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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2019 7:30am-8:00am CEST

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what secrets behind. find out 1st of experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. d w world heritage 360. then they have the object of desire in bavaria and happens once again in a german champions for the 7th time in a row. everyone is happy and especially him. so i think
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a big gulps. but someone is at the same time elated and sad from cribber e the number 7 is leading by and the bonus league off to 12 long is. met the bar in legend in an exclusive interview way talked us through the beautiful and difficult moments his family and someone extra special. and more right now on kick off life. fine munich out done it again in this league champions for a 7th year in a row but for much of the season it looked like it might not happen. so i doubt there's been a comeback in quite this form finished. but you go if someone impress. it starts on that then you come to. some of.
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the season and there are tribal film and things to have a new man on the touchline as well as a revamped seemed to believe boys film over the opening of the campaign. began to struggle it was turning into a melancholy old some of the champ you. can say exactly we know there are a few things we need to improve to be adjusted public image if you. match the 11 served up the 1st classic or of the season in don't mind a pulsating contest and the hosts wanted 3 to. another blue football in but then things got even worse. the home
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game against struggling top flight but sonny's distal told us how tricky road doty you come back here unfortunate free old rule leading by and now knowing points behind. it is there is no way to yet but they still are still ready do you feel secure here. just. to see this most of us think we're the best team in germany we've made mistakes and dropped hoeing splits come the finish i reckon we'll be champions. a club with an ingrate and will to win and as they eventually proved it was an old school but still can still have their own clear agenda. but starting the new year without injured marco really is they were the ones now struggling and losing points to supposedly less a lot. i'm not really
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interested in discussing brian's trying. to see. classical take to this time in munich but in 5 don't know. this one was going right down to the wire. all the way to the final match day decision time. but in only needed a draw to take the title goldman broke the deadlock at mention blood back then outlook bright some further when frank pulled level immunity but not for long. but in promptly switched through the gears installed full the reply putting the icing on the title cake gold piece from departing legends from reverie.
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some of the top scorers cannon for robot level of skill perfect final match let's analyze how i ended it. once again trying to show in the others how it's done so when it helps to tackle head on how to find a gap that seemingly isn't looking to it like nobody else and that's why the champion so let's take a look at another fall. when the heat is on by and keep their cool the final match today against frankfurt with the title on the line it's nil nil and on track to have 10 players covering the sensor the obvious route here is down the list box mats hummels goes for the high risk option straight through the middle now frank puts 3 man back line really has to close ranks. king's. command peels away and the defenders into the bowl momentarily
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loose sight of him closely slip by and kick straightens up top here at the front but regard as sliced open. the executioner a champion move from start to finish well worth a 2nd look. once herbals plays this full the outnumbered reds must make every pass count and they do. first time from black to touch from 2 more from 11 to ski all at the top speed the control timing and finish school. defending against by uncivil train is feet down the middle and out what it demonstrates only thankless task when the going gets tough by and get going also magically as it will spur the visitors or a man down but rather than protect their slim to lead they go on the offensive tiago playing the ball into the heart of the rules the fence 11 dosti whose books
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back row are solidly positioned guarding the center but they will have misread what i find instantly make them pay for it 3 points in the back but leave deadly combination of high risk speed and precision. this supposed to stuttgart tiago the instigator again a simple pass that you should kimmage taking 6 opponents out of the equation to cut back for a spread fin 30 metres between the central defenders is more spacing commish needs to send leventhal ski on his way and the pole finishes the job. when they take it out wide old go straight through the middle boy and omit game of virtually unstoppable tactically as well it's the stuff of chucking. now let's get up close and personal with a 9 time buy in chap who's saying goodbye to the fun this league from critter.
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think you should. be 5 years of age. i think you said you're there to be a mentor for the month and. the doctor for me they're going to focus on your off the last give us a new thing. i know what it's like here we're going to ask you to do that and for those on the through me in our shop social for the beard on the knee of all. from a long shot a lot a lot is barley swallow. yes let's wait and see is pretty bavarian just like later hosen in beer and october fast and just like these red jerseys from f.c. buyers he's probably the most but they're in frenchmen of all time frankly probably . the happiest on. some big market often the out there out there.
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was one child with the thing through them to. put aside. the cool from buy on. friday the worst. it's a feller i mean do you think will always take the sort of time michel money for me to buy all. the fun saw. the man with the good style had a fantastic time on the pitch with fire and he was crowned german champion 9 times even helps when the historic travel 124 goals and 182 listen just. a wizard with a ball who's now saying goodbye to the bundesliga with us fixing things on them and on and on and it's a good thing. says guns i grew up in. levi
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so does it says all films about titles on the heights in. truth by own she owns the difference. was it. something as if you know on the right that plots and when history go. beyond in a book called law. and the like because . that would be on the. spirit of it's been the. been given in knowing like a super corporal you can sure see in pog. you don't know all paul.
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you have nothing pop it out. club you. and me. mention me to india. and us my falso think on your back look at them like my friend. from bob. young. or leave off by. the z d. z i'm on this gun issue i guess in a money bed i said grandma this is. should get mail. and it. meets and heads off.
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mush modish shabaka company boss just film a newbie and often if i fall it will gobble. money to me. for. and so i think further on was robin and all us your spin. on this just summed up the. believe when asked the president of f.c. byron the man behind all the success but in 2014 he was sent behind bars for 2 years for tax evasion. not often actually. using the. gun. or a gun. so we should know their lives
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include. the city. and superpower. and i have often. course of. course a clear no or few from long. and. low bush. most modern me finish peter on. an abyss at sight of a medium or. an example of in this critical ministers is always well followed of money not that i am or not to follow it song and body says i'm a. soldier. on screen woman by the screen
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on the beach got pretend not to hate him or not it's almost a while. longer do speed given by some of us. begin the fun through the show months of rest and what you are strong as was the english you are about to write this is the kind of stuff and going to be. on when i can the disease. on this is going to focus on this little. as it's my life you go enough to do this how did you go from having 1. 100 years would i know $11.00 of them snap off. to commend zone by a stick when they're clearly bored oil so become the video of annoying the entire knock. on the points whoosh korea. and this interview on the start.
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own done dobbin no send them be seen through the men on the video to work here. on the venice get commitments and. get more planning meetings and so forth to shop because i think. it's good you mean a good mark would do in the scum public. version 3 more to us from the us for me to wants. is to shove. sinestro angst about me my friends and. now 1st of all. as in some monks was a man on. the midst of a this and they're the best speech of them is i think. frank wasn't only like an older brother he was the prankster on the team for 12 years. if he found a dead fish in the trunk of your car or took an unexpected shower it was surely frank. who are.
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the worst. but on the pitch number 7 was purely a professional rule the left flank who was his strongest partner on the right. now hold. common number one jerk. good and was bored as it was i meant solve the on. so forth doesn't give me the.
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truth was on many of the plots are on. the whole bus the bus a good modern cow that says. i truly from few can't offer you course a clue bods and then went. on banal given in the this was i meant. to shun. guns i get for being with. by then feel. this is. dark i switched to can switch. on for me this is an. example for the young slow. the snow through thick and it's for this. one should indeed if you do know it isn't because of this is the whole believe this. and super bowl or.
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no. one is good in the traditional for cancer munch awful. stuff or bun feels your bone fitness trainer 1st advice says her future on the gun my new dish was due. about this if was when libin. thank. you for having. me give me a. verse diversity. white guy on the to spin off was born our bodies 1st initial knowledge to wish to going to plan. well guitar is always an option for china but our recommendation sydney australia.
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i'm off it was the last. pass on a course of a media i sure don't want to from here. meet me even. zubrin now is that they're saying although you know stricken from here on. kirby does the business keep on and. along with wonderful. but the mission and the bench going through a mummy to me god is made me this is. the system will be. there's one if i mean years when you fall as one does and if our stock. has been stored for many for. all of us are small this is new for many familiar. the whole.
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band thank you punk little thing we're wishing you all the best. yeah. there is only one champion but other clubs still had something to fight for we look back on the final match day that aside who will be heading to europe. saturday the 18th of may decision day in the bundesliga who would make the champions league who is heading for the europa league and who would win the title so many open questions . in class we have to take our chances often the entire prank should pull off an upset in munich really. trust our own supply for it's great that's why we became footballers to have a shot at winning games like believes it is ok. to be
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calm and i've said my dream is to leave that city to the champions league for both of them with the 50000 behind as a person because. it's easy when they get. him to the climax of the campaign is the last day of the season is decision. the final decision. football and it was all about that side's all visitors front foot could still make the champions league all myself on europe altogether. i believe thank you. chad.
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at the alley and serina but and hits a snag early. i think that's. what is. pretty restored for all of 3 minutes before the recall chap struck again. i. am still with us it. was previously good it's pretty much over here as i was watching the other games maybe minds can do something and some of us might if minds took something off often hine frankfurt could yet make europa league hoffenheim sixpence.
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mines is equalize and large frankfurt back up to 7th in the table a point behind the coasting against the house but. sometimes i'm a little bit like. the face of those today was so important for all of us for the club at the brooklyn lympics stadium leverkusen free schooling for now on course for the champions league. pretty. depressing. because i feel how complete fixing the table. i.
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also use the mines cause for celebration among the traveling some poles in munich into europe again often exhilarating season. it's so many matches and played under the semifinals in europe in the europa league and now there. was something. alongside frank puts that mentioned lot back woods book also secure the europa league. europe make sure that it's pretty. interesting to see the show.
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seems. most. job done for by him while goldman have to settle for 2nd 6 places decided in the race for europe and that is that it's all over. the books. so now all we have left to say good bye some memories from a spectacular season and some things to look forward.
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ready thanks for watching and see you next time kicked off life. to.
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live. i love the sound of a home and reach out that a lot of people welcome to the north of our lot i don't know what other region on earth has this many near us and rory. but on our travels from by our hearts over a bombed out to concord my discovery so many other pleasures. oh by the way. i'm coming up. on her.
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own ways at full speed and. always shining. odd but always on the move. from her. own mobility today and to the future. drives in 30 minutes on the for. her 1st day of school in the jungle. her 1st clue melissa has. been doris crane the moment arrives to. join during a tank on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour of
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the arena 10 returns home on d w dot com tang's if planet earth live local tourist guide for germany's booming shuttle i love her let. me. just finish us 50 stories and 50 very personal tips cumberlands very best feature so funny. book now for planet berlin our good back series every week on d w. an action packed life. anything's possible as long as i'm comfy and his friends can drink. his movie theater in 10 years dobbs refugee camp. his life story may have ground to
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a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema stars may 27th on w. british prime minister to resign may has announced she will resign as leader of the conservative party on the 7th of june almost 3 years after the british people voted to leave the european union she's been under growing pressure to step down over her failure to get m.p.'s to support her brags that deal fine.


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