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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 22, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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visit the news live from tens of thousands of flock to a charity aid concert despite the president's claim that his country is not suffering a humanitarian crisis the event was staged to raise a million dollars to help people suffering from food and medicine shortages also on the program. pope francis outlined steps to stop the sexual abuse of children in the catholic church the politics move comes after some recent broke his testimony from survivors of rape and assault by members of the clutch. powerhouse football
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club chelsea appeals are back from signing players until twenty twenty english premier league side has been accused of preaching the rules about signing my. book. i'm phil guy welcome to the program. at least one person has been killed in clashes with the venezuelan army as efforts to bring aid into the country against the orders of president nicolas maduro turned deadly as the violence played out on the border between brazil and venezuela a charity concert begun near the colombian border event organized by the british printing that richard branson is calling on caracas to allow international aid into the country. the concert may have been held on colombian soil but it was all about venezuela.
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you're going. to perform with. venezuela migrant who sang his signature song mayfly spanish left it's become the unofficial anthem for the several million venezuelans he fled the country's economic crisis some of those migrants attended the concert the emotions of what they've lost still roll. you know. the concert is backed by british billionaire richard branson the los. he's hoping to raise one hundred million dollars to aid famous way into. the site where the festival atmosphere the lies the tensions building on the colombian border opposition leader. is urging venezuelans to make their way here saturday. he
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wants them to pick up aid provided by the united states it's stored in a warehouse right nearby a steady stream of venezuelans have been crossing the border on foot in recent days to collect whatever supplies they can take back. but if vehicles are to come and transport large amounts of aid back into venezuela they will need to cross this bridge which is being blocked and gone. by the venezuelan military the opposition is hoping people power will persuade the military to stop supporting president maduro his supporters gathered on the venezuelan side of the bridge ready for a small arrival concept being prepared by the president nicolas maduro is supported by russia and china both accuse venezuela's opposition of politicizing humanitarian aid through what your own fusion gives them called aid material is forced into venezuela and it causes violence and clashes only one have serious consequences and
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this is not something anyone wants to see you cannot say. but those in the opposition feel they have no other choice and so venezuela's own both sides of the divide wait to see what the weekend will bring. some of them did abuse a fence when a correspondent all scottish who's in the capital caracas welcome osca how has this battle of the bands of the border been received that. well here and out there who are doing their best to watch you know there are some cable channels there are showing. up on the border now which is coming out of the hands office where this won't work not even national or government channels are trying for that from what we can gather on social media. also. noticeably larger. what can you tell us about these reports of two people killed in
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clashes on the border with brazil. well let me clarify because people that were kill are getting this people of the moment trier who have stated they are a leader of the humanitarian aid comes in from brazil and the classes are result of a military attack on the people gather we're waiting to bring them into venezuela and the clashes resolder from the military trying to reach the border to block that he now because of this incident on course has got retracted and there are more people are confident they will be able to bring death to manage your interference with that and distribute it through the south southern part of the country to indigenous tribes and people displaced by illegal migrant so but it's an incident that. being reported all as we speak is there are zero zero zero zero zero zero people that are injured severely after this attack ok so that's that's the that's
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the border with brazil tomorrow one is talking about him and hundreds of thousands of people bringing aid carrying aid across the border with colombia what's expected to happen there. well nobody wants bloodshed. in the following order because we should have stated they want to persuade the no church all the border to let humanitarian aid and they said this is the berlin wall of venezuela the fall of the roman want for us where they stated that repeatedly they say that they were confident that the military well change their view well. that works without any end and what we will be looking at is how that aid will reach the other parts of venezuela because the border might be one step but the rest of the of the way it's pretty tricky now the
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opposition is very confident in something you can get it to get on and that seventy two hours and that's something those are certain two hours that they will be very attentive to looking into how the will to them and briefing them how is the venezuelan army preparing for saturday's events. well the mental harm you've seen the president because i would ask ask your mom she's staying with him breaks to defend the country against any attack or lesion however i'm seeing and yesterday saw a high ranking official from. my little government recognize one girl as president and asked him or more allies in terms of how someone was how the military will act tomorrow you know of we've seen how the military has acted throughout yesterday and
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today by not allowing congressmen to reach the border but that is something that eventually they only get up to other times we've seen them completely closed on these are not these ways or these are these roads and no there is some kind of lead me that's what we have been together since last few days and the opposition is confident that oh well they will change their views it's very unpredictable at this point it's all scotiabank and correct as thank you. to some of the other stories making news around the world the u.s. energy exploration company and dhaka says a mozambican work has been killed in the jihad is to attack in the north of the country six of the local workers were imported injured and the company says militants targeted convoys on the highway in the district of palma the nerve center mozambique's emerging gas industry. gay rights activists in kenya say that is
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appointed after the high court delayed a ruling on decriminalizing gay sex sexual acts between same sex couples in kenya can be punished by up to fourteen years in prison. russian authorities of extent of the detention of former u.s. marine paul whelan who has been charged with espionage a court denied his request to be released from house arrest and said that he'd be held until late may russia's security service took mr sweetman into custody in late december. today is day two of the vatican's a four day summit time to tackling sexual abuse within the catholic church bishops vatican officials experts and cotton also heard testimony from survivors about the devastating effects the abuse had on their lives many of them suffered in silence others watched as the church they love to cover the reports of sexual abuse but as you'll hear from a survivor in our next report that culture could be changing. it's was
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ten years old when his mother died of cancer it was nine hundred eighty six the boy was sent to a relative a catholic priest in a village and has said the clergyman became his foster father. was feeling try to create a comfortable and sphere sitting on the sofa watching t.v. in the evenings. there were caresses leaning on each other and things at some point the next step kiss. i really do love you a lot. more that was severely sexually abused for years he fled immediately after finishing school and went to university in munich but he soon began to suffer from flashbacks of the trauma he confided in a friend of the family she confronted the priest and forced him to admit his crimes to the diocese the priest supervisor spoke to moderates and his friend he offered their a-p. and put him under pressure or not even from utah after he informed me that this
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conversation was never to have taken place he warned me not to take legal steps because he said in his experience when a person a paedophile goes to jail he'll still be a paedophile when he gets out so if it were just a matter of changing a person this would be a fully an appropriate step and of course because he would be stigmatized if he had gone to jail i did not want to ruin this person's life work here would as lieve mentioned. he could not forget about what happened about ten years later he confronted the church again with the crimes and again the priest kept his job millet's again spoke with his supervisor without success last december movers turned to the church once again but this time something changed the diocese filed a complaint against the priest for. what changed was the perception and the listening to now they are really low. sneering not just half heartedly claiming
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they don't have time for example those doing listening change to that is the bishop of limburg really spent two hours with me and i noticed he seemed affected by the discussion he president of a tough night the judiciary also hopes to hold someone accountable not just the perpetrator but also his supervisor there may have been an obstruction of justice the statute of limitations has passed but the church too is investigating the case raising markets its hopes for the appeals summit in rome. just that i expect this summit to be the beginning of an ongoing process and for it not to be like now that we've talked about it everything is ok. we'll continue to fight by telling his story again and again. the italian island of sardinia goes to the polls on sunday in a closely watched regional election commentators but these polls as an indicator of the growing popularity of it's this far right league party bosses lead it deputy
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prime minister mr salvaging has been campaigning on the island last showed sic reports. they celebrate him like a rock star i tell you italy's fall right into your ear minister is cranking up the ball here in this small town square in sardinia. the beach is only one flag one mine with one identity history culture and tradition that must survive. to be able to be good. in sharp rhetoric against migrants and praising the homeland. is not back election sardinian is only a regional one italy's paul right is flying high in nationwide a situation that so he now wants to exploit even if you just keeping a low profile in front of your camera not only if i should minister the link know i
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minister of the interior and it's not my aim to become prime minister my business right now is public safety the mafia drugs i want to have this job and i want to keep doing it but only a few months into an easy government coalition between salvini sleek and the five star movement of luigi my you italy's far right senses a chance to govern alone believe has already overtaken its previously stronger coalition partner the poll. the setting for this political battle is now the holiday island of sardinia here both camps are pitted against each other in the regional boat. for an entire week interior minister much as been travelling around the islands to complain it shows just how important this region election here in sardinia has become it is a test of strength for the parties and an indicator that the entire country of italy is moving even further to their right at sardinia second largest paper
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dania the elections are of course front page news salvini himself even paid a visit to the news struck. me as i think salvini is just waiting for the european elections and if his party wins which is pretty likely then the time is right for him to pull out of the government she's especially since if the five star movement loses again they will be in a serious crisis with their lives with his coffee saying yes i can use either morning or at a small market in the west of the island so the news media more supporters barack and railing against migrants. for gavino mobutu who's been selling fruit and vegetables here for twenty years so he would be the ideal man for italy's top job you know like i want him as prime minister he only one who knew
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livers only one thing all the others and i'm nothing but he kept his promise. fishmonger sabato of the monkey also liked the speech. in the second he's doing so many things right he loves public order and the people love him look around everything's going smoothly in the market here today at the end of the event as usual but he will still be asked the audience to join him on stage the selfie with italy's most popular politician and if their wishes office followers come true the next prime minister. this is datable news live from still to come. the powerhouse football club chelsea for signing the players throughout next season but find out why. the head of that me and mass leader aung sang suu kyi she's calling for investment in the crisis hit western state of rakhine accusing the international community of focusing too narrowly on what she
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called the negative aspects this is a reference to the persecution of the persecution that will hinge a muslim suffered at the hands of myanmar as military described by the united nations as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing opening an investor conference in rakhine the prime minister focused instead on responsible business practices and foreign investment. in a photo with the head of government something very special for the participants of the investor conference in rakhine own son suit she really gets lost in this region now she talks about the great opportunities that western me and our offers foreign investors. buy myanmar's benefited widely from the opening up of high conny much of the kind economic pretensions children means untapped for too long the international community's attention has been focused narrowly on negative aspects related to problems and also crime rather than on the panoramic picture that shows
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the immense potential of this state. prosperity peace and growth that's what craftsmen and entrepreneurs in iraq are in want the north of their region became known above all for the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of the range of minority but also for the army's brutal actions against women and children while sound suchi would like people to forget pictures like these and the people here are in desperate need of progress there and it conflict in the country has caused serious damage to the economy. though you have. when. the early conflict broke out the development in rakhine went down to about fifty percent now it's getting worse because of the fresh fight between the me and the government and. that's why many tourists have canceled their visits to where. the best way to maintain the development in rakhine is to stop the crisis and solve these problems quickly.
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critics complain that the rohingya still living in the region have not yet benefited from any of the development projects on the contrary a state committee chaired by the head of government is having rohingya residential areas destroyed in order to build housing for other ethnic groups. premium car makers b.m.w. and daimler announced they will invest more than a billion euros in their combined mobility services things like car sharing ride hailing to get less parking the alliance shows how the motor industry is moving towards new technologies and business models that don't involve owning a car. sharing rather than owning it is a concept many people are adopting in cities all over the world and it's heating carmakers bottom lines. declining profits three times last year the auto industry's heavy weights need to adjust there is
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a growing segment which some people see twenty percent of total mobility or whatever in some years to come which we cannot just ignore for decades dimer and b.m.w. bitter rivals now they're joining forces at least in some areas and they're doing more than just combining their ride sharing platforms. we can offer cities complete mobility for the future charging infrastructure we can offer them digital parking to make it more efficient we can offer them other things in terms of mobility concepts so that's where we're different both companies have been around for more than a century they say that's allowed them to form a strong bond with customers something they hope will set them apart from competitors in silicon valley. while our customers trust in the safety or cost provide for their lives they trust as well in the safety of their
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hands and that i think is an inherent advantage which we can offer b.m.w. and they're investing one billion euros in the new joint venture they didn't say when they expect a new entity to be profitable but they did say they expected to have serious market impact. it's more of the day's other news now the german states has recorded a record annual fifty eight billion euros in twenty eighteen at its fifth in a row despite a slowdown in the last quarter of the year by the treasury benefited from a boy of job market and low interest rates. mass funerals have been held in bangladesh for many of the victims of wednesday's devastating fire in the capital dhaka twenty one of the nearly seventy victims have not yet been identified forensic experts are conducting d.n.a. tests. u.s. media are reporting that the r.
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and b. singer r. kelly has been charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse for nearly two decades the fifty two year old whose real name is robert sylvester kelley has faced accusations of child pornography sex with minors operating a sex coltan sexual battery he denies over charges. a powerhouse english football club chelsea have been banned from signing new place until the twenty twenty summit transfer window after breaching rules about signing minors fever found the premier league side guilty of twenty nine incidences related to the transfer of players under the age of eighteen the game's world governing body also fine the english football association the club released a statement refuting the charges insisting they have complied with the for the rules regulations and chelsea plans to appeal the decision more on this from rob harris he's a football writer with the associated press news agency joins us from london welcome rob what are chelsea said to have done wrong. well this all relates to
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the prohibition of signing international players under the age of eighteen so what shells you do today is having players under the age of eighteen and it's academy when they should all be registered in some cases it seems that some players might be not such loyal was and not necessarily permanent but enough to cause some concern. and you know the need to actually impose a ban is they have done so chelsea have said that they will appeal if the ban stands are badly will it affect the. well as it stands now it covers to transfer window which is the sum of tire preseason for next season as well as the mid-season january transfer window as well thought would be able to sign any new players until after next season so we're looking at the summer of twenty twenty so that would be really if it's ward's chelsea's ambitions they knew this was coming this case be in
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the works for some time and that's why we saw all those signs kristie of course h. from brissie it opened in january and me to back to dortmund to get it back in the summer because the band prevents you from bridge street new players but all you got somewhat like you may place but the way these appeals and things go through it could well be that the ban is delayed so they still get a summons to sign players and what does faith or what it what does favre think that the chelsea did to have a looking at this as a deliberate act or perhaps a minister of oversight. well there's at least a small amount of detail so far off from feet we often get more when all the appeals are fine allies but in terms of faith we're not the politics around that but all sides are about protecting the welfare of players and they do not want inflames be moved around international late under the age of eighteen unless they meet very particular criteria so your family has to be moving anyway to non focally
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reason to that country all you're actually from a country that's not a classical right close by all those restriction that there is an exemption in europe so if you're between city sixteen and eighteen you can move around the e.u. and the european economic area that's something not be affected by prejudice well it seems so actually lowering the clubs and outside sixteen seventeen year olds from across europe they may be able to post great say so we don't have the necessary expense of the breaches but they certainly believe it's serious enough to warrant a hefty fine of six hundred thousand euros and transfer that and they believe the processes aren't in order they all keep track properly youngsters going in and out of the academies ok and so once that. there. has been sanctioned as you say because they haven't been doing their job properly it looks like. yeah the f.a.
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youth from what i gather a certain against challenge like chelsea are in sort of appealing sanction i think they think the rules optically clear and i think it might come down to just how long it will play out at a club maybe on a trial and what how permanent is that as well as in some cases here we are looking at players who actually went and great team had already played for the club on in torquay youth games and yet young actually signed that later on as an eighteen year old so you know they're not the first but let's a coma trade round the drain in barcelona all receive transfer bans and recent yes for similar breaches so it's certainly something that faith is taking seriously to prevent players being moved around as commodities when they're under the age of eighty and so can you rob thank you so much for joining us from paris from the associated press. israel is on its way to becoming the fourth nation to land a spacecraft on the moon the british eat craft was launched into orbit by rocket at
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cape canaveral space station in florida on thursday night israeli robotic lander was zip around for about six weeks if ever widening orbits and land on the lunar surface. washington doubly news from i'm focused help the day he's up next don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's t w dot com have a good night. hey
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listen up. that's what video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level a science to him talk composer a monsoon. featured in many. games his music his panting. for his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. oh genre that's so
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mexico about the recipes for success and strategies that make a difference. baking bread. d.w. . for the stage and the battle for control of impoverished venezuela takes to the stage the country's self-proclaimed ensor in president supports a live aid style charity concert backed by britain's billion s.-a richard branson president maduro meanwhile rally support for his hands off venezuela event at the same time and within sight of its rival i'm phil gale in delhi.


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