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by their culture the state. promised to. the jungle and returned to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reversed culture. prize winning documentary from the forest starts first on t.w. . coming up on the program. gang raped but refused to keep silence today. coming up. queuing for water you know over thirty degrees heat. to anticipate the needs of one of the world's most densely populated cities.
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and oasis of books under the swarm. we take you to fly over kids library. welcome to. it's good to have you with us we begin in pakistan where the country's supreme court today and adjourned an appeal in a case that has been in the international spotlight for more than a decade seventeen yaz to be exact it is the case of. a woman from a village in punjab province gang raped in two thousand and two by men from a rival tribe as an act of revenge an act that pushed my two attempts and after she went to the police should receive death threats in short a gang rape that changed her life forever for the past seventeen years has fought for justice she's been through three courts and many legal hurdles has more on the
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woman who's got it on where many others with her fear and. booked our miles from a small farming village called me a while in two thousand and two when her twelve year old brother was accused of having illicit relations with a woman from a rival clomb the village council ordered her to be raped my admits she attempted to kill herself twice after her rape but then she decided to fight back. then on the second day there were educated people standing with me they were encouraging me there were also people from the media from civil society and that's when i thought it's better to fight and die because the one who saves a life is bigger than the one who kills. mokhtar mys case ignited international outrage her rapist refind guilty and sentenced to death but seventeen years on after receiving repeated death threats for speaking out she's
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still fighting for justice five of the men convicted of her rape were acquitted by the horror high course on the sentence of one man was reduced to life imprisonment the acquittals were upheld by pakistan's supreme course so this month my went back to the supreme court to petition against them it's through her decision to speak out that mokhtar my has become a symbol of strength for voiceless and oppressed women a world renowned advocate of women's rights in education she says of two schools for girls and a women's refuge just a few hundred meters from where she was raped and she's driven by one clear goal. it isn't easy to always repeat what i've been through. it's very hard for me. but i want those people to be punished. because i do not want anyone else to become
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another. all of this is my aim in the middle of the. the court verdict as to where to them i thought my may yet achieve her goal but from all we have a thousand islam above human rights activist funds on my body is very welcome to. the most thought my has continued to fight for justice for seventeen year how is she perceived in pakistan. perceived as a fight and she's seen someone you know who speaks of the office all those things. but then they are not able to speak out and she is considered as a weiss or suppose and i think dr. who. nobody because of the social pressure try to not shoot and try to get justice i think. in most cases and who are volunteering for them and there's
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a lot that they've been able to take but you know she's considered is that you know is that he. she and she is a day off or despite the fact that she still hasn't got justice from trouble and even institutions have i.d.'s for societies that she is she is. going to respect and people you know really. you know isn't he doing it all by leonie by. what would you say needs to change in pakistan through and show all that want more thought of my went through nobody else has to go through. so there are two teams obviously first of all late she was in there you know on the order of the local guy but just been giant she was you know she was ordered to be gained weight so i think we need to get to they don't like that better legislation systems you know if this inflow of the education system which
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are very much you know in part. i mean it when it now and but it has been so i think the state has to. step rate you know the convention system should be available if the door steps of people do not have to go to these informal justice systems you know that they picked the outlooks to get thinking in spanish and i did think is obviously i think that the kind of evidence if you why did you go from the victim that needs to be changed i think the victim statement should be sufficient and the poor folk loaded should be shifted to the to the accuse you know it's just a book and by this time of the texting is the police this nor do we stop it e bay often in such cases they do not get there every day and so i don't know enough to know what the prosecution's to distant thing is and hopefully that happens in the near future offers on a body speaking to us from islam about thank you very much to the capital of the philippines now which is suffering
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a severe shortage of water on the west and he has four sites in manila began to run dry off for the start of the dry season you have this month but the city's water supply is say that is only part of the problem it's a lack of infrastructure as well residents are having to corporate severe rationing with no water warning that the city could face up to twenty one hours a day without more time for the next three months some people have to resort to filling buckets with water from fire engines. and let's get more on this from the doubles and the santos who's joining me from manila now and a good to see you know this water shortage the few talking about has been ongoing for weeks has the situation at all improved. the situation has only slightly improved and by that i mean that residents at least now don't have to line up for hours to get water ration by fire trucks or scoop it out from the swimming pool water has begun flowing from the taps but only for a few hours
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a day leaving many residents still with no choice but to spend precious time collecting water that's just sounds like a terrible way to apply one of the basic necessities of life and as i understand it you spoken to residents what of they've been telling you how they're coping. i spoke to the residents of monday lujan which is one of the hardest hit areas and some of them are angry some of them are resigned but the rest all of them are just really tired of having to wait for water one resident mr cherry daria told me that at the height of the crisis he spent as much as four hours a day after work to wait in line to get water from a fire truck now he gets water from his tap for about two hours in the morning and he collects them there and he says that he wants to consider themselves lucky now because his sibling doesn't have water and has to go to mr john darrius house every day to take a back this is unimaginable thinking about this happening in a meadow metropolis like manila but what just goes to situation to become so bad.
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i think it is part of the problem the rest that this is a mega city. the water authorities and the water service providers do not have adequate infrastructure to support the growing population of the city so immediately what they need to do is start looking for alternative sources of water and improve the existing water infrastructure and meanwhile you know the citizens are just saying that they're joke and help this effort along by praying for rain it appears that the government until total truth concerned with botched not taking this problem c.d.c. enough and looking for targeted for more info when in time there were already predictions of a water shortage and a water crisis from a few years back if current infrastructure was not improved however water authorities were saying that because of certain bureaucratic backlog they weren't
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able to get these water infrastructure improvements up and running and this so the inability to create and improve the existing water infrastructure plus the onset so that as in your phenomenon or the dry spell has really worsen the problem we have seen the water levels and certain them snoring and this is where you get most of the water supply. and i santos reporting for us from the money la thank you very much for that update we're going to a place of play and creativity now that's thriving in the indonesian capital despite choking coffee and initial opposition from local gangstas this open air children's library in jakarta all for children a rare opportunity for reading and learning outside of school. there are no quiet rules at this library it's all about play. reading. and entertainment the shortage of public libraries in jakarta means this
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space has become a big hit with the local kids that live there i like it because i love listening to story telling stories are fine we get it's exciting. just a few years ago this fly over was strewn with rubbish and frequented by gangs but then armed with just books paint and green astroturf for the children to sit on the library's organizers got to work several murals and planted boxes later the area's reputation began its transformation. i want to make the image of this area under the bridge more positive to the people. before this place was perceived very negatively but there was a lot of rubbish gangsters were here and made the locals living in the area feel anxious but then we arrived and provided free books because we wanted to bring books closer to the community and that the idea didn't go down well with the locals
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that first parents were afraid their children would be kidnapped or hit by a car and the resident gangs needed persuading to find new turf but it worked and today it's not uncommon to see up to seventy children attending after school sessions. up in the sense of where this place is people who are passing by can start enjoying hand and children can play while also learning. to have been any complaints about the smell the rubbish or the rumble of traffic yet but just in case they use a sound system to drown out the noise. many more such stories on our website. and be sure to check us out of his book as well. i believe you know with a huge inflatable mickey mouse lookalike floating in hong kong's victoria it's
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a work of art actually by american artist calls it's going to start over. the phone. much of it. sure linked to news from africa and the world story link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news and easy town while loops ninety deputed come smash country com join us on facebook c.w. for. more dream go international talk show this minute your mom too is weak in
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german politics than europe resolve bitter divisions over migration the government is said stead into the abyss could friendly fire from president trump defeat one of the strongest military alliances pano my guests have to say on puerto rico. margarita song d w. after a. japanese comic and miss on points the finger solely at former chairman thomas code becomes as its french paterno pushes for a full reports it's eyeing other approaches to. the debate over spending power way continues how close the tech giants ties to the chinese state. and a sneak peek at what could be the ice ice wine option in history. and insolent
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let's do business in bad form in the sun chairman thomas code may have used company funds for private use that's according to a detailed review from an external committee undertaken for the comic up at a press conference in yokohama japan the committee says it found sufficient facts to support their suspicion and the true much power within the company may have been given to go directly it recommends the majority of directors be independent and the role of company chairman be abolished cohen was recently released on nine million dollars bail after more than one hundred days at a tokyo detention center he has denied all accusations of wrongdoing through the brain joins us now from singapore he's a correspondent andrea what's this mean for god. or ben these signs chairman position remains empty.


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