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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2019 12:02am-12:31am CET

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one of the u.s.'s most famous tabloids the white house jeff bezos says he's being blackmailed by the national enquirer over leaks about his personal life and suggests that the revelations of politically motivated i'm phil gale in berlin and this is the day. last month. that jeff bezos announced he was divorcing his wife of twenty five years on the same day the national enquirer published intimate text messages between mr bezos and. mr bezos investigation into how the texts were leaked through suspicions of what the washington post described as a government entity now he says the enquirer has threatened to publish intimate photos unless he makes a public statement saying that the tabloid coverage was not influenced by political forces. also coming up tonight we get the latest from the berlin
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film festival. and david leavitt's will join us from where it's all happening. the red carpet the legendary international film festival will be taking you to two world premieres two european dramas competing for the top prize the golden bear. begin the day with the world's richest man facing off against america's most notorious tabloid last month the national enquirer published a steamy messages between amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos and his lover the belly that wants to know how the paper got its hands on those that text messages and now he's revealed what he says happened after that . prove a tabloid scandal or politically motivated attack jeff bezos has accused to publish a link to president donald trump of blackmail and
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a post published on the website media. last month after the amazon c.e.o. and his wife announced that divorce the national enquirer published intimate messages revealing an extramarital affair eager to know how the paper came to possess these messages has also hired private investigators he suspected it was driven by dirty politics his suspicions grew stronger when he says the national enquirer parent company am i threatened to publish photos of him if you didn't make a public statement saying its previous coverage of him was not politically motivated well that got my attention but not in the way the likely any passionate. i could cause me takes a backseat because there's a much more important matter involved here if in my position i can't stand up to this kind of extortion how many people can. just his ownership of the
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washington post has made him the enemy of powerful people including the saudis and the us president trump relies on favorable coverage from am i even admitted to withholding damaging information about trump to help him win the twenty sixteen election. its boss david peca is a close associate of trump. am i says it has acted lawfully in its reporting on bezos but if investigations find otherwise the media company could be in trouble. let's get more on this from rick wilson he's a republican media strategist and author of the book everything that trump touches dies he joins us from miami or welcome to day w. the thrust of this blackmail if it happened is interesting because it's not about it doesn't seem to be about money according to mr bezos am i as lawyers wanted him to say that the national enquirer is coverage was not politically motivated so what
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does this tell us. i think what you've seen here is the inner workings of a large p.r. machine that's long been in service to donald trump to be expose i think bezos made a very very bold decision to take the short term hit personal embarrassment for the long term hit of removing what is essentially an organized business model based on sexual blackmail. that take it out take it on head on and i think the reason that i am i was seeking to have as a stop was that there were two reasons one there first under a cooperation agreement the southern district of new york given the michael cohen case and they've been non-prosecution agreement they have to stay in the lanes and behave properly if they're going to stay out of trouble so the decision on the michael cohen case of course this is mr trump a form of personal love lawyer who is who is being investigated for where this fits or his and sickly areas is is to god that they get to curable terms very very dirty
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laundry but what you're seeing is a second way this second layer of this is that apparently the a.m.r.i. the national enquirer company is in bed in some capacity with the saudis and so there's become a very fraught and nervous effort by am i to have there's a stop looking down the one place they don't want him to walk so i think there are the troops relationship of the saudi relations to combine to make am i very nervous and they made a gamble that just days those would say ok i will see to your demands and i will and i will say yes to your sexual blackmail if you won't run he says and he basically said no i'm going to go the other way. so tell us then about the national enquirer one of the lessons from noise which jeff bezos published the noise as a reference to releasing these texts and would give no end it's a pleasure to send this e-mail is that true. no it in the national
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enquirer are based on sexual gossip you know it's entertainment area and in the united states music arena and that's why it was so unusual that basest was targeted because normally tech billionaires are not the stuff of national enquirer stories normally tech billionaires are not you know the hot supermarket tabloid gossip targets and it was just it wasn't a coincidence that this particular town with owner is the or tabloid target was the owner of the washington post and a and a political figure and in that regard it trumps mine that opposes and therefore you know the the apparatus around trump of various right wing and entertainment media to go after of a zos their people are able to draw very bright line back to trump very quickly so given the nature of these photos and takes a number of people with access must be very small what are people saying about the likely source of this leak well you know the security consultant gavin de becker
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who's working with jeff bezos right now is a well regarded security consultant in the us he handles all of quite high profile cases for high value individuals and for for prominent individuals and their forensic assessment right now is that the phone was not compromised by a user or by a friend or something like that but in fact that there may have been a you know some with the kid builders of the nation state the that accessed his phones data so i think we're a very interesting position right now as to just. suggest you know what how the technical matter was accomplished but if it wasn't nation state in the fingers of already pointed out very quickly to saudi arabia on that front desk all speculation as of now but i certainly think we're going to end up with that being a top of mind question ok so a saudi arabia possibly in the frame and does the president get to get touched by this until. well look david pecker the publisher of the national enquirer and
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donald trump are very very close friends don't trump use the national enquirer with what they called america catch and kill and the catch and kill situation is a scandalous story about donald trump one of his many girlfriends we come out of the national enquirer would say to the girlfriend we're going to give you a contract and pay you one hundred fifty thousand dollars as long as you never ever ever mention donald trump again and so the catching kill methodology was something that was very popular with the truck sorry i can't it's movie screen was very popular with the with the in mind the trump team and so that's one of the things that he's going to have some exposure on and this is you know is especially just because of choose to litigate with am i there going to have discovery in the american legal process we're going to be able to go through and look at the business models and practices of am i in the national enquirer and i don't think that ends well for mr trump talking to you thank you so much for joining us and rick wilson and my.
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e.u. member states of agree to push ahead with a controversial gas pipeline which will increase the volume of russian gas being delivered to the european union nord stream to link russia traveling beneath the baltic sea it'll fall of the roots of an existing pipeline and will be operated by the russian state energy from gazprom and it's an aspect that aspect which has led to vocal criticism from some quarters ministration ones the e.u. to pull out of the project saying it will make the bloc too dependent on moscow for its energy suppliers. but all those objections purely based on political concerns richard burt is managing partner with political lobbyist mclarty associates he's worked on behalf of a firm owned by gazprom and has represented european companies investing in north stream too is also a former us ambassador to germany welcome quite a c.v.
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a welcome to t.w. so germany does a deal with russia to import gas what does that have to do with the united states. well let me first of all clarify. our firm mclarty and i personally do not and have not represented gas prom here in washington we worked with the five. western european energy companies that are helping finance toward scream two. and it go to your question what washington is and i think you it's important here to make a distinction between let's say political washington and energy or business washington or business u.s. i think mainly the political concern in washington and it's shared i think by both the. trumpet ministration as well as many democrats in the congress is that europe and germany in particular is too much russian gas and that gas can be used
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as a political weapon as leverage to influence decision making in europe in fact as as the business and energy specialist recognize there's been a wholesale change in how both gas is regulated in europe by the e.u. as well as is in gas markets as you know very well and your and your watchers know the germans are moving to phase out coal production you have in the process of phasing out your nuclear production and indigenous european gas production is going down so germany and europe as a whole has to buy more gas abroad not only from russia but from norway from liquefied l.n.g. from the united states. gas from north africa so. north stream too is only part of
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a broader effort to provide more gas to europe and germany over the next twenty to thirty years which it will need in order to maintain. it's current growth trajectory so this pick up. because of course the u.s. as you've just mentioned plans to pipe liquefied gas into the e.u. so one wonders how much it's its objections to north stream or about trying to. ensure that it has a big proportion of the market sure. it's very clear and president trump has made that very clear and he said it publicly. the official policy of the trumpet ministration is what they call energy dominance so sure they would love to replace gas prom supplies of gas with with american elegy the problem is is american elegy is too expensive now and isn't competitive with
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piped gas from russia or pipe gas for example from norway so the prices will need to come down for the united states be successful in that market that said though germany has in an effort to try to demonstrate that it is prepared not only go by russian gas but gas from elsewhere as said it is prepared to help facilitate and even support the construction of an l n g terminal in vilhelm softly so that american elenchi can come into the german market and so the politics of this is interesting one wonders why europe would be better off taking more gas increased price from the united states a country that has turned its back on international cooperation and described europe and indeed germany as foes when it comes to trade. i can't answer that question what you're really asking me is is current american
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policy towards europe and germany in particular coherent and i would say it's not after the united states has started a trade war on issues like steel and aluminum and is raising the possibility of tariffs on automobiles coming into the u.s. market in the united states with virtually no consultation with the europeans. unilaterally withdrew from from recently from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty the i.n.f. treaty when earlier the united states pulled out unilaterally from the j c p o a with iran it's hard to understand why the europeans and why the germans should pay much attention at this point to us opposition to north stream too especially when the us ambassador writes these letters to two german gas firms which threatens sanctions against those firms if they don't stop their funding of the project this
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is not and having served as a bass or in germany i've served as an assistant secretary of state for europe this is not what i would call a record of masterful diplomacy it is almost driving it's almost driving a kind of consensus in europe in opposition to the united states is certainly against the opposition to u.s. . sanctions policy good talking to thank you so much for joining us richard bunch of money. associates and former u.s. ambassador joe. thank you. a compromise on no stream two between germany and france and came despite rumors of a rift between those two countries france had voiced concerns about the project but after the compromise was reached the german chancellor angela merkel said the franco german friendship was very much alive emmanuelle mccraw will be noticeably
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absent from next week's munich security conference in germany a conference chairman both kang ischinger told d.w. sara kelley that despite this the french and european viewpoint would be well represented we will have plenty of other senior representatives of the french government in munich to explain french positions. there will be a huge american delegation congressional delegation they will be a half a dozen german ministers etc etc so i think the purpose which i which is important to me the purpose to demonstrate in munich that the european union is alive and kicking that purpose can still be maintained we will have plenty of european speakers from germany from france from a number of other important european countries including the current romanian presidency it said red cetera et cetera so my for me it's very important that we
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demonstrate is specially to the anglo-saxon community that. the impression that may be created elsewhere that because of bricks that the european integration project is about to crumble that that's wrong actually popular support for the european union in most countries is up not but if we drill down a little bit deeper into the security situation here in europe i mean there's been much talk about a common european defense especially with the us calling the nato alliance into question recently what is your take on current efforts because i mean europe doesn't seem to be in too big of a rush to make any dramatic moves is it missing an opportunity. well if you ask me personally i think we could do even a lot more than what is currently being done to strengthen you know indigenous european military capabilities especially in the conventional area
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but let's also be fair there are porton initiatives take for example we you raise the franco german. relationship there is now on the drawing board a new. franco german fighting fighter aircraft which has just been agreed that is a very very important you know symbolic but also substantial a new initiative. in that direction of strengthening and pooling european military capabilities but i but i would be the first to agree we could even do a lot more is basically we in germany where the defense effort is not i think
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what it should be how about also when it comes to the defense of multilateralism just just generally speaking you know that rules based order that was established in the wake of world war two institutions like the u.n. the deputy oh for example i mean it's come under attack by populism politics around the world merkel speaking recently about the importance of preserving at. how do you see the prospects for making needing full changes to address current challenges and really supporting that world order what's your take. well i think i think this is a key challenge for. the entire european union if there is one important bloc in the world that relies on a free. and open and rules based international order it is surely the european union and i think it's is one of the main tasks for
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all of us in the in the e.u. to try to put together as has been said a kind of an alliance of multilateralist around the world we're not alone there is kind of there's a strain there's. a good number of other important countries out there. that have that share our interest in a global free trade system that share our interests in strong international institutions that share our interests in a rules based international system so i think we need to work on that we need to create partnerships and alliances but the e.u. i believe has the calling and and has the power actually we represent five hundred million people we are the strongest trading and economic bloc in the world if you if one looks at current data we have
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a lot of economic and soft power also and that's where we should apply it building multilateralism rebuilding multilateralism in a world that's fraying in the margins. at times talk of movies on the day the bell and ali baba's international film festival is well underway four hundred films on t.v. screens over the next ten days and shell that's tells a pill david leavitt's die. on the red carpet welcome both look at you looking so glamorous now you seem disappointed last night after the opening film the kindness of strangers how we're feeling about today. movies you know what i did to really pan the movie yesterday i have to admit but it couldn't kill the red carpet mood here at the belly nala all the stores all the glitz the glamour i
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will say that today we all saw we actually saw some movies that were good that we're pretty excited to tell you about right it really does feel today like the festival is well on the way we saw three films today there were three prime yes we had three and mazing right cop is behind us that say that it's truly kicked off now you know with some meaty hard hitting topics well let's talk about some of today's we see hard hitting both films and we'll start with the french offering by the grace of god. yeah this is a really difficult film to watch both a case it really does tackle very very difficult issue head on and that is the issue of the sexual abuse of children in the catholic church now it was the stream sobering the film is about the boys who try and expose boys who are sexually abuse who is men then try to use the allegations that they have they set up a support group and they really trying to break the silence of the catholic church
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what's really fascinating about this is that that group of men does exist in france and. there are two current legal cases that are going on involving two the men depicted in the film the priests and the cardinal now the film does briefly mention at the end that those cases are ongoing which means that the men have to have a presumption of innocence but of course the fact that these cases are going on means that there are some very difficult legal issues to contend with for the director director forswore to. zoar he's one of france's top directors was planning to bring this movie into the cinemas later this month in france that might not happen because there's legal action against him including from the lawyer of the priest who is depicted in the film who said that this might prejudice the trial against her client and i have to say there's no way you could come out of this film thinking this guy was innocent yeah that's right it was so you bring those a three a sense of calm indignance running throughout the film that in fact his own said
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that he had interviewed a number of. the alleged victims in the build up to making the film not something that i really think that you can you can pick up on when you're watching it almost sounds like a documentary docu drama feel and he says of course this is all a true story this really happened even the even the confession by the priest in the film and he said he hopes that this movie will have an impact on society but we can hear it from himself was on earlier at the press conference. for me this film opens the debate and i hope that the church will take it up when i started showing the film in france and lots of bishops have seen it we have had some very positive responses and people's awareness about paedophilia has grown very significantly and especially awareness about the code of silence so things are starting to change and i hope that the film will contribute to this debate so bravely chaps what about the
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first a german entry system crash wrote by director nor i think showed this is another hard hitting drama about an emotionally disturbed violent nine year old girl and her journey through several foster homes we both love this movie i personally thought it was amazing the depiction of the social workers who try to help her and realize they probably cannot yet be a film that gets you start to stop dead in your tracks and think about some of the issues it's got two things that really struck me briefly one was the acting of the young girl he betrayed that young girl stunning second of all an impressive feat feature film by this young female director to strike a pose. with you and next week have a good day. on the day is nearly done but the conversation continues.
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the present year of its most significant and its most six most creative. class. tasteful innovation brilliant charming. filesystem books. play calling t w. x. it's time for berlin sixty nine film festival. we give you the lowdown on all the stars. and gossip. girl a twenty one thousand every day on the down. i was three feet when i arrived here i slept with six people in a room. it was hardest for. i even got white hair.
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that jim language and not enough this gets moved and they go but you need to interact with the thing you want to do their story migrants are fighting and reliable information for margaret. e.u. members reach accord on a controversial gas pipeline project linking russia with germany but only after a last minute compromise will tell you what the deal means for nord stream to. also what would you do with an extra five hundred sixty euros a month with no strings attached finland's government just wrapped its basic income experiment and we'll tell you what they found. and germany's economic outlook for twenty nineteen may have slipped in recent days but the country can always look
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