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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2019 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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the previous role does keep shifting power the topic of focus at the global media forum $29.00 team including the laboratory with digital age. who will be following do we trust debate and shape the future at the global media for 20 going to the place me for my. feet. 7 in the midst of.
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the bundesliga was also looking for more thrills but one win the title. everything is now i. don't even still come close but never going to give up the rest of the league is also full of shocks and surprises. we believe until the end of the call until the pressure. was missing today from your team i. think 1st off it goes a little bit i. think that the way we. put it all on the control. football weather like this it should just be too much. after the most exciting football wage of the year.
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by and had a 4 point lead of a don't win so a win against leipsic could wrap up the title with a game to spare but they've also seen the unexpected because in the week's champions league summer finals difficilis flick to football is a crazy guy in with you and of a delivers a lot of beautiful moment but sad ones too. i won't count my chickens for him. for don't lend against desoto if it was when all bust let's see how they got on simultaneously with rivals by and the suspended marco royce and molly as both were busily missed plus the injured woman bookie was replaced by marvin hits who had his hands full from the off just a gold story look at bucky opposed plenty of problems i don't once defense once again laid back although this time getting away with it thanks to a close offside cole no go.
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but everyone likes a spy and we're looking vulnerable to knights and wasted little time pushing forward with the bulls and had little trouble doing so. by and one more gets a hold on to the ball and play a game of attrition looking to strike when the time is right. close but they seem to. have surprisingly it remains nil nil as the teams were taken for the break. after a dip in form since the january restart job and were happy to even still be in contention and they're the kind of team you should just write off. as kristin put a 6 showed just before half time. the young american picks the head of jason sanchez seemed a bit dazed and confused off the score. his final home game in the summer will be
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off to chelsea so the regrets of the golden face. springs eternal indeed but as to how to open could throw away a 9 point lead just look at this match sometimes the team have been their own worst enemy. i. think it's minutes into the 2nd half of the week after bookies gaffe against braman which arguably cost them $2.00 points. i draw would combine the sox. home in a safe and by a night safe unbeaten since january and pay to go last she has kept more clean sheets than any other keep this season but the away side huffed and they puffed and eventually found the next. one nil. lasting stood
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by and which caps. the away fans. was. practically the only mistake by the otherwise solid zebra hema connotate and by and just. by unbelievable scenes as the video assistant spotted a problem in the build up to the go live and of skate offside by the skin of his blades. for the school ref the goal that wasn't frustration. was not illusion it was an emotional roller coaster it's about if you look at it i thought i'd scored the title winning going in my 1st year of high and so much of keystone i would have for the moment i haven't seen it yet but it must have been awfully close because. much was it is not. so don't one could be grateful to
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v.a. all for the good news from light sake and it got even better just one minute later . thomas de laney classic fighter and his perseverance paid off its a game to one which would mean different causing by and sleeps are 2 points but they believe he has make good. on the other we have a lot to learn from these situations we have to do things better spend some us and learning from your mistakes and there were plenty of them by dorman's. hesitation from hits and suddenly just had a penalty with the open trying to lose the tie so. as we know football nothing is impossible. it just wasn't looking back is day.
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and over till it's over rights. in night safeness was also a dress rehearsal for the cup final later in may and the hosts continued to look dangerous marcel has been back shooting why is he yet it's not often you see the buy in subs nervous. meanwhile don't mind what also feeling the heat but fortunately distal dollars item but check got a little too hot getting himself sent off also gets a don't want substitute jayden sanchez was able to continue. with the game almost over don't want now look to be cruising. and an injury time will get suspicious to finish off just. this time i don't think i did that homework surely they know. i have 3 points in the bag. i use and is for
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now on like 6. better in funky but he in his final season of brian hoping to secure a record matching 9 bundesliga titles and as the clock ticks down his team picked up the pace but not just wasn't thomas sides inches away from claiming the crown. and then the final whistle in the race to the championship would go down to the wire on the final weekend oh wait. that's what everyone assumed until the 5th minutes of out of time and yet again i don't want to quote mapping it was now only be true. that it cannot stay with a very cool finish but don't collapse at the last fence.
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sasheer feel that it's really difficult in the dugout but it is a go everywhere when things like that happen right at the end i'm linda. we came under pressure and have to deal with it that hashem told them and liverpool showed how to deal with pressure in midweek and in the dying seconds dusseldorf have the hosts on the ropes. and the 8 minutes about it time money will come she say don't mind while sitting down. so the last minute come back here and that means a grand finale to the season next saturday don't have to win away invention. in any case we need to play an excellent game we need to win both give in and then we'll have a look at events in munich and i'm all of us in minneapolis. but fail to pocket the
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title next week they await frankfurt the team coached before going to munich. by the gates and it's not over we need a point next week when i know when to be absolutely sure. so as. i was not against frankfurt of all teams. we had a sleeve is stranger than fiction and i'm looking forward to seeing them again. and lucy and found her will also be up against a former club back what was it again the coach that said about counting your chickens. anyway it ain't over till it's over that's the teams battling relegation know too well. the whole time there was still a champions league spot to play for as they host to blame and you're not goals man will be off to like signet season saying farewell to everything he's built up here of the last 3 years the hosts were the superior side with more possession but
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failing to take their chances. lehmann however did. fill your highness biggest stein and it proved to be the sole goal braman continued to dream of europa league qualification. for a disappointing result in his final home game. to the show if you want to follow of course about some fantastic years here from what i 35 home wins and now the 8 defeat in 3 and a half years so a lot of positives but i am here to win and do my job so if you lose then you're not in such a big party mood. but that didn't stop the fans from giving him a well deserved sendoff. alex bug and tatted delivered a real thrill especially considering that was nothing at stake. and you could see
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the lads were really enjoying themselves and reihana opened the scoring after 10 minutes. the 2nd tough stuff didn't explosive fashion with marvin patton hans volleying home his 1st league goal of the season and shortly afterwards michelle the courage but i was put in front from the spot she was passing equalised a 2nd time with a high def from my cobra which but for the rich restored outspokenly slicing cost thomas cuffed salomon kalou also got on the scoresheet helped heading home by then tino cross and then the gold the game with an injury time penalty but thank you for showing us that. it was crazy also it was made of 3 times. the respect for the guys foster and then we came back and then you're one of them thanks to a disappointing campaign a great result for dying and martin schmidt can still be proud if his watch.
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still got needed to wins a gallon see the playoff spots and on saturday at least they did not disappoint. thanks. to the playoffs be a success after a season like this with the chief that now entering we now have 2 finals we can go into with a positive attitude and not some big advantage mentally. and to the stuttgart who took the lead on the stroke of half time could still gonzalo costal. coach nico barely couldn't control himself. 2 minutes after being stopped on downhill gadhafi crossed for on a style just jonas to make it to. the 3rd minute put the game's a bad against his former club was stuttgart beat europa league contenders both remailed to finish in 6. the playoffs but.
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also in the drop zone kind of a needed a win to stand any chance of surviving and they impressed but it was too late to stop was unable so ironic you put in your best performance of the season and go down it's pretty tough to deal with all. the systems to interest. the hosts deservedly took the lead with a valid amount anton heads out of that could still hope. of them they continue to outplay freiburg in the 2nd half of the last the blue doubled their lead 6 minutes after the break of. and 10 minutes before the end substitute what this made it 3 with this wave of a and 3 nil it ended but it was a sobering often infantile must all after the news of stuttgart sway. had over
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a relegation for the 6th time in their history but at least they went down with a fight. of the but i find this keepers mooses. this was a sorry ends to sorry season for nuremberg. and. both were up for a champions league spot and showed no. good image hope home against his former club the 56 minutes of the by nuremberg defense now struggled to withstand the pressure of this new scoring his career his 1st home go the couldn't have come 1st time the buy. your back now all at sea talk on a zombie to 3 and so on 10 minutes of the about that i'm finally dennison. helped
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to further boost plus goal difference before. your down and out for the counts for the shows were tons of the top flight for one day. while 3 priceless points. but crucially of course there was also a match going on in late because i. took off to an up and down season a because i'm was still in with a chance of qualifying for the champions league. has happened since the change of the car. together. in 4 months has managed to get live accuse and back up when they belong. to. the house a full. time placing stones union plantain kai habits have been instrumental
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in leverkusen recovery takes another. problem this time and since you. have it has been in since lasik foreman is still hanging at the start of his career i'm happy with all my players to be honest not only is exceptional 1000 years old and showing at almost every game so happy with him. to be young and caffrey like most of his squad off and on the pitch. and up to 4 wins in a row the young lions of laver couzin would surely toy around with him stevens shaka with nothing but trying to playful. plantain friends had a lot of coming games in the 12 minutes but as he and charles around ways rattled the wood well i didn't forget this is the team who put 6 past thanks to the previous weekends i believe it is and carried on regardless i asked when the city is. merely
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a matter of time until late school i. went to school they did thanks also to an assist from shall because western mechanics of the eye of the guy have that stay young man with a growing list of admired reza round here and that's his 16th goal of the season leverkusen top school. official hell of a lot of fun to play with he's hungry and has no fear and is a huge help on the pitch essential to the sport all of the services. but then there's the folly of us labor couzens carefree attitude is a liability to find the job bush to with the equalizer to beating the sides trial of the big shot the spoiled the posse for leverkusen the boys champions league option beckoning habits at times that determines to settle the gay guy himself i.
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hear isn't this a really good place for younger players involved. you see a lot of kids coming up through the ranks they've given a lot of drugs just. something leverkusen can be proud of as they also celebrated 40 years in the top flight without being relegated congratulations. back to the present and a bit of rough and tumble in the live acoustic box penalty to shout cut. down you know calgary stepped up. lucas radebe steve have made a way to obtain and now they leave the queues and fans it's even lines with that scene of the above revotes off season as well now would qualify for europe. for sure so it's something one point would cement a you rope elite finished. so when might the fools.
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another cross from have that's this time for kevin fun but it just wasn't meant to be as so often leave a couzin full short of expectations at the vital moments a great game from kind of that sent his merry young man but no way. just stumbling they have to have other results went that way now when for fact it would be a massive blow to leverkusen champions league aspirations. with the eagles managed to leave leverkusen in that wake. of the. mind stuff fun for one of the league's top teams that never fails to get the fans excited. we've given an amazing account of ourselves the season's over them so much that a season of highs come some lows most notably their recent europa league exit after
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matching favorites chelsea for $120.00 minutes the underdogs went out on penalties . a lot of hanging heads and tails frozen desperately unlucky in midweek but the eagles were a means to fly high again in the league aware of one thing above all this you can still take everything or lose everything. meaning achieve champions league qualification but potentially miss out on european action altogether. sunday evening they were the fancied side against regional rivals markets but made several months was certainly giving it 100 percent in the job encounter the other end it took the hosts of a 17 minutes to muster up a chance to look hostage crossing time to brave it only for the croatian to bluster . was this to be another unlucky day for frankfurt in the 2nd top that was months on the front foot in the 53rd. minutes until he was left
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unmarked in the box. on the nigeria make no mistake one male. my. great sets up play from the top full left in the balls or who just scored his 1st goal since september. could only look on as his players tried to up their game 4 minutes late some months is others show felipe powered into the frankfurt books she rama. and juju was on hand again to school his mind says the. misery of frank with a champions league hopes now washed away. the situation is now tough but we still have a bit of hope of that and even if it doesn't work out we don't need to be ashamed.
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that have had a really great season and it be sad to see them finishing empty handed. today we were unlucky. sometimes it's happened and i think it was the worst moment also unlucky up next to brian who'll be fighting to seal the title. we have to regenerate it properly in the weight again so that we're ready to deliver a top performance you can find something that. well we'll be watching how the results are in full. quite a few surprises this weekend's don't mean one but fine and a time because champions league contenders leave it is in frankfurt it's a flashback to playing on addictively everything is still why deadheads thought he was drawn into the ship not that she has a speaking here in that kind of stuff that well. and someone else bid farewell to his fans. to. find. you all so much for
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5 beautiful yes christian pillars 6 the american style is leaving dortmund moving to chelsea next season he came to dortmund at age 15 played 18 i'm going to see the matches scoring 13 goals one of which came in his very last home match in front of his beloved. i. all these fans entire stadium i'll never forget you know without these fans i would have been able to do what i do so i'm so thankful for every opportunity i've got to take care in england christian and who knows maybe after a look at the table next week there might even be reason to celebrate. because if a bullet anything is possible don't many still have a chance at the title on the final match day meanwhile the left back now has the best chances for a top full finish and not a surprise brought to you by the beautiful day. in the bottom half shook up can now
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focus all of their energy on the relegation play off and was sad to have to remind you once again it's over and over and you're back now from match day mode. with. byan hoping to celebrate winning the title in lights ace and this goal from the right ska would have enough. of my. back up to go i. said i. said. before it was an emotional rollercoaster not that i thought i'd school the title winning goal in my 1st year and beyond for myself she i didn't celebrate saying i. so i thought i. was right i haven't
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done stick like the song i write my snail mail trying to say shit to see. this song i thought. i said made up difficult to say look at me i feel like an idiot afterwards and if there's ever going to lead others. will that decision come by amitay don't find out next week on can.
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be rocky. as it once was. and with that i have just spent a day. but then countless tragedies on from. my i was a slug that everyone understood but no way for our story lived there. to give up. the joys of iraq we are still. remember my dad in. 75
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minutes on d w. an action packed life. anything's possible as long as our coffee and his friends can drink. this movie in 10 years dobbs refugee camp. his life story may have ground to a. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema stars may 27th on a double. yellow line into an official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. returned to the. to visit friends just i don't think i'd ever go back there to live
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you know when i lived there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room as similar it was hard as fair. i even got white hair is that. the german language. based gets me and they go but you need to interact with the same thing you want to know their story. it's worth pointing out reliable information for margaret.
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this is the w. news live from berlin sri lanka imposes a curfew after violence against muslims angry mobs have killed one person attacked mosques and most alone businesses the communal on ras following the deadly easter attack spires on the us also coming up. the mobile messaging service whatsapp telling its use.


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