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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2019 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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bialik asked. managed by from. visited of the news live from berlin militant extremist group al shabaab says its kid is responsible for an ongoing attack in nairobi an explosion and heavy gunfire sent people fleeing in particular hotel and office complex in the kenyan capital police say attackers are still active at the sea. also on the program the judgment day for britain's prime minister has votes today on whether to accept teresa mayes
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a controversial bret's a deal with the european union or she's met has warned of dire consequences if parliament vote sit down. and polled to mourn the slain madoff get that fell out of the mold which was stopped on stage a charity event in front of thousands. i'm filled welcome to the program they somali extremist group al shabaab has claimed responsibility for an ongoing attack in nairobi explosions and have begun five reverberated through a luxury hotel and office complex in the kenyan capital but they say several people have been injured and that there are still attackers inside the hotel. running for their lives. these people are among the lucky ones the first to be
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evacuated from the hotel complex in the wake of explosions and heavy gunfire. survivors describe the scene inside the complex when the shooting began of on my colleagues. manning everywhere everybody was just gunning everyone. so i went through. all these i didn't call the condition i had given myself in defeating. the defeat. started by being so some people but in the other people hiding in the stores and many people in their offices under the desks so many people inside. security forces were quick to arrive the attack still in progress when the somali based terrorist group al-shabaab claimed responsibility it's the same group that's been behind a series of deadly attacks in kenya over the past eight years. straight
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to nairobi that data becomes one of. the line from one of the city's hospitals a welcome. what's happening there. well i'm in the uk one of the one of the hospital at the moment not far from where the attack took place. they say here that people medical staff are not talking to journalists but they but they've been here say about ten people have been delivered to the hospital and in the meantime. p.-p. ongoing at the hotel. what is the latest. what's going on. it don't seem to be ongoing but what what we know is that there are about five casualties. and otherwise people have been delivered to hospitals around town.
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the security forces are still on the ground there so there was a lot of they would have held helicopters around they were. they were special forces there and police and also in the surrounding areas the roads were blocked or things were secured so the whole town is basically on alert. tell us about the area that was targeted. the area is is kind of. kind of success shopping area it was a place that was had a good supper the hotel there are also restaurants. and offices and so on the f.b.i. so. yeah so those people were hardly in the home party probably going about their business or having coffee in the area. the somali is the messiah group al-shabaab says eight carried out the attacks are our own forces taking not seriously. they definitely are the police general has been. the head of security in kenya as
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base has said that it is a terrorist attack it's not confirmed by the government whether it was actually al shabaab but al shabaab has claimed the attack. said i can nairobi thank you. some of the other stories making news around the world judges at the international criminal court of the court in formal ivory coast president laurent gbagbo of committing war crimes following disputed elections in twenty ten days judge has ordered his immediate release as well as that of his codefendant to charlotte good day but both cases have been seen as a milestone in efforts to bring to justice even high ranking leaders accused of atrocities. a member of germany's armed forces has been arrested on suspicion of spying for the iranian secret service officials say the suspects a fifty year old german of afghan dissent on the suspect reportedly had access to
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sensitive material including information about the army's mission in afghanistan. britain's lower house of parliament faces a historic decision in the next few hours as lawmakers debate whether to accept the deal struck between the prime minister and the european union for the u.k. to leave the bloc in the run up to the votes of three separate lawmakers to support the deal rejecting it would be catastrophic for the country but most m.p.'s do seem determined to vote against it although the issue has split the nation and. they don't do correspondent barbara faisal is in london outside the houses of parliament welcome barbara the debates begun the vote is tonight what sign is that of the government staving off what looks like a bit what looks likely to be a humiliating defeat. all observers here phil say that the government has absolutely no chance in this world stave off the feat tonight the only question
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open is really how big is it going to be something that hundreds of former own conservative party hard parliamentarians will leave to reserve a sort of deal down and others expect even more whatever the outcome it means that reason may just has to come back to problem and. present play and be back tonight she has to go through this first the debate is ongoing and she will sort of ended she will have the last word on that however everybody has heard those throughout the last weeks and months knows that she is into endless repetition off her own arguments for the deal and for some kind of breaks it and it is not going to sway anybody and change anything it is a formality bought a painful one for the for the prime minister that she has to endure before the vote then is finally going down to two cory doors to so-called division corydoras in the
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house of parliament here behind us so it probably does reject this deal has the prime minister given any hint of water a plan b. might be. she has given absolutely no hint there was a cabinet meeting in the morning and of course afterwards if the downing street to speak it was asked what will she do is there any saying that you can tell us that will she step down does she have even a plan b. and the onset was small it's just the first stone walling and more or less the the answer to the question would she stepped down was no because if she said or she'd let the lead journalists know that she has stepped up she has come up to deliver breaks it as she calls it and she was still on the track to do it so no she will continue for the time being follow along that time will be however that is going to determine to buy this size off air defeat tonight also in parliament and bring
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barbara opposition labor party straddling a motion of no confidence in the government if this falls what's likely to happen that. was likely to happen there is that her own side will sort of carry to reason maybe because they are very ready to sort of inflicted its feet oh no. overbred said however they are not ready to overthrow her and the conservative government with it so now they will sort of draw together and they will support her and labor is very likely going to lose the vote of no confidence all this is sort of like a pall of mentary game that is being played out at the moment as if britain had all the time off the world and if as if the clock went down to break by sheer there seems to be at the moment no sense of urgency probably very easily in london thank you. so it's affecting people's lives across the whole of europe including here and the heart of the building is prince mates and this woman who runs
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a shop selling british goods has been operating successfully for decades but now she's ready to retire no one wants to take almost become a risky venture thanks to bricks and. a little piece of the u.k. in the heart of good instruments back distant broken english has sold groceries in seven years from the island nation for twenty four years. this is my final purchase a broken english this shop will soon close they're also bricks of victims here in berlin. dail car a native britain has spent almost half of her life in this shop now she's retiring but cannot find anyone who wants to take over the shop in this era of bricks it trying to make a living selling imported goods from britain seems just too risky i'm not sure who would take the chance at the moment of finding themselves in a position where they're not able to get hold of the stock that's required i mean there is a possibility we thought of ourselves
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a possibility of perhaps going through ireland because ireland has its own issues at the moment as well so it is just simply not knowing ever since the brics that referendum two and a half years ago britain's leaving the e.u. has been a constant topic of conversation here in broken english in order to remain e.u. citizens many of dale cars customers have taken on german citizenship including the shopkeeper herself what is your view on the brics it oh dear well. my own personal view is that it's a terrible mistake that the u.k. is making simply do not understand the politics behind it all what they possibly thing will be better bracks it is to blame for her now giving up a clearance sale began this week in broken english. bourbon bisquits john smith's beer f.n.c. bottle of gin baked beans or marmite love them or hate them but these goods will no
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longer be so easy to find in berlin and it's more it's a piece of british identity in berlin that we're losing now this is like home you know you walk in look at the moment here it's really no this is very clean it's really here i think it's a real shame i think it's really sad. but i guess you can't really help. their effect of this sunset makes it very hard for businesses to carry on like horrible i need the t.v. from here i need to sweets from here and whenever one of my english friends has a birthday i'm buying presents here saying the greatest present for dale car would be an excerpt from the bricks it has on likely is that maybe she still holds out hope. for the. poland which is paying introspects to the murdered man of the city of danske out a mortgage was stabbed in front of thousands of spectators at
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a fundraising event on sunday night and died on monday it was a leading figure in the country's opposition movement. a city in mourning and flags at half mast for the slain mayor of danske pov a demo vich polls have been turning out to pay public tribute to the man who led the city for two decades. inside city hall many of those who knew him personally bit deaf as well in a condolence book. e.u. council president almost prepacked ticket on his hometown to honor his friend. i want to promise you today dear problem on behalf of all of us don's aggressive and holds on europeans. for you and for all of us we will defend our good god our poland and our europe against hatred and contempt we promise you this so well. this is
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a. very his death has shocked local residents. for me it's terrible leaders especially since we went to great school together just over there. and i thought he would survive. because it will be. physically devastated and very sad because i saw the mayor very often. part of the item over which was attending a charity event for children in need on sunday. as the man looked out at thousands of people a man lunged at him with a knife. the attacker remained on stage shouting that he blames the mess form a party for what he called wrongful imprisonment then he was tackled to the ground . prosecutors are charging the twenty seven year old suspect with murder.
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just before his death adam ovitz called the most wonderful city in the world a lasting message to the people he served. in washington when you fly from but it still to come the british business community prepares for the worst task they spread so to me is that you see in the films were given skates i pissed off co but we'll have more about the rest of the day's business news in just a moment and i'll be back at the top of the hour after death. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on was. raring to go. don't expect happy ending. the church.
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