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the selling out of the country dead donkey. starts december twenty ninth on w. m the fact that. this review is live from berlin the legacy of fighting i has in the philippines this martial law is extended on mindanao for another year to be used as an exclusive report from the devastated city of moore all week and talks to one young muslim we're ready to fight against the so-called islamic state also coming up. finally this is not a great trade with the british people by trying to stage another referendum to the . british prime minister to recently rules out another referendum on your that says she sets a new date for parliament's pivotal vote on her brakes a deal and
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a croatia they are not is if illegally reporting migrants back into neighboring bosnia and says it's not expelling them but rather illegally deterring them. hi i'm way a lot her rocker great to have you along everyone we begin our broadcast in the southern philippines where the island of mindanao is facing another year under martial law after president or that he would think that they extended the measure last year morale the city on mindanao was the scene of a five month long battle when a government troops were deployed to quell an insurgency by militants allied to so-called islamic state while more than a thousand people were killed and half a million were displaced today while he lies in ruins a team of g.w. news reporters has just. turned from the city with this exclusive report. this
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force the center of today residents call it ground zero. we get the military's permission to enter selected parts and a warrant about unexploded devices. last year a few hundred i asked inspired fighters holed up in mosques and houses the army with help from the united states responded with relentless rates in this type of warfare you have to flush out the enemy from the defensive position and you can only do that number one using bombs or heavy artillery bombardment. but people here paid a very high price for the five month long battle. hundreds were killed they have buried in these mosque graves. most of the victims were never identified
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denying their families closure. over sixty five thousand people remain displaced many are still searching for their loft once. it. has lost four of her eight children she believes they were taken hostage and used as human shields. for simply means i feel a very deep pain inside of me i missed my children they were gone in a blink of an eye like combi with the many more women. martial law remains in force with soldiers everywhere the impoverished region has witnessed decades of conflict between muslims and christians who make up the vast majority of the filipino population many young muslims few disenfranchised. last year afterwards spied on the military passing on details of troop movements to
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i.a.s. fighters holed up in my robbie he tells us that he's ready to fight for an islamic state. i wouldn't fight and while we're all we again or in any other muslim area here in the same thing will happen again. our own muslim people would get hurt but if the battle happens elsewhere i will join in but if someone else i didn't. like many others up to blames president rodrigue territory for bombing the rocky the government has promised reconstruction and great to muslim autonomy but until those promises are fulfilled to angry young men like up do it with continue to pose a threat. british prime minister theresa may has said she intends to hold a parliamentary vote on her brakes a deal in the third week of january may brief the house of commons on talks you have with european leaders at last week's you so much you want lawmakers against holding
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a second referendum on bragg's it and defended her decision to suspend the vote last week some of the resulting exchanges at this council were repulsed but i make no apology. i make. i say no apology for standing up for the interests of this house i mean. i mean interests of our whole united. prime minister trees some may address in just a short while ago the parliament as she's at the moment also is still speaking standing outside westminster. so good to see you barbara there have been growing calls for a second referendum but today the prime minister shut down that option and basically said let's not break faith with the british voters by holding a second referendum. yes reason may really shut down that option because over the weekend there were rumors her cabinet was split on this and
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at least half of her ministers her own ministers thought that the only way out of the current impasse was just to hand the decision back to the british people and say ok listen this is what's on the table do you want to remain or do you want her deal or whatever the wording could be by trees and make a mount and she did what she always does and has done now for months she just powers ahead she really is like a tank and just goes full steam ahead whatever the situation is and she reiterated that what happened in brussels was not a problem the irish backstop to the guarantee against a hard border in ireland would know was was not meant for ever and she didn't of course not to mention that she could bring any guarantees she assured problem and britain wouldn't be caught in it whether the parliament believes her or not is a different question and then of course we see we know heard from is always stump
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speech but at the moment really that what she says again and again we have to go ahead with that it's the only deal on the table it's either this or no deal and she absolutely and categorically said she does not want a second referendum so she really has closed all roads around her and is only straight ahead all right only straight a while talking about going full steam ahead to the u.k.'s opposition labor leader mr jeremy corporate he did not hold back basically saying that to the prime minister had achieved absolutely nothing at last week's summit and characterizing her cabinet numerous times as shambolic what does he plan on doing. the problem was labor is that it seems the opposition becomes the dog that didn't bark because it just minutes before. the parliament started sitting this afternoon and labor put out the notice that they would start
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a vote of no confidence that jeremy corbin would table it in the house this afternoon a vote to feel confidence against reason may and then because she set out the brakes and a vote for generally fourteen's he obviously didn't do it you obviously was do it and sort of did now not do anything so labor is taking this sitting down another three weeks will pass till the vote comes and the opposition doesn't really sort of do a do it's work in the sense of sort of trying to force the government into his decision so they are looking increasingly weak on the part of a supporting from westminster thank you so much. all right let's bring you up to speed now at some of the other news making headlines this hour. protesters in the hungarian capital budapest have clashed with police in front of state television headquarters demonstrators demanded a free media were part of the larger rally of thousands marching against the
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policies of prime minister viktor orban sunday's march was the fourth in as many days. were you fighting near the yemeni city of data has left at least twelve people dead the flare up is now casting doubt on a cease fire negotiated last week between with the rebels and the saudi backed government seventy percent of yemen's hooted enters the country through this a strategic rights import. and an authority as are enforcing the security lockdown in the rest of region of kashmir activists leaders were arrested in the capital leicester nagar for defying a ban on marches in the indian administered territory they were protesting the deaths of several kashmiri civilians during a security operation over the weekend. gratian authorities have denied a report by a watchdog group that says police are illegally deporting migrants back into neighboring bosnia videos released by the group called border violence monitoring
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apparently show armed police scorning migrants across the border thousands are stuck along the frontier between bosnia and croatia which is a member of the european union. this is where croatia and bosnia meet a european union external border that's vigilantly patrolled by security forces. human rights groups are accusing the croatian police of mistreating refugees by beating them removing their phones and expelling them across the border without a just trial the police have rejected these accusations. that he has to all laws and regulations every policeman is bound to acts only on those principles. if the croatian police are to be believed scenes like these covertly filmed by a group called border violence monitoring shouldn't be happening heavily armed croatian police officers appear to be escorting refugees back onto bosnian territory. the group recorded more than one hundred thirty such videos over twelve
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days in september and october showing at least three hundred sixty people including women and children the group says the video show illegal deportations also known as pushbacks from croatia a member of the european union to bosnia-herzegovina some observers believe croatia is violating the european convention on human rights. the serious issue is that the personal circumstances the individual circumstances of those affected are not being taken into account and put on before example it could be that a person is especially vulnerable and they get into a situation in bosnia where basic rights like even the right to life or the ban on torture would be violated in mass deportations are illegal under you law the videos allegedly show croatian officials escorting migrants back to bosnia. after a short while the same officials return alone. commenting on the videos the
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croatian interior ministry has denied that the deportations are legal but rather cause them refusals of entry which don't break european law. like to welcome now mr vinson healthy he's the director of the german office of human rights to explore some of the issues that have come to light a very warm welcome sir the creation stories we just heard there saying we are just preventing people from making an authorized entry into our country do they have a point they don't have a point because these people have the right to claim asylum in croatia and they have the right to a fair process the fact that there might be microphones and then off of the process would be none be sent back that doesn't give creation of the rights to push them back and treat them violently with physical abusers and of the horrible things that we have documented well let's talk
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a little bit more about what you documented because you are also being supported in that sense by bosnia-herzegovina as security minister who is accusing a neighboring a creation of using very handed heavy heavy handed tactics physically abusing the migrants are trying to cross the country's border what have you found in terms of evidence concrete evidence of that we have interviewed my currents and asylum seekers who have told us that their web beaten by the police that were there were driven around in than switch out seats flowers that there were. physically abused by what one young man cold the tunnel of death where people were beaten by several policemen who were standing behind each other and they were forced some were forced to swim through ice cold reverse these kind of abuses plus theft. refugees told us that the policeman have stolen their money and the mobile
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phones critias is a member of the european union do you do you think the european union has a role to play here to deescalate what's going on on the year on the border there. absolutely the european union now has to demand from its member state creation to do a proper investigation into the allegations into the testimonies and the evidence which we found and then prosecute those who were killed two of two evils. but bosnia-herzegovina is also facing its own accusations of mistreating migrants that are in its territory can you talk to us about that while the bus yes problem is mostly that there are no proper facilities and that they the asylum seeking process doesn't seem to be fair because they are only seventeen successful asylum seekers since two thousand and eight so people are piling up in bosnia and nobody's really helping them they it's getting
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a little bit better the european union has granted nine million euros to improve the situation but the people there are treated very poorly but they're not violent the used boss has been of course also has a very special construction in terms of government and all of that which also complicates the matter probably even more resume koski a director of the german office of human rights watch thank you so much. right ever going to stay now in germany where authorities here have suspended frankfurt have suspended frankfurt five and half suspended in frankfurt five police officers accused of being members of a neo nazi group the four men and one woman are alleged to have sent each other nazi imagery and threatened a lawyers family the threats were signed and s u two point zero a reference to the neo nazi and su group which murdered ten people mostly of turkish origin as the latest in a spate of allegations of institutional racism in germany and has shocked many here
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. police officers from this plane for precinct attracted the attention of authorities weeks ago they're alleged to have exchanged extreme right wing messages in a chat group five officers have been suspended from duty. it's possible that they were also the ones who threatened lawyers say goodbye say you diesel you're on the right she was involved in the trial of members of the neo nazi group and as you. it has since the premier promises a thorough investigation. to expose what are the first we have to find out exactly what happened and how many people were involved i take this matter very seriously. but the left party suspects that more than five police officers were involved in the incident. i can't imagine that this was the work of just five officers working underground. police union leaders fear the scandal will damage the reputation of officers nationwide. the police enjoy
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a great amount of trust in hessen and in germany and the incidents in frankfurt to the sorts of things that could significantly shake that trust. on wednesday the interior affairs committee of the has a regional parliament is due to take a closer look at the allegations. all right and our political correspondent on your kerner is tracking this story for you good to see you i guess can you please contextualize we talking about an isolated case here or is far right extremists pervasive within the german police. the police are not ruling out the possibility that this is a case of much bigger than mentions a task force has been installed to investigate the allegations in the recent months there have been some incidents which alarmed officials in some a in the east german
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town of cam that's some release took place following a murder case and a participant of one of these rallies insulted and attacked the camera team and later it turned out that this man is a member of the state office of criminal investigation furthermore the head of the foreign intelligence service mohsen downplayed some of the excesses which took place in the same demonstrations so at this point there is no knowledge of a right wing structure within the police force but officials are alarmed they are alarmed all right now as we heard in that report were so striking is that these police officers allegedly threaten the lawyer first of all talk to us about they sent a threatening letter and why with the senate. why would they send this.
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is off to target the original herself which is always a point why she is. insulted why she is targeted. with hate mails and in this message. they reference to. the end as you trial the trial against the members of our right terror cell and this lawyer represented family of the victims of the terrorist cell. she said she is used to these hate mail so all these cases prompted quite a lot of hate mails but this time they went too far because the send off that anonymous fax. message threatened to slaughter her two year old daughter that's very striking there how have german politicians are reacted i mean you referenced just as mr moss there. conservative politician i mean
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shoes so he has been a police officer himself he sees a threat of insidious radicalization and this risk is according to a much higher now with the right wing pilot right wing parties and all the german parliaments and with a lot of propaganda in the social networks but from all pull it politic political parties there was quite a lot of confidence that the state security will do a thorough investigation and a curler reporting thank you. now the draw for the champions league round of sixteen has been completed in switzerland and here is the full fixture list now all three german teams face english opposition but as we get champs buy in will play last year's finalist liverpool while dortmund swear off what tottenham chalk up the toughest test drawn
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against title favorites manchester city meanwhile man united play french champions but essential now and a tough draw for you vendors who will lock horns we're not other than atletico madrid last year's champions are on the grid face i-x. amsterdam the first legs of the matches will be played in february. arneson this one is the action frankfurt overcame visitors leverkusen in a close game both teams have recently progressed in the europa league with frankfurt facing a shock target on next wow live accrues into a play russian side across in the dark on sunday they played each other in the bundesliga where the hosts had too much talent for their struggling opponents to handle. frank first top scorer luke a yellow which had to settle for a place on the bench but that didn't blunt his team's attack the hundred side took the lead in the twenty eighth minute when philip custance crossed to danny de coster to tap in a look to the linesman but the goal scorer was just on side one nil to frankfurt at
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a hard time. in the second half it was coasted his turn to get on the scoresheet after slavery coups and weren't going down without a fight though. the power to have the deficit with twenty five minutes to go. but frankfurt held on to return to winning ways after back to back losses. art french president french president i know my car has made a few concessions to the yellow vests protesters and garrett it's got to be financed somehow it has to be and that's why france's budget deficit is set to rise to over three percent of g.d.p. breaching e.u. rules it's a result of president obama pledged to boost wages for low income workers he made the promise following weeks of protests the demonstrations words. over a planned hike it was sponsored by calls from the tax and increase the minimum wage
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by one hundred euros a month the total cost of those sessions could be up to fifteen billion euros fueling concerns of unsustainable government debts. meanwhile italy's government has agreed on the basis of a new budget and avoiding disciplinary action from the european union the country's original spending plans were found to be in breach of e.u. says school rules italy's leaders wanted to increase welfare payments cut taxes and reduce the retirement age but you says those plans will raise the country's deficit beyond acceptable levels details of revised budget almost yet. so let's bring it bring in. our financial correspondent from frankfurt only three percent g.d.p. deficit limit is part of the used to bill it's impact what does it mean when a heavyweight like frogs breaks that. it's not the best performance that you can think of of course i talk to people in the market today and they said
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looking at the developments in france over the past weeks with. yellow vests it's not surprising that president micro had to make some concessions but of course it makes the country look bad and the overspending will likely continue i say overspending because it's not just going slightly over that deficit budget deficit level of three percent of overall economic performance of g.d.p. france also has a much higher debt load than it should have and that's also a consideration and so this is not setting a good example for of course everyone else in the eurozone at this critical time in the eurozone while talking about about that italy is is the euro zone's third largest economy is in line with the three percent limit but its overall debt is enormous italy beginning to weigh on the euro.
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they are but the euro as we speak is going up just a tad behind the euro as of course the e.c.b. with all its firing power and while it's stopping buying bonds at the end of this year and just a few days it will continue to support the market with its other instruments and that's basically propping up the euro but of course there's a heady mixture there the two biggest the second and third largest countries going against the financial stability rules germany having a hard time for vining leadership but at the moment in the e.u. and crow losing his role as a reformer in the e.u. it's a difficult time and it could affect the euro going forward. and thanks for the thank you. the u.s. and china exchanged shop words over each other's trading policies in a closed door meeting at the world trade organization today the u.s. said china's unfair competitive practices practices are harming foreign companies
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beijing responded with criticism of washington's tariffs and the e.u. also chimed in calling the u.s. the epicenter of the crisis currently affecting the multilateral trading system. for months now china and the u.s. have traded tit for tat tariffs no surprise the latest rhetoric at the world trade organization was heated the u.s. to. dentist chair says china subsidizes its local manufacturers want discriminating against foreign ones called china's actions are incompatible with the open market based approach expressly envisioned and followed by other w t o members and contrary to the fundamental principles of this organization and its agreements and quote. meanwhile china said that washington's tariffs on steel and aluminum enable protectionism under the guise of national security the meeting between the chinese and u.s. representatives will continue on wednesday at the w t o will washington reaffirmed
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its calls to reform what is the world trade regulator. in hong kong one man is being held by police after money was thrown from the top of a building that hong kong one hundred dollars notes fell from the sky in one of the territories poorest neighborhoods social media video showed a large crowd gathering looking up and collecting the cash it is thought that the man behind the stunt is one chink kids he's the owner off for to see a facebook page which promotes digital currency and. that's all your business you're watching good of you news there's more news coming . out of a magazine check in as soon as they. on
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. these places are sixteen years be a strain the first talk is in a. call from the cathedral of the town hall. and there's some additional to see business going to take me from the fountain in germany to a mosque in the netherlands the birthplace of the european union. deal. to help try to friendship. too long. we don't only drink when we're thirsty.
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but how much is pleasure. and what are the risks of. the research is surprising. drinking our topic in tomorrow's edition sixty minutes on d w. a you know this zero five minute or minute. or so has a. beauty. having all. the fits in the pantheon of the great tennis certainly he's one for the ages.
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because my tender features starts december twenty second t.w. . please. her.


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