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doris green the moment arrives to. join the ranks on her journey back to freedom losing our interactive documentary. to her own reputation returns home on the w. dot com from running at times. this is deja news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes south africa commemorates twenty five years since the country's first democratic election on saturday but a quarter of a century on why struggle with the idea of co-existing and those who aren't black or white say they've been excluded as the country tries to redress the lost. we do why do we break with the words we were to break through right. there during the call to overthrow the preorders only see that your group you don't win. and chase
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in seattle we have the story of the games rising stars from going neighborhoods in nigeria to find out why van mental is believed to chance or change their lives. and christine little while come to news africa. on saturday's south africa will mock the twenty fifth anniversary of the country's first democratic election. back in one thousand nine hundred four it was hoped that the years that would follow would bring healing and reconciliation but today racial tensions in the country a still very high in many parts of south africa black and white people simply don't have to get as many feel like they caught isolated racial incidents over the years have pushed some south africans deeply into their prejudices incidents such as the
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one in the next report with two white farmers with sentenced to twenty three and eighteen years in jail for killing a black teenager. protests rocked this small some african farming town in two thousand and seventeen after the alleged murder of a black teenager by two white men the court heard how sixteen year old muslim although most wow was pushed off a moving vehicle after the farm workers caught him stealing sunflower seeds. since then and reconciliation process led by various local churches have been hard work to cross the racial divide and unite the community. communities will have to decide we make this broken world a better place for ourselves and if we don't do it no one else will do it for us pastor bell a mortal has lived in colonial all her life and worked with pastor peters on the reconsolidation project.
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despite a relative calm over the last two years there are still glaring inequalities in calais me that's true across the rest of the country twenty five years after. the most visible reminder of that time is the way many cities and towns remain divided along color lines. and there is that black people. so that things there is no way. this school principal testified about the racial issues in killin me during the murder trial he says that while not all whites were racist this particular crime was racially motivated. they would be really good people decision i think they were going to say man didn't boy is missing only that the men were convicted of murder in october last year last
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month they were handed jail terms of twenty three and eighteen years the situation in kenya is calm of the moment but it's a tense calm my swallows murders are planning to launch an appeal in may if you thought racial tensions in south africa were only along black and white lines you'd be mistaken apostate legally divide us of africans into groups of whites blacks indians and coloreds that's a term meaning people deems to be off mixed race and by the way it's not offensive in south africa but members of the colored community have started occupying land in the eldorado area many of the activists complain they've been sidelined or social housing some have been. nearly two decades in the twenty five years since apart a sense of they feel marginalized and ignored by the a.n.c. government. forces from their marginalizing of the op but i think i was down to the
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week when our forefathers were oppressed because there was certainly cream they were not white be not now we because we not black enough we saw you not feel. ok you really want to put the volume up for this one because you're about to hear the sound of the only symphony orchestra in central africa here's the story of a group of self-taught musicians who want to build a classical music school for adults and children in the democratic republic of congo. he's tough and demanding conduct armande says this is how he gets the best from his students. is that. you see if you don't. see what i'm actually a pilot but music is my passion. it's true i don't have academic training
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but passion is what helps us get to know instruments and to learn to play. and everyone here shares that same passion for classical music barely anyone has professional training instead they all train right here together in this orchestra . i'm happy here and i have a lot of friends. to be modest started learning the violin at the age of twelve and right from the start she was determined to join an orchestra. duffin lives in this district music she says has helped her enormously. music music has changed me classical music has something very calming about it so much this has helped me to reflect and react in my everyday environment may with my
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friends and others. having me push it to consume. family lives in a modest house her father sings in a choir and was supportive of his daughter learning an instrument it was only possible because the orchestra subsidize the cost of the lessons but the conditions were far from ideal when you depict the number of clothes there were thirty students but only two violins in the mornings i went to school and in the afternoon . i had violin lessons but actually i could only hold the violin briefly then already it was the next child's turn to say memphis had gone live you know. now dauphin practices every day and she rehearses with the orchestra five times a week she's also studying and doing an internship with the foreign ministry. the twenty eight year old hopes she might get a job there later something that's not easy in the democratic republic of congo the orchestra is run by a free christian church that offers people support and has also built
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a number of schools and hospitals in one thousand nine hundred four it's set up the orchestra. music lessons take place within the church building there are no music schools in the democratic republic of congo so how is anyone supposed to learn to play an instrument. of those who stood by lightly is it a lot ever since i was little when i listen i feel good music is the soundtrack to everything. to churches now building a real music school it wants to give more people access to the power of music. everyone here is prepared to roll their sleeves up and get digging even the musicians. you. see for you to see you for work is not too difficult afterwards at four o'clock i go to the choir.
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the church also runs a large choir and until the building is finished the eighty or so singers rehearse outside. was. far. and then they're joined by the orchestra they're rehearsing a container for mendelssohn psalm forty two opus forty two in german. i think so that once i need some sleep we're not symphonic family many musicians have found their own voice here and the orchestra simply accompanies each musician in their dreams. idea the school shapes the musicians of tomorrow. cares.
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a feat of full sound now growing up in the slums of lagos presents children with a host of challenges among them is also the belief that there is even a way out of poverty one man has set out to change that but today or now is using the game of chess to educate children and teach them there's a way to overcome life's obstacles. carefully calculates every move she makes the nine year old is the champion play at this chess club. doesn't just need to be first and that it wasn't just me smart well do i your only learn to create eight months ago now she's preparing to represent africa at
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a region autonomy isn't that what's in there or not korea is how coach he's also found out of this club chess in slums he coaches children left who come from on that privileged communities like this communities that awful luck quality education and even basic amenities robertson is goal is to use the principles of test to see each of the children that in spite of their circumstances they can still make it in that it was for them to be just coming into to face a lot of challenges so he's got to address them in them that if he can live this game of chess you can become a champion that's it you can also become the champion of your life chess is a game of strategy requiring critical thinking and calm situation even adults can struggle to placate let alone children children is actually very
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intelligent very intelligent enough to master the game of chess despite all its complexities so i'm ok out also grew up in a slum neighborhood he says playing chess from a young age gave him a new perspective on life now he's determined to do the same for other children. are dwyer is at her first regional tournaments and her coach is there to cheer her on. she will be faced. kids from more privileged backgrounds but she says she's confident of harvey truth think you are going to win the competition. out of six rounds or do i always four and comes in second place coach are not quite asked says tom the men's leg this can really boost the children's confidence now he hopes to take heart and other kids on to bigger competition.
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i think they just face every each a chess champion and that is that. is africa and you can catch all our stories on our website and our facebook page to make side by back. kill the firework that's hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to steal any more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were lions of the what's your story. i'm what i was and women especially are victims of violence in london it's take
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part and send us your story we are trying all with to understand this new culture. another visitor another you want to become a citizen. in so migrants your platform for reliable information. hello and welcome to news from the world of ops and culture and coming up on the show today europe's most comprehensive exhibition of classes blue and rose periods is currently on show switzerland. less is more is used by design is urging simplicity but more literally means more when it comes to this design trend back symbolism.
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but first off we are constantly confronted in the media by the ideal figure of a woman but there is no such thing of course as we all know now some very witty instagram as have been addressing this subject with their own versions of famous posts all perhaps undressing the subject will be a better way of explaining it my colleague melissa holroyd will be here to explain ole after this. just an average day at the beach with britney spears on instagram. and he is seeing. these trillion is hailed as one of the funniest women on the net with a parodies she holds up a mirror to the glittering illusory world of social media.


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