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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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this is the w.'s line from donald trump's former attorney that damning indictment of the u.s. president. he's a racist. he's a. sheet michael cohen unleashed a torrent of allegations the white house says they are all liars also on the program. the second summit between the leaders of the united states north korea gets off to a friendly start donald trump and kim jong un opened their meeting in the vietnamese couple but the u.s.
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president praising their strong relationship will be enough to make progress towards peace. and tension so fast pakistan says it has shot down to indian fighter jets and that it is captured an indian pilot once again disputed territory of kashmir this latest crisis between nuclear neighbors. welcome to the program donald trump's former fix and personal lawyer has made a string of explosive allegations about the u.s. president testifying before a special congressional committee in washington michael cohen claimed that president trump knew about wiki leaks e-mails damaging to his democratic rival hillary clinton before their release june the twenty sixteen presidential campaign mr cohen also said that mr trump already. him to pay hush money to paul entrust
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stormy daniels she claims she had an affair with mr trump is the current says he was ordered to lie about it to the first lady the white house denies the claims by who cohen has already pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and lying to congress and will soon begin a three year prison sentence. now they'd only correspondent helen humphrey and washington has been following the hearing welcome helena how important is michael coming to testimony. people here in the united states are glued to their televisions chuen din watching this testimony people are saying that this is a moment of history there during parallels to the testimony of another presidential lawyer that being john dean on the testimony he delivered in one nine hundred seventy three in the watergate scandal that investigation then being the turning point and president nixon resigned within the year so why now is mr cohen's testimony today it's so explosive well i wouldn't say that it is the character
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assassination against mr trump that he's delivered it's more the three big accusations that he has now leveled so you start with he said that trump knew about the wiki leaks dump of democratic e-mails during the twenty six thousand presidential campaign that he was party to a conversational speaker phone between roger stone and wiki leaks founder julian assange two when it comes to russia china continues to work on the trump tower moscow project again in twenty sixteen when he was running for president and he was also aware and indeed encouraged his son donald jr to meet with russian connections in chunked tower in manhattan again in twenty sixteen zero three regarding those payments to adult film actress stormy daniels which we already knew took place now at the accusation that in fact trump paid back mr cohen when he was in office as late as august twenty seventeen so lots of claims lots of i like asians did michael
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cohen back up those claims. well he's backed up his claims with something that he calls evidence whether of course that is proof is another matter though the beauty if you will of this congressional hearing is that mr cohen is able to lay out other pieces of of evidence documents text that he may not be able to in court so far he's presented a newspaper articles for example inflammatory twit tweets but one exhibit which is particularly noteworthy is a check that he held up in court that you know thirty five thousand dollars which again he said was from the president's personal account to his to pay him back for that payment to stormy daniels of course the immediate question was well did the president know that that was what the intended transfer was for but let's take a listen now to that moment mr cohen held up that check in congress as exhibit five eight to my testimony shows i am providing
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a copy of the thirty five thousand dollars check that the president trump personally signed from his personal bank account on august first of two thousand and seventeen when he was president of the united states pursuant to the cover up which was the basis of my guilty plea to reimburse me the word used by mr trump's t.v. lawyer for the illegal hush money i paid on his behalf. humphry i which of these claims is likely to be the most damaging. right now what we continue to see phil is more reputational damage and not trying to sell the blockbuster nature of this day but of course these allegations are coming from a man who admitted to lying under oath to congress he's going to prison because of it certainly the allegations regarding russia will be keenly watched and i think it's perhaps fair to say that regarding russia these allegations today for mr cohen
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to move the cement between the blocks of the murder investigation we're still waiting on the results of that investigation by special counsel robert muller that said i do want to point out one piece of testimony i heard about thirty minutes ago which i thought was very interesting mr cohen saying that he was aware of the illegal acts committed by the president which he cannot talk about because they are currently being investigated by the southern district court of new york so watch this space all not one head of humphrey in washington thank you. michael collins that testimony seems to have shifted the republican party into full damage control mode they've lost what looks like an orchestrated twitter counter attack to discredit the president's former thinks that it's a bad joke has been watching it unfold welcome the three what have you seen well fill the party has the republican party has already been paved the way for this
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counter attack on twitter in the lead up to the testimony yesterday they took to the party's official twitter account saying they're cohen had been praising trump for so many years and then you know that he started lying about him when he was caught for tax evasion in an effort to save his base and along with that tweet today also posted a video to support that argument take a look. no i want to tell you about the real donald trump he's really he's a unifier the words that should be using to describe mr trump are generous he's going to do everything that he promised he's going to bring success and he's going to make america great compassion. great support donald trump speaks from the heart that. he's going to stay true to who is he's going to be an amazing president. on this and. mr trump's memory he's fantastic and i've never come
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across a situation where mr trump has said something that's not and that's not accurate or donald trump wants to do is make this country great again. so with that the g.o.p. was wishing michael calling good luck for today ok so always is but big going on with donald trump is of miles away in vietnam. middle of the night there so who has been batting for who's been defending is on this side well i mean he has definitely a solid pool of allies who have been doing the fighting and the tweeting for him very thorough early life commenting on the hearing and trying to discredit cohen and one of the ways they've been trying to do to do that is to try and paint color as bitter and seeking revenge for never getting a job at the white house although he's been working for time for so many years and if we can check out an exchange moments during the testimony when republican jim jordan was making exactly that point take
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a look. how long did you how long you work in the white house i never worked in the white house that's the point is that mr cohen no sir yes it is no it's not you wanted to work in the white house no certain get brought to the dance. and of course sons who have been tweeting throughout the hearing they were quick to jump on that and here is here is eric trump he wrote to on twitter michael was lobbying everyone to be chief of staff it was the biggest joke in the campaign and around the office and donald trump jr also replied to that saying nailed it it really was the biggest joke of the entire transition the beginning of his bitterness was when he realized that that was never going to happen hash tag delusional rich about you thank you but never a dull moment in this white house even when the president is not there. on this week's edition of these conflicts so former u.s.
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deputy national security adviser ben rhodes looks at the prospects for democrats in twenty twenty in his interview with tim sebastian the former a bomb advisor says he thinks democratic party has a good chance of defeating president trump in the next u.s. presidential election down from tips himself up every single day and gets away with it he no he doesn't he just lost in the midterm elections dramatically right i think there is if he did lose it will still go on to win the residue there is a huge overstatement of donald trump's political standing in the united states outside of their own states continue struck by this he's in historic lee unpopular figure right now in the united states the democratic party in every poll our polls the republican party the enthusiasm in the united states is with the democratic party the recent election results are with the democratic party and i believe that we clearly have a better chance of winning selection that does not make it a guarantee we have the better chance in twenty sixteen and we lost so we need to have the right candidate in the right message but i think we will have you much
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thank you. and you say the entire interview with ben rhodes here after this program at the w dot com forward slash conflict zone the second summit between u.s. president donald trump and to north korea's leader kim jong un has become they met for a short time on wednesday even more lengthy talks are set for the morning mr trump wants to push mr kim to give up its nuclear weapons program in exchange for from a development to relieve. the metropole hotel in the venue's capital hum noise the talks come months after historic summit in singapore first between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader. hundred following the talks in hundred she had this assessment of the meeting. on the first day of their summit done. on we're all smiles and pleasantries the u.s.
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presidents we peaked at least good relationship with the north korean leader referring to the brutal dictator as my friend he seems to be hopeful that there are personal poor can bridge gaps in negotiations on thursday that talks will continue the u.s. is seeking detailed commitments from pyongyang to dismantle at least some of its nuclear facilities while kim's regime wants relief from punishing economic sanctions the challenge will be to turn the apparent good chemistry between the two leaders into a concrete agreement both sides are happy with. let's move on to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world spain's former prime minister mariano the hoary has appeared in court as a witness in the trial of twelve catalan separatist leaders mr rouhani said the politicians had knowingly created a dangerous situation in their failed twenty seventeen independence bid he defended
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his decision to crack down on the separatist movement the trial continues. the vatican says it will open its own investigation into australian cardinal george pell that's after a melbourne court for found george pell guilty of sexually assaulting two teenage boys he said since you've been around six months he faces up to fifty years behind bars. a different state television says at least twenty people were killed and forty wounded after a fire broke out at cairo's main train station before i was reportedly set off by a train's fuel tank which exploded when the train crashed into a barrier. the german government has responded to reports the german made weapons are being used in the war in yemen saying that it is taking the allegations seriously investigative reporting by d w i don't have media partners suggests that saudi arabia and the united arab emirates of deployed those arms in contravention of agreements with germany opposition parliamentarians have called on and it's to
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teach the partnership with saudi arabia according to german regulations this minesweeper made in germany should not be in yemeni waters but d.-w. and its investigative partners have assembled proof that the vessel is on active service there that's prompted calls for action. in my view it's a clearer than ever that germany based some responsibility for the terrible suffering in the war in yemen. if we don't want that money and we have to stop delivering weapons to all sides in the conflict. citizens and politicians have been expressing their dismay online using the hash tag german arms the greens calling it an absolute worst case scenario. is germany in directly involved in one of the world's most devastating conflicts in
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response to the report senior government figures are calling for an explanation they suspect of being illicitly supplied to warring parties of exists case needs to be investigated deeply every state that gets weapons from germany was a rounds of the government has to sign and confirm that this weapons remain in the state where they are delivered to chancellor angela merkel's cabinet has denied knowing german weapons of being deployed in the war in yemen in the wake of revelations the government says fresh inspections will be carried out conclude he invited the government takes seriously and willing besta gate any evidence of abuse or failure to observe the terms of engineers the question is what has happened to the weapons that found their way to saudi arabia the united arab emirates the evidence peaks for itself they ended up in the war zone in yemen.
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the european union has urged india and pakistan to exercise what it calls the utmost restraint in the current outbreak of violence over the disputed territory of kashmir they warned the conflict could lead to serious and dangerous consequences for the two countries and the wider region on wednesday india and pakistan both claim to have shot down fighter jets from the other side. many details surrounding the latest skirmishes between india and pakistan remain unclear nevertheless pakistan says it took down two indian fighter jets. two indian air force planes once again entered pakistan while crossing the line of control. pakistani air force was ready they took them on there was an engagement. and as a result both the indian planes were shot down. the incident is the latest in a series of events in the disputed kashmir region the area has been central to the
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dispute between the two countries for decades by some estimates it's the world's most militarized southern a stare down zone between two nuclear neighbors. the latest escalation began two weeks ago when forty indian paramilitary police were killed by a suicide bomber and. according to the indian government its war planes retaliated this week by striking a training camp near the pakistani town of balakot killing quote a large number of militants delhi says it launched the air strikes against the group mohammed after it got hold of intelligence that the group was planning further attacks and the like of continued if you did i. think not only did this. and this isn't going to be information that. are better. then that have been going to be said because he and even. now pakistan claims it struck down two indian warplanes tensions have escalated even
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further pakistani pm imran khan is calling for talks with india and i want to ask a question of the indian government. that considering the nature of the weapons that both of us now for can we afford any miscalculation should we not think at this moment that if the situation escalates then where will it go it will not be in my control or narendra modi's control. calls for deescalation a resulting from around the world with germany the u.s. and the u.k. all appealing for restraint. british lawmakers off tonight taking part in a series of votes that could result in a delight to practice it be on the current march twenty ninth that line prime minister theresa may is asking m.p.'s to approve the present time she announced this week if that doesn't happen one option is to seek an extension of the current brecht's a deadline but mrs may says that is not the preferred outcome european leaders
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including germany's chancellor i'm going to marry will say about open to giving more time but not to be negotiating yes a deal. straight to london then when we join d w correspondent must welcome back it so voting is underway what is the latest. voting is underway and i don't know if you can see or and or hear all these remain campaigners of evil behind me they are hoping that they can swing things their way and they want to go for a people's vote however the latest as to the very seeing as the prime minister has already said that she will if her deal doesn't get voted through in the house of parliament in two weeks' time at the latest that then she will seek god give the column and the option to vote on extension but only for a few months so in order to not have the absolute worst case scenario not enough the u.k. crush out is of european union at the end of march there's going to be she's going
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to then if the house votes rid going to almost the european union for a short extension at the end of june at the latest and the french president has said that the e.u. would only agree to extend their breakfast deadline if britain put something new the table is not likely. well it's interesting i have spoken to one of the remains of paying the slaves he said that the remake of it actually is hoping that the e.u. will put some conditions on the extensions they are of course hoping that that. will be a second referendum the so-called people's vote because they they think that if the e.u. basically pushes the u.k. to do that then there is no other option for the u.k. parliament if they want to avoid is the really threatening cliff edge with all its consequences for business for security and they think this is great is the only way
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out of this out of the saddle that we're seeing at the moment if that happens why the political ramifications in the u.k. are likely to be enormous this is a hugely contentious issue. but this is usually a contentious issue either way it has really split it has split families spit split put society and we see really emotions running high in the u.k. every day and it's also is interesting that the country is still fairly evenly split and if there was a second referendum opinion polls show that it's really depending on what question is being asked which way it would swing i mean the remain has a slight advantage but who knows it was also the the case for the two thousand and sixteen referendum so we called be sure about anything at the moment these are indeed uncertain times berkut not say in london thank you. in
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sport another doping scandal has hit the sporting world this time nordic skiing is under scrutiny after police made arrests in germany and austria the right focused in pos on the tongue of zephyr in austria where the nordic skiing world championships are currently taking place. a house used to peace and quiet in the austrian alps is now at the center of a police bust here police arrested seven people among them five athletes. austrian police are working together with german authorities in a sting centered on an international doping ring whose. backers are believed to come from germany. and start so much of the media public prosecutor is bringing charges against four german citizens on suspicion of using doping methods for bitten by the anti doping law. the athletes are alleged to have practiced blood doping which involves blood being removed from the body and later reinjected shortly before competition boosting delivery of oxygen to cells police say on
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wednesday they caught two austrian athletes red handed or forty's there say the doping network originated in germany but they believe it operates around the world . at the same time as the bust in austria police in germany searched nine buildings in the town of effort including the practice of sports medicine specialist mark s. he was arrested along with an assistant police believe he is a leading figure in the doping network. and by duty free tennis championships polish underdog stunned top seed kaiden she corey to reach the quarter finals for catch converted six out of seven break points to beat a japanese opponent seven five five seven six two in just over two hours a major upset is the first top ten victory of the world number seventy seven's career. to want to do and fast parco africa's
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biggest film festival it's also one of the oldest and the most influential and movie events on the continent a kind of stages first parco every two years and it's running until saturday. this is africa's biggest film festival and it's celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. twenty full length movies are competing for the so-called african oscar the golden stallion of. filmmakers and film lovers meet up for the rendezvous of the continent faced up local struggle means a lot to me it brings together many people from different nations and different backgrounds it's a moment of sharing. the mind to five guys says. it's very rare to see a cultural event that lasts for fifty years in africa it's true that everyone has
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made a real commitment from the book in a big government to the actors and also the filmmakers while holding up well despite the lack of cinemas and a lack of funding. of the very first streaming at fest is the film the mercy of the jungle. no playing to . win here. it's a road movie about wars in congo seen through the eyes of two soldiers lost in the bush. it's a story of hopes and weaknesses and i think we are ready. now to leave in these. periods the countries together suffering because it is beautiful fifty four. they need to leave the peace so this is
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a bow it's peace and plan for if it's a future for it she was right. by the end of the festival on saturday more than one hundred six. the movies will have screened close to five thousand professionals from the film industry are on site got to go to cinemas are overflowing. pac oh definitely lives up to its motto movies about africa by africa and for africa. it's a reminder top story are best for the u.s. president donald trump's former attorney michael cohen has told congress not to trump knowledge leaked e-mails from the democratic party journey to sixteen presidential campaign scott also said that he hired the president to make a series of racist remarks against americans. who says they don't see new supply from ballot next suffers conflicts with tim sebastian speaking with former
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u.s. deputy national security adviser ben rhodes i'll be back at the top of the hour don't worry about both coas give them a chance to use that information on our web site that's the w dot com.
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to. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful kofi on your security conference here in munich isn't just about the big names a moment faces it's also about the special advisor of my guest this week to spend rhodes a former national security advisor to president obama after two years of trying to
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calm well who's obama's legacy coding on conflicts so far. off. donald trump and kim jong un round number two here in hanoi vietnam will the jew be able to hammer out a deal that is more substantial than the singapore agreements tentative steps towards denuclearization in return for an easing of economic sanctions joining us we'll walk you through the events as they unfold here sunday w. news. will be going to. the top. thanks indra begin video. two folks really know their stuff.
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last. night curves with the gun toting stephanie. chalo the cartoon chatted with musicians from around the world to come up. like every week t w. the annual security conference here in munich isn't just about the big names and well known faces it's also about the special advisors who craft global policies and work at the secret cost of government my guest this week is one of them is ben rhodes and form a national security adviser to president obama after two years of the troubled presidency how well is obama's legacy holding up.


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