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and we didn't so that's why there was a spin on for help because i'm really happy i was in the right place a couple of times you know three good points a great start to the year. you can rely on zama clean sheets of the season right back keeping pace with the title contenders. and that brings to an end your news summary choice again at the top of the hour or you can check out our website or follow us on twitter or facebook thanks for joining and watching the news. we make up we want tons of food the under budget we are the civil service and. they want to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa charge.
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for her. claim . forty percent of all women have experienced violence at the hands of their partners . they've been verbally abused beaten and raped. some have been subject to. acid attacks or burned or mutilated.
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fathers have been murdered. and. i want to thank you i. thank. you. all cried the ones for the world in my early childhood was very difficult i never knew my father my mother raised me by herself and that was hard. one to answer for doing that until the fifth grade i was a good student in one nine hundred ninety nine i received a scholarship for secondary school. and that's when i got my first marriage proposal.
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telling local hospitals i was physically mature for my age and people used to look down on me. they said i was born out of wedlock and had to marry quickly to save my honor they said that if i didn't i'd end up just like my mother. the longer you leave me for it over long ago. and put it this way it was it so it took three years they kept telling her to marry me i was there a little while but she refused and then she said i was too young and she wanted to send me to school a little late but. we're going to. go to brooklyn i think i heard her right in the mall we're going to talk to the local there are lots of marriage negotiations but my mother was still opposed to the idea the prospective husbands got angry and threatened us. they said if i can't marry
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her i'll tell her. i was married when i was fourteen i didn't know anything about men or intimacy or starting a family. but. that's. what i'm a little bit you have chicken ducks you always slaughter the one that looks the most mature. so that's how it was with me. in. your car. the last time around stars were horrible was one day my husband came home and said he'd run out of money . he wanted me to take out a microcredit loan i said i had no idea how to do that because i knew nothing about
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banks. brought me. from. bottom level t.v. said my mother should do it. we had electrical cables hanging on the wall all over our house. and when i talked back to him. you know he flew into a rage and pulled down one of the cables he threw me onto the bed and doubled up the cable he was holding. drizzle and he beat me as hard as he could. i begged him to stop i prayed to allah . but my husband kept pounding away so i had very long hair at that time and every time he hit me he pulled my hair again and again. he jacked my hair down to my hips he slammed his elbows into my hips and back he
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beat me with a stick and kicked me. in the west african country of binny and it nearly one fifth of all females are subjected to genital mutilation. most girls are married against their will after they start menstruating at around the age of twelve. many run away from their husbands and end up living on the streets before turning to prostitution. or. wrong. it was just. for. a nun yeah if i wasn't forced to marry my husband then he tried to seduce me but i stopped him so he told his mother that i didn't want him yet he said get her parents to make me
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marry her or i'll drink poison him and kill myself. while we but my mother refused then his mother fell on her knees in front of me when she was quite ill and i told her that i didn't want to marry her son. welcomes the she said that he was her only child and asked me at least to pretend that i loved him. much of this reactor where my mother said that the woman had put a curse on me. older people shouldn't behave like that in front of younger people like you and your missy go so i decided to marry him anyway she had put a curse on me and the most i am would you see what i. was. when i go to meeting says when i was sixteen i got pregnant for the first time
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though my husband and i moved to the city of parent who explained all but we couldn't live with anyone in his family. so i stayed with a friend of hers and my husband was violent right from the start he scolded humiliated and physically abused me even when i was pregnant. well hold me a b. when she beat me the day before i gave birth. when the baby was born there were marks on his body where my husband had beaten me. you could see the imprint of his hands the baby was in great pain as soon as you touched him he'd start to scream. let me down maybe i don't know much you know much the midwife felt really sorry for me . she told my mother to go to the police because she knew how much she had suffered because of me if you. can my mother said she couldn't do that. because it would lead to a divorce and that would ruin everything. i
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. thank god that it. was good that he. was. sad. but that will be crucial in the good dentist in the book of genesis chapter two verse twenty four it says that god first created man and called him adam. then he took a rib from adam and created a verse. and created a name for this in itself with the bible says god gave adam all thought over eighth. from the christian down this authority was not created by adam but by god himself. it will. not by some white women should just be quiet like this the man who makes the decisions fight. and the poor gentleman
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women are stupid. if you are married you know that already. although when i get home i shouldn't have to tell my wife to wash my dirty clothes absolutely not my clothes should be already washed and dried so i can wear them right away. i don't want to have to argue about it to this. invented desh almost all females are married against their will while they're still children. more than half of all married bangladeshi women say they've been subjected to domestic abuse. there are no laws to protect them from this kind of violence. in.
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a mobile home i don't know how these to hide it says that muslim girls over the age of ten must be segregated from the rest of society and they must also cover their bodies. all of the entire body must be covered including the head in the face that's what it says in the koran. no part of a woman's body must be visible to others. before them. only husbands are allowed to see their wives uncovered. some a settled and women are forbidding from talking to anyone except their husbands or family unless the husband gives his permission. those are the rules of purdah. and little boy the women are not allowed to go out in public without their husbands . or if a woman has children they must go with her. she's not allowed to go out by herself
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. you know holly tonight. to listen to what don't i local solicitor didn't have a child for three years. that's why my husband physically abused me. you'd often beat me hard to push my head under the bed and pound my back and box i was absolutely worn out both physically and mentally. so we spent almost all my mother's money on medical examinations. and those tests shows that i could technically have children. it was my husband who was infertile. so but the doctors also pointed out that i was much too young to get pregnant. the physical abuse continued my husband wouldn't give me any food for seven or eight days at
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a time my mother came to visit once and found me crying outside behind the house so i soon divorced my husband and looked with my mother for a year. we're focused on so what it was those it was but it was her us eleven. i i. think. i. was a part of the collector and later my aunt offered me a new marriage proposal and she said the man was ok and well there. at that time that i had no one to take care of me no father brothers the models out i wasn't even eighteen yet and i got married for the second time was to say a point on my future husband was forty five years old after the wedding i
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discovered that this man had serious mental and physical problems. he started we couldn't work couldn't take care of himself in hospital but then. i don't improve the middle when i first saw him and person i fainted and i didn't wake up for five hours. it. was. quite alarming he slept with me whenever he wanted. them up so i told myself that this was just part of being his wife. but it was awful so i let my body felt like it was on fire but i couldn't tell anyone. so i just held my breath as if i was dead.
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when it came to sex he was insatiable. he wanted it all the time. when he penetrated me it felt terrible but i couldn't say anything. so. he demanded sex every day whenever he felt like it but he always took me by force for example while i was cooking in the kitchen. the in-laws would come to visit and he drag me into another broom and have sex while he was insane. it's no longer my walk on both the democratic republic of congo has been plagued by violence for more than two decades. a total of half a million women have been raped. and large numbers of women have been kidnapped and
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never seen again. that when i tell me about the frog into the house and stole everything when they were out of control i screamed please don't kill my children. yet they are where the children's father was around. when i told them he's not here. well what if they ordered me to find him to bring him over right away and some of them raised their knives and threatened to stop me. they pointed their guns at us. they grabbed me in the middle of the night tied me up and threw me out signed on they were yelling the whole time. they got their knives out and trying to kill me i thought they would kill me i didn't say anything. i just kept crying. with him. they came into the house and asked whether i knew where to find
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some young girls i refused to tell them. so they beat me up one of them punched me in the eye and someone said they should kill me but another one said that they were going to take the women into the forest and hand them over to the men who'd been asking for them. i don't want to look at you they came to the house and pounded on the door they shouted get up you idiot i could hear the boots pounding on the ground. i said to myself church of jesus one of them told me to get up and stab me with a knife. i screamed god to argue aren't you. going to have got hurt if they stopped me here and here and here. rather comical how i felt myself leading out and they show you mash and i kept screaming. when i
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collapsed on the floor because. we're not out here. they dragged me to my feet untied me up. a little bit then i passed out because i lost so much blood. i was still bleeding and they kept stabbing me here and here it's. like you crying. they just left me lying there i can't remember what happened after that. thank you. i'm not aware. of. that. company but. that. she is my property and i hope that we'll have a good life but if she starts behaving badly even though i gave a cow to have parents nothing out of the deal. with that includes.
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if she goes somewhere without my permission i can call her my wife and. i can cause . every human makes my bed the same way. the difference is in the way they make love with him if you go into the village and have good sex with a woman you can learn new techniques. but if you try them out on your wife she called you a male hole. with a good woman has to accept the way that you make love so that you don't start chasing other women considerable with. the different kind of woman express a sexual desire openly she's not allowed to talk about her feelings would mean a man can tell a woman he wants sex but i want to contrast a man for it and. i think i see. russia. itself. in the democratic republic of
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congo women do twice as much work as men on average. but they have no opportunity to earn their own money or to acquire property. i gather that this was a. i . look. that way.
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but i doubt that's how our i. think i. think. i'm doing maybe i husband and i had enough time yeah yeah for me now and i got some food every once in a while i. wish that on a van floor just. as soon as he'd come home he'd start beating me and yeah especially when he wanted to sleep with me and i didn't feel like it. was like if i had sex with him one day and then the next and the night saying i'm tired he beat me on the third day that's right. mom which i would love to know whenever i saw him i panicked. who did you're so
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afraid that your heart races and you bang your head against the wall. myself who you are really afraid of almost all one single blow hard maybe i wasn't allowed to talk to anyone else i couldn't have fun with anyone at all i couldn't go outside to talk to people i mean that he kept threatening me and then he beat me you know he was violent we got people really we going to see me last if you hold me one time he showed up at the apartment and asked me why were you outside with the neighbors come to you i don't leave you had to talk to people you know and then he punched me in the face the man who. smuggled more. food. that dad got dragged out that there's no you don't see this so i only saw our gold imo. i got the digital bonus in the
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another time he beat me while i was bathing my infant son who had just been circumcised he smacked me in the forehead while my husband was beating me the child slipped out of my hands or fell into a bucket which he continued to beat me he pounded me with the bucket until it was completely bent out of shape to be one old. female i wasn't wearing any clothes no shoes nothing i walked out of the apartment naked and went to the police station. i screamed please help me my husband followed me and kept insulting me. that i can let you have your last week. oh yes i begged the police to help me i asked them to come back home with me so i could pack up my things but they said. there was nothing we could do if the police don't take action how can we get men to change their behavior so let's see pontiac .
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you see if you give women all the freedom they want they won't be able to handle it they have no morals and they cause trouble. some people say that independent women are prostitutes. procedure you. don't ever know. if you beat your wife so hard that she needs you you've got to have a good reason. if you find your wife in your home with another man it hurts and you've got to put a stop to it. going to the only thing you don't want to do so you beat the living daylights out of her and meet her lying on the floor that's what you should do if you catch your wife sleeping with another man. window but. you can't throw a man out of his house while the women have houses for i don't know so men have the right to criticize. for a dollar a gallon but listen. to the old guy you men don't want other men to see their wives
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naked even if she's outside your and they don't want strangers to see that oh yeah if a man finds his wife in the bushes he might suspect that she's having sex with another guy why when he's a man. and he can sleep with someone else's wife he will. tell you he does that because he thinks he must dominate or that men also cheat on their spouses when he went to. the democratic republic of congo is a major supplier of cotton or which contains the element ten to one this element is widely used in the manufacture of personal electronic devices. congo's called turn mining industry is controlled by rebels who use profits from sales of the war to finance their military operations thank.
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god i was. told. that the i was never told it is where i didn't need it only going to when those men were filthy animals. they raped us. if we didn't want to have sex with them they took us by force. they tore off our clothes i may just do things that we didn't want to do and. they spat on us you can't imagine how awful these people were. and when i first saw them my heart sank and kept beating faster and faster. it was like i'd seen a lion coming out of the jungle yelling. that i hope we should have a couple more they forced the women to lie on the ground in rows. one woman right
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next to the other had all the way and then they raped us right there in public. they moved from one woman to another talk about god and. some women covered their face out of shame and the men beat them and you can go and yelled at them don't cover your eyes to everyone who did was beaten up and i wish and we were forced to watch all that media and you know. but if you're milo i would look they'd bring in a boy and order him to have sex with his mother. they said that if he refused they'd kill him but we've seen a lot of suffering so much. before. the rebels ordered us to pick up some sticks. they say that one of the men was going to be killed that day and we were going to do it. they weren't going to shoot that man or stabbed him to death and. they said that we were going to beat him to death with
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our sticks. the rebel surrounded the victim and ordered him not to cry. they said that if we cried they'd shoot us we started beating him and kept beating him until he was dead to me looms and. yes i am yes i have been up on civil ticket one day my husband attacked me with ice and the way you are young this child was three
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years old at the time. i finished cooking and washing the dishes i went outside to dump some dirty water yeah when i came back the child said daddy's lying on the bend under the musky to net the way i'm talking i didn't believe him when i looked in there he wants me i was terrified because he had this wild look on his face his eyes were glowing he looked like a monster if you i turned my back on him to tend to the child that's when my husband attacked me to which i fell down he tried to force my mouth open he pressed his fingers into my cheeks while i clamped my teeth together. and i cried out like a sheet he took a kind of liquid and pulled the contents into my mouth. but i felt a burning sensation and i wanted to scream vivie. but i kept quiet because if i tried to speak i probably swallow the acid and he actually thought i had swallowed it and it was going to burn my insides. then he put on some gloves
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and port the rest of the acid over my body. he dropped it into my eyes and the rest of my face. covered my whole body with it i was lying motionless on the floor to do then my husband left the apartment and locked the door from the outside interview at being awarded a chav you are watching your call would you do. to be get my mouth felt like it was on fire i don't know the pain was unbearable don't you know who. it is to cringe but yes started to fall out because it was covered with us and our jacked my clothes were shredded sore so
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i have to walk around as nearly ninety and some medical a few we. felt like it was burning. it was more it will. come you know if the police arrested my husband but later let him go. mental fees been housing me and the children and we have nowhere else to go view. or he knows where we live if a record. a new. boss is always driving around the neighborhood looking for a see me and then i'm nervous all the time because i'm afraid i do i'm always
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afraid even when i leave the house during the day or my mother doesn't want me to go out alone so when i do go out to dress i always take two other people with me get a. bus or even evoke even if she wants to kill me and my children i can't even go out to the toilet alone at night because of him and vivian i have to wake up my sister or brother to go along with me. my husband is always hanging around the neighborhood that the. maze of i'm not safe here tonight for my children . he follows the kids all the time and threatens them fifty that's just terrible and a bad one on that day with the afraid and because of him we're not safe here. or do not pass it greedy.
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i only wish i was old he kept having sex with me monoliths my life as a living hell of the war made him there going on and it was like my family who had a range the marriage had thrown me into a lake of fire. sometimes i thought it would be better to take poison or hang myself. but i didn't. my mother says that if i had been a good wife my marriage wouldn't have gone so wrong and now it was my fate to live alone. she said that if i had really wanted to be married i would not have left my husband. there. but when i saw that my daughter had been badly abused
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i decided to take her to my home but after about two weeks some people came and brought her back to her husband. that i knew then i talked to some village elders and told them what had happened. i listened to their advice and decided i was not going to give her back. it's there is no justice in our society but we have to live with that if i complain people say that my daughter is a bad woman and i'm just making things worse by limited about how difficult the. plan that is how the women have to deal with the huge amount of stress caused by their husbands and in-laws me through them the government or his sick or if they have no education. they have to rely completely on those people he. says many were
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seen and want to get in the middle when the girls go to school the boys harass them along the way. to a lot of the stuff that happens a lot these days and that's where a lot of girls don't go to school. for the only thing that they're afraid that they'll lose their own or because they're being harassed by boys. in bengali culture it's impossible for boys to lose their own up. to the day because it only happens to women on it. and when it does they become outcasts in society that it was a little more like this mother that daddy. let out. oh yes i was. i mean that out. there oh no. i mean yes.
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i've. heard that. you know. he did come out of the camera today i can talk about what happened to me. i was unable to do that before. i couldn't even talk to myself about it. but now i can talk to anyone anywhere at the market for example but. next i want to get something i have a lot more courage house was honest how. i'm going to i've been able to climb out of that swamp. i've come a long way thanks to the people at the archie project. they helped me make some changes in my life and i think i've done really well so i want to see him promise how they're going to particular the most the mascot of the talk about the article.
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that you could do to go to the mood to thank you. thank you. thank you thank. you. i. think i. was going to. i. was afraid that if you could see. why she had more luck than not when we got here i learned that my son.
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had died. and while we learned we went through some really hard times. and then a little later. my daughter was kidnapped and when you quit school she didn't know what to do and i had. i live in the countryside life was terribly hard that's all i can say. my husband left me and moved to. you stayed there for a long time because he didn't want to take me back. before that he and i had a good life we got along but when these problems turned up his personality changed he wanted to shut me out of his life and he claimed that i supported the hutu rebels. because. one of them.
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to. the media. that i don't know where to go to many of you mind if i live outdoors in the countryside. i have no husband and no children and without money they killed my child. so now i sit here alone i have no place to live i'm worried and miserable. we. have to deal with a lot of different problems we have to look for food with clothes and a place to sleep we don't have a proper home we just live outdoors. like the birds. and calling.
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to write you have a kind of echo your children made fun of me about you and avoided me. they said that i wasn't human anymore when your guy asked myself how my children could treat me like that a hand in a bag and i wondered what my parents would say when they found out about it what and that would happen again my husband was doing the devil's work when he started spreading those rumors about me. she and my children believed him and i give him some food but he refused it he said he didn't want to be served by someone who lived in the forest. for my children no longer thought of me as their mother and that it was like they thought that i was dead. when you are laughing that it was anything. but we didn't know we knew these events left scars on our hearts. and to this day when i hear a noise like a knock on the door or
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a candle falling over i'm frightened and my heart starts beating faster. i feel awful my heart is beating faster because i'm afraid that something awful will happen again and the city will know it's hard to pin to try to get a little piece experiences have also affected our mental health when on the one hand i feel fine right now but later i might start crying because i feel threatened . it's like i've gone crazy i'm can get worshipped you can. have a really bad idea. you know with the way that. i. am no one often will i must when school starts you're going to have to learn how to raise guinea pigs while you give one to each child in your family. there's plenty of grass here for the guinea pigs to eat. the kids can feed them if you have to pay school fees you can sell three guinea pigs if you haven't got enough food you can
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eat them yeah yeah i eat pig meat myself. i mean someone like assuming you're my. mum i mean you're moving them i've been. you know. we work with the cement my support group but i found was breeders or credos. we meet on the first and last day of each month and we talk about how to make our lives better where. each of us donates five hundred francs to a special fund. and we give the money to women so we've just had a child or someone who's just got married or who we also give money to the relatives of the people who have diabetes is even with this is just so. was i. was. in the know. now one. day we
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put in. the uk. i wouldn't blame the big money but you needed. me to be a problem. now to wish oh my god let's worry about much of a home walk. down the. come . chop the north a. dash of should be changed and films from an orange train. that's all she needs one vote. in the remote corner of the philippines she's one of the last to practice an ancient technique. of the two ladies.
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in thirty minutes w. . serial killers tank oestrus and. violent robber gangs. an ugly and omnipresent feature of life in one thousand nine hundred twenty s. berlin a version of almost weekly they find courses in their mantra count for the river spray. but the criminals don't reckon with him detective superintendent const cannot. be revolutionizes for windsor procedures and a study shows that extensive record system laying the foundations for the modern homes were as much a click deal in genesis was doing the business basically the same as today's show
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find the girl in metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth on d w. to move. move move move move move move move. move move move. protests against a name change by a neighboring country which they say threatens. the name change is part of an international deal under which greece would accept its northern neighbor. north macedonia the greek parliament is due to vote on the unpopular agreement in the
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