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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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the world on the other. every week paula deen w. a a. this is data over the news live from berlin a high ranking venezuelan general defects to the opposition and also protests against president nicolas maduro on twitter the air force is francisco younis declared allegiance to self appointed interim president why does we'll go live to caracas also coming up russian president vladimir putin says his country will
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follow washington blade in suspending a landmark nuclear arms control tax could this be the start of a new arms race. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program in venezuela high ranking air force general has declared allegiance to opposition leader one. general grant cisco jaan has released a video statement by twitter saying he recognized as interim head of state it's a major victory for quite a who's been working hard to persuade venezuela's on forces to abandon support for president nicolas maduro caracas and other cities across venice when i'm bracing for mass demonstrations later today the opposition has called for marches to support quite a. a rally on saturday venezuelan brothers we invite you to
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protest points in every city around the world we need to send an important message and thank those countries that have already recognized does and to ask them to help us with humanitarian aid. the u.s. and several latin american nations have recognized why do as the country's leader and six e.u. states including spain and germany say they will follow suit unless president maduro calls snap elections by sunday. glider may be gaining international support but madieu row is backed by venezuela's powerful military. and on the streets loyalty to the socialist regime is still alive. that woman and tell him others we have a former leader chavez to thank for the oil boom and that is why we are coming to defend the revolution here the legacy of c'mon the chevys and we will continue to
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come as many times as commander nicolas maduro once. your people are here to defend the sovereignty of n as well. millions of rival protesters are expected in the capital caracas on saturday and with the recent clashes turning deadly many venezuelans are bracing for a tense standoff. and joining me now from caracas is phil gunson a political analyst for the international crisis group phil a venezuelan air force general has just declared his support for one quiet oh is this the beginning of the end for president dura. it's hard to say one one general like regime change. this particular general barry director of strategic planning for the air force but not somebody. whether the. defection. and how likely is majority to react to this.
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well i you know today is that it's going to be dominated by the rival demonstrations on the street the opposition as you say what you actually get across it's huge numbers of people in the street today nothing that's going to dominate the news so unless the rest of the defections you know we may not hear a great deal more about this. and even the jury's alstad how would you support his take it. that's a different question there are many armed civilians not just the armed forces of course here we have many who are loyal to the regime and who may be deployed could be deployed on many occasions in the process to attack demonstrations for their population if there's an actual change of government many of them of those who are going to grab some of them by exist. and that these protests have been violent in the past and what is the feeling there are people worried that it's going to get
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out of control today. so generally speaking in my experience whenever a huge numbers of people on the streets the violence is relatively limited. the attacks that i'm talking about for example by civilians on demonstrated tend to happen when there are smaller numbers i think the past of two thousand seven hundred we did see huge demonstrations that it has involved because the opposition was attempting to march a whole web stenciling caracas which is where the presidential palace has been the national guard bash who leads with riot squad. at the moment. the prospect only possible because the rallies could turn into a box on the palace to that's not what's publicly called off the list. this crisis is happening as venezuela or is is this political crisis is happening as there's also a crippled economy and massive food shortages what is the situation like there for people in venezuela. well over three million people have fled the country that's
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about ten percent of the population because of hunger because of deaths from preventable diseases it's not just the lack of food and medicine the collapsible essential services for the church that she will cheer. for everything is the fault of the policy it's don't call people who are good people. believe the right because you can make yourself to survive so people are typically. still gunson and political analyst for the international crisis group in caracas thank you thank you . intending to russia where they have pulled out of a key nuclear arms control treaty one day after the u.s. did the same russian president vladimir putin also announced moscow would begin developing a new weapon systems and ordered his ministers not to initiate any new disarmament talks with washington he has no and won't let him impotent not to say. because
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people you know our american partners have announced they are suspending their participation in the deal and we are also suspending our participation. we will wait until our partners are mature enough to conduct an equal meaningful dialogue with us on this important topic you know. president putin was responding to the u.s. decision to pull out of the cold war a cold war era i.n.f. treaty secretary of state mike on pios said washington is suspending its compliance because moscow been breaching the arms control agreement the us says its weapons like these s s c eight cruise missiles with a range of more than five hundred kilometers that show russia has violated the treaty. over the latest let's bring in our moscow correspondent emily show and emily president putin is now following suit after the u.s. pull out of the treaty is this an escalation. well rebecca from the russian side this is certainly more of
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a tit for tat reaction putin today said the u.s. is pulling out so we're pulling out the u.s. is looking into building new weapons so we will do the same and this is very much the russian side kind of shifting the blame for this whole i.n.f. treaty basically falling apart to the u.s. they said today as well putin his defense minister and the foreign minister that actually the u.s. they repeated this accusation that the u.s. has actually been violating the i.m.f. treaty itself for years and they also said that it would be perhaps wise to conduct inspections into whether the u.s. is complying with yet another nuclear arms treaty the new start treaty so what we're seeing here is very much the russian russian side shifting the blame to the u.s. what is of course warring though is that they are talking openly on the russian side about what new weapons they could develop worrying indeed imprudent has reportedly
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instructed his ministers not to initiate disarmament talks with the u.s. what do you make of that well yeah you mentioned before what else he said which was a very much a swipe at the u.s. side he said that they will wait we'll wait for our partners to be mature enough to talk to us on an equal footing so very much kind of biting a biting comments there from putin they're very much putting the ball back in the u.s. court and this fits in with the russian line all along which is that the u.s. is basically not listening to russia russia has tried several times they say to show the missile in question that apparently violates the treaty to the u.s. the u.s. doesn't want to see it and in fact in recent days we've seen russian officials accusing the u.s. of already having made the decision to leave the i.n.f. treaty long ago. also said russia would begin developing new missiles briefly just
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let us know how you think that will go down with the russian public well on the one hand i think a show of strength especially when it's against the u.s. always goes down with the russian public well with the russian public but on the other hand things aren't looking good economically and. russians wouldn't be very interested in having a big arms race and expensive foreign policy move and bloody near putin seems to know that today he said that a costly arms race is certainly not something that russia is interested in while the world keeping a close eye on this escalation emily show and reporting from moscow many thanks. well as to the us now i have a genius governor ralph northam is facing calls to resign after a racist picture from his medical school yearbook resurfaced northam is fos losing support from his fellow democrats and republicans are outraged to be reported jared reed is following this story for us first of all jarrett who is ralph north well
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here is he's fifty nine years old he's a former doctor and he served in the u.s. army for four years he served as what's called the lieutenant governor of the ginia and then two years ago he was elected as governor so this very long distinguished career of public service has basically come crashing down in the last day because of a controversial photo from his yearbook from nineteen eighty-four we can take a look at that photo here it is here is about age twenty five ralph and all of them and to the right we can see people one of them in black face and standing next to someone wearing the dress and the hordes of the clique klux klan and various other photos to those two people are in costume and we sure that one of them is ralph wilson yes we are because he's admitted to it he hasn't said which of these two pictures he dressed up as but he has released an apology and let's have
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a listen to what he had to say that photo and the racist and offensive attitude it represents does not reflect that person i am today or the way that i have conducted myself as a soldier a doctor and a public servant i'm deeply sorry but i set responsibility for my past actions and i'm ready to do the hard work of regaining your trust. so that's of the generic governor ralph northam there we have to remember he's the governor of a state where two years ago there were violent clashes in charlottesville involving white supremacists because of plans to remove a confederate statue so we've got a state grappling with its history of slavery and now the governor has been shown either to be wearing black face or a clue klux klan costume but as you might have gathered from his statement it wasn't a resignation statement he plans to stay on as the governor of the ginia or what
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have a fellow lawmakers been saying about this well basically he's been roundly condemned by both sides of the fence he's entire state political party so all the democrats in virginia have basically condemned him told him to resign and democratic hopefuls for president people like camel ours and elizabeth warren they've come out and said he needs to resign as well we need to keep in mind ralph northern has strong ties actually to the black community because for many years he sought to gain the support of influential black leaders in the community and when he was elected it was seen basically as a rebuke to the republicans and this support for the genius of confederate heritage but like i said this is all pretty much come crashing down because of this one can he hold on to his job and if so for how long it seems like given the amount of support that he has lost from his potty it seems like you'll have to go and have to go pretty soon one thing that keeps popping up there is recently as well should you
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be accountable for something stupid you did in your pasta and you would have to argue that if it involves racism then probably yes but it is it is a complicated question and i think it serves as a reminder words and actions no matter how old they are godless whatever walk of life you're in can can still hurts and is forcing this governor absolutely definitely thank you gerri. don't forget you can always get data with you news on the go just download our google play all from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the date of the app to send us your photos and videos. you're watching the news coming up after a short break out documentary the failure of germany's first democracy you know to
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get you can get all the information on our website at state of the dot com i'm rebecca riches thanks for joining me. her first new school in the. first clueless of. the doors a grand moment arrives joined during a training on her journey. you know we're going through turn to. the rain in turn returns home.


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