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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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the at. the back. to you at. this news coming to you live from violence scandal hits the catholic church yet again this time allegations of sexual abuse of nuns including within india's catholic community detail you speak to a nun who is refusing to remain silent also coming up one at home in the u.s. president donald trump is facing growing opposition to his declaration of a national emergency sixteen u.s. states and going to court to block the president's plan to appropriate funding for border wars. and the football crazy city of liverpool england
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a certain german is gaining cult status football coach jurgen klopp maybe just a few football victories away from joining the liverpool list that includes some of football's greatest his team liverpool caused by music tonight. how to rock and i'm number those stories in just a bit but first some breaking news the iconic chanel design a car lagerfeld has died at the age of eighty five lagerfeld is reported to have been in ill health for several weeks the iconic designer missed two option as couture shows in january but the company only said he'd been feeling tired the hamburg born designer was one of the most prolific designers in modern fashion but
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also gained a name for his photography. joining me now from all is david levitz. to disco welcome david. is very known to everyone in the world of fashion but not just what made his fashion so unique. it wasn't just about his fashion i mean it was also about him very much as a as a personality the man behind the dark glasses with this white hair always pulled back in earlier years he always had a fan with him about was in his years when he was he was larger and this was almost like his armor you know who was the man behind the armor we never really got a glimpse of it of him and that was sort of a mystery he did he did let out a lot of gruff humor let's say you know when heidi klum came onto the scene he said well i don't know her and claudia schiffer doesn't know her either. so there was the fashion on the one side and then there was this personality and i would say
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this personality is part of what makes it hard to believe that he's no longer with us he missed out on those shows a. week in paris last month chanel said that he was sick but it he's a living legend and with little living legends it's almost hard to believe that they are mere mortals in a way. now with karl lagerfeld what what he's known for in the fashion world particularly is reviving chanel chanel was a brand that was on hard times no one thought that anyone could bring it back and that's what he did at the beginning of the early eighty's so he is he's an icon in the fashion world and was also of course be remembered as a personality he was a great personality as you said and of course and talking about his fashion i have an amateur interest in fashion i always thought he understood women he discovered some of the was stuck models as you mentioned a saudi. and you know a couple of others who admired him loved him and adored working with him and when
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you look back at a man who was seen as a legend in the fashion was. what do you think he's beaten them but for most well he brought. in a way to the world by reviving chanel he was also one of the first top designers to have a fashion label in his own name that he brought to a wider public he worked with aging them together before versace did it before don't think about it before stella mccartney so in a way he also played a role in democratizing the big names of paris fashion he's also known for her is a quite a few anecdotes he was a rival of some of all in their younger years in paris of course he's survived by decades. to have a seven decade long career in fashion and i don't think that his legacy is going away anytime soon after he had such a love of fashion and the lines i remember about him is that anyone who goes around getting track pants has lost control of his life it's something that i can
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empathize with by that. but i do expect fans but only in the gym david david thank you very much and of course we talk to you again later in the program as more details become available and that of course is to remind viewers have just joined us at the judgment fashion designer a friend has died after a few weeks off in this new mall on that story as details become available now the catholic church is facing a new storm of sexual abuse allegations this time involving anon in the southern india state of like or to many others this case follows a familiar pattern allegations of abuse and then cover ups by top to the men one of the most shocking cases a bishop accused of raping a nun thirteen times over a period of two yeahs the nun in that case says she was ordered to remain silent as church leaders closed ranks one of a fellow sistas encouraged call and other victims to speak correspondent sonja
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father has more. it's early morning in. the church here has always been a powerful institution but in recent months its foundations have been shaken by sex scandal last september a nun and get accused an influential bishop of repeated rape when officials believe to actually a group of nuns rallied around the victim and held unprecedented public protests. one of those who joined those protestants was sister lucy culebra she cravat from a home here in the district of why not to support the alleged victim. the nun is wary about being filmed public she chooses an empty auditorium to speak in the thirty six years that she's been a nun she's come across many instances of sexual abuse by the clergy. abuse in the terrorists by preachers to that now as it's happening but it is silent
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a lot of story i have all day. got shared by the sisters and i don't how do three experiences like that prompting me tempting me to their own ambition but they're trying. to sit with them at a lot of mistakes inside the turret but they're not ready to. do. all this for it. instead of that they're covering up all this. the catholic church in india has largely stayed silent on the allegations against the bishop was arrested last year following the protests and then grill east on bail even here and why not officials were relieved to see one priest who did agree sort to downplay the issue. my position is my remember i.
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brought. my i was. brought up in the public discussion so i started and said that speaking out against the powerful catholic church and drawing attention to sexual abuse is never easy especially in a conservative state like. nuns who are deaf to break the culture of silence faith ridicule i thought lucian and even disciplinary action from the congregations this is. just about joining protest sister lucy has written articles criticizing the church silence on sexual abuse she's received warning letters from her congregation ordering her to stop speaking out she's been accused of causing harm to the church and belittling the catholic leadership says it. doesn't like that last anybody can speak freely frankly. to the world if i am abused to serve the now there that
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can bring me to them being a stat that so many are coming to the fact many many are coming openly. to that. society today to talk there is not if there is no cult like that we are all of a slave. in this case. despite the warnings the nun has no plans of backing away what i had i had to do i must be. made like that. to lucy's hope is that the lead to scandal will shine a light on the church speed leagues and make some much needed reforms. joining me now from delhi. she's the director of the center for social research in india and an active campaigner for women's rights to the public protests by the nuns over the abuse of the catholic church was quite unprecedented what impact has
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this had there. well i think it's a deep impact because not only that there is an environment in the country at the moment where women are questioning religious institutions hindu women are questioning their right to enter the temple muslim women's has thing to do away with all kinds of obnoxious cultural and religious practices with people like triple the lock same be it first time ever war someone from inside the church and none comes out and you know the kind of really in their own straw out of the bishops on them by you know trying to prevent them first they'll second given they came out on the protest to tell them that they will be really published and penalized will have done because of the largest support that they got from this was id from him is organizations from all of us they managed to stand the ground and they managed to fight back and i think that is this is if it's deep down investigated this whole idea of celibacy and trying to see that all these people
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are living by the rules of the church is not true women are sexually getting exploited and add is and now that we in our country have a lot to really protect women against sexual harassment at walkways that in the minority belittled blue dragon as one of the nuns said that because of me too movement you know it is very strong now be men are realizing that they're not supposed to be becoming some kind of a sexual slaves in the institution they're walking all they're not supposed to speak out you know as we heard in our report the nun who alleges he was raped no support from within the catholic church suddenly it was the police who arrested the bishop and then let him out on bail what is expected to happen now. but you know the it is now the ball is in the court of the police and i think because of the when they were trying to suppress the why is within the charge that you know they were the they were really scaring them and they were trying to tell them that if you come out you will repeal lies and that is why the voice was not coming out but
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now that given and didn't of course there was a big outrage in the country you should have seen the electronic media get out of it print media every read it was there in the social media people started protesting and finally the police was really forced to take action now the ball is in the court of the police the weevil for investigation there is a charge of sexual assault and this is a very very serious offense often in my arc is you know we change the law any kind of sexual assault to really be in a look and see done under the law and was you know suggestion is complete and cases filed i'm sure he is going to be punished for sexually assaulting that one and they cannot really they try to bully them but it is not it was not working because there is so much of the support from outside and people like us are standing with the nuns to support them not the catholics at a very small community and under nine in december two percent of what you will see there is a broader support for the nuns among the community there. absolutely absolutely
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there is a general environment which is changing that is a cultural a shift in india which is taking place where women's right with dignity at walk is really getting institutionalize it is through the law and by them and that themselves and by the action of the large of amos woman support that we are trying to really push for this and catholic church has to come up with some kind of a solution they cannot just covered it up because this is not this is one is we had an unspoken god might support the support of the state know all kinds of political groups also in the state and that is why they have been able to stand the ground and in spite of all the critics that the church just had no business or curtain the nuns were big declared the nun bishops have come together and they have taken the nuns know what he's talking nobody see this senior from the church is talking about it at all they're not going to make a statement but that doesn't matter the crime has taken place we have a lot of good men and this sexual assault case will be really i investigated and
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and there has to be some kind of or you know all punishment to the bishop right around to the defective of the center for social research in delhi thank you very much for that. there's been a bring you up to do some other stories making news around the world pakistani prime minister iran khan has warned his country would retaliate if india takes military action calling last week's deadly attack in the disputed kashmir region of pakistan based militant group jaish e mohammad claimed responsibility for that attack on a security convoy the top indian military command in kashmir accuses pakistan's intelligence agency off involvement. u.s. senator bernie sanders has announced he would run for president again in two thousand and twenty elections saunders ran for the democratic presidential nomination in two thousand and sixteen but ultimately lost out to hillary clinton
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saunders made the announcement in a radio interview saying that the current occupant of the white house was quote an embarrassment to the country. the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi is on a charm offensive in brussels below c. is hoping to convince officials there that washington remains committed to the nato military alliance president dollar trump is regularly lashed out at his need to allies. to the years now and a group of sixteen states led back alley foreigner is suing the trump administration always declaration of a national emergency they claim the plan to appropriate funds to build a wall along the mexican border violates the constitution the president's emergency declaration is also drawing opposition from some civil society groups. who are doing it in through view of the white house. in new jersey.
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and texas. the on the in south carolina. and in colorado a grass roots show of force and opposition to the u.s. president in colorado we will be on the side of the rule of law. and because colorado would be quite easily go watch and having fun there are dedicated to this and here where we will be joining in action to challenge. their romance sixteen states to challenge what they see as a cash grab taking disaster relief money to pay for more than two thousand kilometer long vanity project on the mexico border the wall standoff came to a head on friday when president trump said he would invoke
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a rarely used power bypassing congress to fund his campaign promise i could do the wall over a longer period of time i didn't need to do this but i'd rather do it much faster for his opponents that statement appear to undermine his case there's a crisis president trump got it right when he said. he didn't have to do this but i would now pressure is mounting from within his republican party with the senator's objects and i think it's a bad idea whether the last currently written permits it or not if it does that i it's a moment to sort of study whether congress has delegated to much power to the executive but i actually i just think it's about being. arrived back at the white house donald trump may have missed the protests but the brewing political right will be harder to escape. the prospect of greg said with over there is making british companies very nervous foreign companies are also valid the
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japanese comic a honda has announced it will be killed in its plant in the town of swindon in southwest england in two yes a huge blow for people in the area thousands will lose their jobs and many local businesses will lose their main source of income. the announcement from tokyo was expected but when it came the shock wave could be felt most acutely in southern england he said you should have started talks the union aiming to end the production of completed vehicles at hyundai u.k. manufacturing in twenty twenty one. honda has insisted that its decision is not due to breaks it the swindon plant had tough times long before the u.k. voted to leave the you see a techie here ahead chico says other factors are pushing it to produce the new honda civic in north america or elsewhere. as you're aware that for rio vehicle industry is facing a turning point under the circumstances in order for honda to survive we need to
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provide our products in a speedy nano to meet our customer's needs and to keep on creating new value towards the future. provide no comfort as all to the three and a half thousand employees at the swindon plant and to the town where they live work and spend on i still think we are an attractive place to come home there was even crease in exporting its calls to the us and other parts of the world from swindon obviously we need to look carefully at the decision that has been made and understand the reasons why but i can't disguise the fact that it's a bitter blow for swindon are for the communities that i represent. it's also a bitter blow to the u.k.'s wider motor manufacturing sector have to nist sampled plans to build one of its new models the u.k. government has described hundreds decision as devastating. if you just joined us here watching the news let me recap our breaking news story for you the legendary
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chanel design a car lagerfeld has died in paris at the age of eighty five longer felt is reported to have been in health for seven reaks he missed two option as odd couture shows in january but the company only said he had been feeling tired the hamburg born designer was one of the most prolific designers in modern fashion they also gained a name for his photography. for more about galaga fit i'm joined by david leavitt's from austin to disco welcome david now the all of. the seen a lot of his fashion shows on television if not invent to me a little bit about. well karl lagerfeld was this amazing figure really he grew up wealthy in germany and then he worked his way up through the french fashion scene and paris starting as a young man working sixteen hours a day became the top designer at chloé and eventually the top designer at chanel
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brands that he pulled back from the brink something that no one thought that he could do now what made. it special as well if you look at him in comparison to his rival his rival in business his rival actually in a romance as well home was was sort of the darling of paris high society but karl lagerfeld was the designer for the wild child and that's how he built himself as well. you know as you said he was a bit of a man maverick in the fashion world and he was also did not hesitate to provoke that made him why didn't but i said that if you have a good fishing personality in the fashion but i didn't do it to her he was very provocative i mean he was definitely took swipes at other figures in the fashion world he also was quite open about his own life is a lack of love in his life he even told interviewers that the only love in his life
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was the love he paid for really unabashedly about that and there's something about his his whole persona his personality this white hair the dark glasses the dark suits the dark ties often wearing gloves and the fan that he was business fan of. until recent decades there's something about it that i've always seen as sort of an armor there's this myth mystery this mystique behind the man with the dark. glasses . i've always seen it as a kind of loneliness i don't know for sure but he definitely was an absolute workaholic and passionate about the work he made and that was his his life you know it was just in this wonderful l.a. conflict that he was very in this because we just saw you know i am an amateur interest in fashion elvis felt that he understood women and he understood the fashion that he was making for women and that lots of the world's top models all day korea's took him to some extent of the show for for instance absolutely and
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you've been following his career for a while what kind of strikes you most about him well you know he was someone that people you either loved him or you hated him from and outside now if you were in the fashion world you really either loved him or hated him he could make a career or he could break it he was someone to be. to be worshipped in some sense but also absolutely to be feared. and personality and a living legend that's one of the reasons it's so hard to believe that he's not with us here if he was a living legend absolutely in this so many wonderful anecdotes about him david david thank you very much for your initial thoughts on. sadly has passed away at the age of eighty five an iconic german fashion designer. now moving on to a business for to end europe's top club tournament and the round of sixteen in the champions league tonight's premiere match up sees england heavyweights liverpool hosting by munich liverpool is german club has managed to bring new energy to
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liverpool and is gaining on most a cult status in the legendary city. liverpool loves its legends among them the beatles and hometown club never cool af city since its foundation in one thousand nine hundred two the club has won eighteen league titles but it's been twenty nine years since they were last champions under coach you're going to clear up their fans are allowing themselves to dream big again. the but. if you need him. being in charge at liverpool since twenty fifteen where his management style is popular with most of the supporters. are his side reach the champions league final but lost to real madrid. if they want to keep their hopes alive of reaching the final again they'll need to get past german giants barn munich. and to
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finish the season and you don't think about it. if you think about a. night really big one of these games if i would be happy about being. a german team has never won a champions league or european cup match and on field. barn have tried on three occasions coach is familiar with klopp who used to coach dortmund only respect for him. because he doesn't give up he's a fighter he just keeps going you can see that with his team well we're expecting this on tuesday and in the second leg. that if you're going to top it manages to lead liverpool to a champions league glory. he may well become one of the club's legends. going to be a really juicy encounter now the force is strong with the french their country's
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fencing federation has voted to officially recognize lightsaber dueling as a competitive sport promising jedidiah masters lords will have no longer have to travel to a galaxy far far away to hone their craft. any direct because used by the do list even with a sound ship to emulate the crackle of the iconic star wars weapon. in the sports to encourage physical fitness among the nation's heroes. a recap of the top stories every fall and feel and the w. fashion icon of fed has died at the age of eighty five the german designer was best known for his association with the french go to a brand chanel back to nine hundred eighty three lagerfeld had reportedly been in ill health for several weeks. and wide ranging allegations of sexual abuse have drawn to the catholic church in india activists officials within the church are
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covering up the extent of the problem. that's it for me on the up next our documentary close up looking at human trafficking to stay with us if you can and also check out our website. dot com. it.
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reads like a nominee who seems to be listening even to the people smuggling a multi-billion dollar business. reporter spent two years observing smugglers helping migrants to enter europe illegally. they met with insiders investigators and migrants a rare insight into the lucrative trade of people smugglers. close up. on the dock .
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i was fishing when i arrived here i slept with six people in a room for the night simmer it was hard i was for. i even got white hairs out of. the german language head nodding off this gives me a little bush maybe to entrust the flavor you want to know their story my kids are fighting and reliable information for margaret. hey listen up. that's what video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level ok says to him talk compose a good play mats are. featured in many games his music
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is bound to get homes for his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. though genre that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. police police open the door. early morning and an apartment house. sleeps we have a search warrant we're coming in stand against the wall who else is here this is the apartment of a woman suspected of running a people smuggling ring you'll. listen to you understand german. polish and arabic we need an interpreter up here.


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