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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  May 12, 2019 12:15pm-12:31pm CEST

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airfield where the vital aid was flown in 70 years ago is the venue of this year's airlift commemoration the visiting news have choreographed a performance to keep the memory alive. in watching news life and coming up next the and so stay with us if you can and thanks so much for watching. if. action packed life for. anything is possible as long as our coffee and his friends control our. refugee camp. his life story may have grown to love. 27 years ago but there's no
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holding back his dreams. thank you for what. cinema starts may 27th. leipsic looked walk in on their pulls i prefer to kick off the home side holt byron's chance to secure their 7th straight idol who had faith on their side in this preview of the german cup final. like 6 defeats the best in the league would have to be a solid is ever to put a pause to any party played by years seasoned might have. a lot but was looking to sprint to the finish line in the race for europe they were cruising
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another side with champions league and dishes had a full hold field of support for this. book into the but as they go right here on d w i'm chris harrington bar new nick kid 10 used to make this season interesting don't take it a rebuilding year plus a new coach the reigning champs over to dortmund to get back in pole position late in the season matched a 25 now with only 6 more points to play for life they could lend by its closest rival helping his buyer in the bull's backyard round one. a win in light sake would be enough to give by and their 7th bundesliga title in a rug and a 1st as a coach to the impacts old vouch. but it quickly became clear that light sake were determined to keep buying it by by any means necessary when they did manage to
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break through the ranks they found a resolute pizza good luck cheating go he kept out says navarrete from close range . and then again from a corner making sure the scores were level at half time. but early in the 2nd half it looked like their resistance had broken gorecki scored the go to give pie and the championship. for some it seems. until the referee checks with his video assistant and rule the goal out all because robert leaven dubs he was offside by his breath in the build up to the goal a matter of millimeters with massive run into cations. by end were firmly on top now and hunting the goal they still needed to wrap up the title and irene hit the power before 11 dusky lined up a free kick that flew just past the post and yelling tyson win our light on the dortmund result. from here we were playing against
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a top team and like seekers we were unlucky on 2 or 3 occasions and it finished nil nil we just have to take it because i wasn't in the school i mean it's rough right next like unbeaten in the last 15 league games and that by and missed their 1st chance to put the title race to bed. so with byron dropping points dortmund still has hope of dethrone in the defending champions if your daughter in faith and you're a bit disgruntled mad at you they had a tight grip on the top spot for a stretch this sees it but losing leads lead them to losing that their opponents 4 to no dusseldorf here to dortmund their 1st loss this season so which dortmund with their home fans see to the pitch. before kickoff fans pay tribute to the departing christian who are sick the usa captain joins premier league side chelsea this summer after 5 years in black and yellow
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a league winners' medal would be the dream parting gift. to send off though we're hoping to spoil the party and don't you come back you know got him off to the perfect starts after 90 minutes from 4 so he felt the slightest of offsides rolling this one out of. dortmund finally sprang to life just before the break so mr laney said put a stick by michael rinsing lips with no chance and go one nil at the break. just 2 minutes after the restart fortuna hit back thanks to this clanger from marvin hits a moment to forget for a run in bookies replacement between the sticks all of us think the score of 5 dortmund re took the lead in the 53rd minute delaney with the goal this time 5 to 3 goals defense all at sea runs english with no chance once again. but this will go off once about to go quietly this challenge from hits on looking back you know gave
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the referee little choice but to point to the spot on the on loan what that man pats him self to finish the job he shouldn't have them just hold off midfielder adam bugsy and his own season in the 82nd minute receiving his marching orders for cynical challenge on james sun shone. and don't even make the extra man count mario goodes are giving his side room to breathe in injury time by his 7th goal of the season maybe 31 game over the ball perhaps not have it called nazis 95th minute strike made things hairy for the hosts again. with dawkins' title hopes hanging by a thread in the dying moments my mother candy came to the rescue with this off adult book dramatic to the very end dortmund's just got their 3 to the final score better. it's all hers but still alive the. was instead of asking the typical question of who's getting relegated this season we
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are focused on success in the remaining seats for european qualification there are 6 teams play for only 4 spots they're all up for grabs who will get the champions league see the europa league no one wants to be left out. julian not those men wanted to deliver champions league football for hoffenheim in his final season with the club but directly after on dry kraemer chip the post they conceded in the 39th minute ah your highness it is time let's turn to military ships has crossed one nil and that's how it ended hoffenheim champions league chances are now extinguished. next up for spur travel to relegation threatened she took us but 2 quick flash to cut goals dealt and i massive blow by gonzalo castros deflected bullet open the scoring on 47 minutes i had minutes lyta
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anastasio stone is struck for the 2nd of of my daniel day davi added a 3rd light on with a big 3 nil victory the wolves need a miracle now to finish in 4th of of. the blood to have been top full regulars this season but it dropped out after just one win in their last 7 day return to form with a bang against nuremberg my just a term which opened the scoring in the 56 minute and that opened the floodgates. on 63 minutes lukas put the ball in his our net. told in a soft top time 3 minutes lysa his 10th goal of the season. and then a sucker touch to the victory in the 80th minutes. full nil the final school
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a coasting win for gladbach in that race for 4th place. lay the cruzan have rocketed up the table off to full straight wins and scott how that's got them off to a great start in the 31st minute. it was his 6th go in as many games. but later couzin couldn't build on that late and shellcode took advantage turkey to . a lovely drink over the cape equalizing the schools it finish 11 a missed opportunity for a late because and. so after all the drama let's take a look at the results from mass a 33 which feature a stalemate between byron in life 6 and
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a win for gotten over dusseldorf has for the other champions league hopefuls braman win at hoffenheim one nil stuttgart 3 goals against wolfsburg was a killer to their hopes nuremberg says bye bye but in this league after losing to gladbach laver couzens draw with shaka was important there were 2 war games of no real consequence but hey 10 goals makes them worth checking in on right. hand over midfielder while a sport this thunderous efforts around off his side's 3 nil victory over freiburg a sensational curtain closer for the home fades as the club prepares for life in the 2nd division in the meanwhile. bob in plaid hot sparked a 2nd half goal frenzy with this sumptuous finish a further 5 goals were still to come his had to struck twice late on to silly 43 victory in bag all 3 points.
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so had his win away and out burkett handovers 3 nil against freiburg leads just for a for in my tz to play an extra important darby tomorrow so here we go let's see how all of that action translate to the table as you can see the title will be decided to last match day talk about drama by are now only a 2 point lead over dortmund gladbach hurdles over both laver coups and frankfurt now in 4th but if frankfurt defeat might their back and forth look at 7 right now which will spur put hoffenheim or bray me could end up in that spot to the bottom half now the bottom half sees a change but it doesn't make a difference head over a nerve burke swap spots but they're both going down stuttgart will finish 3rd from the bottom and will be forced to play the relegation playoff game. now it's time it's time for our play of the day voted by you the fans on twitter the winner is
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this guy no other than my fellow american christian fella sick with 53 percent of all votes with tears in his eyes that chelsea pound winger said goodbye to drop in fans prior to the game he went on to score the 1st goal of the match with a header to keep do it means championship hopes alive. but in a post no good bye for chris to pull a 6 hour play of the day when. that's all from us here on the bonus think it will be back on sunday with the last match of the match day frankfurt and might we'll find out in frankfurt is suffering from europa league fatigue until then we'll leave you with some of the best scenes from saturday's action for me and the rest of the team here in berlin dhaka whom i feel has.
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kickoff marks. he's a winner in the game of life lying gibson from the united states. the buyer munich fan boston high tensile. and after a bad traffic accident he's had trouble getting around. but never gives up just like his i. w. . as contests figure on space skoda introduces its me this is gonna. have big m.p.v. gets this will face that this 8 is really the catalyst. driving 60 minutes d.w. . take it personally i went with all
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the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. far. more than football online. i. mean. some fans a special like this guy but i'm ryan fans that's not even a car accident so sickness.


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