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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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les. paul's world part documentary starts in january thirteenth on paint all you. this is the interviews live from berlin an eighteen year old saudi woman pleading for help and her life. i have no choice. they said i have to go to model and. no one can have been right now. the teenager is barricaded herself in a hotel room in thailand to avoid being deported she says her family will kill her
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if you send back home also coming up. a matter of surprises at the golden globes in los angeles a movie about rock band queen the find the expectations and take in the top awards for best drama and best actor. and veteran actress glenn close rewarded for a film she says no one in hollywood wanted to make. plus sport acting again as a peacemaker a joint korean men's team prepares for the handball world championship in germany and denmark we hear from the coach and the players about what it means to compete in the united korean team. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us here. in rights watch says
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a saudi teen who has field fleeing abuses barricaded herself in a hotel room at a bangkok airport to avoid deportation tire thora he's a rock mohamed a canoe and will be sent back to kuwait today where her family is but how can she holds a visa for australia and plans to seek asylum there any teen year old claims her passport was seized by a saudi official during a layover in bangkok. ok let's get more on the story now from phil robertson from human rights watch he's been helping coordinate efforts to prevent the hoffs deportation phil thanks so much for being with us this morning why is human rights watch calling for rojas deportation to be halted well she has suffered psychological and physical abuse before she arrived in saudi arabia she is quite sure for for his life early if she is sent back we're calling for the thai
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government to permit u.n. refugee agency that u.n.h.c.r. to have access to earth and to allow them to do a status determination on her whether she needs to receive refugee protection and if she does she should receive that in thailand should abide by that ok you've personally been in touch with raw off how she holding up right now. she's very frightened she's very tired she has been awake for four days and she is still determined to fight but she doesn't know what's going to happen next she has barricaded herself in a hotel room at the airport she is saying that she will only talk to you in eight c.r. and we continue to press the thai government to allow un h.c.r. to have access to her and and to offer her the kind of protection that she needs because if she sent back we have very very serious fears that she would suffer
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great harm ok you've been talking to the government to make sure iraq gets the protection that she needs she wants to seek asylum in australia as she says she has a visa to go there why then is the thai government not letting her simply move on well that's an excellent question what happened was when she arrived from kuwait in thailand she was met at the. at the gangway of the first of the plane coming off the plane at by a thai official from the saudi embassy who see sir passport and since then that passport has been kept from her you know and they're now saying that they're going to send her back to kuwait they say that she applied for and failed to get a visa on arrival in thailand but in fact she didn't want to go to thailand she was a good plane to go to australia she had a tourist visa for australia and she should have been permitted to go there with no
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interference the roberson coordinating right now the efforts to prevent rosti for taishan from fallon thanks very much for being with us tonight. military officers and officers and the bomb have staged an apparent to early on monday officers in the oil producing african nation seize the state radio station in the capitol hill . a video circulating online shows armed soldiers declaring president ali bongo unfit for office when he's recovering from a stroke right now in morocco. there are reports of shots being fired the capitol and tanks patrolling streets not yet clear if the coup has been successful keep you updated on the story throughout the day here to double. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news this hour and sudan police have used tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters thousands marched in the capital khartoum. resignation of president omar al bashir demonstrations over food
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shortages and rising prices played sudan in recent weeks. a fireball streaking across the struck a sky in new zealand has left experts scratching their heads yeah object was filled only on saturday moving at great speed initial reports suggest it was a meteor. satellite experts say it may have been space junk. actor kevin spacey is due in court on the u.s. island of nantucket today over accusations that he sexually assaulted a teen in two thousand and sixteen faces five years in prison if convicted the oscar winners one of hollywood's highest profile stars to be criminally charged since the launch of the me to motoring lead and. staying in the u.s. the golden globe awards have taken place in los angeles and there have been a number of upsets some of the films expected to sweep the boards did not do that
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well one of the big surprise winners was a movie about the rock band queen another was a film called the wife starring better an actress glenn close we get the lowdown on the high points from hollywood after this report. lady gaga post for the cameras as she arrives for what she hopes would be her big night. she and other hopefuls return to wearing color after last year's show of solidarity in black for the me to movement. the golden globes hosts praised the greater diversity among twenty one thousand contenders they're not just here tonight because they resonated with audiences hollywood often ignores their here because they told stories that resonated with everyone and that is truly a beautiful thing. that the jury chose bohemian rhapsody as best movie drama for rami malek's portrayal of queen front man freddie mercury his performance also earned him best actor in drama for belongs to.
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that authenticity thank you to freddie mercury for giving me the. i. love you. this is. the award for best foreign language film when to roma filmmaker alfonso koran's ode to his childhood in one thousand seventies mexico he also picked up the prize for best director. reinvent the deferred name when close was named as best actress in a drama for her role in the wife is. also beating lady gaga in the prestigious acting category her evening still ended with tears of joy after winning best original song together with her co-writers mark ronson anthony russell mondo and andrew white. let's get out of k
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j matthew she's an entertainment journalist based in los angeles morning k.j. a bohemian rhapsody the big surprise of the evening. yes yes that came out of nowhere right you know the film bohemian rhapsody initially people didn't really give it the thumbs up in terms of the film critic community here in hollywood so it was quite surprising to see that it won big tonight in a best picture category for musical and also rami malik and the green the group queen that is so we were really quite surprised to see him take that away from people like bradley cooper and then green book that they very well as well if people aren't familiar with the great film green book it's a biographical a story about an african-american classical pianist that toured the south here in america during the sixty's and hired a talian american bouncer from the bronx to basically be as bodyguard and be his driver and the driver is played by actor of hugo more artists in hershel ali plays
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the african-american classical pianist and he won in a supporting acting carol tonight so it really was a great night for bohemian rhapsody and as well as green book. gender equality and diversity were also in the limelight again at this year's a golden globes about but will the high power support eventually lead to more contracts for say female directors and and producers. you know just a year ago at the oscars we had people doing time's up and talking about using inclusion writers where people were pledging to use at least fifty percent one or people of color in acting roles and we're still hearing it today today regina king one company for best supporting actress in bill street and talk she's an african-american actress here and she pledged that for the next two years in all of the films that she produces she will make sure that fifty percent of those roles are going to women so she's still keeping it going and she asked other people to
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step up to the plate and the times up organization tonight said a lot more women should do exactly what regina king did tonight ok well time's up will not be the only one to you guys on that to see if there's progress there t.j. matthews from los angeles thanks very much. thank you. we have some cricket now in india have ended a seventy one year wait for their first ever test series victory in australia are two one when confirmed on the fourth and final test in sydney ended in a draw australia's defeat is the latest embarrassment for their team following a major ball tampering scandal for india's captain viraj kohli the success could not swear. it's all this new very proud moment more so because. for the last twelve months me understand what we have gone through as
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a team we understand the kind of cricket that we have been able to play and i was just mentioning the fact that often losing to us as we have been in the competition throughout the games that we have lost. so we understood as a team we are on the right track but the fact that i did it ward has come in the most historic cities for indian cricket is you know a cherry on top of the cake. the handball world championships starts this thursday here in berlin and it opens with the unique match germany versus korea now this will be korea's first ever united appearance at a ball world championship with north korean players being integrated into the south korean team they've been training together here in berlin for the last few weeks to make sure their athletic impact is because their diplomatic won. the match between the korean handball world championship squad in german third division side pottstown may have just been a pre-tournament warm up but it was still somewhat historic. for the first time
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ever korea has a unified handball team with players from both countries in the tournament opener korea coach show young shin squad will face co-hosts germany in the german capital . at the world championship is really meaningful for us especially since we'll be playing in berlin was a divided city have found a way to peace after the fall of the wall as a unified team we want to show that korea can also find this way to. show young shin will only have had three weeks to integrate four players from north korea into the team a massive challenge in modern handball but the north koreans don't stand out much in training except for maybe their shoes which are the blue red and white of their flag. we felt a bit distant from each other when we first met the north koreans but you're going closer in the days we've spent together and as i was and now we've become friends. and everything sounds rosy for the captain but his new teammate from north korea
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some has a more level take our first world championship we've got lots of expectations about what will experience and what we'll learn of course we also want to strong showing you. north and south korea made history with a united women's hockey team at the winter olympics and kyung chain of pre-selected north korean fans went by role in a p.r. coup for the regime but on the ice the first ever appearance of a combined team was a sporting disaster. coach show young shin is hoping to avoid a similar showing but that gap in quality between players from the north and south is significant. technically the north koreans aren't the strongest but they really want to integrate into the team. they're in top shape so while incorporate that into my tactics to take advantage of their strengths. and. promise to play at least one north korean in every world championship match in the tuneup against pot stam only riquelme son made an appearance his three countrymen to watch
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from the bench as korea fell to the german third division side. well don't forget you can always get more of these and other stories at our website dot com for now though for me bryan thomas the entire news team thanks for being with us. fake hair and real story. where i come from a lot of women like me have fake hair sometimes the hair style takes up to two. it's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives. i became a journalist to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something.


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