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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  May 6, 2019 12:15am-12:30am CEST

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and you're watching to debbie and is live from berlin by my actuator and from the entire team here thank you so much for joining us. my in a cause that is out of a long it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about the wife of do this because we can't stay on as well or i'm not on the point that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines some say that born into this world alone. that we're not. on the sanctions we come into this world we're in it together. in the human
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mind. and then we can make a real difference that's what europe is all about. and that's why we've. welcome to the bundesliga here on t.w. the league entered the home straight to this still so much to be decided between now and the end of the season this is what we have coming up for you. after a horrible month but we're looking to redefine their winning form they were eleven clear on sunday with both sides champions league champions league qualification hopes on the line. and will be looking at the title race by an open a four point gap over dortmund at the top of the table on sunday and the
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championship race for it's all over with two games left to play. i'm not mechanical and welcome to the show we have plenty to talk about and how we do you just have two experts with me in the studio to my left for ballistic in midfield and. michelle d.c. welcome back and to my right my right hand man so to say welcome to the show. now let's start our coverage in at leverkusen where the host took on frank aside that a still in fourth place the failed to win and the game since the end of march the eagles have really started under the pressure of performing in the europa league during the week and back on home soil at the weekend with leverkusen seize their chance and blow the race for europe wide open. leverkusen wasted little time opening the scoring in their clash for europe against frankfurt. one nil from chi however it's after just two minutes. the hosts kept up the torrid pace with yumi and grant finishing up
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a neat bit of team play to double the lead alive and minutes later i. responded immediately with the onus on todd deflecting for the cost of just effort into the net to make it a game. that was until leverkusen open the floodgates ten minutes later lucas a lhari zero knocked in for three one was charles of eighties powered past a listless frankfurt defense to make it four one was. and a lhari zero tapped in for five while i am taking a cue from the leverkusen attack frankfurt defender much in him to take it in explicitly had to the ball into his own now six one after just thirty six minutes played. amazingly the score held a deafening statement in the fight for the top four from leverkusen and a crushing defeat for frankfurt. crushing indeed michel as
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a former player. was like on the pitch when of result like this happens to you. uncomfortable and very bad in this situation because. you never expect in the beginning of a game that. such a performance like that is coming up but you're still not off forty five minutes to do and toward on it and at least you have to give. some yellow cards or something like that you have to make some faults and it's it's not a it's not a nice situation if you have things like that so you have to fight a bit no matter what the watching fans the obvious explanation would seem to be that frankfurt a play in the open leaks of the tide you know the gas tank is empty is it because it's a european hangover you know we have just only a couple day is a couple good games to go to the end is the season and of course the day they're getting more tired and they have to have to work hard every day week it's it's it's tough for them because so many young players they don't change the team and if new
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players are coming in so they have a problem too to bring this performance on the pitch if you're that much yeah i mean the funny thing is that away games off the europa league away games they had really struggled so far they lost two out spoke narrow win against your own bag a draw against but after the home games that actually done quite well winning three nil twice and then also getting a hard for draw against both spoke but you look at the game today and there were four changes to the starting lineup in contrast to the team that starts against chelsea on thursday and maybe that wasn't enough you know it's tricky to overhaul your team so big in the squad isn't that that deep in frankfurt but i felt like maybe a few of those players went up for it because you could tell when they can see in the goals they were always a pace behind the attackers of living and they just didn't look urgent enough. that game especially seven goals in the first half about the numbers what you brought with you yet some ridiculous dimensions of that dominance first time ever seven
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goals were scored in the bundesliga first half and leave it also committed no files in the first. tough which is astounding if you think as as michelle pointed out you want to see some aggressiveness when you go down and basically living in were meant to pay frank but didn't put them in orbit enough positions where they have to commit any kind of fouls at the possession stats eighty two percent possession leave accusing paulson thousand fifty seven possibly refuseniks of just two hundred thirty three from frankfurt which is a ridiculous margin more than five times the difference and a real difference to the goal dificid because going into this match there were fifteen goals in deficit between the two now just five and leaving know all about that because last season they missed out on champions the on goal difference so this is actually saying we need to point out as have a look at the table having the top of the tape especially with leverkusen when that means that our level on points in front of the race to qualify for europe next season is really really tight this is a question to both of you with the sides that contention is every side down to eighth ascension and which team is the best suited for
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a champions league run michelle i'd like to start with you after this performance on sunday from level i go with the course they they don't have to play all these cup games or international games at the moment so that's why i'll go with them and i'm not very sure that you give up a whole all of the other teams to come in closer and so you might i think you know it's right leave it all frankfurt if they can hold their styles both teams need to do that because votes will call from hi i'm you know they're all changing coach so it's going to be a bit of a rebuilding job for them there's some. moves it seems slightly higher up on the table but as binds title to lose now michel have you ever seen a team implode the way that goldman have this season never for a long time and is business but amazing amazing to see after a couple months there was a behind door with nine points and no deron from which for so you can see the
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quality this is the quality of both clubs. especially by a minute and a coach everybody is shouting on the coach at the moment but he has the chance to be the champion and the cup winner of germany so we have to keep an eye on that michelle says quality in this squad do you think still have a glimmer of hope when it comes when the title well on paper because they have a slightly better run and they play for tonight. and by and have to play against well frankfurt we thought was a difficult game maybe isn't going to be what is worrying to see that mental state them losing games or that by in this whole season having lost a game against any team in the bottom half whereas don't have done that three times and those are the games that you need to get an easy win even if it's just a woman a win just hasn't come up with the goods so that means you know both clubs start the season with new coaches of course and it's before a neutral fine it's been pretty decent season you'd say usually but why is it and
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who just most pacifically which coach of the two is under more pressure and you could only see. more of the pressure because barman has a great big team in a world so and i know so many people don't like what he did and apos weeks. and you have to give them time you know if you see last year it was thirty thirty points behind by many so you confident forget this so this is. a great season of dog and even if they go if they are second on the table. i'm happy with this but today it's getting boring because bayamon has taken to the champion cup again all right thank you very much for that michel let's move on some action from the teams in the bottom half the table were of a short of another season the top flight without even kicking a ball on saturday what would that mean of a game against doesn't go do they now have no incentive to do you know put a dent into just most best been this nigga so far let's have a look. fried want you to dubious penalty but robben time and.
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the italian he did not himself one no for the thirty. will avoid that regularly case but a list. does not show the resilience which has helped keep the season could netsky level with the perfect place. at the start of the second half. was sent off for a second yellow card after repeated fouls. but despite having an extra man. also when it finished well known between two teams happy to be in mid table. because gold is drawn with balance on the hand to be one of the most on the vent for matches of the season so far but it must something important for the hosts the point shaka no longer in danger of being relegated congratulations going that goes in kitchen as last season second place team secure bonus league survival by the skin of eighties the row blues fans will be hoping the club spend next season close
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to european places places than the relegation zone and with all the results in from ashley thirty two here's the table for you as discussed by the title to lose now the real action of course over the next two weeks between places four and eights braman have a still in with a chance of qualifying for europe there's no movement in the boston hof this week but after sunday's results we do now know that only the boss and three star got in their back and left fights in the drop and with six points up to play for them in the next two weeks and over a number could still reach the playoff spots michel can they do it no i stay on such still current the course i'm a form from a play off them and they're going to play against hamburg because they have the most experience and the most experience and playing really really gratian now the relegation game is a difficult thing max is it really worthwhile doing and you think the biggest thing is i can stay in the top flight well i mean it's been going on since two thousand and nine and we've only had two teams from the bundesliga actually going down in the last. mapping was in twenty twelve start got you know they spent fifty million
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euros the season which for a team in that position is huge amounts of money i think it could be really interesting who they face because i do think they will be in the playoffs but it could still be on your own belly of the toughest offense in the second bundesliga opata born of the strongest second strongest attack or as you say hamburg on a losing run of seven games at the moment so it's i think they'd prefer to play hamburg and it seemed stuck out really need this because of the money they spent and we'll see this time next sunday who will be playing in the relegation play all space to war games to go that's all from us here this week we leave you now with some of the best moments of happening in iraq time by munich the club announced on sunday that revere rate would also be leaving at the end of the season as bringing an end of ten years of bravery and brabant together and you know in the meantime i'd like to say thank you to my guest michelle's in d.c. we'll see you again next season and good luck and see him barbara thanks man of course we'll see you again this season from all of us here in berlin thank you and goodbye. to the.
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