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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2019 1:02am-1:31am CET

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the man who claims to be venezuela is only legitimately elected president says refusing to accept humanitarian aid woven in soil and star constitutes a crime against humanity in an exclusive interview with g w news opposition leader one accuses a nicolas maduro of commanding what he calls a silent genocide killing his own people to keep his power a law i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day. before when time is playing against me because when there is regime he has no future because he has no proposals nor does he have public support. if you make that this is the taking shape here there is persecution in venice right as this torture there's a generation of torture to look at that we think he means you continue talking to
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you is the large mobilization of people and the international support and our constitution in. yemen with that i was kidnapped once and they have threatened my family a couple of times and we've already seen what they do with dissidents in venezuela . also coming up tonight we take you to the berlin film festival my colleagues and david leavitt's are at the high guys. and their french cinema icon catching to nervous here for the world premiere of her latest film it's called farewell to the night and it takes a deeper look at terrorist recruitment we'll have that for you and two other world premieres coming up. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the promise that justice will be served in an exclusive interview with g w news that
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it's whalers opposition leader one why those says that the people responsible for not allowing humanitarian aid into the country will be put on trial says refusing the aid while people are dying of hunger and a lack of medication is tantamount to a crime against humanity or that accusation is aimed directly at president nicolas maduro maduro accuses the us of using the shipments of aid as a trojan horse part of an imperialistic plan to invade the country why do says that is a convenient conspiracy theory that will not distract from the harm being done to the people of venezuela. linker spoke with mr in caracas. you know. we've been very clear with the armed forces that they have to allow humanitarian aid to enter and we have a box it will be tried for human rights violations what's happening in venezuela could be considered aside and genocide you know hundreds of thousands have died because of a shortage of food or medicine so this regime is responsible for direct deaths like
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in the case of the special forces that killed over seventy people in a week for protesting and for indirect deaths because they're not doing anything to solve the food or medicine crisis not to mention crime rates that place caracas as the most dangerous capital city on the planet. when it. you said recently that there could be an american military intervention. there aren't you worried that would risk destabilizing the region. nor you. know no i didn't say that it's important i say this i've been asked a lot about whether one country can provide that sort of support so was i made it clear that every decision that venezuela makes will be taken in a sovereign manner i mean. that includes the decisions that are made by me as the interim president or by the national parliament. our job is to protect the lives of venezuelans we want to create stability in government focus on the emergency and
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overcome the dictatorship we'll decide what force is needed to put an end to this usurpation of power. there is with us you know and we thought very few members of the military have recognized you as the interim president of venezuela. why do you think they still support nicolas maduro and at the moment i want to get the they control the media you've probably seen a lot of those in international press but compare that to the number of television shows i've been invited to in venezuela not one it's incredible. but this is the whole world is watching what's happening in venezuela but within the country there's a dictatorial censorship. we've been in it was a minute but if there's no with a situation like this knowing me. there's some serious accusations coming from one to talk about that i'm joined here at the big table tonight by the next morning from the use of latin american service so good to see you here at the big table for
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a change list it's a little different let's take a listen to what wider set of belts that silent genocide if the employee were going to the time he's playing against nicholas madonna's regime it has no future because he has no proposing us nor does he have public support he has no direction he's not protecting his own people the reason is that it's unstoppable they can continue the only thing they know repression ciancia persecution possibly robbing venezuela's money what's unstoppable that it was that we are going to produce a peaceful democratic transition in venezuela for the good of the people. i mean the accusation there silent genocide i mean that is a serious allegation but at this stage really it's nothing more than words right well he has to be careful because genocide is. trying to have to destroy a whole ethnic group because of the religion or because of racial motives he has to be careful because former leaders of the a position has made similar mistakes the whole discourse has escalated and then we
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saw a dance and we saw injured people and that's when that when things start to get not not quite nice and violent so he has to be careful because he still has the support of people who did not support the former leaders and who are now supporting him because they are against motherwell but that doesn't mean that they will be there if this discourse escalates that way that's a good point and then what we're seeing today is a massive rally that's being held by the opposition and what's the aim there. well pressure that's what they're trying the whole time pressure from venezuela and pressure from the international community but at the end it's really about it's about the. humanitarian help that is talked to between venezuela and colombia and in this case you can really say that giving up the control of humanitarian aid of the foods and the medicines in there would be giving up the control of power and so
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it's really it's a mixture and it is difficult and it's complex because. a topic that should be humanitarian should have a humanitarian corrector because it's about humanitarian aid it's becoming very political yeah and that is dangerous because maduro you know he's implying that if you open the border to medicine he'll also open the gates to the u.s. military and he's not watching this rally today silently and he's organized his own rally today has a day here is because he is under pressure he's struggling to keep on being there where he is but he's actually taking. various there's he's saying kicking down the road taking the road exactly because he has to give up power at a party and he doesn't have money he doesn't have cash he has a lot of money he has to give to russia to china we're talking about billions of billions of dollars. and he's really against the wall so this is again
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a try to to to show that he is still in power and you know you come from south america yes and you know what the situation is there particularly around in its way let in but also inside do business wins are they getting the same information that the international community is getting about the situation i mean is is the media there is it possible to get the truth to the people it's probably not and we heard it today in the interview. with wade oh. he has given interviews to international broadcasters but not one not a single interview to a national broadcaster and that is a very interesting point karolina to morning from our latin american service elite it's great to have you here and giving you are giving our viewers your insights thank you thank you friend. for. natives secretary general hugh shelton bag has warned against
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a new nuclear arms race after a cold war era pact between russia and the us collapsed earlier this month the i n f treaty bans the development of possession of intermediate range nuclear missiles and the u.s. quit the deal after accusing russia of not sticking to its obligations russia followed suit saying u.s. defense missile systems in poland and romania contravene the i.n.f. treaty the i n f is topping the agenda this week in brussels at a meeting of nato defense ministers and right here in germany at the munich security conference today she said russia's reason for quitting the i.m.f. is completely off the mark take a listen and if it in all is in real danger. and also the reason why we continue to call or a subtle cold but into compliance in this six month period with a stick and do so saving the. treaty which would be of great importance for ols.
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that. ballistic missile defense system is a defensive system that only sides their. interceptors they're not armed. and it's part of the agreement with remain on poland that of course there will be no offensive missiles on that side so that's totally mixing two totally different things in just an attempt to try to distract attention from the real pulled on the real problem is the new. russian missiles that was the end stoltenberg speaking so new russian missiles are we entering a new nuclear arms race and did the old one really end what about north korea what about the emerging military power of china my next guest says the way that we have looked at nuclear weapons and nuclear deterrence has been an illusion he details that in his book the doomsday machine confessions of a nuclear war planner he is also a legendary whistleblower the journalist who released the pentagon papers in one
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nine hundred seventy one classified documents which helped to face it the vietnam wars and as well as watergate and the resignation of richard nixon i'm happy to welcome to the day daniel ellsberg is ellsberg it's honored to have you on the day we appreciate you taking the time they talk with us i'd like to talk with you about about how we view nuclear weapons in deterrence in general in just a moment but first i'd like to ask you about this acute problem right now with this i.n.f. treaty should it should it be saved i mean is the treaty as important today as it was when it was signed i would say so yes in fact we have six months for the kind of movement among our allies i would say the u.s. and nato and movements all over the world actually against building new triggers to a doomsday machine both russia and the u.s.
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have. capabilities poised to preempt the others attack in a first strike if they got warning that an attack was on the way that warning could be false it's that's been true both in the us and in russia in fact in one thousand muti three russians receive signals that u.s. missiles were on the way had not stanislav petroff a lieutenant colonel in the warning center in moscow decided to say to his superiors it's a false alarm which it was but he wasn't sure of it and he decided to take that gamble and say that it was a false alarm fortunately it was had he said otherwise we would not be here you cannot be here and you know that brings me to this acute threat if you will the north korean nuclear threat and i want you to listen to what u.s. president said about that threat and his powers in the state of the union address last week take a listen. if i had not been elected president of the united states we would
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right now in my opinion be in a major war with north korea. i mean that's quite you know a claim to me that's an absurd statement i'm glad that we're not in a major war a minor war with north korea armed conflict with a nuclear power even a minor one the smallest one in the world that's north korea would be insane it would kill millions of people more than it ever does in a short period of time in the history it would not end life on earth because north korea is the one of the nine states that clearly doesn't have the capability to bring on nuclear winter and or russia in the us would do that with a small fraction of their arsenals north korea has it moves ten sixty missiles too many and yet the mo the least of any of the others they don't have enough targets for us to burn to cause enough smoke to go into the stratosphere to blot out
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harvests for the next decade u.s. and russia do have that do you do you think that the president himself is aware or the world is aware of the possibility of kim jong un having this is this final attack mode that if he's going to be knocked out of power decapitated then he'll use all the resources he has to watch a full onslaught on the united states with he was there with that's why there should be no armed conflict this situation has to be resolved in other ways when you mention decapitation that was the threat of the pershing toulouse the missiles that were being deployed to germany in one thousand nine hundred eighty three they were due in november the russians fear they might be coming earlier wonderful fear there might be a surprise attack from president reagan whom he regarded as unbalanced and he was had his system on high alert waiting for any indication of an incoming. straight and is a by the way the person to have the ability to hit moscow with him ten eight ten or
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twelve minutes from moscow giving no warning for that reason the russians instituted a system they call the dead hand system more perimeter system which i'm sure that if moscow is destroyed by anyone could have been a chechen and terrorist would gotten hold of a warhead whatever happened. their missiles would go off and we would not be here it was an insane response exactly like ours exactly like ours all those years because i working for president kennedy had reported to him from my work under president eisenhower the president eisenhower had delegated authority in case washington was destroyed to his field commanders to the launch their weapons and kind of did know that in the first weeks of his administration the russians as i say imitated that for the same reason in the persian too was a threat of a no warning attack i was arrested here in germany on september second one nine
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hundred eighty three in bit berg protesting the pershing to lose and the s.s. twenty's the russian intermediate range missiles both of which four years later were bend by agreement between reagan and gorbachev but of those two the persians were far more dangerous they threatened moscow is his twenty's didn't threaten washington or our command post they. russian security was improved by their removing those in a state of the world security was improved by a move in the persian tubes and now both parties both leaders are deciding to legitimate such weapons and bring them back that makes the world more dangerous you're going to the munich security conference later this week what would you even invited what would you like to see at the top of the agenda what should those policymakers why should they be talking about in doing right now they should be bringing utmost nonviolent pressure to bear this is not a problem that can be solved obviously by armed conflict or violence between the
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u.s. and russia because it threatens not only every member of that security conference their missions but everyone on earth so they should be telling us that we should not just go back to the i.n.f. treaty even was go far beyond that and dismantle these doomsday machines that are poised on her trigger alert on both sides we can't just go back to where we were before that was too dangerous what do you think it says about the state of geopolitics today that a famous whistleblower is being invited to attend the munich security conference i . i look forward to finding out how that is for sure we were you surprised to get the education it's first time but we'll we'll see but certainly what i will tell you is i suspect that many of them there are even heads of state have never actually been briefed i suspect the president trump will not be there has not been briefed on the i actually affects if you carry out any of his so-called options his
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larger attack options against russia in commitment to be aligned it's a bit that if that is true and i think a lot of people would agree with you then it makes his ability to you know they have the red button and the codes i mean it's dangerous because he doesn't have complete information what i found by the way was in one thousand is really is meant hundred sixty one. i'm saying is true today is that not only the head of state has that but neither side is willing to let itself be paralyzed by a single attack either a bullet or a nuclear bomb out there are little there are a lot of buttons that can do it probably neither late leader knows any more than kennedy know at that time just how many people could launch those weapons and it was not only the president then since one thousand nine hundred three at least it has not been russia putin has officially acknowledged the existence of the dead hand system which they're modernizing. the the idea if push
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putting were to launch one of these cruise missiles that purportedly and i'm ready to accept this does violate the law of treaty. all of these people would die along with everyone else on earth the idea that the really limited war is simply absurd good for profit so it's good for building the weapon which speaks to the insanity that you talk about in your book. we have more time but we certainly appreciate you coming in tonight and sharing your thoughts and we will hopefully see you later this week in the unit if you take it. and. it is premier time for peron is based on the novel by. it's about a group of stop at nothing teenagers you take over organized crime in their home city naples. has been living under police protection since writing the two thousand
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and eight mafia film good more. is one of these sixteen movies competing for the golden bear this year the movie stars a group of young amateur actors recruited in naples distributors described the movie as a disturbing portrayal of youth in a permanent state of. the director. described what they were trying to achieve at a press conference at the festival. see what i mean that with it we had certain references in mind in the breathe life into the film. naples but it's really a film about adolescence first and foremost feeling it's not a sociological film in that respect at least we were trying to make a sociological film about enabling and it's criminal under what we have. what we really wanted to talk about was adolescence. but i have all of the first time in the international history of crime there were acting as
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the leading heads of a criminal organization. there have always been children inside these gangs but never before has bosses this is unique. all right i mean that's it and david leavitt's there at the bell and alla in downtown berlin let's check out what they've got to say hi guys the film peron is it sounds like it might be heavy going was it. well it was very intense but also a very beautiful and moving film one of the my favorites to come out of this film festival so far it takes us into the heart of chaotic naples gives of us a portrait of just teenagers who are caught up in the world of organized crime like the director said he wanted to show you motional impact this had on teenagers not necessarily telling the story of organized crime in italy but what it does to a teenager who wants to get ahead who's very smart. ending up in the mafia.
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who's a very smart young man in any other situation he could have gone to university probably could have been headed for a career but he's he's trapped in the system that's bigger than himself it's almost shakespearean tale there's a there's a love story involved it's really a great film yes something that really struck me about this movie in particular is how this character nicolai really straddles the divide between childhood and manhood on the one side he's still a child in the sense that he fights with his younger brother over who gets to finish the snacks that their mom bought of the supermarket but he's a hardened criminal who's able to walk up to a drug dealer and shoot him a close range that was he was quoted by the director also keeps the camera at child level so that we really get into their minds this is a really strong movie and i think we both think it's a pretty good contender for that kind of bear but yeah i mean it sounds like it let's switch gears from the criminal underbelly of society to the top echelons of
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cinema royalty but it's again you're getting a taste of that today aren't. yeah and you know any second the one the only country in the nerve star of french cinema since the one nine hundred sixty she's supposed to show it looks like she's a little bit late to her own premiere but why not fashionably late. that's right the film that's for me tonight farewell to the. knight she she's starring in this film as a french woman who is a horse breeder in france she reunites with her grandson who she helps raise after a long time of being apart from him she doesn't know him very well anymore it's kind of a grandmother grandson relationship she realizes pretty soon that he's hiding something from her he says he's going to canada for a new job but it turns out to be something darker he's actually being groomed by a radical islamist organization a terrorist organization and it really plays with this idea that
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a grandmother has to step in and try to help her grandson for whom she's been a great you know this is actually cut screened in its eighth film together with the director on titian and he's one of her favorite directors she's one of his favorite actresses he works a lot with big actresses so this is quite a team and it's one of the most anticipated movies of the year we hope that we'll get her here on the red carpet for here yeah well you know in hollywood that they what is it they say we live katharine did knew by third that a lot of what about the final german competition. yeah i thought that make you laugh there the final german competition for years isn't here today oh ok let's take a look and see here she is oh she is or it looks like she's in fur ok that doesn't that doesn't surprise us too too much now this is something that i love about the belly nala every year you know it doesn't matter who you are all you have to do is show up and you can rub shoulders with your favorite stars and you know
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that they say that this year there's been criticism that the banal doesn't have a huge set of hollywood a listers but if you look at french cinema you have kathleen of and julie had been no sure going to be in this building together tonight well all right well you guys get the lucky assignments and have fun for the rest of the evening watching for more of the red carpet stars i mean as have been david levitz thank you they're right behind you got us. the day is nearly done and the conversation continues online you know where to find us and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is a another day will see of that.
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they live like god on the mount olympus so this new. top executives. the high flyers a high finance. shakers marc klaas along move in send them into freefall and then what about the one big winners. who ends up paying
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the price made in germany next. what happens when the state don't have programs when companies. come creates a conflict of interest between development aid agencies and the private sector contracts from such alliances. they. come closer to. the business development. in forty five minutes spotty w.
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n extreme begin. to move really know their stuff. moves. with field and to finish. the party and chat with musicians from around the world. groups every week doubling. if here's a story that has it all power money intrigue sex and in the end a fuming pile of rubble the remains of what once was a mcniff isn't.


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