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plus ninety connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. this is deja vu news live from berlin at least two people die after cycling funny slams into the east coast of india the cyc lone has brought trench will rains and violent winds and set to pass over the homes of some one hundred million people will get the very latest from our correspondent also coming up. on this world press freedom day we need a journalist in the philippines pierre nanda says her critical reporting on the two
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territory administration has made her a target of the president himself. and the faces of sudan's popular uprising the women you spoke to say the protests that started here have changed their lives forever. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us one of the biggest storms to hit india in recent years has made landfall it's battered the east of the country with winds of up to one hundred eighty kilometers per hour cycle unfunny striking the coast of additional state at about eight am local time close to the resort town of three local police have confirmed that two people have died although forecasters say the cyclon has now started to weaken authorities evacuated more than a million people in coastal areas ahead of on his arrival fearing storm surges
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could endanger lives. let's go straight to me should joyce walsh is covering the story for us from our delhi bureau good day to you can you give us the latest on the sari club well as you mentioned the cycle made landfall at eight pm local time and the impact is expected to last at least six hours there would be strong winds as well as a danger to see conditions in which the central authorities have put out warnings about and the cycle is moving in a not northeast to a direction now as a progress as it's expected to weaken and it's heading to was another indian steve the state of west bengal all the time for it happened on the southern coast of the state of what they saw and really mentioning pasta was bottom of the spot because at that point of time an emissions one hundred million people are going to be affected by this cycle and how how in the affected regions been preparing for this scale of event. well central authorities have
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already evacuated one million people from call serious and it is worth noting that while the lawsuit was like no one was in one thousand nine hundred nine in the region that's two decades ago the region is not unfamiliar with these kinds of weather conditions in the past as well people have been evacuated and casualties have been brought down as a result india has one of the largest national disaster relief forces in the world and the indian army as well as the air force is on standby the navy and coast guard are already already on the ground trying to help people and to ensure that the need for rescue operations can go on smoothly for food and medicines have already been deployed or is there is a sense among the people in the affected areas that it's going to be better this time around but there happen on the site and ones that have hit in two thousand and four and two thousand and five even two thousand and seventeen i'm also actuation similar to this one look at it out there then as well and casualties were brought
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down thousands of people died in ninety nine but our own forty one in the last cycle and that was about it a few years ago and so on tons of human casualties of course that has been a positive response from something authorities however infrastructure is expected to suffer severe damage because already central authorities are saying that the patched houses as well as get to the people as communication in mumbai will be affected roads will be affected really as has already been disrupted so the truth scale of infrastructure damage and want to become clear once the cycle impossible. thanks very much for that. now for a look at some of the other stories making news around the world malaysia has released the last remaining suspect being held in connection with the killing of the estranged half brother of the leader of north korea kim jong il died after he was speared with a nerve agent at kuala lumpur airport in february twenty seventh team. in wash.
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political tensions are flaring after attorney general william barr missed a congressional hearing into his handling of his special counsel robert muller's russia report barres absence was due to a disagreement over allowing staff lawyers to ask questions democrats are also reportedly considering holding the attorney general in contempt of congress after he declined to provide lawmakers with an an redacted version of the russian report . partial results from britain's local elections so dramatic falls port where the two main political parties the governing conservatives have lost about forty seats the opposition labor party about eighty. commentators say the results reflect public anger with the two parties handling of brecht's. that facebook has abandoned number of far right commentators as dangerous individuals that ban includes you all right commentator millo in aa plus you just saw him there
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nation of islam leader louis farrakhan alex jones right there right wing talk show host mark zuckerberg saying the decision was made to promote safety but many users are calling the move censorship well today is world press freedom day a day for remembering the importance of a free press and also for elected governments to know their duty to uphold the right of citizens to communicate freely and without fear we're going to head to the philippines now rip where reporters at the website rappler have attracted some unwanted attention and abuse after their critical reporting on president to territories government. like most journalists start her day opening emails and social media messages for inbox is usually flooded with grief and death threats because she writes about for the president who would prefer to tear. came to a point when they're there to himself when. bashing me on camera they're the kind
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of emboldened his own supporters to do you know bashing me on line so. the death isn't repress increased exponentially it's almost as if he's saying it's better for you to lie low and not gain my attention because once i have i pay attention to you you could be humiliated. so he was like making an example out of not as critical reportage of the administration angered the president's supporters and the president himself to tear it to back grenada from covering presidential events are not your primary news outlet rappler is threatened with closure their c.e.o. has been barraged with lawsuits arrested twice and has posted thousands of dollars in bail political harassment threats of rape the tension and unresolved media killings this kind of oppressive environment makes the philippines one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists to work in recently a list of journalists and human rights lawyers that legit plotting to overthrow the
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president was released the government has previously released similar lists of suspected drug lords some have already ended up dead now philippine journalists are fighting back there as the supreme court to lift the reporting ban on the president forty one other journalists a part of the petition. the fact that there are reporters who you know are are afraid are has you doubt. themselves with the right order or. the essence of the children that there would be pressured in forever where as journalists will always be journalists lost the stick to their craft. you are were we will always be sure and no one can take it away from us media and press for the fragile and. this is every day is another day to fight and uphold that. huge crowds of demonstrators have joined what's being called a million strong march outside sudan's army headquarters the demonstrators are
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demanding that the ruling military hand over power to civilians that following last month's overthrow of president omar al bashir they gather a meeting points across the capital khartoum and then march towards the main sit inside outside the military headquarters. a group of women in khartoum who told him how the protests have affected them and their families. the women who live in the district of khartoum in sudan are overjoyed the regime has finally been overthrown their sons helped accomplish this even though they risked being beaten up each time they went to demonstrations lignite is the mother of three sons who took part is among our allies swear to god they tortured and beat our children model on how you. live now invites us into her house one of her sons greets us the others are striking in front of the army's headquarters they
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want the old regime to disappear security forces were regularly sent to randomly search houses in their districts without any regard to their privacy. now as they came in here and looked under the beds i said no one's hiding under there then they went into the kitchen in the bathroom and why they were looking for rebels. the bullet holes document the violence the security forces use in this district. according to people who live here they detained protesters in this bus and interrogated them. here it is where the uprising started here in khartoum that's why this street is called now the street of the revolution and dispose here is a symbol for the confrontations between the security forces and the demonstrators. the first riots in khartoum took place in this part of town where about five
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thousand people live. kids used to play soccer on this field. now it's known as the place where a bloody fights between locals and security forces took place these clashes led to residents being wounded and arrested. more yet who's twenty five years old was one of those arrested. he has a certificate in business administration and works as a salesman. the hard life as he puts it drove him to take place in the protests until he was imprisoned for three weeks he was released right after the regime was toppled. and then with a lot of people a must for planning the protests in this district building the barricades and digging the trenches. here in the al border the district not only
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the men but also the women young and old played a central role in the revolution. whether they took place in the protests themselves or gave moral support and aid to the demonstrators but it wasn't easy what. they did i ran from house to house to protect my granddaughter from the tear gas and bombs that i suffered with her. and it will lead to that amount. so how do you helper i kept taking her to places where there was no tear gas. at the time not e.o. was three days old now she's alright she was born at the beginning of a new era. i know the protests that started in the bloody districts brought the women together now they meet regularly and they all hope that the revolution will change their lives for the better. they that we hope that people here will be able
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to live in peace and that we will get a good government and that we can live in safety because if the situation becomes stable and secure then we will feel good about things again to the regret of us thought and i'm. here in the al bloody district people hope that the revolution will go on. we have some sports news and football now the europa league summit finals in england arsenal defeated valencia spain three one and in germany frankfurt scored early against visiting chelsea lugo of it having it in for frankfurt at the twenty three minute mark but there was little time for him and his team mates to celebrate that's because chelsea talk just before the break with spanish winger pedro slow shot and that's how it all ended a one all draw frankfurt remain undefeated at home this season in the europa league the second leg that's coming up in london next week. all star wars fans
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around the world are marking the passing of one of the brightest lights in the star wars universe peter made here and played in five of the star wars films as passed away. towering actor became an iconic part of cinematic history after director george lucas cast him in the side biopic he was seventy four years old. let's get you reminder of our top story this hour one of the biggest storms ever to hit india has made landfall cycling funny is battering the east of the country with winds of up to one hundred eighty kilometers per hour but already say at least two people have been killed more than a million people have been evacuated from low lying coastal. this is the news live from berlin coming up next a documentary from a country that's said to be full of contradictions around the first leave you with
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some footage of preparations in bangkok for the coronation of the new thai king three days of elaborate ancient ceremonies is due to begin tomorrow i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks for joining us erica always with you at the top of the hour and have a great weekend. it's just curious to. do it yourself or. the new. channel. and don't miss out.
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new cause for celebration world press freedom day on d w.


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