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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2019 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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for more information. plus knowing to connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe miracle or new to. this is data value news night from birth and israel's prime minister orders not of strikes on gaza. this comes in retaliation for scores of rocket attacks insolvent israel by palestinian kind of palestinian militants who go to gaza for the latest also coming out. thailand's new crowned king makes his public day during
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periods crowds turn out from the tent in bangkok as he takes part in a ceremonial procession to celebrate his ascension to the throne. and in the going to sleep good bye and big. time rebecca it has welcome to the program israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's ordered the army to keep out what he calls massive strikes on palestinian palestinian militants in response to rocket fire from the gaza strip hamis has made a similar val the violence has claimed lives on both sides of the border and there are reports that casualties are rising. the sky above gaza city muddies with
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smoke as this latest exchange of fire ants leaves its trace israel says it's launched more than two hundred twenty ass strikes on militants in gaza this weekend in response to a four hundred palestinian rockets at a cabinet meeting israel's prime minister vowed to keep up the bombings and send more troops to the border. and incredible this morning i instructed the i.d.f. to continue massive attacks against terrorist elements in the gaza strip including the book i also ordered the reinforcement of the units around the gaza strip with armor artillery and infantry. people in the gaza strip once again and navigate a landscape of rubble authorities here say several people have died and dozens wounded. throughout the world but a neighbor called me at two o'clock in the morning and told me the building had
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been destroyed. but i was surprised so i came here and i saw the destruction well of the first three michel's of the building which is seven floors high and i was shocked for one of the. of them of all the model in southern israel air raid sirens wailed as palestinian rockets continue to be fired at the country. israel's iron dome defense system has intercepted dozens of them but this house close to the border shows how some have made it three. and this radio father of four was killed when a piece of ricocheting shrapnel lodged itself in his chest several more israelis have been wounded by the palestinian rockets israel has now closed its crossings with gaza for people and goods it kathleen negotiate a truce between the two sides has once again proved fragile. well it's to thailand now where the newly crowned king of the country has been taking part in
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a seven kilometer procession through the capital bangkok on the second day of his three day crowning ceremony the procession comprises more than a thousand soldiers police and government officials and is a chance for the thai people to see them in his royal gob king alone korn ascended to the throne two and a half years ago when his father king haast away after reigning for seventy years his son's official coronation ceremony began on saturday. correspondent charles and pills in bangkok and following those celebrations challenge today is the second day of the celebrations here or there in the heart of it what's been happening. hey there back yes what if the first day was a day for the formalities when the king was actually crowned today the second day is a day for celebrations there were thousands of people lining the streets here behind me a short time ago as the king apostle on this route we were sats among the crowd they
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were all chanting long live the king all of them sitting down as the king passed as a mark of respect for the king indeed here in thailand he had the status of a daisy a divine status is a people were extremely respectful as he passed very excited to see him walking along these streets many people been passing along the streets many people of course been here since the early hours of the morning china to make sure that they did get a spot along the parade route and it really has been incredibly hot here today they've been a lot of ambulances medical staff on standby trying to help people out if the heat got a little bit too much for them that people still were willing to brave those temperatures and we know as well that a lot of people were bussed in by author ities from around thailand trains buses also free here in bangkok in a way to in an effort to encourage people to come here to witness this celebration and essentially witness history in the making the pictures certainly are
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spectacular but tell us a little bit more about the newly crowned monarch. pretty impressive pictures as he was being carried through here in that golden. carriage there's been a lot of poems and so on throughout this entire event that is in line with edition when it comes to the monarchy now what we know about this king is that he of course has been on the three instances late father passed away in twenty sixteen we know he's got a bit of an international background he. really is here in thailand that was educated in australia and the u.k. we know that he's an officer in the time military and we also know how he would lie . to god then going forward he said that in his best mind is king yesterday that he'd like to thread a reign with righteousness full benefits and happiness of the type people. that we shall have chosen fill in bangkok thank you for that. now let's return to our top
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story on the escalating violence between palestinians and israel i'm joined on the phone by has a journalist in gaza city has thanks for joining me we spoke earlier to our correspondent in southern israel but you're in gaza what's the situation there right now. well the bombardment the feeling is continuing. the israeli jets and killer ease and may be both are shelling. from the west or in and east through and from the air. rule and target they are targeting. from the well is it using them into israel. they are the story going some of it it is building some of. claiming it contains some of it was for hamas and other factions.
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lately there was. an airstrike on. a security both belong to hamas. into things armed in the in the morning there were procedures. but the bodies of at least eleven people were killed and over one hundred were injured they bury the bodies and if you don't know. if you're pretty the threat has people in gaza nervous that this could escalate into a full blown as it did in two thousand and fourteen. definitely this is one of the toughest wave of violence. experienced in the twenty fourteen. on the eve of the holy month of ramadan which is morrow. you could see in the people. i talk to some people in industry and they are they have the fear it will be and you wore
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a new round of. of. a larger scale operation in gaza strip this is what the people don't want trouble the people are. you know think this is the way to solve the problem but still the majority they are not happy and they are they are horrified by having a few war the new israeli prime minister has found strikes what have mass saying and doing. well hamas is trying to abide basing this is the way to break the israelis to apply than the standard that they have reached last month before the general israeli election they think and they say israel didn't come and show commitment of. the understanding that. to ease the blockade on both in gaza and. easing the weekly but this along the border so
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the league ation is in cairo is was before this way. to discuss with a gyptian as the mediators how to press the israeli so hamas think this is the way how these ladies and that that was very obvious in their state they want israel to ease the blockade that imposing gaza since twelve ok doesn't the lucian thank you very much for that update. south africa's governing african national congress is holding its final campaign campaign rally ahead of a general election supporters poured into the johannesburg stadium for the event and boosting support for the party as it faces the strongest challenge yet to its twenty five years in power president cyril run a poser is promising new jobs and economic growth and sees govern south africa's since the apartheid system ended it's been shaken by several corruption scandals.
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christine one who has been at that rally she sent us this update. fi official figures are not yet out but the agency was expecting a crowd of about one hundred thousand people to come out today to listen to sit i'm opposed to give his final address before wednesday's election as expected and i'm up also addressed the issues that south africans are facing he talked about houses being built in the next five years jobs being created he talked about investment coming back into the country most poignantly he addressed the issue of the party having netflix in its mandate of looking after the people saying we've looked into the process we've seen where we've gone wrong and we will now be putting the people first that message appears to have resonated with a lot of people here i must add though that this is a lot at stake for the african national congress twenty five years into this country's democracy and millions of south africans are without work this is one of the most and equal societies in the world there is desperate need for investment
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and job creation in this country we're talking often unemployment rates north of about twenty five percent the pulk of that speech young south africans many of them by the way who've not registered to even participate in this election the i.e.c. this is the electoral commission talks about the number of youngsters not having registered this is eligible voters not having registered for the election about sixty percent of them are below to age of thirty these are frustrated people who are tired of politics many of them didn't come to the stadium today but what i'm opposed to was hoping to do was to sort of send the message that the a.n.c. is changing course that that the possibilities ration headed by jacob zuma that it's it's a new direction that the party's taken he's made remarks before about nine wasted years and that going forward things will be changed. and turning to sport now and by new nick are on the verge of a seventh straight win to slake a championship and victory next week at leipsic and the trophy is there is that
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because at home on saturday they were able to overcome last placed however that it wasn't as easy as they might have expected at this stage all that matters for vine of the points and the title. plenty of pressure on nico kovacs is by an off the last match days draw to lowly nuremberg against hanover they faced another relegation struggling to sniffing around for points. but after just twenty seven minutes of probing us were commish perfectly picked out robert lewandowski to open the scoring. and by and kept on pushing five minutes before half time leon gorecki lashed in from long distance with pinpoint accuracy getting in touch off the post and a league goal for the summer arrival. but after the break however got a lifeline from the video assistant referee who intervened after
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a seemingly innocuous passage of play spotting a handful from jerome boa thing. strike has shown to us julie dispatched the spot kick but then he went from zero to zero first picking up a yellow card for this shove on the keeper and then getting books again just three minutes later what seemed an accidental swipe at us were commish harsh decision that abruptly ended kind of his comeback. frankly i believe then came on for by him to school his first of the year to seal a three one win a lucky deflection taking his bonus a goal tally to eighty five experience paying off in a tight title race. than it did to give in if you want to win titles you need to show it and not just want to say easy but also when the going gets tough business. brian's fate is now firmly in the room. and don't forget you can
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