't he here is a compelling case for the demographics of the party needing to change is the seed he said had many many more people over seventy then under thirty he's been there i mean he's thirty eight years old he's the he's the relative youngster you know we he's been he's been cast in the role and i think he's enjoyed the role of being the angry young man. getting on anglo-american the nerves basically and getting away with it and. i think now that that role will have to change a little bit because during the during this process of these debates that we've had very different debates around the crime country where the been crisscrossing across germany i think he's come across he's been able to transform his image considerably he's no he's no longer the younger young man the arrogant young man that some
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people say but he's become likable and that's the you know he's the ruling on the safety when he was giving his address his final draft before the vote he was looking extremely relaxed and extremely pleased with himself for the for the reinvention the reproduction of himself that there has been in germany that's also quite important because i don't think you can keep making uncle americal his target for you know for. for a long time he needs to he has actually becomes a real focus he's in his energies as health minister has been doing extremely good job as hope minister by most people's standards so yeah he's on the up another couple of controversial episodes linked with him for example when he met the chancellor of the fall right led government of austria sébastien cults yeah i mean i was there he has been a sometime apologist a fixer or bond you know that he does lean towards the conservative rights and. is comfortable with that has been comfortable with that whether it will stay that way or not whether he definitely house ambitions it's not just something that's
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talked about he doesn't have ambitions to be future chancellor material future chancellor he's quite categorically said he would like to be. but as he also admitted today that he has plenty of time votes of people have told him this is be the end process for him and. i mean they you've talked about the great sense of you know excitement and energy that give us a sense as to what the mood is that right now within a few minutes we should know who's won the second round of the votes there and who will lead to see the party and shape the politics of the party. i just want to add that young spawn would be the first person in germany to be turned down for a job simply because he's been seen as too young for it so if occasion is only a part of it and here behind me there is a lot of talking going on but as soon as anybody goes near microphone on that stage behind me this sudden silence and this the expectation that a result will be announced so a lot of tension here i just want to show if i can come in you mention that
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michelle is generous is there a sense that anybody has been you know i know the ballots are in for the counseling but was there a sense that anybody was sort of going around the congress hole and actually trying to influence people on how they posted their second bout it. because that's certainly what you would expect from sex and politics. that was it really is time for that also they were being very cagey about not interfering in the prison service c. of these miniature voting booths that the city was very proud of introducing here to speed up the process but we certainly saw spohn shaking hands tirelessly this morning he was here early he shook hands with everybody who was up for it pressing the flesh as you would say in the american context and really fighting to the very last and of course one cannot understate how important this is and is for the conservative c.d.u. it was referred to but i'm going to come kind of go as the last unicorn of europe
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as i have to explain that one in terms of being a big the last big tent conservative party that stands strong in this fragmentation and this loss that we see in both for social democrat and conservative parties across the european union over the past couple of years so it's a very different political playing field whoever becomes leader of the c.d.u. party is engaged in and that is something that everybody here is very aware of all the more interesting of course it is that it comes down to a couple of dozen votes of delegates in the end to make such a momentous decision but with merkel praising this democratic process i can't let that one go without mentioning that this is the first a contested leadership race in the conservative party since nine hundred seventy one which shows how much ingrained convention there was within the conservatives and how this is being broken being shaken up right now creating
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a climate where all of a sudden anything is possible and this creates if you want to put it negatively. in the past whether this will create a rift in the end. whether this will allow genuine renewal and this. it's also the weight of responsibility whoever comes into this office now carries and that is something that's going to also stressed in her passing speech but just in much less blunt words and very complicated sentences so the very very key decision being taken here it's very tense in the room and nobody really dead to come up with a prediction actually nobody to come up with a real fix and i spoke to many people in this room right and i also said i just want to come back to i mean i think is the youth is certainly not against him as far as i'm concerned his youth is in fact in his favor as a party which is flying to renew itself but what it did give him a lot of comment was some of his controversial meetings he had as i mentioned in
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his meeting with chancellor sebastian cuts off austria because he's of a right wing candidate and many could have raised eyebrows about that because he was obviously sending a message with that meeting and the message he was sending it to the right wing of the c.d.u. people who were very hostile to america's centrist policies the one person who is not talking about centrist politics is matts who is challenging the america for this job is spotty leader let's take a listen to what he said earlier as he was trying to get the support of the one thousand and one delegates of the party conference. of the people's party of the center we must bring the political debate to this political center. to say loudly and clearly not the populist from right and left if. the greens and the. and even if we are not different coalition with. a lot still different from others
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is. ok if you're just joining us you're watching news coming to you live from berlin we are showing you pictures of the race which is going on. the leadership of germany's governing party in the running of the candidate known as a k k initial spot on the great clown cut in ballot and three dick metz who both want to succeed chance the anglo american as party leader earlier today chancellor merkel address tell party for the final time as the leader of the party in that part of. it is not just. parting ways because you do you i don't have to be party chair to have strong ties to this party and it's also about wanting me to be a german chancellor who seduced is going to be focusing on the time after me it is a matter of close to my heart and the last term of my political force that i
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contribution to ensuring the new success of the studio and whilst the same time maintaining responsibility nation to do to contain the government this is how we can set the course for the future. so that was a chance of speaking a few hours ago at the hamburg party conference where she said farewell to the delegates who had gathered there after she'd been elected party leader eighteen years ago and today she was saying goodbye and it is a long goodbye because she says she's going to stay a chance to till the end of the term which is two thousand and twenty one to talk about all these developments sitting with me is peter craven our senior political editor and at the party conference in hamburg is. a chief political editor if i may stuff with you again michelle of course now we listen to what chancellor merkel had to say give us a sense of what is at stake in choosing
4:55 pm
a faulty leader for her c.d.u. party in hamburg right now. well first of all is the direction that the party is going to take and what kind of measures it is willing to introduce to tackle what is perceived to be one of the biggest threats to the conservatives here in germany which is the far right and if tea party which the conservatives have lost so many votes to over the past elections let me just have a quick listen delegates are now being asked to take their seats again which suggests to me that we are about to learn to one runoff and he will need to see to you in the future but this is a directional decision for the c.d.u. but of course also for germany because i'm going to america will have to work very closely with who ever the party and let me just see whether they are about to announce. not quite quite not quite there yet of course that has implications
4:56 pm
on also the stability of the government everybody expects it would have a much trickier time with feverish mats who came back from a career in business and who clearly still has a score to settle after losing a leadership contest against angola machall back in the year two thousand and two in the end he realised he would go nowhere in the party against how well enough politics altogether because of anglo mak also it's the irony of history those two could potentially meet each other again and work together as a team and they could come combo of course was put forward by angle america herself as party secretary general and is clearly under the machall statement without ever having needed to say so she deliberately didn't really mention that in the past and now let's have a listen in to those results. i gave him more and more not more and more and see ninety. invalid votes zero
4:57 pm
absentia norton one of them legal is nine hundred ninety four we should be between the necessary majority is there for five hundred people each mouth's. if you are not small you are going to do eighty two weeks thanks to my wife one thousand nine hundred ninety five percent votes if you do anything stupid kind of five hundred seventeen votes just to one point seven five thank you if you choose to see you. thanks and if you did come out and vote quite clearly thank the next leader of the conservatives. c.d.u. party was the woman. so was her favorite you can tell it by the expression on her
4:58 pm
face the way they were you so much thank you so much we want to thank you thank you thank you want to tell me thank you thank you thank you dick made a good forty eight point five percent of the ballots thought they were his fish mats still was now coming up to the stage he gave on a good carbon bar quite a competition in this leadership race were were and this means nothing else that there will be a maximum amount of continuity a lot of thank thank all the cities want to get it come down bowen and america will see eye to eye on continuing here in germany and now it will be up to it could it
4:59 pm
come so different to self to make that clear mark to shake off that label the process is a bungalow america only trace amounts were being shaken off as very tough talking tough fighting. and the reenergize c.d.u. party that saw the first real contested leadership race since nine hundred seventy was a mini mess the copy of those. takes over as part of the city we were the one. with the office that want. the overwhelming emotion i thank you for listening to every corner of the country who was then was so surprised by the fact
5:00 pm
that i'm the medical took that decision to stand down as casita it was she so much another two years at least trying to continue that process of in time to remove the cd you see having no idea that only a couple of months later she would now receive the mound date to do that from the top very top of the conservative cd you see here she will work very closely with anger.


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