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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm CET

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this is you that we use live from berlin children killed in their sleep in a tragic fire at a youth soccer dormitory in brazil the police tore through the youth training facility of brazil's biggest soccer clubs a flamingo in rio de janeiro killing at least ten people local officials say youth players are those among the dead also coming up the royal the taking on thailand's military junta princes will go rods up as convention and announces that she'll stand for prime minister in the country's first election since a military coup took place and
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a german film system crasher takes the day to the berlin film festival but storms are verdicts on the tale of a troubled girl's clash with german social services. mark thank you so much for your company everyone we start this broadcast with a devastating fire and brazil where ten people are believed to have died after a blaze tore through a soccer dormitory for young players at least three others were injured when a fire broke out before dawn on friday at brazil's biggest soccer club the flamingo and rio de janeiro at a training facility teenagers from the flamingo youth team are among the victims who were sleeping at the time in the dormitory expensively built training center had opened just two months ago. the cause of the fire is not yet known.
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all right let's get you more on this developing story andrew downie is a sports sports journalist and author based in sao paulo brazil and he joins me now on the phone what more have you learned. there we know there are changes without being killed we know that at least one of the changes the young players at the club are young goalkeeper we have shared are the reports of at least another five players among the dead we are still waiting to confirm the but it does seem certain the some of that there will be young players who were being at the club and training with the call of and and when you say young what what age range are we talking about. they're all teenagers three juice that were taken to hospital who were injured we were all between fourteen and fifteen so does the k.b.'s group that we're looking at it's very common in brazil or close to one forming or like
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those like groups been to house clearance jump clear to come from both sides the city there they are treating with the club will be to make the biggest players something that will be there for a short video trial or because they've come for both in the city of fargo we because of bill accommodations and lodging and it is very common for the players to be to be provoked by the club or to stay in the facility tell us a little bit andrew about the training center what are facilities like there. well it's existed for quite a while they really get you to refurbish plus you have the audience of you to silkies to it but it opens a whole new in the same boat it was about four point seven billion while increased garbageman c.r.v. the whole reach of facilities including gyms you walk quietly for for training and for rehabilitation several to choose the house since you appear to be due to have
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a stroll studio and this is all true to your creative pull your will but will to want to play for for the who are the club who will be sold for your difference of monies to to figure out what it was clear as was the need to use your jewelry was sold to a real victory last year for forty five million euros which treat that the disability was it took become an example of agreeing to pull your result because of who is using will facilitate. this of course begs the question was there no smoke alarm or were the dormitories not we furbished. well we're told will be taken from the firefighter from said they're still investigating this they don't have a specific code yet one young player said that the treaty said that the fire started in newsroom and your conditioning unit you said that it caught fire so fire if you run or anybody could see we have also read reports of over little one to
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produce biggest newspaper saying that the cause didn't know how to correct care but for the force of the facility we're still eat chicken from die we there's a lot of the fuel that we just put those just don't know you're right and are down in sao paolo thank you so much for the update. and back here in europe e.u. countries have reached an agreement on regulating the controversial north stream two gas pipeline berlin will remain the lead negotiator with russia on the project which will bring russian gas to germany under the baltic sea he represented owners who are meeting to discuss tighter regulations on gas pipelines which could have threatened the project six hundred kilometers of the nord stream to pipeline have already been installed but the political problem surrounding it is still yet to be resolved this week france added its voice to those feeling uneasy about the project . this is what's at stake the pipeline would transport gas from russia to germany
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via the baltic sea the project in its current form is operated by the russian state energy company gazprom. and that's exactly what critics including president trump of the united states object to. the dependency from russian gas will increase jessica lee with those new a pipeline and that's the reason why they construct that and it contradicts obviously the european goals not only of the energy union but in the future we will see less gas demand because of climate policy and this is the reason why this pipeline is completely on the economic hole front surprizes allies on thursday saying it plan to back e.u. proposals to extend the block's energy rules to cover gazprom but now a draft document suggests paris and berlin will together insist the e.u. member state where the line first connects should enforce the rules get us some more background now with brussels bureau chief max hofmann e.u.
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member states a reach that a compromise on north stream to germany must be breathing a sigh of relief. probably yes because they managed to put this whole agreement on a solid footing because even if the controversy wasn't there in the last year north stream two was never really on solid footing and there was always the danger that it might be scrapped or encounter obstacles that are unsurmountable and now the un bastard has agreed to this new proposal actually almost unanimity is the with the exception of roumania so some even say this is a success for germany now germany sees north stream to gas pipeline as crucial for its energy security but why has it been so controversial and that europe because the fear of many countries especially in the east of the european union poland the baltic states is that russia will not only export gas but also influence
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that's part one also voiced by the way by the united states of america and of course if you look at the existing pipelines most of the russian gas comes through ukraine at the moment that brings money to ukraine and also some believe it keeps russia from meddling even more in ukraine than it has before so they they they are fearing that this might change with the north stream to now this project has been underway for quite a while so why have matters come to a head now. it's been simmering for quite some time so that's not new but of course it didn't help that russia meddled in due craned it didn't help that the relations between russia and the european union are deteriorating so that that stoped that fear that i was talking about earlier and on top of that it needed to be side to be decided on some point and this was one of the last possibilities
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before the european elections that take place at the end of may and so all these factors came together to force this decision now. so the french and german sides found a compromise but what will this will this bad rather affect future bilateral relations . had yes a couple of hours ago most people would have probably said this is going to be a very serious situation going forward because they just signed this new friendship treaty between france and germany but if you look at what happened now i mean the french foreign ministry insisted on thursday that was the crucial part we've said all along we're still trying to figure out modifications to the text with our partners including germany that's exactly what they did so in the end there's a case to be baned that the french actually help the germans to put nord stream to on a solid footing even if it makes things more complicated they still have to build the pipeline meaning that there needs to be a different provider of gas and the company that's running the actual infrastructure of the pipeline can't be the same one so far the plan was to have
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gazprom this huge russian gas company for both so makes things more complicated but it still is viable nord stream two will most likely survive and that's the important part for the germans did have a use of brussels virtues max hofmann thank you for your reporting. while staying with franco a german bilateral relations despite the compromise over the north stream pipeline question marks remain over how well arabs dynamic duo are fairing right now and a surprise move french presence in my on my car has pulled out of a meeting with uncle americal at the forthcoming munich security conference we asked the organizer of cognition or what he made of the no show even if president michel isn't going to speak himself in munich we will have plenty of other senior representatives of the french government in munich to explain french positions. there will be
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a huge american delegation and congressional delegation there will be a half a dozen german ministers said red cetera so i think the purpose which i which is important to me the purpose to demonstrate in munich that the european union is alive and kicking that purpose can still be maintained not. in times where it may appear that the european project is faltering should have made a strong plea for european unity for me it's very important that we demonstrate is specially to the anglo-saxon community that. the impression that may be created elsewhere that because of breck's it the european integration project is about to crumble that that's wrong actually popular support for the european union in most countries is up not down. and beyond europe with the recent standoff between the
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us and russia if the i.m.f. missile treaty issuing out warned of a new politics of rivalry. we have enough in common between even russia and the united states to try to work together to put cooperation to put integration. above the kind of rivalry which seems to be the motto of twenty nine and we will need to talk about that next week and in munich we'll have some pretty tough hard talk i hope in order to clarify what the priorities of responsible leadership need to be twenty nineteen. all right now to some of the other stories making news around the world. british prime minister theresa may will hold talks with her irish counterpart leo varadkar in dublin later may is seeking changes to the so-called backstop
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a plan to avoid a return to a hard border and ireland the backstop is the main sticking point in the brics and negotiations. amazon boss jeff bezos the richest man in the world has accused the publisher of an american tabloid newspaper of blackmail he alleges that the national enquirer threatened to publish intimate photos of him and his lover if he did not do as it wished in a long running public or political dispute i should say a sixteen year old boy has been pulled alive from the rubble of wednesday's building collapse in istanbul he is the fourteenth person to be rescued from the wreckage eleven bodies have been recovered the cause of the collapse is still being investigated. british actor albert finney has died at the age of eighty two his career spanned five decades but he was best known for his one nine hundred sixty three starring role in the film tom jones he was nominated for the oscar five
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times in his later in his later career he appeared in big budget action films including the james bond thriller skyfall. to thailand now where the country's first general election since a military coup took place in two thousand and six has been transformed into a royal rumble as after an unlikely candidate threw her hat in the ring the thai king sister princess. has announced that she'll stand for prime minister in next month's elections it's a first in thailand where royals normally don't get involved in politics while the announcement is even more surprising considering she's standing for a party that's aligned to former prime minister's texan shinawatra and his sister in law both are currently in exile. a daring political power play that fusel coming clutching the official application papers the leader of the thai rak such
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a party entered the election commission with an unprecedented nominee for prime minister no one less than the thai king's oldest sister princes in ball rights. and one of the members have what was a name and your read on this is a more sincere most important written in god could be down here and he did leave for taiwan side chat we all agreed you know. so i think that this is you would be good to help his country that i believe that you know this is the case that. you want if you think it was going to be a good situation right now. for a princess or royal status is complicated she officially renounced her title in nineteen seventy two when she married an american despite a divorce in ninety ninety eight who formal title was never restored but she's still regarded as royalty by the thai people. the princess is better known for his
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showbusiness career than her interest in politics she's been a singer an actor and a talk show host but how will the real candidate fare in the rough and tumble of an election. oh we have a plan for the campaign we're going to go ahead to the campaign but. according to to do with her dealing with her then i think i did him so i you know you know we have to ask you to get you know if it's obvious or. friday's announcement sets up another battle between thailand's military and the powerful shinawatra dynasty the political force behind the nomination the power struggle between shinawatra is populist redshirt movement and the military backed royalist an urban elite has marred thailand with more than a decade of violence political instability and division a role candidate in the shinawatra camp could send a shockwave through those loyalties. the princess as my opponent would be the leader of the military junta prime minister. he also announced his candidacy on
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friday. now france has seen weekly clashes between the so-called yellow vest protesters and the police for three months now more than one thousand two hundred demonstrators have been injured in these altercations some of them seriously protesters say the police are using disproportionate force against them but the government says officers are only protecting themselves did abuse lisa louise has more from paris. this is about the only view that vitale gets of the outside world these days she's too weak to walk more than a few meters and has been suffering from almost constant headaches and heavy nose bleeding since the fifth of january that was the day that she was hit by a rubber bullet that fractured her cheek bone in three places. we were running down a side street as thirty riot police were chasing us banging their shields. it was really scary suddenly another group of police blocked our way and started shooting
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rubber bullets at us. i was hit on the cheek and fell to the ground. then one of those grenades with rubber bullets and tear gas exploded next to me. i mean i couldn't hear any more i completely lost my bearings and just sat there. as someone helped her to get out of the crowd but what she saw that day keeps her up at night the media side of policeman now gives her panic attacks. when i turned around i saw a policeman protesters with their batons they didn't ask questions they just beat everyone reminded me a very dark periods of our history. crazed it was frightening and unrestrained violence. says that if they don't pass the club they also can emit she's not the only demonstrator to have suffered life changing injuries more than one thousand nine hundred protesters have been voted since the demonstrations began
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three months ago some people have lost eyes or hands others have been left with mutilated faces or limbs. human rights groups say the police have been getting more violent the use of rubber bullets and so-called sting bore grenades that contain t.n.t. high explosive and deliver a deafening explosion of small rubber balls is making the situation worse. bodies on the o.c. ski french police could very easily keep protesters under control with water cannons and tear gas no one should be enough but it is for british germans and italian police they have to deal with an extremely violent demonstration. the son seems to take for granted that people will suffer reversible injuries inflicted by these books you know he really is if you've seen it but the police say they need
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the devices to defend themselves and that one thousand two hundred officers have also been injured in the protests about the moment. we never use our battens without reason and only in accordance with our regulations for example if someone is resisting arrest we need rubber bullets to keep protesters at basically without them there would be even more injured protests are also more violent infiltrated by extremists. and there is no well trained security like union demonstrations going to keep such protesters under control at all or do they have you or i phone up with . italia rejects these arguments she will sue the french state for damages. it's important for me to take this to the european court of justice. i want people to know what happened to lance it and how many of us have been injured. maybe the court will order french police to be less violent. and question even if she wins
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the case vitale has lost faith in the country once she feels better she's planning on leaving france and the violence she has experienced. the body recovered from the wreckage of a plane in the english channel has been confirmed as that a footballer in many an asylum the twenty year old arjun tynan was on his way to wales to sign for cardiff city when contact was lost with his flights and now his family's worst fears have been confirmed. after nearly three weeks of pain and uncertainty the search for a million or so law is finally over british police identified the body recovered from the wreckage of a plane off the islands of jhansi as salaam. the twenty eight year old argentine had been missing since january twenty first when his plane disappeared in route from france to wales shortly after he had left his father a voice message saying he was so scared that they were about to crash the plane now confirmed to be that of salon pilot david it but sin was discovered in the english
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channel earlier in the week that mentions body has yet to be found. so i was headed to wales to join new club cardiff city after they broke their club record signing him from both clubs that paid tribute to the striker and argentina's president. offered his condolences via twitter to slots family after the confirmation but discovery provides closure for salons family who say they can now more but they must now wait until an interim police report scheduled for february twenty first for answers on why the crash occurred. now to one of our favorite parts of the program talking movies and with good reason that probably not liberal and international film festival has kicked off four hundred movies are currently being screened over the next ten days and our reporters are down at the red carpet for you phil and dave it a levitt's hi guys what's been happening today. yes well
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this is day two legendary film festival and things really are starting to get exciting last night we had the world premiere of the opening film of the entire festival and now the films are coming they can fall off there are seventeen in total that are competing we've seen two of them today and we just had the well crimea of one of those films on the red carpet behind us the stars took to the cockpit among the fans here it was a german film so this really was a film that a lot of people turned out for to check out the pressure actually today is really on because last night's opening film completely flopped it was billed as a modern day fairy tale it was a story of people on hard times who come together through twists of fate in new york city to help each other out the kindness of strangers the title and that's what it's about but a lot of people are saying why was this film made that it wasn't made well so the
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pressure's on today and and it looks like you know we've got some serious european drama it may be we may be able to turn this thing around yeah that really was panned by the critics let's say hopefully something will happen better now that they definite has a lot to prove today once let's talk about the film a system crash what's that about. that's right we just saw the premiere of this german film system crasher it's about an emotionally disturbed and very violent a nine year old girl who basically keeps getting shipped from foster home to foster home and it's also about being the social workers who try to rescue her and this is quite an emotional movie i have to say i was on the edge of my seat very often even choking back tears i thought that the relationships in this movie were so real it really was gripping david's right it was something that you cannot turn away from
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it as she and we we ended up having a little bit of debate to the film is just about some of the issues raised about the question of its children and the welfare state here in germany and just what you do in a situation that seems hopeless it was it was really a fantastic film and it was markedly different to the phone that we saw yesterday and an amazing performance by the way by helen that same girl who plays benny the nine year old who's at the center of this film and this is the very first feature film by director no i think shy you know the belly nala brings together the best of european hollywood cinema cinema from all around the world and even some newcomers and here's a great example of that right is west talking a little bit about this directive first of all to say the balun island really is trying to focus on divesting gender diversity as part of that so said that this is that films in competition by female directors and north is one of them and it was an extraordinary feat that she achieved to full her first feature film and it was
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no easy feat from what we've heard we know that she visited a lot of these caves to do research we know that it took her a long time to shoot this film because she was dealing with a lot of young children so it really is extraordinary for a woman who's in him but that's all right guys i got forty seconds left i understand you had a sneak peek of the big film premiering later today by the grace of god what's that about. yeah another dramatic topic later this time about a child abuse in the catholic church by priests now i do quickly want to say that there are currently legal cases going on in relation to this story actually in front so it's quite a tricky film to show this is raise a lot of legal problems and the latest by director for swallows on france's one of france's top directors there's going to be a lot of buzz around that film and on the red carpet behind us for the world premiere of the hard charlotte charleston phil and david leavitt's at the red carpet for us guys catch up with you later.
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all right and that brings us to the end of this edition eco india is up next with green news from south asia so stay tuned for that only allow rock and roll and thank you so much for spending this part of your ad day with me don't forget you can get all your news on our web site twenty four seventh's just had to do w dot com for now about.
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india enough of all of this embarrassment mensuration is still a taboo subject in india and feminine hygiene products are hard to find one group wants to change this by many freshman senator. and selling the door to door. explained to them that she's. next.
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once upon a time there was a young girl with a burning ambition. to become a conductor. i was a very curious child and very excited i mean you know with music and i would go to concerts with my parents and. hear him for being on stage decisions and being part of that magic it wasn't difficult trying to get girls she was told to become conductor but this girl. and the obsessive. one she really did become a world famous conductor brimming over with virtuosity.
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among the. lamas. starts feb eighteenth d.w. . whole welcome to a brand new episode of india a sustainable teen magazine that what's the focus on change make us while finding solutions to the biggest problems facing our world today.


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