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tv   DW News - Africa  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2019 6:02am-6:15am CET

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this is student news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the islamist insurgency in west africa that's showing no signs of abating attacks are intensifying in book unify songs and the new government is calling for help we'll learn just how bad things have become. then we meet the ugandan boy who's saying he dances but not for fact. and the film on the walls in the democratic republic of congo wins best movie awards in the african oscars in while the duke. i'm christine want to welcome to news africa i'm glad you're cheated in we begin with west africa's growing islamized insurgency which is seeing attacks intensify under-rated to the new targets burkina faso the number of violent incidents in
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which enough of these are incidents against two local affiliates of al qaeda and the so-called islamic state rose by one hundred twelve between two thousand and seventeen and two thousand and eighteen these numbers come from the report by the africa center for strategic studies now the threat initially came from the northern side held region that is along the border with mali as you can see shaded on the map then the attack spread further east near the border with a toll go and i mean now the government recently declared a state of emergency in fourteen provinces in an interview with g.w. the president of the country and boris say it its army is in need of support. for example. for example we should be gets an armored vehicles for our troops but a year later you tell us it's one p. possible for an opera yet this presents us with the practical problem of a terrorist on the tweeting for me to be equipped to fight. ok let's delve more
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into this i'm now joined by. cos she is the chair off the african security six admit to it now that it will come to the news africa have what is at the roots off this insurgency. and in fact i think it is very important consider that there are different kinds of attacks which means that you have also a different kind of intrusion here as. in the north of africa in particular are in the sunni region of the very top of the country and those that are that are generally if you will just junks groups called on family flat or estates and over more. and last one days and you go home to our east by your leader and named after her we were all really wildly fighting in the
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lead so this is sort of yes it's not us or our east and south of the country and the picture is they're rather different and they are. initially you are right though that the little aspect in it that the growing very. gently and hope to connect with the local community it is different kind of insurgency all right so the that the terrorism has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands in the affected regions hits us and again president. and so from hundreds of schools are closed more than one hundred thousand children cannot go to school it is a great challenge for us to york in the schools so that the children can learn again and the fact that children do not go to school it is also a breeding ground for terrorism for its reinforcements and its strengthening for
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small. india that lead the former president had an agreement with the terrorists and they will feel are attacks in the country at the time is president bora himself partly to blame for this latest insurgency. i think it is very difficult to think in a few quick what's up and in fact it was to put it into a global reach the former president used to work on their own rainbow only there are groups some liberals are going to result not in groups and in particular yes and he will eventually believe they are open. for business and. we don't even want to do good for europe and in fact. probably get you to be the new york integration yet a million crazy. when you work on your words again change but i don't think that it
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can break out in some people are so i think are appealing to the north side and are being supported by or even president obama every what is. in there and not the regime. and. again need very little or all future and so it will all be which are. all right yet in the book you know fossil is part of a regional counter-terror force millions of euros have been promised to this group from the international community so this looks like a lot of resources have been pumped into into the effort of contracting this all this insurgency why is it still growing as much as it is. well you could very important to understand what you did monday original force
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which is cool that you find that out in fact you jump for i don't want to insure you only under borders. five countries which are a part of you friday it's five countries don't worry you know him and he can you share a chat and good enough for them so the story is already inside you to make such rules were wrong there are common borders and actually the reason why aren't you are so crude and rude we are going to that you need or two years out of a lot of countries loredo loony think we've explored the i'm not sure if it's only a matter of trickery yeah ok negative i'm going to have to cut you off thing that is about yoko she is the chair of the african security sake of network thank you. break dancing has come a long way since it was invented by african american kids in the one nine hundred
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seventy s. and eighty's uganda is one of the countries where the street dancing craze has firmly taken root is let me introduce you now to talk couple kone oh you talk of years old and already a monster of this chosen os i. think. you gun does brick dance boy i think this is what cattle kept on going he loves to do. i. want to do training and bands and telemundo so yes he's only. just. playing. playing live dancing. making this job. or talking about. i think if the twelve year old is not dead. he picks up the brush.
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printing teacher is his number one fun. the profession a dance instructor us. this kid ever seen those people in t.v. i didn't know them. so i came in and i got the boy. that. is now average about this class. he's instructor has a really sported the youngster. he's attention span is amazing for a four young kid of his age but i think. comes from the passion they have for the art. i think you have no one is forcing him to do what he what he does he comes here ones up stretches goes into classes and he learns. most children here come from slums are wrong uganda's capital kampala. was. dancing helps them
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keep focused on be a big dreams. to be. playing out. and they want to make my own. yeah i teach children and own people and i make some something. like. i'm. going to have funds. bass was. going to be a home states. and you become like we. are told. is supportive. she hopes don't sing can uplift the families welfare. yet. while i really wish the best for my son i want him to be
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a stud there are musicians who made it and so are the dancers i want him to make it great in life never mind him one that is. cut a nose that a car yet in don't say we got to do creation could be impossible. but even at school he takes off turning to him to tell him yes. that i can to moths now run didn't direct a joke out of the messy of the jungle scooped best film at africa's top film festival at the weekend the film was among twenty vying for the top golden stallion of the and then go watch. in while they're all in the fossil i guess he said his work was a message of peace the film is a road movie focusing on the wars in the democratic republic of congo through the eyes of two soldiers lost in the jungle here's a short excerpt. of
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the film is the mission of a preterist. no point interest. when you get the diversion. to become omari resumes that are none of whom. is a little. mano nonmoving will almost. circle method. he was of course delighted with the prize let's hear from him and from the producer or alien gotten home. grown it's really a great honor for me it also helps me because it gives me the energy to make i'm not off them soon and also for my compatriots who are here there is clementine there's all of us it's ok to celebrate work hard to keep go and see
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if it will all work for the average work week to. do so why did he do it on a few years he self-made he's a young guy who decided to learn film on the internet by himself who saved a little who made a first short who made the first feature and fine he came to me with a really very strong script we devoted to it to this really the accomplishment of a great job a real will to tell stories. strong stories obviously since he grew up himself in the refugee camps after the genocide. so he has some really big stories to tell because used to. well if you did happen to watch that movie send us your every will be interested to know how you felt about that film that's it now full of deja news africa you can catch all stories on our website and our facebook page will leave you with more images of the film festival this fall over there too good streets were closed this weekend to next time i'm back.
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