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this is the that we've used live from the united states gears up for a divisive political set faced president trump world deliver his second states of the union address tonight for a border war with mexico expected to finish up prominently also on the program. should be allowed to own things robots that are vital parts of germany's money fracturing sense that they've been told by chinese investors says it wants to limit government investment and to protect industries. revelations in football and they
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says the alleged behind the boxes think these folks history goes public the first time a reprint discuss excuse roll on to so uncertain future following his recent arrest in budapest. trust me i'm just close it's not just chaps who have nine lives a lot in south korea says it could make copies of your. crossing into the cold black bloc so. i'm full go welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump is preparing to deliver his second state of the union address is expected to challenge democrats to approve funding for the war he wants to go to the for the good with mexico and segments are calling for unity and optimism but critics fear it will be difficult to. overcome the deep divisions
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after the years. attacks and i mean most of the. history of our country. so let's get more on this from our griffo we'll see who's a bureau chief of the washington post welcome to you what are you expecting tonight well i think the president will make a call for bipartisanship and national unity this is obviously not the message we're used to hearing from donald trump but it's the message that he delivered a year ago at his last state of the union and i think that as with the last state of the union address he'll make this call for bipartisanship and then he'll go back to bashing the democrats the democrats will go right back to bashing him but he says it's quite interesting is that he this is a president with a lot to shout about he's got a booming economy unemployment is. this is actually things are actually going well or simply well for him they are and yet we also had a government shutdown last month where the government was shut down for an
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historically long period of time we're going to see him tonight also make the case for the border wall which of course was the issue. that did shut down the government there's a disagreement between democrats and the president over whether the funding would be there for the border wall i think that he's going to make a very strong case again to say to democrats you need to pay for this wall and predictably enough the democrats are going to say no way yeah what is this. clearly the the war has been an issue pretty much all of last year the fact that we're expecting it to be front and center of this speech what does he expect to achieve with this speech this wall now. he didn't through through the last two years of his presidency it's unclear he's threatened another government shutdown in a couple of weeks if the democrats don't relent and don't approve funding for this wall but there's one trick that he has in his bag that he could decide to pull out
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. which is he could declare a national emergency and say i'm going to. overruled the democrats and basically take this funding myself and pay for this wall myself now the problem with that is that you don't have republican unity on this issue you don't have the entire republican party behind him so if he were to do that he would potentially not only anger the democrats but also divide the republican party and that's a very very risky thing for a president to do when he's governing just with this base all right well let's let's doubly who's been out and about on the streets talking to people about what they expect from the president let's see what they've been saying. julian brothers bakery is a community fixture in this detroit suburb it's one of the few small locally run operations left every morning for the past forty eight years richard julian has put on his a friend and served the neighborhood everything from deli meats to birthday cakes the bakery is also situated on the edge of a county that was pivotal for trump's victory mccomb county outside of detroit
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julian like some of his employees and many of his customers voted for trump he thinks the president's term has been good for his thirty employees and his bakery donald trump. much of a stretch for me in the beginning when he became the nominee for the party. because he businessman this is exactly the sort of small middle american establishment that was at the heart of trump's campaign message to lift up the little guy and stick it to the elites. and celine white of an educator and a neighborhood resident said she was attracted to trump and his message in part because of how different he sounded. more i heard. it first.
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and it wasn't state it was different they don't love everything about him everyone we spoke with mentioned that his tweeting can be cringeworthy that maybe he has a tendency to speak without thinking and sometimes his personal life can be messy. regular and lifelong michigan resident said despite everything she wants to see the president succeed. i'd like to see him take us back to the days when people were pay paul not units or. numbers. classifications where people were people we have respect for one another and. i like some of the things that he's done on those are the moments. i just i really like the man and i want to see him continue with his goals and least get most of them accomplished not everyone in the neighborhood is
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a trump supporter and some family ties have been strained. gary milburn an employee at the bakery has two daughters who do not like trump he says he understood their objections but he still voted for trump. the family is not thrilled with me because because you know i did vote for trump you know he has made you know different you know definitely many many excuse me many statements regarding our gravity women by the whatever and doing this and that which to me is a lot of you know a locker room talk. to years into trump's term as president the country is still divided there have been shocking announcement scandals treaties have been torn up but would these people vote for trump again and. would you vote for him again yes i would anything once again i hope it's all why. i want this to continue i would vote for him again depending on who he is going to be running against at this stage a true republican challenger looks unlikely during the two thousand and twenty
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campaign and the democrats will have a tall order to win back the hearts of these voters here in julian's bakery it seems trump would have no trouble getting reelected for a second term. a report from. the washington who joins us not welcome by v. the v. the the house the president faces today will be very different to the one he faced a year ago. oh absolutely this is a very different dynamic now than his first two state of the unions and a very different capitol hill it's a really raul moment right now coming just after the end of this government shutdown possibly looking into the abyss of another one depending out what happens but what's interesting is we just heard from a bunch of trump voters in that piece this is all. about this tussle over
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a border wall and there's a statistic that seventy eight percent of conservative republicans actually support the president declaring a national emergency in order to get funding for the border wall which is what's been widely predicted he might be doing possibly during or after the state of the union coming up tonight then this would be quite a grenade to throw in the middle of these very delicate negotiations that are just inching forward trying to avoid yet another government shutdown ok so we have the shutdown which of course the related to the border wall that as much as not supposing that the house speaker said you're not having your money for this and you're not speaking to you're not delivering your state of the union until the shutdown is over so the search for the now i wonder how people how non-politicians regard this tussle between the executive and the house.
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well one of the things about the government shutdown was the huge amount of blowback just from the normal people on the street just your especially from the government workers you know just your average people who have a job and want to go do their job and want to earn their paycheck and live their life and this back and forth on capitol hill really blew up in the president's face because it was these normal people some of whom had voted for him who were being deeply deeply hurt by their inability to work with a government refusing to allow them to work and be paid and what we also saw was parts of trump's base cracking a bit under the strain of this shutdown people starting to make noises that this wasn't a good idea but then there's another part of his base saying they really really want this wall they really need this wall this week and very much expect is going to be a centerpiece of his reelection campaign moving forward so he's in
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a tough spot now in order to please his base he needs did not shut the government down again and somehow fund his border wall and build his border wall. will say from the washington post what do we expect to hear the president's domestic agenda well i think that he's going to keep hammering a lot of the same issues that that he's been hammering obviously the the the wall being being a big one i mean immigration is such a big element in u.s. politics right now it is the most divisions divisive issue or perhaps you know one of the most divisive issues and i think that he is going to you know is maya said he is under a lot of pressure to actually make good on this commitment it was such a major aspect of his campaign and he would send it over and over again we are going to build this wall if there's not a wall by twenty twenty when he runs for reelection there's going to be a hard thing for him to explain to voters because he's made such a big thing of talking to thank you for joining us i think from the washington post
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that much weight in washington as well thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the central african republic has signed a new peace deal with the fourteen groups that control much of the country the green which seeks to end years of fighting that's killed thousands of people and despite hundreds of thousands if we ratify in the coming days. hundreds of mourners of march through a village near jenny in the west bank carrying the body bags for one year old palestinian killed on monday by israeli troops another man was a teacher in the same incident israel says the two men threw an explosive device at soldiers. british prime minister to reason may has been reassuring people of northern ireland but she remains committed to preventing a hot border between the province and the irish republic this is may speech in belfast was meant to calm fears over britain's efforts to limit the so-called
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arrangements were good within the u.k.'s withdrawal agreements with thing you know the prime minister is due to hold talks with european leaders in brussels own state . russia's defense minister says the country must develop a new land based missiles within two years saying a showing gives a comma after russia followed the united states in announcing its withdrawal from a nuclear weapons agreement. the i.n.f. treaty battens all shorts on mid-range missiles launched from the ground. fissures in paris samuel has been arrested on suspicion of awesome. and i'm talking about the just ten suspects the residents of the. wealthy sixty i don't know say she has a history of mental illness. union strikes of course significant disruptions across france sas workers took to the streets to demonstrate against the present economic program the action was organized by the c.g. t.v.
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and labor union in response to what they call the country's social emergency and to call for what they say is a fairer tax system rallies were also joined by key figures from the yellow vest movement which has also been protesting against the president. on the backs hoffman has been in paris covering the strike. just another protest in the heart of paris yes well but at the same time it's also a new kind of protest because for the first time the yellow vests are teaming up with a large trade you see here at this demonstration we saw all kinds of people from public sector workers to of course the yellow bus to trade unionists but also members of the black bloc who try to incite violence here what all this mix will end up being is unclear at the moment because france and also a man who would not call at a crossroads can the government regain the momentum here it is probably the first time in months that it has the chance of reaching out to the french trying to show
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them that it matter we're not calling can compromise and at the same time try to crack down hard on the violent elements of the yellow this. was for when. paresis is d.w. news ally for brother still to come a clinic in seoul is closing dogs for the rich and famous do copy paper and ethical . first european union looks likely to block a big rail deal between the two major german and french companies industrial giants siemens around france's aus though we're hoping to merge their trade manufacturing businesses to become more competitive on the international market with european commission antitrust regulators are expected to veto the deal on wednesday because of concerns about its impact on competition within the e.u. . even while germany has unveiled a new strategy to protect its industrial sector in the face of new challenges economy minister peter altmire unveiled the national industrial strategy twenty
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thirty in frankfurt a behind the snappy titles a sea change in german thinking the adult wants the state to intervene more in the economy to stop vital parts being sold off to foreign investors. from a german companies like siemens and thyssen krupp against hostile takeovers that's the goal of the german government's new investment strategy which elevates industrial success to the national interest after recent years or china by one company after another germany's economic affairs minister says berlin can't afford to sell its high tech peyton's to foreign powers. the flow but there is fear and i think that when certain countries and specific companies use very aggressive tactics to expand their market share then we have the right responsibility to respond there's we've done of this originally started to argue that the economy minister sees
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a greater role for the state and greater relief for businesses in areas like energy costs or taxes merges should be made easier but critics warn of too much government involved. and coming up a stance got equivalent to guaranteeing the existence of individual businesses because there are some outstanding firms that rake in profits but there are others that are frankly pretty wobbly the guys from barclays and. mile or so said german companies need to lead the pack when it comes to innovation in new technologies like artificial intelligence or driving systems for cars of the future planning to help kick start that development with billions in new investment which should also help protect german jobs. clemons fish does from the institute one of europe's leading business think tanks so is germany's economic situation so bad that it needs a national strategy the one presented today it's not bad at all but this is about the future the question is whole sustainable it is the position of german industry
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and here there are reasons for concern. there as the issue of the car industry the diesel technology may be paid out in the future so i think it is true that germany needs to think about the future the question is though what the right strategy is. on to sports and football leagues is an internet platform revealing the murky a side of the game what it was launched in twenty fifteen it didn't only produce noise it also had some really facts just ask joe's a marine you're a former manchester united manager's name appeared in leaked documents and today he's paying the consequences that's a hefty fine nearing two million who are who supported jail sentence in spain for tax fraud perino was already or had already been required to pay more than a million euros in twenty fifteen when the case against it was first launched at the time he admitted to two camps of stachel dating from his time as coach of madrid. well now i read pinto the thirty year old of
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portuguese widely believed to be the mastermind on football league's scum public for the first time following his reasons arrest in budapest that he spoke to german broadcaster a ati. a secret location in budapest it's here in this modest apartment building we're told wants to give his side of the story. on january sixteenth last he was arrested in the hungary in capital in response to a portuguese arrest warrant on charges of attempted extortion and cyber crimes if he's under house arrest wearing an ankle monitor while awaiting a decision on whether he is a whistleblower who illegally obtained the documents which could exonerate him or whether he is a cyber criminal. which could lead to extradition. i'm a whistleblower what matters for me and for football leaks is the documents are authentic i don't care about the origin i'm
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a whistleblower so i have i have to wear expose and we have to giornale it's credible. the real deal and among those documents are details of confidential plans for an elite super league or for president john even frontino helped top european clubs get around the financial fair play rules who have been also admitted to contacting sports investment company under a false name a meeting was organized which led to accusations of attempted extortion. i think i was naive if. i did. i mean something stupid i decided to play with them and basically said that yeah i have some documents. and they wanted i wanted to see their reaction i wanted i wanted to know. how. how valuable were these documents for them i want i wanted to know
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fought for how far they were ready to go if you really really. know. faces up to ten years in prison in portugal if convicted. because i am a target and. and i feel that at the moment i will enter portuguese until more thea lee has been jail. i can end up that. i'm aware of. a hungary and court time zone two on march nineteenth to decide if peter will be extradited to his native portugal. let's get more on this from mccambridge from v.w. sport welcome ed. so. that's about the sort of revelations that have come out of football leagues of the last year right so football leagues was launched in autumn
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twenty fifteen with the aim of publicizing documents relating to corruption and illegal activity in the world of football now initially these revelations centered on things like players' salaries and tax evasion but over the course of the last twelve months they've taken a more sinister air for example allegations of match fixing against benfica one of the biggest clubs in portugal and probably in its most high profile case evidence relating to rape allegations made against christiane arnaldo which is currently under investigation in las vegas have also been released. now he claimed to be in possession of more than seventy million documents at some of his arrest so we don't even know if this is the tip of the iceberg or so let's talk about the allegations facing the reprints of what you're looking at where he's currently awaiting the verdict of a hunger in court to find out if he's going to be extradited back to portugal now he faces charges of cyber crime and extortion he claims he's nothing but an honest whistleblower portugese or thora to claim that he obtained these documents
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illegally he's a hacker essentially so that's a cyber crime charge now they also claim that he tried to use the information he uncovered to extort money from an organization in exchange for his silence so he said we had him in the interview saying that he actually fears for his life at. it's really that serious they are indeed i mean he claims he's received death threats through social media and by his e-mail address and he also claims that have told him to take me seriously now what he's most worried about is going to prison in portugal because he believes a lot of people associates benfica the portuguese club i mentioned he was a he had whistleblower and said that match fixing he's worried that only people in prison out to get him fans and people associated with benfica football club. became richer will follow that's a course thank you for another thank you for. now no happy ending for lindsay fall out behind skiing world championship win or a sweden what was supposed to be her penultimate race the americans legend to crash
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in the super g. after receiving medical attention she eventually got back on a stage and finished the course on a usable has announced that should start sunday's down the event which will then be the final chapter of her stellar career with the super g. was a compassionate and if the election. celebrations for the lunar new year are underway across large parts of east asia in downtown beijing thousands of people gathered to pray for good fortune over the next twelve months and the voters react to the traditional ceremony dedicated to the god of earth is commonly believed to be big pictures and a good harvest today marks the start of the year off the astrologers believe it's a year of success friendship and love no matter what it was or in. the year of the pig farms the hot on the heels of the year of the dog of course of the many unknowns real dogs their attachment to their family so strong they grieve
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along after that death in south korea wants for his fulfilling the dreams of pat others who want to keep their best bud around for ever with money it seems you can buy just about anything. you can order three a six pack or even ten of your departed pet. in south korea keast death is no longer the end. for bereaved owners like kevin kenji the copied canines are almost as good as the original is picking his puppy is just a few weeks old. he says it's his old dog reborn he's fifteen years old you see the mom's i think it's the same dog in my mind i feel like it's the same. one more success for soul so i am biotech research foundation by engineers here have cloned more than a thousand dogs for customers all over the world. a lot of people know that it
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might not be the exact same dog some people think it's the puppies that the orders of the dog never had or so other people think it's. time to cook when south korean scientists created the world's first cloned dog in two thousand and five today the procedure has become routine and very lucrative the clinic charges eighty eight thousand years per puppy implanted in born by surrogate mother it's not just private pet owners showing interest the security industry sees a way to replicate their best sniffer dogs with the help of cloning they can fast track their breeding and training process. i. don't that's all i'm doing this at this young age dogs have an average thirty percent success rate but this cloying dog has an eighty percent success rate which going to the critics questioned at the cloning which they say turns living beings interpret active machines for wealthy owners it's a small price to bring their beloved pets back to life. on his or mine top story at
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this hour u.s. president donald trump will deliver his second state of the union address in washington later is expected to use the occasion to push for his controversial love for the border with mexico and it will have a special live coverage of the event stricken us. so up next i'll be back with a day to get you get all your headline news headlines on our web site about standup new dot com i'm self going to.
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hey listen up. that's what video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level a science to him composer the way most are. featured in many
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games his music is bound to cause problems for his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. oh sure that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. u.s. president donald trump is getting ready to deliver his second state of the union address with a thriving economy and surging jobs growth he's got plenty to post about but nancy pelosi seems determined to spoil the president's party freshman victory in the face off of the government shutdown the democratic house speaker is adamant that the president will not get his big beautiful wall i'm phil gale in berlin this is the day.


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