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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2019 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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this c.z. dollar news lawyer from valley in the showdown over had his way to move to the united nations the u.s. calls a security council meeting to urge all nations to back venezuela's self declared interim president the european union says it too could now recognize one point zero as president if elections are not held in the coming days also coming up. u.s. president donald trump linksys backed down on his demand that congress fund the construction of a wall along the mexican border his retreat ends the longest government shutdown in
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u.s. history. and at least ten people are dead and hundreds missing after a dam collapse in southwest brazil rescue workers a warning to the death toll is likely to rise sharply off the torrent of modern devastated roads on land and hopes. i'm not an unfree you could join me the european union is throwing its weight behind venezuela's opposition leader one of the bloc says it will recognize him as president unless venezuela calls fresh elections in the coming days the venezuelan government has rejected the course saying it will not be dictated to by foreign nations the u.n. security council has been meeting in emergency session to discuss the crisis u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or called on the wall to support venezuela. russia's
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u.n. ambassador just as the wild should stay out of the crisis group is going to be crossing over to new york in a moment to speak with our correspondent there but first let's hear some of what was said today in the council now it's time for every other nation to pick a side no more delays no more games either you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with the juror and his mate i'm going to hear if those we want to take the opportunity to say that in this case the u.s. is not behind the coup d'etat. it is in the vanguard of the coup d'etat. it is dictating the orders sort of the nice the urge all parties to refrain from the use of force we called for the organization of free and fair elections with international observers with all candidates allowed to go run for office and until then there is only one credible and legitimate institution and this is the national
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assembly the is really new but it's the venezuela does not represent a threat to peace and security if anything represents a threat to peace it is the actions of the united states and its allies aimed at the ouster of the legitimately elected president of venezuela. and you have any correspondent on assad has attended the session of the security council in new york from where he joins me now all of the u.s. secretary of state might pump a recording on countries that back kwaito which members of the council will recognize that cool and which will not. but there were several nations here that were not even in favor discussing that issue with the topic of venice so here in an emergency meeting at the security council and among them are countries like china south africa first and foremost a russia really who had a very aggressive stance and position here. and it all came down to
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a showdown really between russia and the countries i've mentioned and the united states and its western partners in the end the strategy of russia here was to like narrow that down as if it was just an american u.s. american problem which is just according to the russian view of following its geopolitical interests in latin america that the united states wants to extend its impact there in the region and it's just after the venezuelan oil interesting lee if you take a closer look into the relations between venezuela and russia you will see that russia invested billions of dollars in recent years into venezuela supported them a dora region with their weapons they just very recently delivered two aircraft to venezuela and its oil in turn delivered oil to russia so what we saw here today was two very close allies and russia standing by its ally much dural often the soil
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and meanwhile on of that germany new to the security council and yet we hearing a rather strong tone from germany on this tell us more about that. will germany is new to the security council is back with a non-temporal with a temporary seat for two. years and wants its voice to be heard and we saw that very clearly today germany is spec'ing gooey though you've just mentioned there's all tomato germany wants to push for free elections and support to its way there but germany also raised its voice today several times and it came to a bizarre situation to an exchange of views to almost a battle between the russian ambassador and the german investor here and a bizarre situation was when the russian ambassador said or compared the situation in venezuela to the to the to the situation and the protests in france of the yellow vests when twenty thousand people took to the streets and the german
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ambassador then you know reply to that saying you can't compare since there are no three million refugees and since there are no undernourished people in france so we had very polarized positions here and germany obviously tried to defend the values of freedom and democracy here at this issue but the security council of the united nations didn't have any correspondent on a sonnet a new york thank you. to brazil now where around three hundred people are still missing after a dam collapsed at an iron ore mine in the state of maine nash said east in the country southwest ten people are confirmed dead so far brazil's national mining agency has what it operations at the complex to be suspended firefighters have saved more than two hundred workers but now say that the hopes of finding will survive as a slim. it's
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a race against time for these rescuers. a torrent of mont has devastated a vast area with hundreds of people still missing. their families fraught with worry. on the off part where are our parents the fathers the mothers that went to work earlier today nobody's telling us anything. where's my dad at the back of nobody is telling us anything about our sons our husbands the drama unfolded when the dam owned by brazil's largest mining company collapsed at an iron ore mine on friday sending a torrent of muddy sludge across a vast area and the head of the mining company offered no explanation for the tragedy which comes three years after a similar collapse at a mine in the same state which killed at least seventeen people that was partly owned by product. is
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a main victims are employees of. the employee restaurant was buried in mud. it's an enormous tragedy that took us totally by surprise i'm completely torn apart by what happened. to the region's governor said there was little hope of finding people alive. brazil's president. said he would visit the affected area in order to evaluate the situation of. greenpeace at the dam collapse was a sad consequence of the lessons learned by the brazilian government and the mining companies and highlighted a lack of regulation fd a second now some of the other stories making news around the world the european union and united states the bakken cerned by the suspension of nigeria's top the job. well to on again the e.u.
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says the timing of the decision just three weeks ahead of nigeria's presidential elections raises questions the country's main opposition party has temporarily halted campaigning in protest over the move. spanish rescuers have found the body of a two year old boy who had fallen into a deep narrow well on the thirteenth of january miners had been drilling day and night to reach who lead the other side the tragedy has gripped spades with the country coast the following every turn all of the complex rescue operation i. mean mazo d.p.t. community has held its first ever pride but parade in the country's main city young gone activists said they hoped that the demonstration along the river would help promote greater awareness and equal rights protesters say many gay people still face discrimination in. australia celebrated its national holiday today the day commemorates the arrival in seven hundred eighty eight of the first fleet of british ships to the continent which the british claimed their own many australians
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refused to take part in festivities instead tens of thousands took to the streets of melbourne and sydney to protest the holiday many indigenous australians view the arrival of british colonialists calling this rather and they should of their lands researchers have chronicled a of the two hundred fifty massacres committed by and by australians against the aboriginal population. and he reports on the n s it has been following these protests he joins me in the studio to tell us what's behind this attack well the hash tag is new but the protests against australia day they have a long history one of the first protests was actually in one nine hundred thirty eight for the hundred fiftieth anniversary and then again in one nine hundred eighty eight there was a really big protest to commemorate the bicentennial and by that point they were calling it invasion day and the reason is clear for a lot of aboriginal people for the indigenous part. relation in australia they consider it a day that an invasion on their lands began this is the day when the british came
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and claimed the territory as their own basically pretending that there was nobody living there despite the fact that there was a civilization artist on the continent one of the crisis is demanding well there are some protesters who have a problem with the fact that there is a national holiday commemorating what they consider an invasion but other protesters just point out that why can't we just change the date a date that all australians can celebrate so there's a lot of people on twitter today pointing that out and demanding that australia change they one uses said i still don't get why a strictly a day can't be on a day where everyone can celebrate the entire history of australia not just the last two hundred thirty years another user was pointing out it's obvious why first nations consider it invasion day but i don't understand why engle australians consider the twenty sixth of january an appropriate day for australia day they were transported like dogs within the submission and subjected to force later labor was
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to celebrate. what is funny up there is that australia was actually established as a penal colony so most of the settlers who came over on the first fleet were prisoners so they've a lot of people have proposed an alternative january first one thousand know one was the day that australia became a country but of course that's already taken that's news they would be a problem any response from the government at this stage well the prime minister scott morrison has come up pretty strongly he's called it indulgent self loathing and he's asked why australians want to crab walk away from history from his perspective he says that this would be a denial of what he considers modern australian history which is a history of colonisation some people in the government some green party members have come out. in favor of changing the date and some local city councils have actually officially decided not to celebrate the day for some victories are been
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won actually because this day has already become a national celebration of indigenous culture right comments and news there which i'm sure will continue to make some traction online following it for a report on the n.s.a. thank you very much indeed. and we stay in australia for tennis news now japan's and i'm your soccer has won the australian open or psyco beat the czech republic's patrick fit of a to secure our second grand slam title in just four months well the defending u.s. champion took the first set after mastering her opponent's serve that purpose pressure on christopher but the czech call her way back into the match to win the second set of soccer stepped her game up in the third set she kept her focus to seal the match seven six five seven six four. and back in her native japan osaka ardent fans celebrated her championship in melbourne.
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thank you. and as a result of the when she becomes the new wild number one and asia's first ever player to rise to the top of the world rankings it's. well the early saturday when does a games have concluded so let's take a look at all those results league leaders dortmund demolished hanover got back our expert hoffenheim hundred five book might stiffy did nuremberg leverkusen the had no problem avoids berkhout a belly and shocker shared the spoils still to come but they meant to take on frankfurt in the late game and on sunday by munich battle still got understood off face like a sick. well the festival has kicked off in switzerland adding a touch of color to the skies over the swiss alps hot evelyn fans have gathered in the resort town of chateau de mayo lake geneva for the annual spectacle organizers say pilots from fifteen different countries are taking part this year they're also celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the first successful round the wild flight
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which took off from the swiss mountain town. you're watching news from by name plenty well coming up at the top of the hour of course you can always get the latest around the clock on our web site www dot com on having a home free and balance things thing. we make up oh but we want tons of food the unda budget fights we all of the civil service are. being one to shape the continent's future. part of enjoying the dumpsters as they share their story of their dreams and their show the seventy seven percent plus for africa john.


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