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new court document starts january thirteenth on t w. t v. this is news live from berlin rescue teams race to find survivors of the indonesian tsunami the death toll rises to almost three hundred and some by. the high ground the volcano the cause a tsunami is still erupting and their fears of a second giant also coming up. pakistan's former prime minister nawaz sharif
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gets seven years in jail for corruption that's on top of a ten year sentence on similar charges he was given in july. and turkey sends troops into syria president trump says they'll eradicate islamic states to fight says in syria after the withdrawal of u.s. forces. i'm thank you for joining us all thore she is in indonesia people to stay away from parts of the coastline amid concerns of the tsunamis this comes after a devastating tsunami hits without warning on saturday night authorities say at least two hundred eighty people died when the huge wave swept the coastline along the strait hitting sumatra and java is believed to have been triggered by the eruption of an island volcano which is going through an active phase. now homes and
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beach side hotels were destroyed along the coast which is popular with tourists dozens of people remain unaccounted for and more than eight hundred are reported injured. search and rescue digging with their bare hands looking for anyone left alive under the rubble but it's been since anyone has been discovered until saturday this was a beach resort now there are just the remains of what was once here hundreds and boats those who survived are terrified. i don't know i'm afraid sometimes i ask my son in law to check our house i don't know what to say i'm really afraid i have not gone home in the last two days. for indonesia it's yet another natural disaster. president yoko widowed is yet
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again thrust into the role of consoler in chief as he visited the disaster zone was it pains to come anxious locals worried about the prospect of another tsunami. i advise people to remain calm but be cautious not to be provoked by misleading information i've also ordered the meteorological agency to keep informing people about the situation including the weather conditions as soon as possible this is what scientists believe likely cause saturday's tsunami and that krakatau volcano is thought to have the rugged underwater triggering a landslide and the killer waves now authorities are warning indonesians to stay away from the disaster zone as the volcanoes eruption continues there's the risk of further disaster. and for more on this story we're joined by risky. indonesia in our born news room a risky thank you for joining us so nearly forty eight hours after the tsunami hit
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what are conditions like for survivors. right now hundreds of military personnel. volunteers are in the disaster zones trying to search in the remaining fixin's under the rubble. we already saw for the nation's already being transported into the disaster area because probably lies within two hundred kilometers from the capital city and the roads are still intact following the tsunami so there are no problems with them certainly and. also medical assistance to the area but president we don't know has visited the disaster zone and he's actually promised to ensure indonesia tsunami warning systems are up to scratch what's the problem with them now. yeah the president promised that he will increase the budget to buy or to develop a new system early warning system indonesia in two thousand and nineteen for years
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back in two thousand and four we already have received for help from the germany and from the us actually to set up a new system after directly after the deadly tsunami in two thousand and four and i should but the system stopped functioning in two thousand and twelve because often there is a lack of funding and technical difficulties so actually we already difficult. to float in two thousand and thirteen you defies to detect a tsunami beas on idol for any devices but the lack of funding is again hampered for or stopped the project of being completed on time. but even if the tsunami warning systems were aware could they have predicted an event like saturday's tsunami which as we now know is thought to have been caused by a volcano it's really difficult because the previous early warning system was based on the premise that only a powerful earthquake could trigger a tsunami but that wasn't the case in the straits what we saw in saturday so it
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really need more capability fires to detect such an event like this hydrophone and underwater microphones. with the idea if we could hear them then we can prepare to them. this defies the focus now or on a different being a new device that could predict the so-called near field tsunamis which also a cordless in saturday in some districts in indonesia and risk it could you give us a sense of how people are coping with this latest natural disaster. well. this is already defeated big nets are all disaster in the media this year so people are still being angry or worried at admitting any more so they're starts already on sunday only a couple of hours after the disaster to start collecting foods and donations that
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you know sent directly to the disaster area on the same day so people are know they will probably really look into or follow the government's effort to develop a new system next year very closely so that's right and. yeah well risk. indonesia thank you thank you very much a court in pakistan has sentenced former prime minister nawaz sharif to seven years in jail for corruption he was found guilty on one of two charges involving his family's business dealings now sheriff denies any wrongdoing and says the charges are politically motivated the three time prime minister was removed from office by the supreme court last year in july he was sentenced to ten years in prison over the purchase of luxury apartments in london he was released pending an appeal. journalist joins us now from islamabad sheriff says the charges
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a politically motivated what are his arguments. less definitely. going to go to court in pakistan and hundred seven years time to a farmer two time prime minister in the marsh if. he was slapped a bit you know the find out there can be five million euros to start as well but definitely be the should i start on the party all of them have said that the job is a politically motivated and definitely they have pointed fingers that the incumbent government especially the prime minister condi and i would cause. him of what and gaining you know companies defenses against a should leave his family and also. against some of the big big zoff is the political party that would have been remanded to power from the will towards entered into bilbo's and it sort definitely they have stepped in the border city
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family have got out of your. party they have sucked it they hope the court verdict but definitely they have made a point that these are that they are no these are princes are politically motivated and they have heard they are optimistic that they are going to you know a bit in the high accord and definitely prove the job did and allegations leveled against it and his family are baseless and politically motivated are right so what can we expect now from sheriff supporter. but i have got. the new search almost sources. that the leadership of for you know as they should leave the political party they have most of their deferred but you know in such situations the leaders in the leaders get now all of the party workers from hoarding and. streamers and all but i have
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got information. for fifty cent on the streets orders have come out of our says to the stevenson graves and her dancers hear the word castle a classroom in islamabad thank you. the u.s. military says president donald trump has signed the order to pull all american troops out of syria maintains that withdrawal will be highly coordinated and he says president one has assured him that turkey will ever advocated all remaining fighters of the so-called islamic state in syria. turkish forces are massing on both sides of the syrian border the question is who will they go after and when turkey has long wanted to crush the kurdish y p g militia in syria which it sees as part of a terrorist alliance threatening its territorial integrity the y p g however has been a key ally of the united states and the international coalition in the fight against
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the so-called islamic state but turkey now says it will take over the fight against i-s. militants. u.s. president donald trump talked to his turkish counterpart yesterday and tweeted that president at a one would rather kate whatever is left of isis in syria. the u.s. withdrawal will not be overseen by jim mattis since he was sworn in early last year the u.s. secretary of defense has the respect of allies around the world as a reliable partner his team often reassured the kurdish fighters in syria but then matters resigned in response to trump's abrupt troop withdrawal announcement issuing a clear rebuke of the president those same allies have been left stunned on a visit to chad french president manuel mccall was pretty clear about what he thought. if i deeply regret the decision taken on syria and i would like to pay tribute here to general mattis and to the words that accompanied his decision.
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so this is you it. should be reliable and coordinate with other allies general mattis understood this perfectly. matus will be replaced by his deputy patrick shanahan as acting defense secretary on january the first trump only brought shanahan into the defense department last year he's an engineer who spent most of his career at boeing a major supplier to u.s. forces he has no background in politics diplomacy or military affairs. well let's look at some of the other stories making news around the world the body of a seven year old girl. who died in a u.s. border patrol custody has arrived home jacqueline carr has died in texas area this month reports from dehydration and shock after a three thousand kilometer journey u.s. authorities were heavily criticised for the way they handled her case. they've been
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fresh demonstrations in the sudanese capital khartoum over the soaring price of bread protests challenging president omar al bashir has ruled and now into their fifth day sudan's opposition says twenty two people have now been killed in the so-called red. courting. and maher has heard arguments in the appeal of two reuters before just sentenced to seven years on charges of breaching the country's official secrets act they were jailed while covering the revenge of crisis and have already spent more than a year behind bars the case sparked international outcry from human rights activists. in the bundesliga hoffenheim made it six straight draws on sunday after stalemate at home to mines around a form which has left them out of contention so far for european qualification spots. the hosts took and i believe when stephen sober found him and demi bay and mocked the goal make six the german
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internationals a fourth of the campaign but the lead was short lived as mine struck back just after just five minutes later john philip met at a scoring one all the final result. but it's christmas eve and millions of children around the world are waiting eagerly for their christmas gifts we all know santa traditionally travels by slade but in thailand elephants appear to be his preferred mode of transport is crowds of schoolchildren just outside bangkok were happy to talk to her as us from the nearest strunk and the elephants later joined with some streets dancing. thank you. will leave you now with a taste of the traditional christmas sing along a german second division side union berlin i'll be back with more at the top of the
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