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around the world to come when i don't need it urgent assistance. google family starts january twenty third w. this is d w news live from berlin an eighteen year old saudi woman pleading for help and her life. i have no choice. they said to have to go to model into. no one can hold me right now i'm looking for time the teenager has barricaded herself in a hotel room in thailand to avoid being you courted she says her family will kill
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her if she was sent back home also coming up. bracing for braggs it was the day for britain's departure from the e.u. draws ever closer look at how one british family is preparing for the worst. and a night of surprises at the golden globes in los angeles a movie about the british rock band queen defying expectations to take the top awards for best drama and best actor and veteran actress one close is also rewarding for a film fee says no one in hollywood wanted to make you take a look at the winners and the losers. plus sports acting again as a peacemaker a joint korean men's team preparing for the handball world championships in germany and in denmark we hear from the coach and the players about what it means to compete to be unified dream team.
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brian thomas thanks so much for being with us human rights watch says a saudi teen who's fleeing abuse has barricaded herself in a hotel room at a bangkok airport to avoid deportation targets already say rough mohammed oka noone would be sent back to kuwait today where her family is located but i'll do says she holds a visa for australia and plans to seek asylum there. old claims her passport was seized by a saudi official during a layover in bangkok. ok let's go straight to bangkok down to abuse florian covering this story for us good morning florian we heard from a rock off there and this she's talking about why she has being held in in thailand and wants to seek asylum in australia why is that being denied to
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her right now. well the situation is not one hundred percent clear right now what i can tell you is that she was supposed to have a layover here in bangkok and then travel on to australia where she had planned to claim our seat for asylum there's conflicting information on how long this layover here in bangkok was supposed to be. the odd report saying that she had actually planned to stay for a few days here in bangkok now in that case obviously she would have needed a visa to enter thailand which apparently she does not have others saying no she just wanted to change planes get on the next one to australia and just be in the transit area in bangkok so right now apparently there are tight immigration officials and the saudi officials from the from the embassy here trying to. you
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know solve this situation which for every side is very. well difficult ok at the same time we have human rights watch calling on thailand not to deport let's take a listen to that the reality is that she should have the right to seek asylum i don't think that was her first choice i think she wanted to go to australia that was her original plan but you know in this situation now she needs to be provided protection because if she is sent back she will face very serious physical harm from her from her relatives ok very serious physical harm we hear there of learning why is she facing violence at home. well so far we only have her word but i think it's quite credible that she has been abused at least psychologically that's what she says but she also claims she has been abused physically for just being a modern woman who wants to lead her life as women in the west
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basically so she writes in her twitter account that for example just for cutting her hair short she had basically she was put under house arrest for six months she wasn't allowed to leave her room she has renounced islam and apparently that is something that is very very severe this is why she said she had to leave to flee her family to fleece saudi arabia and seek protection somewhere else and to this case is of course getting as a result of all of this a lot of international attention and rauf is getting a lot of personal support as well yes definitely i mean this story is going wild on social media for once i guess because the infamous case of journalist jamal khashoggi from saudi arabia who was murdered in turkey by saudi officials apparently this has put saudi arabia onder scrutiny and so everyone has
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been reminded that the situation and terms of human rights is very very difficult and saudi arabia but it's also thailand that is in the public eye right now and thailand has a history indeed of sending back refugee seekers to their respective countries even to authoritarian regimes just in october we have seen the case of the ryan e. national who was on his honeymoon here in bangkok in thailand and so tired thorens he is have seized him have put him in detention because. the rain actually demanded that he would be sent back to bahrain so this situation is also quite unclear so we have to wait and see what the fate of this saudi woman will be there are many other flights not direct flights but. over flights to
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kuwait to saudi arabia so there's still plenty of opportunity to send her back ok we'll have more from florinef for us later today on the story for him for now thanks very much. ok let's get more on the story now from phil robertson from human rights watch he's been helping coordinate efforts to prevent rojas deportation phil thanks so much for being with us this morning why is human rights watch calling for rojas deportation to be halted well she has suffered psychological and physical abuse before she arrived in saudi arabia she is quite sure full for his life early if she is sent back we're calling for the thai government to permit u.n. refugee agency that u.n.h.c.r. to have access to earth and to allow them to do a status determination on her whether she needs to receive refugee protection and if she does she should receive that in thailand should abide by that ok you've
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personally been in touch with raw off how she holding up right now. she's very frightened she's very tired she has been awake for four days and she is still determined to fight but she doesn't know what's going to happen next she has barricaded herself in a hotel room at the airport she is saying that she will only talk to us eight c.r. and we continue to press the thai government to allow u.n. h.c.r. to have access to irwin and to offer her the kind of protection that she needs because if she sent back we have very very serious fears that she would suffer great harm ok you've been talking to the government to make sure iraq gets the protection that she needs she wants to seek asylum in australia she says she has a visa to go there why then is the thai government not letting her simply move on
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well that's an excellent question what happened was when she arrived from kuwait in thailand she was met at the. at the gangway of the first of the plane coming off the plane it by a thai official from the saudi embassy who see sir passport and since then that passport has been kept from her you know and they're now saying that they're going to send her back to kuwait they say that she applied for and failed to get a visa on arrival in thailand but in fact she didn't want to go to thailand she was a good plane to go to australia she had a tourist visa for australia and she should have been permitted to go there with no interference so roberson cordoning right now the efforts to prevent hosty for tension from fallon thanks very much for being with us tonight other news now on military officers and the bomb have staged an apparent two officers in that central
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african nation have appeared on state t.v. they've declared president ali bongo unfit for office security bunglers recovering from a stroke right now in iraq and. now there are reports of shots being fired in the capital leave a view of tanks patrolling the streets it's not yet clear as of who's been successful keep you updated on the story throughout the day here t w. it's to britain now where prime minister treece in may is said to renew efforts today to push through her brakes a deal as parliament returns from its christmas break now here are some of the key dates that will determine britain's departure from the un the prime minister's political future the first is coming up in mid january that's when members of parliament will be voting on to recent days controversial deal now that will determine what kind of bracks it will see come march twenty ninth now that's the day britain has committed to to leave the you now if parliament rejects this deal
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well there could be a hard no deal bracks and that would mean confusion at the very least for business on both sides of the channel now if parliament accepts teresa mayes deal there would be a transition period allowing britain and the european union to sort out new trade relations that period would end on december thirty first of next year so plenty of time for more drama along the way on sunday trees may spoke at the b.b.c. about how she intends to convince a skeptical parliament to vote for what will be setting out over the next few days is. a sort of assurance is measures in three areas the first is measures that will be specific the northern ireland the second is a greater role for paul event if we take these negotiations and into the next stage for our future relationship on the third way still working on this is further
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assurances from the european union to address the issues that have been raised well despite recent days strenuous efforts to persuade parliament to vote for her deal some people in britain while they're not taking any chances one family in the southwest of england fears they may actually run out of food if britain withdraws without a deal here's more on their efforts to prepare for the very worst. this is the man family from cornwall and these are their provisions. food and drink for several months for five people plus their cat and dog. just in case there's the worst case you know we're not profane for war famine we're preparing for plex it. demands have always been against britain even the e.u. and everything they've heard from london in the last two years makes them think brics it is going to be a chaotic process. they've bought a water tank with a filter and because the u.k. gets some of its electricity from europe they are getting ready for power cuts. so
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we're being a bit balanced to mail a stick we're not expecting there to be unexpected power cuts frequently have more rationing of power much like the seventy's where there was set times of the day where there wouldn't be power. the whole family helps out with the weeding they hope that their homegrown greens will soon be ready to eat. is all this a bit too much maybe. but midwife nuveen says they're simply going on what they've heard from their government. u.k. government has them said they expect up to six months. in imports running on fifteen to twenty percent efficiency i think. so we're now increasing because we had underestimated what we might need with. the man family say they only rely on themselves. others haven't given up the fight yet it's early morning in london and a group of young people are about to get on
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a campaign bus their organization is called our future our choice just like fifty nine percent of the british population they want to second referendum. there's a lot to do and we're going to look back on this to come and ask ourselves whether we did nothing but i think that the thais really are telling as a real opportunity for us they are really making the case. according to polls some seventy seven percent of britons under the age of twenty four would vote against leaving the e.u. and every day more young people are becoming old enough to vote. the message that these activists are promoting please stand up for a future. the man family in cornwall have long since given up hoping britain will remain in the u. they don't think it's going to end well either so they're heading back to the shops to stock up on mall food. now for a look at other stories making the news today in sudan police have used tear gas to
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disperse anti-government protesters thousands marching through the capital khartoum demanding the resignation of president omar al bashir demonstrations over food shortages and rising prices of plagues today over the past few weeks. a fireball streaking across the sky in new zealand has left experts scratching their heads the object filmed on saturday was moving at a great speed and if the reports suggested it was a media orbit satellite experts say it may have been space junk. actor kevin spacey is due in court in the us on the island of nantucket today over accusations he sexually assaulted a teen and two thousand and sixteen he faces five years in prison if convicted the oscar winner is one of hollywood's highest profile stars to be criminally charged since the launch of the me tumor for the lead in the dick van dyke show and stay in the u.s. the golden globe awards have been taking place in los angeles and there's been
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a number of upset some of the films expected to sweep the boards didn't actually do that well one of the big surprise winners was a film about the british rock band queen another was a film called the wife starring veteran actress glenn close would give the lowdown on the high points from hollywood in a moment first we have this. lady gaga post for the cameras as she arrived for what she hoped would be her big night. she and other hopefuls returned to wearing color after last year's show of solidarity and black for me to movement . the golden globes host praised the greater diversity among twenty one thousand contenders they're not just here tonight because they resonated with audiences hollywood often ignores their here because they told stories that resonated with everyone and that is truly a beautiful thing. that the jury chose bohemian rhapsody as best movie drama for
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rami malik's portrayal of queen front man freddie mercury his performance also earned him best actor in drama for belongs to. that authenticity thank you to freddie mercury for giving me that. this is. the award for best foreign language film when two roma filmmaker all fronts occurrence ode to his childhood in one thousand seventies mexico he also picked up the prize for best director. reinvented the very name when close was named as best actress in a drama for her role in the wife is that. also beating lady gaga in the prestigious acting category her evening still ended with tears of joy after winning best original song together with her co-writers
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mark ronson anthony russell mondo and andrew white. it would be new still to come on the show a robot that can get a little grumpy about doing all the household chores and a long last machine that can iron clothes right away what about actually to look at some of the highlights of the consumer electronics show in las vegas. it's been used in sports now the handball world championships starts this thursday here in berlin opens with a unique match germany versus korea this will be korea's first ever unified appearance at a handball world championship with north korean players being integrated into the south korean team they've been training together here in berlin for two weeks to make sure their athletic impact is as big as their diplomatic one. the match between the korean handball world championship squad in german third division side potsdam may have just been a pretty tournament warm up but it was still somewhat historic. for the first time
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ever korea has a unified handball team with players from both countries in the tournament opener korea coach show young shin squad will face co-hosts germany in the german capital . the world championship is really meaningful for us especially since we'll be playing in berlin it was a divided city have found a way to peace after the fall of the wall as a unified team we want to show that korea can also find this way to. show young shane will only have had three weeks to integrate four players from north korea into the team a massive challenge in modern handball but the north koreans don't stand out much in training except for maybe their shoes which are the blue red and white of their flag. we felt a bit distant from each other when we first met the north koreans but you've gone closer in the days we've spent together so i was and now we've become friends. and everything sounds rosy for the captain but his new teammate from north korea
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some has a more level take our first world championship we've got lots of expectations about what will experience and what we'll learn of course we also want to strong showing you. north and south korea made history with a united women's hockey team at the winter olympics and young change the pre-selected north korean fans went by role in a p.r. coup for the regime but on the ice the first ever appearance of a combined team was a sporting disaster. coach show young shin is hoping to avoid a similar showing but that gap in quality between players from the north and south is significant. technically the north koreans aren't the strongest but they really want to integrate into the team. they're in top shape so i'll incorporate that into my tactics to take advantage of their strengths. and. promise to play at least one north korean in every world championship match in the tune up against
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potsdam only riquelme son made an appearance his three countrymen to watch from the bench as korea fell to the german third division side. scare of business with christophe now some optimism today as a new chapter opens in the u.s. china trade dispute that's right brian the rhetoric is optimistic china says it's willing to work together with the united states to resolve the months long dispute between the two countries the foreign ministry expresses optimism as trade negotiations resumed in beijing a delegation of u.s. officials including the deputy u.s. trade representative jeffrey garish all holding the first bilateral talks since u.s. president and his chinese counterpart if you think reached to a ninety day truce in their trade war last month the strumpet initially opposed import tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of chinese goods to pressure beijing to change its practices on issues ranging from state subsidies to cyber
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attacks china retaliated with tariffs of its own markets in asia posted gains hoping for progress in the talks. so investors are upbeat let's get more on these trade talks with gabriel meyer he's the director of the center for international economics in munich welcome to the program gabriel now these negotiations do not involve high ranking officials what can we expect to come out of them particularly since president trump likes to focus heavily on personal relationships. yeah that is right christopher but we shouldn't forget that this is just the start of a longer process. the there are very hard knots to crack and what we see now is the preparation of the ground work that's happening now can we read anything out of the fact that the u.s. delegation is traveling to china and not the other way around well as i said this is a lang a longer process that's the starting right now we'll see if both sides of serious
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in this negotiation will see a lot of commuting between beijing and and washington i don't think that the fact that the talks start now and bridging has any important meaning to us off of course it is true that the psychology matters it's true that the day to day politics matters is it's also true that the stock exchange movements metaphor the dynamics of the clock so so there is something to that but i think generally speaking it doesn't really matter whether the talks take place in particular in washington now let's take a look at the core problem here one of your studies found that chinese producers are carrying the main burden of the u.s. imports but last week we reported that for example u.s. tech heavyweight apple is a king under this dispute as well is there now enough incentive to bury the hatch. so i would say that the evidence builds up that both sides actually facing huge costs from that from that conflict it might be true of the economic cost is larger
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in bridging that in washington but it is also true that the political cost of all that is very sizable in the united states as well the u.s. president has a lot of attention to the damage that the stock exchange and here we have seen weeks of trouble so that means that the u.s. despite maybe facing this smaller economic costs are facing the higher political cost of that makes me so they may be ready for compromise. director of the evil center for international economics thank you for your insight you're well and for some more market reaction let's bring in our financial correspondent only bartz early investors in asia were pretty hopeful that these talks will bear fruit what's the word on the frankfurt trading floor yeah the same people are saying that's the only topic that counts at the moment there's a small exception to that i'll come round to that in a few seconds but people are keeping their fingers crossed and there's optimism in
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the market there already was last week the markets soared on friday and so did the dax here so did european shares when you look at the start today it looks like the hasn't has waned a bit but it's keeping at this level and that's an important message that the markets are sending of course if it went the other way if trade talks faltered then it would go the other way here in the markets as well also optimism on the fed in the united states taking it easy on the markets in terms of further tightening that's also playing a role in this market sentiment reports reporting from the frankfurt stock exchange all these are just a much. well twenty nineteen still feels pretty fresh and that might be just the right attitude to check out the latest tech gadgets at the consumer electronics show for example in las vegas which will kick off on tuesday artificial intelligence is likely to once again attract a lot of attention the technology is included in ever more hardware from autonomy's
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cars to smart household help us. this robot gets upset when it come to help with chores. like folding towels was another machine for that just one of the many highlights from the twenty eight electronics show which also featured. an do backflips. body fishel intelligence will remain a major focus of this year's c.d.'s in las vegas but his firm cambridge consultants is among the more than five thousand exhibitors it's developed deprave and based system for vision the technology is learning how to read blurry images. the machine is essentially creating a new image from scratch purely by choice understanding of what is the real world look like so in a way it's doing something quite similar to our minds all where we look at a distorted image through you know kind of glass which might be a pipe but we can kind of construct an arm on what we think the image looks like on the other side the technology would be valuable for driverless cars it could help
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the vehicles cameras deliver a clear image even when it's raining autonomous cars will also be in the spotlight of this year's c.e.'s. adequate amount of the top stories we're following for you have this hour a saudi teenager has barricaded herself in a hotel room and bangkok airport to avoid being deported eighteen year old mohammed acuna says she will be killed by her family if she goes back to saudi arabia and there have been a number of surprise winners at the golden globes in los angeles opinion rhapsody and film about british rock band queen that took the top award for best drama and saul rami malik win best actor for his portrayal of frontman freddie mercury close on best actress in a drama for her role in the one. that. you're watching news coming to you live from berlin we have a fresh full of them coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime thanks so much.
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the. reset the computer game brings action to ensure in teaching. that small software can do. maybe even decide to open. up the hieroglyphs.
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it's a boon to egyptologists the world over. to morrow to do it next w . farmland has been called green gold the country has an abundant supply and leases it to international nagra for giants the government is after high export revenues and the corporations profit margins but not everyone benefits from the booming business or the sewing out of a country that don't treat your no harm does in forty five minutes on d w. nico is in germany to learn german english because. why not learn with him d.j. new zealand course plecos fake. belonging to one
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official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already at all i've returned to. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. news that matters. made for mines. hello and welcome to a new edition of tamara today the science show on t.w. . coming up on the program. fresh brewed coffee is it healthy oh not. our skin is literally crawling with millions of minute creatures.
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and our water is laced with traces of medication how can it.


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