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what do we trust to debate and shape the future at the georgia global media forum twenty going to the place before mine. this is deja vu news live from thailand's king officially takes the throne ceremonies take place in bangkok for the country's first coronation in seven decades our correspondent is at the same also coming up. officials say it's a miracle no one was killed after a jet slides off the runway at a u.s. naval station in florida and.
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last rites before a controversial rule change in track and field caster semenya overwhelms the competition in the eight hundred meters. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program elaborate ceremonies are underway in bangkok to crown thailand's new king he run long gone the sixty six year old ascended to the throne in twenty six dana after the death of his widely revered father saturday's pageantry is the start of a three day ceremony that formally invests him with power symbolizing his consecration as the op holder of buddhism in thailand. the coronation begins with a ritual cleansing under nine months. the water is drawn from rivers and delay. x.
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across the kingdom it's the first coronation in thailand didn't it the seventy years for many thais the king is the highest moral authority. we all regardless selves as children of the king nation religion and the monarchy are the pillars of our society that's why we have unconditional loyalty to the king. ram of the tenth comes to the throne it's a difficult time thailand is a constitutional monarchy but the army seized power in a coup five years ago elections earlier this year and it didn't deadlock one commentator says the coronation is likely to bring a fresh approach but the new king. on the whole very quiet person in the next stage of the coronation celebrations the
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king will stage an elaborate parade in front of his people. and chill college shells until is following the festivities for us in bangkok charlotte this is day one of a three day ceremony to consecrate the king how is the ceremony going. they are back a while events today are starting to draw to a close here in thailand it's the early evening here at the member i'm sure you can see behind me there are still people gathered around the grand palace here they've been likely to be late into the evening and that is because of course for most people here in thailand this is the first time that they'll have witnessed the coronation of a monarch the last time almost seventy years ago and in a country where the monaco is is considered essentially a day it's this really is a mementos moment entire history now earlier on today we had the purification ceremony here that is where the monarch was dressed in a white robe he was a head holy water poured over his head then there was the annoyance and he also
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issued a royal command the first is the new the crowned king and he said that he wanted whoever reign with the righteousness venet with righteousness the benefits and happiness of thai people now that is very similar to what his father said as he was crowned almost seventy years ago when king considered to date even as you just said what's the symbolism of today's rituals. yeah well today has been a really rich blend of buddhist. culture tradition history dating back centuries for example the king was given five royal items one including the royal crown now that is symbolic the weight of it is seven kilograms it's quite heavy enough civilizes the burden that says face is the monarchy is also given the royal fan and that symbolizes how the money backs away any problems any concerns for the the type
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people going back about holy water as well that was a stream a symbolic that was gathered from over one hundred locations across thailand and as well as from the seventy six provinces here in thailand and bangkok there was and very there was and various consecration ceremonies it was blessed before i was brought here to bangkok for the ceremony so this really is an event a three day event rich in culture and tradition or shall i just stand by that we're going to come back to you but first let's hear from what people in thailand have been saying about today's carnation how many times that you have the time to recap that yet they still say that when you like a foreign you know ceremony right this one or i think really what happened that day came as a fear that is very picky there's a walk on. fire that. you know i'm proud to be living in thailand and to have the king taking care of us hardware to. me that i. am really happy
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and proud because as citizens we want the best king and queen of thailand or even of the world that he can easily come by here by rwanda i don't but i. i shall and you've also been speaking to a lot of people there on the ground how have type people responded to the ceremony . yeah those comments really echoed the feelings of say many people who are gathered here today for the coronation just to give you a sense of the anticipation the build up to this event we actually spoke to a man a couple of days ago who is walking six hundred kilometers in order to be here in time for this carnations that gives you some idea of just how many people out here in thailand all feeling now for tomorrow is another big event for people here and that is the procession through the streets of bangkok the king will take part in
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the procession is really a chance for people to catch a glimpse of him and to show their respects their reverence for this new crowned king all monday then he will appear at the grand palace he will be on the balcony again in the chants of people to demonstrate their respect for this newly crowned king and indeed watch history in the making so today's ceremony nearly finished up but plenty more celebrations to come chills and pill in bangkok thank you. to the u.s. now where a boeing seven three seven has crashed on landing in florida twenty one people were injured as the slid off the runway at jacksonville naval air station in the northeast of the state the commercial jet had been chartered by the u.s. military and was arriving from a u.s. base in cuba. passengers said it was terrifying they described how in the middle of a thunderstorm the seven thirty seven pounds twice on the runway then skidded into the st john's river but the plane did not submerge and all one hundred forty three
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people aboard were able to escape by climbing out onto the wing authorities said disaster had been averted. i just want to emphasize yet again we transported twenty one people all adults from this incident involving an aircraft a commercial boat is under scrutiny over two deadly crashes of a different model plane in recent months. now to some of the other stories making news around the world south korea's military says north korea has fired several short range missiles from its eastern coast it said they flew up to two hundred kilometers before landing in water if confirmed it will be the first missile launch since a failed summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un. thousands of people have taken to the streets in honduras to demand the resignation of president won a land. and they accuse of corruption the demonstration was also directed against plans to privatized health and education services which the protesters fear it
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might lead to mass layoffs. israel has killed two hundred militants in airstrikes on gaza the israeli military says the strikes were in response to gunfire from gaza which ended two israeli soldiers two palestinians were later killed by israeli fire all taking part in weekly border protests that's according to gaza and gaza health officials. one of the biggest storms in memory has left several people dead in india and bangladesh cyclon funny's lashed into india's east coast with winds blowing at more than two hundred kilometers an hour and then moved north to bangladesh where people had been warned to secure their homes. preparing for the worst may save lives and densely populated bangladesh. these villagers are securing a makeshift dam to avert flooding as tropical storm fannie crosses into their
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country nationwide over a million have evacuated to shelters bangladeshis had been forewarned by the destruction left by fanny in india. there are a million people had already been evacuated thousands were stranded at train stations as two hundred trains came to a halt to avoid heavy winds in. northeastern india is left staggering after its most destructive storm in years. deploying a massive emergency response india's task now is to clear away the trail of debris left across odisha state. our teams are going everywhere we're getting reports from and helping to clear these places we've been working since morning since the cyclon calmed down. some here remember the supercycle and that struck the same area in one thousand nine hundred nine killing some ten thousand people since then india has
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vastly increased spending on preparedness investing in evacuation plans and meteorological technology to predict cyclons paths. over a dozen deaths have been reported but the vast majority of the region's residents are safe still for evacuees life has come to a standstill. that they come in. my house has been partially damaged we were here last night in the shelter the administration asked us to move here until the cycling is over and if he goes away there are two hundred of us here and we are all hungry i want to go but safety is the most important thing so by the way . the storm has been downgraded to a deep depression as it moves northward over bangladesh. meteorologists say a worst case scenario has been avoided there but heavy rains and flooding could mean heavy losses for those already living on the edge of extreme poverty.
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some sports news now and controversial champion ron cast us a man yet has won her last eight hundred meter race before the introduction of new regulations the rules that limit high testosterone levels in certain fame out track athletes some enya lost a court challenge against the changes about didn't stop the south african from putting in a stellar performance at a diamond league event in doha. despite all the criticism and legal decisions caster semenya us had to face off the track on it she still rules this was the season opener of the professional diamond league athletics tour and the south african was running and her favorite event she led almost from start to finish but if she's to continue running the eight hundred meters the rules now say she must take drugs to reduce her naturally occurring testosterone levels that after the court of arbitration for sport partly upheld a ruling by the international association of athletics federations limiting testosterone in female athletes in certain events like the eight hundred meters
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some men your specialty be forced suits in the basis the streets in the twin cities the men continue to walk to the school. where people will see if i want to see if you can see something and if somebody wants me to cease because of their own problems of mine so like i said i'm a poet. i'm good because the five k. so come on and if i say i want. the new rules go into effect next week and include events being banned for athletes like some and yet that range from the four hundred meters to the fifteen hundred meters and the mile should some manuf still insist on running in a competition within that range she may have to face another battle with the i double a.f. but one battle she doesn't have to fight winning the support. of the fans. in the bundesliga lives that his chances of winning the title on next to nil to
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only during a tense moment three zero zero the visitors did have a two goal lead up to team advantage made it three one early in the second hof to his fiftieth bonus make it go but minds to nations lee fought back to miss. casa reduced their lives usually by a goal his team mate joan fellate metate to then tied up late in the match. and don't forget you can always get a date on the news on the go just download our app from google play all from the app store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the data you have to send us your photos and videos. the news coming up next for puerto a look at the crisis facing midwives in germany tell me more date of the news at the top of the hour i'm rebecca has invited and thanks for joining us.
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action packed life. anything is possible as.


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