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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 2, 2019 4:30pm-4:45pm CEST

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exemptions for german culture looking at the stereotype quirk in your fingers use of country but i don't. hear you didn't see the pictures grammar there you go it's cold out there. i'm ready to join me to meet the germans on the w. . post. this is d. w. news asia coming up on the program the worst place for women in the world afghanistan violence and domestic abuse are rampant across the country we'll take you to a shelter where some women that's found a safe haven plus. crowded dirty and literally losing ground is it time to abandon the indonesian capital of jakarta and. confiscate school i'm going to try and stop the uptake like the the next our
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correspondent skates right into the thick of thailand's roller derby scene we need a team with big ambitions. i'm melissa chan and welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us we want to begin in afghanistan today and take a closer look at the treatment of women in the country since the taliban fell in two thousand and one women have made gains in afghan society girls have greater access to education more women work and are represented in parliament they also have a seat at the table of the so-called grand assembly which is holding talks about the future of the country right now but the fact is experts rank it as the worst place on earth to be a woman today a u.n. poll for. and that more than half of afghan women have experienced domestic abuse
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in their lifetime and almost a third of women report being forced to enter marriage as child brides some estimates put that figure much higher our next report takes us to a shelter in the country's northwest where women have found a safe haven from abuse and evenings and alyssa was just a girl on her wedding day her groom was eighteen years old. her think you know that of when i saw him i was shocked because i was only six and that's the time for me to be with my parents and family not to get married i was feeling lonely scared and i was just crying and crying with an him because of that alyssa is safe now at a women's shelter in herat she's one of many who've suffered at the hands of men another could asia says she endured a marriage of humiliation beatings and even stabbings. once she begged from nasa.
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or the moon began business my whole body was in pain so much pain that every moment i prayed to my god to help me die i cried shouted and asked my in-laws to take me to the hospital and once i was taken to the hospital i was unconscious we're going to move you could asia says she tried to escape to her family but her own father rejected her. search of home and i went to him for help but he didn't understand and told me that i left the house with the white wedding gown and only my dead body could be brought back in there in a white shroud of the dead when you if you don't see. it is a familiar story in a country where impunity for violence against women is pervasive. at the shelter they offer victims a sanctuary education and a chance to rebuild their lives its founder says that despite advances in female
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empowerment making sure those gains reach the rural areas is vital this is the time for the fight for our rights because of the stand for our rights we should push the international community to hear the voices of government we will not go back. until fundamental changes realized across afghanistan this center will go on providing shelter to those bearing the scars of injustice. we move on to indonesia jakarta to be exact it's a mega city of around thirty million people and known for its congestion overcrowding and pollution the city is also prone to intense seismic activity and flooding plus did you know it's also sinking that's happening because of improper groundwater usage on rising sea levels officials are building a new seawall as a buffer but the situation remains critical and some scientists predict that ninety five percent of the city will. below sea level by twenty fifty all of this has
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revived a decades long discussion to move the capital to a new location now indonesia's urban planning minister says president joko widodo has okayed the plan officials have not settled on a new location yet but the government wants any capital to be less vulnerable to natural disasters some country local media saying one option is a city on the island of borneo well where ever the new capital will be the president says it's time for a move. in opposite to this idea has always come up during each and every presidential administration but it has never been decided were discussed in a planned and mature manner. the. moving the capital involves great details of planning in choosing
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a location based on political strategic factors including the readiness of funds and infrastructure. is. willing i believe if we planned it well we will accomplish this great idea. so we're dodos enthusiastic about this but what do people think we asked residents of palenque araya how they feel about the possibility their city might become the new indonesian capital. and one of the high after your greeting in my opinion is the capital city moves to prolong it would improve the economic situation here. and we don't want the. i completely agree with the idea of shifting the capital from jakarta to poland pariah why because it could be just the visibility of local artists and small industries in the area to
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a national level. then everybody firstly i disagree because of many factors that should be considered one of them is increased competition for jobs people here would be at a disadvantage to job seekers who will come it. becomes the capital. that became i don't agree with the idea i'm sure that people with higher degrees and qualifications will also move here and they will control the system. local students and residents are not get at their level but they're improving in my opinion the change would narrow opportunity and reduce the unemployment rate here. we'll keep following this story for you in the meantime we'd like to know what you think is specially if you're in jakarta should indonesia keep or change its capital let us know on facebook or twitter. on to thailand next where king ma how
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long corn has married just days before his coronation the couple appeared in a surprise wedding ceremony which aired on national television the new queen will be called queen city here's more. yeah this was some weights we're now it's a relationship that love was a room a few years now it's official the king annoying thing his queen with sacred water this elaborate ceremony was broadcast to the entire country and it was watched by leaders of the country's ruling military and other royal family members the couple finished the ceremony by signing their names in the marriage registry on the streets of bangkok somewhat shocked the queen city does rise from commoner to consulate. i mean people will accept the change but they might be a little surprised by the fact that she went from being an ordinary person up to becoming queen but it lasted a lot. the government think she deserves the position now i congratulate them and
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hope it will move the country forward. before joining the palace guard in twenty thirteen city to work as an attendant for its high alway's the pair reportedly met on a flight city to is the king's fourth wife they're said to split their time between thailand and germany where the king owns a property in the varia even visitors to thailand have taken an interest in the couple in the u.k. one of the princes was married to mary can act yes. he can relate better to everyday folks in the same thing will happen to be. king maher watch the random corns official coronation takes place on saturday despite his father dying in twenty sixteen the new king had wanted a period of mourning now it's time to celebrate a new era for the tired royal family. and staying in thailand but moving on to in an entirely different matter all together roller derby you may
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think it's quite an all american tradition but the sport is gaining popularity in parts of asia to the point that there's an interagency league we caught up with one team from bangkok who set their eyes on a big goal competing in the next world cup. it's fast frantic and full contact. welcome to roll a dog the. good the gave it all about balance and recall what it might have pushed because it will i'm going to try and stop the uptake of my feet at the thought it was next clearly this is no place to begin is. these guys are on a mission to set up thailand's fearless evan national team and skate their way into the biggest competition in the game the role of the world cup almost every roller derby player you know has a dream of competing in the world cup and it would be great to bring
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a team from thailand with thai skaters. trained in bangkok that would be a dream. with the world cup expect to say place in a few years time the race is on to qualify they already have the skills. and training from a shrewd rola dobby legends experience international should stop bonds become team thailand's they need to recruit more type players and they're counting on role of dobbies growing proof fallen angels to help them do it i think people are hungry for it they want to be want to know what. they want to be able to get out of their bodies in that space and i think that's. all well. yeah that it has. been a. team bangkok are already planning into asia nique tonight's the big game against rivals hong kong at last year's world cup the number of asian teams
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competing jumped from one to three. and with more events like this thailand should be runs alongside them next time around the world many asian teams in the last world cup but everyone really enjoyed watching changing patterns in team korea team philippines. so i think. team top end will be very exciting to watch in the shop up the hill yeah it's nice and things to go by these guys already sitzman that into asian success international. going on the next rise up. that's it from us today don't forget to head to our website for more stories that dot com for slash asia and tweet us your thoughts staying with the sports fan we leave you with dirt bikers revving up for the dust rays and amateur eventually your chunk june south korea enjoy and see you next time.
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some time in the twenty sixth. my great granddaughter. put with the world the night in your life time in around half a century. your world will be around trying to grease one. particularly sea level rise fire at least one meter central. we're going to have some climate impacts return greater than we see or maybe. it's really
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frightening. why are people more concerned. shorts may thirty first w. . is china a developing country still in need of cheap credit that's one of the big questions at the annual meeting of the asian development bank were members know that beijing itself is lending to countries around the world. and today marks the end of u.s. waivers for importers of a randian oil that stands to be a major blow to tehran what it tighten sanctions mean for major economies like india and china. also on the show france and germany team up to subsidize battery cell production they call it
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a strategic investment in the face of tough asian competition others call it a waste of money. and you're watching business asia i'm stephen beard's in berlin thanks for watching the annual meeting of the asian development bank is underway on the island of fiji finance ministers and central bankers from the lenders sixty eight member countries are in attendance so far two issues have dominated the agenda first a debate about whether china is now too rich to need funds from the bank the second and even longer term question how to stave off the most devastating effects of climate change it's a look. whether it's forest fires extreme drives or hurricanes wreaking havoc the devastating consequences of climate change are already plain to see.