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thank. you. the bad. this is deja news coming to you live from baghdad and taliban's newly crowned king makes is the public debut huge cranston heart full of drama to end in bangkok as he takes part in a ceremony in procession to celebrate his ascension to the throne also coming up. the conflict in gaza flares up again at least one man is killed in a span of sin in militants fire scores of rockets into southern israel while it is really an strikes and tank fire can't separate palestinians. and pope francis
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a russian bulgarian urges the poorest member to take in more refugees we talk about the visits with a religious the press correspondent. kind of a warm welcome to you on the thai cheema the daily crowned king of thailand has begun a seven killed on meter procession through bangkok on the second day of his three day crowning set of many here are some live pictures for you off the elaborate procession it comprises over a thousand soldiers police and government officials and there's a chance for the thai people to see their monaco in his the royal regalia king a budget are long gone ascended the throne turned a half years ago when his father king bumi pawn passed away after a long seventy year reign of his son's official coroner. the sermon he began on
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saturday. on a shot of children bill is in the midst of festivities in bangkok welcome charlotte today's a second day of celebrations you're in the heart of it all what's been happening i think we have lost our correspondent charlotte charles and bill but she is i can confirm to you in the hearts of the heart of the festivities going on and bangkok as a procession is under way to inaugurate and celebrate the newly crowned king really trying to go back to bangkok later but first let's move on to gaza there's been a new flare up in the conflict there in gaza israeli asterix of kill six palestinians and wounded dozens of others this after militants in the territory fired hundreds of rockets into southern israel killing one person he was calling
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for an immediate end to the has to tease. israel's army says it's hit some two hundred palestinian targets it says the strikes are in response to our use of palestinian rocket fire. one strike at a six story building that techie says housed state run and news agency ankara has condemned the israeli strikes and called on the international community to take action to ease tensions. gazan authorities say dozens of people were wounded and several killed in the bombings amongst them a mother and baby israel blames for mass for their deaths israel says over four hundred rockets have been fired from gaza into southern israel since saturday some rockets struck homes right here in kiryat gat israeli authorities say one woman was seriously wounded here dozens of palestinian rockets were intercepted by israel's iron dome defense system as the violence escalated israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu convened a security meeting. amidst the hosted ities egypt continues to mediate talks between israel and the militant palestinian organizations have mass and islamic jihad. joining me now from jerusalem is our correspondent tanya kremer donna what is the latest on the situation there. well there's certainly no indication yet that this round of fighting is coming to an end the according to the israeli army over four hundred thirty rockets have been fired since saturday morning and the israeli army has said that they have struck over two hundred targets throughout the gaza strip on both sides to have been casualties as we heard in the report now hamas and islamic jihad the joint command center they have threatened to expand the expand the range of rockets if israel continues its airstrikes and israel has also
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warned that they are prepared for any scenario and have also reinforced an armored brigade that is stationed outside the gaza strip now they had been a lull in hostilities what sparked this latest outbreak of violence. well that's why there has been a period of calm of relative calm in the past couple of weeks after understandings that have been brokered by egypt and the un had been reached between hamas and israel sort of agreement to ease some economic restrictions and to expand the fishing zone for example but in the past couple weeks tensions have been rising and this friday during the friday protests there have been an incident where palestinian gunmen shot and wounded two israeli soldiers is what has responded retaliated with an airstrike on a hamas post killing those two militants now islamic jihad had said in the statement that basically this is in retaliation for that but there also has been
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growing frustration that's also some of the statement mentions from. god and hamas that is or have been very slow in implementing such agreements that have been reached about a month ago that was the deadliest came a speaking to me from jerusalem let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the syrian government forces of bombarded rebel held areas in the country's northwest dozens have been killed and wounded in a province this escalation of violence is the most serious in the region since russia and turkey negotiated a cease fire in september. the remains of nearly eighty five thousand victims of the country's genocide have been laid to rest in a ceremony in the capital kigali the victims were among more than eight hundred thousand people. who were massacred by hutu extremists and militia forces twenty
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five years ago. north korean state media say the country's leader kim jong un has overseen a strike grill of multiple rocket launchers and tactical guided weapons the report came a day after south korea said it detected several short range project tiles launch from the north east coast. there's a turn now to bangkok where a procession is underway to celebrate the newly crowned king our correspondent charlotte charles and bill is in the midst of the festivities charlotte tell us what's happening around you in these celebrations. i am reason i'm sure you can see i'm in a very busy area at the moment and that is because the king's procession came past here just a short time ago as it was approaching people running to try and catch a glimpse of the king those who couldn't get closer just on this side of me here watching on television screens trying to watch the king as he passes through the
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streets of bangkok on his long seven kilometer journey now the king is being carried by sixteen people on foot circling the city he's passing three temples ways paying homage to images of buddha so this really is a huge ornate precession a chance for thailand to show wall really after all this is the first coronation that they have seen here in seventy years to the day and challenged people have been waiting for this moment for quite a while they must speak a grit sense of excitement not up to actually going to see the newly crowned king. that's right well there are tens of thousands of people here the government estimates two hundred thousand people here many of them bussed in the there was free buses there were free trains trying to get as many people here as possible to give them the opportunity to see the king and also to pay their respects to the king this is a country where the king is has
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a defined status so people here really do want to come out and show their support for him in fact we saw we spoke to one man not so long ago who'd walked six hundred kilometers in order to be here for the celebrations days that just gives you a sense of just how much many people here in thailand feeling about this carnation . how they're feeling about these three days of extremely elaborate ornate celebrations the shock the monarchy is hugely revered in thailand tell us a little bit more about the newly crowned a mob achieved along cong. yes well he's been on the throne since his father passed away in twenty sixteen so he has been the monarch here since then that we don't all fall lot about in the course of fire graphy we know he spent his early years here in thailand he then was educated in the u.k. and australia is an officer in the time military we know as well how he wants to
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reign as a monarch he issued his first group mind yesterday and he said that he wants to reign for the benefit and happiness of the thai people that was his first model is very similar to the the first command that his father gave to my seven decades ago to the day so we know also about his new wife that came as a bit of a surprise to some people that he was married just a few days before the carnation we've seen a lot of his new wife over the last few days she's been part of these elaborate ceremony and now the new queen of thailand and shot a child simple in the midst of all that celebration and festivities in bangkok thank you so much. turning out to be good with pope francis is a drive and the captain so feel on a two day visit to the european union's poorest country the pope is expected to discuss the complicated relationship between the catholic church and the get an orthodox church which is the dominant religion in the balkans country but it is
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opening address he took up an issue that is close to his hot the plight of refugees the pontiff urged big area which has taken a hardline stance against mass migration to open their hearts to quote those who knock at your idol. and from what i'm joined in the studio by martin religious affairs analyst a welcome mat in the book has begun his visit in bulgaria by the beginning of the vague touchy subject of bulgaria its hardline stance on refugees tell us more about what the pontiff said and why well indeed i mean it is it is not only a controversial issue as sort of as actually projecting himself to the very center of the political debate right now in bulgarian to be quite honest i mean beyond sort of the european the european discussion immigration journal bulgaria has a coalition government which brought in to bring two government to central extreme right wing or right wing parties both of them with very strong untamed gratian
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positions. and the government has gone as far as to actually call for building a fence between bulger and turkey. and the thing that is quite interesting is that in fact very often these parties are actually very close to religious groups and religious positions so this entire thing means that in one sense it is sort of the usual pontifical approach to trying to bring out the message of reconciliation but at the very same time i think that this can be read and heed ought to be read as a direct confrontation with a certain brand of politics that has really taken hold in much of europe and of course it ties in with the pontiff so a message of compassion talking. reconciliation bill france is also going to meet the head off they've given all the ducks judge but the actually have to say he will not have a joint mass with him what is it to us about relations between the two churches well this is actually a pretty strong rebuke particularly because i'm about to and had been quite open
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about its expectations to actually hold must to go there and be able to sort of. put away the friends in or there to you know show reconciliation both at the level of the liturgy you know really has one of the most complicated i mean the bulgarian orthodox church as one of the most complicated relations with the vatican and a lot of it has to do with the fact. that the lease is so it's really a small minority and you know way i think that what you know the about to get it's kind of pointing the finger to it's not only you know in relation to immigration to those that come from the outside but really also about you know those people that are actually belong to minorities and can see their to being somehow marginal or not authentic elements of sort of the communion inside vulgarly itself. so to say the other outside but also the other inside bulgaria it is quite clear that there are the church that actually has a strong association being a national church with nationalist nationalist movement that's not find this very
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comfortable and has actually decided to go the magic road they're sending a choir of children to events but they will not actually hold together with the pope say what is on the pope's agenda brigade well mostly i mean the conversation will be about. immigration as we have seen in the integration of marginalized communities but it seems that economic justice will also play a significant role he has already been talking about that is pointing to the fact that he's visiting the country that he's the poorest in the european union in the blog. and essentially talking about the plight of people that are sort of suffering under those kind of economic condition at the same time i think that the. sort of bag is really the question of a nationalist or even to tarrie in popular so that in different forms us move through a political system and it is not only a day thirty call to the principle of the church as a universalist institution but he seriously and i did ted to go to this particular
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back to see that has a very strong commitment to ideas of integration universally someone humanitarianism. thank you very much for sharing your expertise with us my pleasure up next was stories is that among the touching on behalf of the need of this is to have you with us. where i come from we have to fight for a free place i was born and raised in a new tell me the danger ship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journey i have worked on the streets of many characters and their problems are the same fourteen social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. work on the form.


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