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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2019 9:00am-9:16am CET

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business d.w. news live from berlin homes are opening in nigeria by the elections in africa's most populous country are taking place out for a one week postponement prompting accusations of fraud clashes between rival supporters have marred the run up to the vote also coming up. a critical day for venezuela opposition leader one point zero has called on supporters to help aid trucks enter the country going to roast soldiers trying to stop them by force.
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i'm michael frolic good to have you with us. nine cerium go to the polls today to vote for a new parliament and for the next president the elections were postponed by a week well the delay causing tensions to flare in the country after four years of economic stagnation and failure to deal with the islamist terror group boko haram president mohammad hari is under pressure from challenger. voters in the capital of are finally able to cast their ballots nigeria's electoral commission has blamed law just tickle problems for the last minute delay these have now been overcome says president mohamed do bihari.
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and. the delay has led to accusations that the two main parties are trying to manipulate the vote heightening tensions between rival supporters these boiled over on friday when supporters of bihari and of his closest rival actually to abu bakar clashed leaving two people dead the election will be tight alongside widespread corruption and a lackluster economy a bloody insurgency by the jihadist group boko haram has caused biharis popularity to slide in a refugee camp in the northern city of yola those displaced by the insurgents are fed up with the government but many won't be able to vote for change. or not my voters card was burned when we were chased by boko her around the entire village was torched we couldn't salvage anything and we had to flee for our lives if i had a card i would have voted. the last elections held in twenty fifteen were postponed
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a full six weeks they resulted in good luck jonathan becoming the first incumbent president to be voted out of power. will hope that history does not repeat itself. the daily is out and clashes outside a polling station in one thousand areas commercial capital lagos and joins me now loading is underway but there have been reports of violence tell us what you're hearing. right now from here in legacy everything still scarred by the reports are coming mainly from the northeast of the country in maiduguri the regional capital explosions were heard in the morning several explosions between five and six am in the morning we still cannot confirm if it wasn't a terror attack or not the security forces haven't issued any statement and also apparently there were fights breaking out into other towns in the north east of the country and is very likely the book is behind it because they have threatened before and they're trying to disrupt this elections and then the week long delay
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led to concerns the vote might not be santa one hundred ninety three and something about that well right now there's no indication that this is going to be the case but a lot of speculation has been going on in the past days after the elections were postponed both major political parties were blaming each other for rigging the elections but they did not come up with any clear evidence but certainly people here are angry that the elections were postponed you know the business activities were disrupted for one day last week already now it's the same thing again on saturday because you have to know that there's no movement of vehicles on the election day in nigeria people can't go about their businesses they just have to focus on voting and a lot of people are not really happy about that and right now at the polling station where i'm here in lagos people are also not happy because voting was supposed to start at eight o'clock already and just now the election material arrived we went to other polling stations as well voting hasn't started at eight o'clock as was promised by the electoral commission so some people are
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a bit confused but as i said there's still no real reason to believe that things are not going to be free and fair here at this point. what about the candidates how big a challenge as article i will block aren't telling president rouhani to go hard. right the major opposition candidate certainly will have a good chance in places like here in lagos because people here are angry about how he handled the economic situation the country has been going through a crisis for a very very long time and economical crisis and people here say that the reaction of the government was not appropriate on the other hand we are we still has a lot of supporters in the north of the country this is where the majority of nigerians live and this is where many people believe he could still win this elections but we are expecting a neck and neck race. in lagos thank you very much. now to some other stories making news around the world. thousands of algerians have
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joined demonstrations against president. has been for a fifth term in the capital algiers police used tear gas to stop one churns of trenching the presidential palace a crowd of mostly young people shouted slogans of no first term and no to corruption. sudan's president omar al bashir has declared a year long state of emergency and dismissed the federal government. steps and growing protests against his government he called on opposition forces to engage in dialogue. us r. and b. singer r. kelly has been arrested on ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse for nearly two decades the fifty two year old artist whose real name is robert sylvester kelley has faced accusations of child turn on her face sex with minors operating a sex calls and sexual battery denies the accusations. and then as well a self-proclaimed interim president has called on supporters to help trucks loaded
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with humanitarian aid crossed the border from colombia incumbent president nicolas maduro has ordered soldiers to stop the deliveries on friday two people died in clashes with the military at the brazilian border our reports starts with a charity concert to raise money for venezuela. the concert may have been held on colombian soil but it was all about venezuela. these are known for you. to perform with. the venezuelan migrant who sang his signature song many spanish for i left it's become the unofficial anthem for the several million venezuelans who fled their country's economic crisis some of those migrants attended the concert the emotions
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of what they've lost still roll oh you know. the concert is backed by british billionaire richard branson. he's hoping to raise one hundred million dollars to eight venezuelan. to. go for years but the festival atmosphere belies the tensions building on the colombian border opposition leader. is urging venezuelans to make their way here on saturday. he wants them to pick up aid provided by the united states it's stored in a warehouse right nearby a steady stream of venezuelans have been crossing the border on foot in recent days to collect whatever supplies they can take back. but if vehicles are to come and transport large amounts of venezuela they will need to cross this bridge which is being blocked and guarded by the venezuelan military the opposition is hoping
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people. the military to stop supporting president. his supporters gathered on the venezuelan side of the bridge ready for a rival concept being prepared by the president nicolas maduro is supported by russia and china. venezuela's opposition of politicizing humanitarian aid. to those in the opposition feel they have no other choice and so. both sides of the divide wait to see what the weekend will bring. you know your correspondent how to get out of there this is following the story for us and. as well. the surprise appearance of one in colombia and territory changes things a lot here at the border between colombia and venezuela is technically not allowed to leave his country and it's hard to imagine how he will get back in that means that according to the plan two elements will have to enter venezuelan territory by
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force this saturday the humanitarian aid and why don't himself thousands of volunteers prepare for a dangerous journey. for more we're joined by you know our no man as from latin america. as we heard self-proclaimed interim president in colombia even though he wasn't allowed to leave venezuelan soil how is he going to get back into the country first by the regime so yes interest president said i will go out and i will return that would be possible for me personally he got help from the military to get out and his intention is at least. and his intention is to return to venezuela also help the military. with humanitarian aid. it is part of his old game for today the problem is you mean well the border is closed so if you're really has to support with the military would be easier is not the way. you know certain situation could be threatening for civilians especially
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yeah it seems like a critical moment at the border today especially how dangerous is the situation really situation is really really tense and the outcome is really open we don't really know what i mean he's optimistic he will get in but we have civilian there and we have military in position so we really don't know any outcome what we had yesterday at the border with brasil we're killing syrian military active you know in a certain way and that could happen easily today so we really have to wait the problem is the humanitarian aid is kind of politicized right now and this is used as a political instrument and that's a huge risk huge risk especially for the civilians while the really. intention is do with the return to win as well and two passes for the today the risk is really high say you talked about the military possibly helping him in the military
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a story glee has backed president maduro how much backing does he still have today is that likely completely switched. not easily he really backing in the higher ranks that's what he is having in. the us all the time but the lowering suffering from destroyed just every day and we had to ignite the sellwood some weeks ago with a small group. in the us stations between the hearings and lowering they claimed the situation they said to the hearings we are suffering too and so you could never predict what will happen today with the lowering of positions at the border but you only need one to turn into violence and you will have his regime that could easily turn into into into a really problematic. bylane situation in the situation in venezuela and a large element of w.'s latin america desk.
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matchday twenty three in the honestly got kicked off on friday night with mit table bet a layman at home to lowly stuck up finishing in a one one draw the home fans were stunned when stephen tsubasa slot to in the opener after just two minutes on the clock. for him supporters had to wait until the stroke of half time for the equalizer in the class and hammered home an unstoppable shot the result got languishing in the relegation zone for a month or week. powerhouse english football club chelsea has been banned from signing new players until the twenty twenty summer transfer window after breaching rules about signing minors found the premier league club guilty of twenty nine incidences related to the transfer of players under the age of eighteen the world soccer governing body also find the english football association the club
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released a statement refusing the charges insisting they have complied with the fuzz rules and regulations chelsea plans to appeal the decision. robert kraft principal owner of the reigning n.f.l. super bowl champions the new england patriots patriots are facing charges those charges of paying for sex police in florida said it's a legend the seventy seven year old billionaire was seen participating in a sex act in a massage parlor police and jupiter florida had planted cameras in the power as part of a crackdown on prostitution in the air craft and tonight annie from to. a point reminder of the top story we're following for you nine gerri and serve voting and presidential and parliamentary elections close it opened this morning after a one week delay that prompted opposition claims of electrical strong to come and president mohamed to go hari faces a strong challenge from former vice president atiku abubakar.
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