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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2019 12:00am-12:02am CET

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what makes the boat and its crew. firing to be so very excited how tight ok i'll play. this world. documentary starts in january thirteenth on day w. . my. u.s. president donald trump has walked out of a meeting with democratic leaders over funding for a border war with mexico trump called the meeting a quote total waste of time with a government shutdown amid a dispute over the funding senate democratic leader chuck schumer said trumpet had a quote temper tantrum. let me update us british prime minister to resign may has suffered another setback in parliament and pays in london have voted to force the government to come up with a plan b.
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within three days if fed breaks a deal is rejected u.k. lawmakers are debating that deal with a vote expected next week. of course a. news reporter to thirteen months in jail. faced insults and libel charges over a report on a former turkish leaders ties to offshore companies the allegations emerged from the paradise papers which leaked information about tax havens of major international firms and public figures. at least five people have been killed following heavy snowfall and avalanches in austria and germany thousands of tourists stranded in villages and more snow is expected this week or thirty's have warned the risk of further avalanches remains high.
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bangladesh workers are taking to the streets for better pay and government measures could not calm down the angry crowds. on the program in the us the world's biggest electronics trade show is missing some chinese exhibitors tell you why. and they were supposed to make you feel like a man in this castle but the idea didn't really go well in turkey. it's a. welcome to the program protests in bangladesh are keeping author already is busy as workers are demanding better working conditions the government recently increased the minimum wage but the rise is not enough according to unions some textile factory owners are.


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