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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2019 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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seeding complaints from other road users. i. on world press freedom day a sobering look at the health of the press journalists around the world are facing threats persecution and violence online and in person from governments and other powerful actors they try to hold to account now he has called the press an enemy of the people but press freedom in the us started this decline before donald trump took office why and what can be done i'm sumi so misconduct in berlin this is the day. i. am talking about the fake news media they are truly an enemy of the people it shouldn't need to be said in the room full of people who understand the power of words but fake news and enemies of the people are not names punchlines or
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presidential i'm sure not that's another that's a that's one of the the other folks that set out for me i'm on the first thing that's enough the president are going to relations between presidents in the press are notably tough almost always adversarial but they don't need to be steeped in the end of their watching and should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person you should be working for c.n.n. no i don't think the american media and the american president either good relations. but. thank you so it's a perfect job. also coming up tonight as king my what did i learn corn officially ascends the throne in thailand well introduce you to one man who was hiked four days to be part of the celebrations in bangkok. i can tell you that it is absolutely sweltering here the midday sun is blazing down honest i can only imagine just hell punishing this is twelve hours
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a day. that with a day to honor the importance of a free and democratic press and it's as important as ever the number of countries where it's safe for journalists to do their job without fear is falling and the number of countries where they're facing an increasingly hostile climate it is rising in april reporters without borders released their annual world press freedom index only about a fourth of the one hundred eighty countries on the slowest are considered a good atmosphere for reporters topping the list norway finland and sweden at the very bottom north korea eritrea and turkmenistan the u.s. has slipped down this list for the third year in a row now sitting at number forty eight reporters without borders is pointing the finger at president trump and his hostility toward the american news media but you can be pretty gentle nothing with the current you change the leadership i think
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that even if your point becomes very michael cohen i. know. that i really gave you that there's more faith is a lot of there's a lot of thing there's a lot of fake news out there no i did i never worked for russia or you know that answer better than anybody i've ever worked for russia not only did i never work for russia i think it's a disgrace that you even have that why should the first told big fat all. you know what is your problem is this is a good man and a very decent this isn't about the brand. we are forcefully condemned hatred bigotry racial i approach it is in all of its ugly forms. but the media doesn't want you to hear your story is not my story your cure story. and that's why thirty three percent of the people in this country believe the fake
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news is it fact and i hate to say this in fact the enemy of the people was. all right well let's talk about media freedom in the trump area we're joined by angelo corazon he is the president of media matters for america liberal media watchdog group angela thank you for joining us here on now we have seen past presidents complain about mainstream media in general the white house press corps is a bill to ask tough questions even to have an adversarial relationship with the president and spokespeople what is so different about this what's so different about now. so i think it's true i think that there have been complaints and i will keep with that. that's part of having a free press i think what makes this qualitatively different is the intention efforts behind it so that you know in those cases when there were complaints they were very specific so they were focused on a one story or one particular narrative that they were pushing back against and one
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of the things that's different now is that trump himself and his administration works it work to systematically undermine all credibility within the news media to create hostile intentions in the public toward them while simultaneously building up their own media and that's what i think is really different about this while they're knocking down journalism they're actually reinforcing and building up their own propaganda outlets at the same time to sort of fill that void so that's uniquely different than it ever has been in the past then separately we've never seen a president or a white house send out a manipulated video or any kind of like manipulated piece of evidence of like the white house did in october when they sent when they distributed a video of that seem to show c.n.n. white house press correspondent they had edited the video so it looked like he hit a white house intern problem and it was complete was a complete and total fabrication they took an alex jones video and sent it out from the official white house twitter account all fake all fabricated but it was designed to achieve the objectives that i laid out before destroy and undermine
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real media while simultaneously building up their propaganda outlets all right so you think this is really brand new territory here angelo your organization has also been critical of his way that the media covers donald trump you compiled a study saying that major media outlets amplify false claims on an average of nineteen times a day what do you mean by that yeah. yes so you know that was really interesting about this is that while one of the things that i think gets back to this idea the notion that it's all new territory is that even the basic rules of how news outlets deal with the president who's in gauging in bad faith behavior and bad faith intentions there's no way that the current rules are not designed to deal with this so you know president trump has said somewhere around ten thousand demonstrably false hood since he's been in office you know there's a longstanding policy within newsrooms that when the president of the united states says something that you quote the president in the headline which seems pretty
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reasonable except that when the president is a bad faith actor when he's intentionally saying falsehoods in order to inject them into the conversation that rule no longer applies and so they've been basically using the playbook and guidelines that have governed how they operate newsrooms for decades that are actually end up turning out to be amplifiers of misinformation in the trump era and that's where that study came into effect is we looked at the application of that one policy. you know the way that these newsrooms tweet which is they tweet the headlines and on average nine thousand dollars a day made all the major publications in the united states are amplifying complete demonstrably false of dollars from one thousand times ok so what is the right way to cover donald trump right now. yes so i think it's you know when it comes to his claims one of the you know there's there's a few ways to approach it you know one thing is you don't know so you don't to call him a liar in the headlines and think that that's not what we're suggesting the most effective
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votto from both the normal science perspective as well as what would be most honest and accurate is the truth sam which is what they call it where you understand the newsworthiness of if he makes a complete fabrication why it's important to note that in the headline potentially but if you do that you actually have to start with the truth what the actual facts is so for example when donald trump says that the migrants coming in from south america are being found with a bola that's not true there's no evidence that's totally fabricated it's a total it was it's been completely proven false so what they should start out with is that right you start from the truth is that there's no markets coming in with a bold trump claims but trump claims otherwise that would be an example as opposed to just saying president trump says migrants are coming in with a bowl there's a really big difference between those two all right so it's reframing the coverage in a way now we did hear the president changed her tune on the white house press corps at the un take your kids to work day last week let's listen to what he said they are reporting your parents on our country
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and that's the white house press corps they report they let you know how we're doing and oftentimes they report correctly. actually most of the time you have parents all the time right all the time or most of the what do you. agree for purposes of this speech. ok angelo that's a pretty positive message on the press corps from the president there so how much is his enemy of the people message an act really that's geared towards his base. i mean that's that but that's that's what scares me to be quite honest because i do think it's an act. i do he is somebody who grew up in media he was a creature of the tabloids that's how he largely built his his businesses and his brand was through tabloid journalism he understands the power of the news media and
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it is an act but i think what scares me about it though is that it's extremely reckless when he does it because the way that he explains it and you know even in some of the clips you articulated he describes the media as the enemy of the people we've seen increased attacks against journalists you know that all these bomb threats that were taking place where bombs were literally being mailed to reporters . last october all of those were individuals that had been identified by by donald trump in some recent criticism of his on twitter or at a rally so you know that's the issue here is that he's actually trying to gin up his audience to an extent to attack and intimidate and scare reporters to work the refs and one of the things that does is it is it beats down one side as it beats down journalism we've seen a further division and a chasm between you know journalism and facts and then while on the other hand what his own base is willing to believe and increasingly they're only willing to believe
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a few sources they want even accept anything from another source unless it's fox news fox news or a few others like great part as even remotely legitimate and that's that's really scary and so i do have to ask you about existing media media biases now the pew research center found that the media's coverage year into the trump presidency was three times more critical than the coverage of president obama in that same period so overwhelmingly negative and if you look at that you have ridge of the mahler report as well you know a lot of media didn't focus necessarily on the fact that there was not proof of collusion but rather what the democrats were moving forward with does the president have a point is the mainstream media biased against him. so i think he has a point that they cover him to obsessive lee in sometimes they can engage in some character coverage i think that's correct that they are trying as that tends to happen when you have sort of
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a very rapid news cycle is these you know you simplify stories so there's always a villain and a hero i sort of take a little bit of issue and i think it's really important to think about that pew study and other studies that look at negative verse positive because they're basically looking at it and sort of keywords and it's true that a lot of time some of the language and you know where things that may seem critical would be described as negative but i don't necessarily judge it that way i judge positive and negative and i think the important the best way to do it is to that is that if it's it's positive or negative depending on whether or not it reinforces the story that the president is telling about themselves or telling about the public so you know for example what is coded as negative there is a lot of the stuff around family separation for example and then find that or or his or his his muslim band which would look at his first year in office that would be all considered all the coverage of that accord in that study would be considered negative but if you're donald trump you would actually consider that coverage to be positive because you were telling your stick your audie your base that you're going
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to be tough that you're going to take these hard line measures so that when the news media gets up there and reinforces this idea that you're taking these really extreme and you're kone in positions while that may seem negative on the surface it actually is reinforcing the very story that he's telling his own supporters and i would consider that to be you know that we consider to be positive that's reinforcing so i think we also have to think about just like when it comes to headlines what we mean by positive or negative these days when you have somebody like trump in office all right and the president of media matters for america that's a liberal media watchdog group he's joining us from d.c. thank you so much and. thank you. the philippines is another part of the world where journalism is under attack the reporters of the online news website rappler have captured a lot of global attention they faced a crackdown after their critical reporting on president government did a piece on the something else has more. like most journalists.
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today opening e-mails and social media messages are in boxes usually from loaded with rape and death threats because she writes about for the people present rodrigo to turkey came to a point when did their the himself would. bash me on camera they're the kind of emboldened his own supporters to do you know bashing me online so. the death isn't repress increased exponentially it's almost as if he's saying it's better for you to live and not gain my attention because once i have i'd be attention to you you could be humiliated. so he was like making an example out of not as critical reporting of the administration angered the president's supporters and the president and so to tear it to bad renate from coverage of presidential events are not your primary news outlet rappler is threatened with closure their c.e.o. has been barraged with lawsuits arrested twice and has posted thousands of dollars
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in bail political harassment threats of rape detention and unresolved media killings this kind of oppressive environment makes the philippines one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists to work in recently a list of journalists and human rights lawyers at allegedly plotting to overthrow the president was released the government has previously released similar lists of suspected drug lords some have already ended up dead now philippine journalists are fighting back there as the supreme court to lift the reporting ban on the president forty one other journalists a part of the petition. the fact that there are reporters who you know are are afraid that our heads you would doubt. themselves would be the right word for it that's all they did to the essence of the children that they're there would be pressured forever where as journalists will always be journalists has lost the stick to their craft as long as we are i do or we will always be journalists and no
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one can be get away from us media and press freedom probes fragile and the patents for filipino journalists every day is another day to fight and uphold it. to thailand next were tied to the lung corn has been formally crowned this weekend he became king in two thousand and sixteen after the death of his father but he postponed the official coronation to give the country time to mourn the last time thailand crowned a new king was in one thousand nine hundred fifty and people across the country are descending on bangkok to be part of this weekend's celebrations one subject has really gone the extra distance to show his devotion to the throne. reports from thailand. sachin through every step is agonizing his body aching his feet rule. thoughts now when snaking down as he enters the final stretch
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of his epic six hundred columns a journey. rather than yes i'm tired but what i'm doing here it doesn't compare the dedication and after that someone a key question into carrying and protecting out there in the nation for centuries right now when you know. he's worked for morning in tonight for a week to make it to bangkok in time for the coronation helped along the way by a constant police escort. i can tell you that it is absolutely sweltering here the midday sun is blazing down on us i can only imagine just hell punishing this is twelve hours a day. complex journeys become a spectacle in itself. with enthusiastic welcome committee standing by to offer a helping hand in each province because it's it's a chance for officials to put on a public display of support for the monarchy with police keen for us to film
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pictures of the king at every opportunity. that retired at that time so happy to see him doing this if someone does a good deed like this we should commend and support him as much as he can down. the food this will be the first royal coronation impulse that's lifetime to this with just about being there on the day he'd have found another way to travel instead he walks every kilometer his own private times if he chooses him over the top of that i'm just proud of myself i'm proud that i can read present tie people this way and do my duty to promote our nation religion and our monarchy that. punks like this is not only bout the destination it's about the journey. now for months children around the world have been skipping school every friday to
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take part in demonstrations against climate change global protests have become known as fridays for a future a young swedish activist called gretta to start of the movement by staging a solo protest outside parliament in stockholm since then tens of thousands of students have followed her lead and taken part in the school strike for the climate and they're not the only climate activists grabbing attention a group known as x. think sion rebellion has also carried out a series of high profile protests in recent weeks bearing their backsides in the u.k. parliament glueing themselves to the london stock exchange and occupying parts of central london and politicians are starting to take notice of these growing grassroots movements constance has become the first german city to the. clara climate emergency recognizing climate change as an acute threat other cities around the world have done the same including london los angeles and vancouver and on wednesday the british parliament did as well the motion was introduced by the opposition labor party let's listen to what their leader had to say. parliament
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rarely leads change it usually drags its feet it's normally the last place to pick up on the major reforms that society is demanding think about the huge transformation in our society workers' rights women's rights gay rights the impetus has always come from outside from social movements and communities while westminster is often the last place to understand that so by becoming the first parliament in the world to declare a climate emergency we could and i hope we do search off a wave of actions from parliaments and governments all around the world. while that decision from the british parliament makes it the first country in the world to declare a climate emergency and it was one of the key demands put forward by extinction rebellion we can talk to a member of that group ben jones he joins us on the line from sheffield being the u.k. declaring climate change an emergency that must be a big victory for your organisation well yes he did not say the antarctic
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we've moved from almost no conversation about climate change a few weeks ago ruled the way to getting on an intranet and so you. come around almost complete you up. to town and declare an emergency and yeah it's a great start but that's a very long way to go well that's exactly the next question being in this emotion doesn't compel the government to act it only requires a to make proposal so how big of a step is this really isn't just symbolic. well it's kind of. a very big start. it's. complicated. members of congress. but not yet.
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very likely they will. find it changed maybe. not. not. this motion also urges the government to take steps to restore the natural environment but we know the climate change is a global issue so how much difference can individual government make the british government is big strides in the mission for example. other countries like the u.s. or china. well that. this. latest report probably not. going to connect the u.k. to commandeer by twenty fifty which is roughly what the international age governmental climate change has demanded and that.
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all of us not european countries firstly have contributed mostly to. carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and secondly are continuing to make things worse most so desperately needed we take the initiative to start. an app fast and really the only logical place for us to act much faster than the actually that's required and i think that it's a great thing your movement is starting to gain traction there as we've heard and i do want to ask you about extinction rebellion and you've been arrested twice for nonviolent protests your position is based upon what you call a nonviolent civil disobedience disrupting public order blocking roads stopping trains even the entrance to the london stock exchange why have you taken this strategy. well. get it into the
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media. on the right and forget. three completely. by operating launch times in the streets trying to explore for nearly a whole week this was more or less on her tiny little and then on top of that we had a vast number of people willing to be arrested so over. hundred people arrested. just to do so we were ready to continue these projects for a long time now we didn't want to disrupt anybody and i certainly didn't want to have to sleep on the tomah i got locked up in a prison but it would be very very distracted by just being ready probably remarkable and you know the last few weeks we've made such progress ok being jones
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from extinction rebelling and joining us on the line from sheffield thank you very much for joining us here into the. now star wars fans are marking the passing of one of the brightest lights in their universe peter mayhew the actor who played fan favorite chewbacca and five of the star wars films died on monday according to a statement issued by his family on twitter now he was seventy four years old the actor became an icon after director george lucas cast him and is apic arin johnson director of the twenty seventeen star wars film the last shot i wrote on twitter r.i.p. peter mayhew to create a beloved character with warmth and humor is a testament to any actor spirit to do it under a half ton of jack erik picks a true legend. i the days almost on the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter at g.w. news and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day.
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myself and my harrison in that danger to the boat it's a game of going to get a fleet would. love ones uncle dick but that one little ditty to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story for migrants terrified and reliable information for margaret's. welcome to drive with an e w motor magazine this week's top thinks of people carrier and all ran the versatile toyota pro a. feeling presidential and then vs seven crash back. and the very latest from pew international auto show.
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