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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2019 4:30am-5:00am CEST

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and political and social topics considered from different perspectives live we cover the issues that move turkey on a unique platform for information. plus ninety connects to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on youtube. robb's noises. it started with a sublime strike and ended in pure drama the revered jarvey dortmund again child this is it with spice the writing was surely on the wall towering top meant against
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relegation threatened shall kill but the hundred fifty fourth edition of the darby had explosive surprises they're both discounted out of the indifference by the she stiff of drama and self destruction on one side relief and resurrection on the other. seo the day they were good old stuff going into this would be due to both big ideas. elsewhere on match day thirty one a bit of slapstick victories that came too late or maybe right on time. and surprise packages like the telephone calls dusseldorf they've come a long way with modest means. they cannot stop it no one would live like that that's obvious it was all in the album by the go here for michigan. meanwhile byron had a darby of their own of the but there ian for id against norm back under normal circumstances
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a no brainer but then again what does normal mean on this crazy match days. but will start off with a tremendous red beard target here on kickoff. it shall be time on the disney gizmo it's a rifle they don't mind that's a shelf full of waste and emotionally challenged that. compete with rituals to rally the troops on the pitch. derby is always something special. a very special. time. yes but we don't mind in second it just about the drop zone. with forty two points separating the side. could have lost an extra thirteen games
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and would still be ahead of. us don't wind had yet to lose it this season so presumably would be an easy proposition this time. however diplomatic in the pre-match build up. these in one. two one up against man city. with just over twenty or twenty five minutes to go i think. that's the truth. shall cause still managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on that occasion of course their season has been a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside and then make mom and talking of riddles. and not be able or allowed to speak frankly but there may be a time when i will. say it's been a season to forget for shall come. would be something to savor the
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railing that rivals title challenge close securing their own survival. the game began pretty much as expected with jaden sanchez floating a lovely ball for mario good set to open the scoring in the fourteenth minutes it was the young englishman's fourteenth assist of the season. shop that had managed to turn around a deficit in a single gun does a good game this season so surely no darby day upsets he'll. be here hundred teacher and i was worried that their head turning again after going one no down. but all heads perked up just a few minutes later. perhaps the view from above will explain why the ref interrupted the game to check something and not the mystery back and. the ref himself consulted v.a. ah and pointed to the spot joy fish alco discussed for the dome and
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boss is there goes the greatest scandal in footballing history to finish who invented this room for indian name and nobody knows i'm not the problem. they have no idea about football they've never played the game that's obviously made these players will have to start cutting their arms off them. well those people who have no. idea about the game ruled that this is a penalty and not just in the bundesliga but world wide said the man with the whistle. for me to clear penalty because i had an outstretched arm and this is the international and national way to judge situations golden opportunity for shall cut to get back in the game which daniel caligari gratefully took now fans where we experience. it was so loud i didn't even hear the whistle she had to look at the
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rest to see he was blowing and i just focused on myself. from now on it was a red via darby where the if the ne victory shay's. are relevant as a result and indeed suddenly don't mind where it see conceding unforced conus against shall cut of all teams because for all their many was and weaknesses this season can still deliver a decent conus second best answer by a fact and it helps with the how for opposing defenders know when challenging set each sunday for the head to play in front and things went from bad to worse when marco royce saw restraint read on the hour mark for a studs first tackle from behind on so outside the door when the skip button talisman will now be back to game just. five minutes later fullback marius was also said tall for an identical challenge on
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the same player sometimes it's best not to follow your captain's example. they had stretched legs it. starts in front and they are going to their killer really really dangerous for the player and there's no other way to deal with it than to show the records when the resort is not the watch what you want. but sometimes you know yourself. and there was more bad news for home fans in those five disastrous dalby minutes in between the two dismissals scaliger rico day in a peach of a free kick to make it straight he won. a red race for the senate she won you know a day to truly treasure a shout. for sure we know that. this game is just great game for for everybody for for the fans for us first some fans that is and don't mind win out down with twenty five minutes left. to their credit doman
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didn't give up so it still gave them hope with five minutes remaining that's turning the game around with nine men was still a total loser and an impossible one to braille envelope but the game to bet. the penalty assigned to it meant to have themselves to blame for not managing to keep the pitch not the shell or complaining we need to do to be there mentally too but to be prepared there will be a fight through been the head here and we do it very well we wait in the midfield when we want to contact risk of all go. shell to salvage more than a little pride from an otherwise catastrophic season and what better place to get back on track than at the best fall in stadium. in five. when you win four to endorsement and perform like that in a derby that gives you
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a lot of strength for the head of us i always say we have to believe in our strength and give it our all and today we saw we can still do that. and had the sense from once connect us was not complete meanwhile it was dormant left hanging their heads was that the title challenge. for the mustache of. the title was now there for the taking the bryant. in the dying seconds norm barrack had a chance for a new lease of life contrary to expectations the hosts found themselves one kick away from an unlikely win and a priceless three points in the relegation battle. but they.
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thought we begin from the start or rather from above down so there was another darby going on this weekend they are in darby. and back next to bottom an eighteen points up against fire in munich on sunday have the chance to go four points clear of dortmund with three games remaining. i'm not someone who underestimates people. every team the necessary respect and we saw how dortmund struggled here too. but seriously what it team with seven hundred seventy million euros struggle against a side worth less than a tenth of that following dortmund stumble on saturday barnwood not fail to more or less wrap up the title right. davida lined up for one of his trademark free kick rockets midway in the first half but the a managed to tip it onto and off the crossbar a close shave for the home side but biron were left to rue their missed chances
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just after the restart went to spend saying it fell to the to use program. fire in behind also thanks to some sloppy defending knowing there were showing their mettle right when it mattered one nil. barrack have learned how to fight again under coach boris sharma's as his opposite number reminded us ahead of the game. shown since the coaching change that they're even tougher to play against now. but our new nick still have the likes of thomas millar in their ranks he's recently been back on form as he showed when storing the cup semifinal against raymond and when he can't quite help us in his words on countless occasions this season. the twenty three year old fruit invaluable against no embarrass shouting the ball over him ateneo to draw the sides level fire now
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scented blood and there was more action to come albeit at the other rant. after spotting a foul the ref did not hesitate to award a penalty. this was the spot kick that could throw new and back a lifeline and also to dortmund to favor. tim la boards b. to move but not the post though he was quickly forgiven. took on the responsibility and he didn't need to hit the inside post so no problem especially in light of this scene in the fourth minute of added time when i nor barrack player turned hero not for giving them a win but for preventing a last second defeat. now i say. but kingsley come on. when we did well and on the
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spot i was able to salvage a point for the team but still for a bit disappointed. by aaron were two they could have all but sewn up the title but now they're only two points clear of dortmund so the story is far from over and now more stories in our contacts. let's say you have already stumped their ticket to the gem income final and were hoping to add a ticket to the champions league for my book. team obana brought the hosts one step closer to reaching their goal eighteen minutes in. tense agree folke or pay to go off guard with a speedy free kick it was a shocking moment for the hives that could have mucked up their plans had emailed force back not converted a penalty to seal the win and much more. sensational because for match
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days before season saying we've already earned our place in the champions league third place and we're in the cup final at the same time it's just amazing. congrats to top the likes. leverkusen skipped onto the field with confidence having won their last two matches but so had a new coach martin smith has hit the ground running. fans looked on with all their side got off to the better start twelve minutes in kevin dunn so rushed in a corner kick one nil for. the source signed for leverkusen coach peter boss who has his own champions league ambitions but his boys came back with a vengeance demonstrating their hopes were still alive kevin form and equalized with a hammer of a shot. and then set up can have outs to take the two one lead in the second half.
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billion pounds free kick was cleaned up by you know time ta three one. thanks again to fall and perhaps put the game to bed at four one. leverkusen space will depend on next week's game against fellow european contenders frankfurt. the chairman team still playing internationally frank like he found it hard to focus on leave. she gets to counter they face chelsea in the europa league semi final selfless day this weekend they looked worn out. understandable given they played more matches than most but frankfurt's distinctive attractive football was nowhere in sight we would have loved to see and say ray beach school here. or here.
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but alas there were no beautiful goals to be see the match ended in an old but the fans still believe ray beaching coble pick things up in frankfurt's first european semi final in thirty nine years. yet another two teams with their sights set on europe. while it was nice place to ball sports last chance to qualify for continental football. hoffenheim to four match winning streak and put them back in the mix for a champions league finish in the first ten minutes out of a solid to put the host and blue ahead one nil. but look out coach not goals man both forget selleck coming back from behind and boy did they ever. just before the break william levelled the score and the fans went wild. over an hour in both sports leading marksmen valve
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a course snapped in the early ninety's. then maximilian arnold added one on top. three one. minutes before time they chorused deliver the final blow to hoffenheim. of their champions league dreams. meanwhile both spork are still right on track having earned a league best sixteen points after coming back from behind a season work surprise. once again. rock bottom of the table without knowing much days since that last when many of the fans have given up hope if they lost once more against mines it would likely be the final nail in the coffin. mines was superior throughout but lacked final persuasion and then out of nowhere thanks to this stroke of luck hand over took the lead
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goalscorer hendrick by dent couldn't even believe it himself the fluke goal won the match with one nil to hand over retaining an ever so small glimmer of hope for him yet. new stuttgart coach nico feeling took over for marcos fine cereal after last week's six mill blowout new trainers new luck they hoped and lucky they were against club who are in the hunt for a champions league spot shoot but struggled to finish. stuttgart fought hard to create their own chances and the former under nineteen coach impressed in his bundesliga debut. eventually all their hard work paid off when club after fender nico l.d.d. header the ball in the wrong direction unfavorable for glad but desperately needed
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for stuttgart. it ended one nil thanks to anastasio us dollars and a breath of fresh air with village what a difference a new coach can make. and now for the most surprising team of the season. i missed all the gnashing of teeth over the leaks title relegation and european quality. cation spots let's look at one of the less traumatic stories of the season for two no dusseldorf promoted last year and with the second smallest budget in the league and now they're in respectable tenth place they were off to a blistering start against graham and scoring after just forty nine seconds. i.
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need to run with his tenth of the season for far to now it just gets better and better and. so what makes these guys special. for starters they have the most experienced coach in the league think telephone call has given his side the calm they needed before the season has even begun when they were many pundits favorites to go straight back down. to. the team and shown why everything people said then was rubbish. even if they did have a point early on dusseldorf struggled until mid december when they aren't nine points in one week doubling their tally from the previous fourteen outings. to even be dormant top of the table at the time and they haven't looked back since. have definitely been on the front foot as demonstrated in impressive fashion on
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saturday by ken on karma. after running with the ball from his own half and passing a number of defenders i think they missed in style eyes i am late entry for goal of the season for man making the most of just his seven start of the season i took them as in i saw the space in front of me and just went for it i thought i might be able to hit the net today and i did and a pretty cool. way to move on some really happy about it because those are just some dos opponents were out to prove a point braman were coming off to unlocking losses to byron in five days and we're still looking at a europa league finish max closer home to go back with a penalty still in the first half. but our surprise package of the season
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carried on regardless confident that players like kevin struggle can be relied on to produce the goods. designs are smithfield general he leaves the scoring to the guys on the front line but likes to have a crack himself sometimes. another factor behind just a lot of sound showing the season are the new signings dodie look at back e.o. on the ball here and david cannot see with the through ball to cut him on just two examples of the club's smart recruitment moves this moves finished off by the even headings to make it three one i. abhorred to notice a lot of have come a long way with unlimited resources and that's also because they were a real unit if that weren't the case it's unlikely they'd still be pushing for a fourth here i've marco so not blasting home the fourth on a beautiful day for the home side. for one it ended but for tuna
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still have plenty to play for. we have our own goal so we want to have more than forty points and. yet for us it's more important to have more points than just to leave the light last five games we want to show everybody that we just that we can play also if there is nothing on the game. and they likely will reach that goal let's join in the applause for the bundesliga surprise of the season now let's see which results from match day thirty one stick out. linda lost the dummy a game and now monkey royce is suspended for two games by and were held to a drool by bag gossip it's one crucial points for the relegation battle that the foley proceed to the table let's look at what delights kickoff has to offer not.
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did you know the kickoff is now on you tube with the world of football. thought with like carrying a quad core of mexico in the world so really we travel the world can ruin it for you how high prices are running i'm going to saying no this does make sense and never people the closer i discuss football chris here it is. the borg this is going to go on. as a football kick off on you tube. it's a new. buyer and extend their leaders the tough but only by one point two two class alliance and for qualifying for champions league action next season the fight for international spots runs from frankfurt down to frame and. even with shall clash to dance in honey of a winning the bottom half of the table remains on changed an action packed weekend in the bundesliga and on match day moment she looks back at one of the craziest
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down the scenes see you next time wanted. to receive a job when i get shall cut. this is the reveal the mother of a little gentleman dobby's to sit up close with a politicos with those golden replacing the trees but. let's go to the judge just. lots of so let me see you straight in the misleading dome is now down to now with that talisman and how soon it will be sure of almost. nobody knows not what about the box from i find the spirit of them stand by for the show me my signature looks much so i'm going to somebody's going. to be. curious to. their fetch and i know.
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that states i know that job i have trauma and more emotion this result is a blow for the black and yellow chances this time on a saucer froebel a revenge. move . to. fluently.
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in the face of danger. frederica and pound obama you know well what that's like the a as their job to report the mafia. which means that their safety is constantly in compliance. but other efforts really worth it to reporters take on italy's must. close up thirty minutes on d w. india. as the basis of life yet many of the bodies are polluted and groundwater reserves are endangered but now there is an innovative water
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purification project and you can make a living from it. and see how an environmental activist is giving life to dozens of places to. ninety minutes. some time in the twenty six. my great granddaughter. but with the world in your life time in around half a century. your world will be around two degrees warmer and. inevitably sea levels rise by at least one meter in this century. we're going to have some climate impacts return greater the more we see all the above that's really frightening thought will have. the luck. why are people more concerned.
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a little yellow. stars may thirty first w. earth home to millions of species go home or savings. tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action global ideas and series. google three thousand on t.w. and online. well i guess sometimes i am in which i. think deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes crap but interesting to see from countries that i know.
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prefixes grammar down to me it's all that. i'm rachel join me for me to. post. a propaganda video released by i.a.s. shows what appears to be its leader abu bakar al baghdadi praising his group's time as to the easter sunday bombings in sri lanka but admitting the terrorist networks own massive losses. scotland's first minister nicola sturgeon says she will do whatever it takes to keep the nation in the european union she told.


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