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from point a to flash from housing boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on g.w. . this is the doctor and here's a shot coming up on the program in the prime minister's seat one small note interpol the was handed up a charter to be mandated by the people of india as he begins his 2nd term. what the country can expect in the next 5 years from his government plus. a new chapter in thai politics as the country's 1st strong sunday begins walk again time but in 2 countries you change attitudes in a country where there has to be the community is still fighting for basic rights.
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and they're convenient cheap and always open but how much longer can japan's 247 convenience stores function with a shortage of staff to run the. i'm british prodigy welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us. narendra modi begins his 2nd term as india's prime minister today the veteran politician romped home with an impressive victory in the general elections last week his internationals b.g.p. secured an even bigger majority that in the last election in 2014 winning seats in states historically dominated by other parties the b.g.p. did so on the strength of a cocktail officials national security development and hindu nationalism a mix the opposition finds frightening but one that proved for tent for millions or
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more de. niro render modi in victory nor would his majority increased his power fortified after a better and acrimonious campaign he spoke of unity. what happened in these elections and how it happened who said what all that is in the past for me. we have to look ahead we have to take everyone together and war that. america was hard to. get me sound like hot air to his critics for his die hard supporters it's party time the magic of movie has been to turn india's patchwork political map into a one man when it takes it all contest but now comes the moment of truth some here fixing their focus on the future. there are so many challenges to be actually
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done because the current situation is such that our employment unemployment issues our flowing. still all fall issues in fact i think every issue of every kind existed and get right now still a. central government that we need to tackle it's a lot of. returning to parliament after his win moody paid his respects to india's constitution a nod perhaps to opponents who say his brand of hindu nationalism is a threat to the country's secular values i'm already used his speech to again address concerns that he is a divisive figure. because trees have them in the fountain in this 21st century we have to take india to new heights no one should be left behind and no one should be left behind on this journey of progress there shouldn't be any discrimination on the basis of sex or cost and we've been following this fission and we'll be
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following it even more strongly and we have to give this issue primacy picked a bit. before stars the swearing in there was a final stop at the temple in the holy city a very nasty another movement to burnish his hindu credentials though not likely to be his last. and joining us for more is journalist people sebastian joining us from delhi people good to see you now post full service have shown that there was a consolidation of hindus backing the b j p hindus are in majority in india so does this polarization along religious lines what does this mean for the minorities of the country. but slumber of a model of power from a phrase that somebody gave me doing an interview is that the person said that the made up to fight the last 5 years or more the government short that they can do right we can do nationalist right wing in india is quite imaginative more than
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might appear to be all caught and so the lynchings the culprit that should movement a dissident it nobody really prepared for that the seriousness of the act so that next 5 years through a lot of unexpected things are likely to happen that said what is expected is an assault on us no loss that is that religion based on the laws but i believe the b.g. is long standing problems of implementing a uniform civil court a common law for all citizens the good making moves closer to that other vice. vs going to see an assault on again on the 70 special category status of the states . state of kashmir. so these are some of the things that i expected but again like i said it's left to the imagination they can do likely now in terms of results that the b.g.p. achieved over was an overwhelming majority the opposition took a massive battering does india have
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a credible opposition of the moment. so the congress. in right now is quite in a bad state its president wants to quit its senior leadership is not allowing him to quit busted in once to bring in a non-family member lead the party by his his leaders his closest does want him to continue one his family to be in control of the congress so a lot of the people of this country who are not big fans of not into the how to develop our marketing that the promising pick of the budget but you distribution socketed the populace can argue that. the regional players who look hoping to do that the i found themselves fighting to survive in the next 5 years some of them will struggle to hold on to their state governments but if you want but you should appreciate what was used to not do is that the b.g.p. has significantly increased which i do is talk talk it could increase as what share
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of the country is 37 per cent of the country work for them to be the which means that $60.00 to $60.00 plus of the electorate has still not working some sort of 50 people 50 said i would want a mentor between absolute terms so there is potential for this electorate 60 percent of the electorate can see that it's still mark board walk into them or the negative impact or be the opposition's will but that would be the opposition it's a very interesting times ahead sebastian joining us from delhi thank you very much for that thank you. to thailand next been negotiations continue over who will form the next government this off the disputed election in march gave no side a majority even so parliament has begun its walk and among the new m.p.'s officially sworn in this time around is the country's 1st transgender m.p. tom but in so how has it turned out and prefers to use the phone all day instead of being referred to as he or she a renowned film maker they election marks
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a major leap forward in a country that doesn't give equal rights to the g.b. to community our correspondent was there to watch history in the making. of. some victories on the path to a quality of mops by fanfare and celebration. like this. for turn weren't sick opposite this is the culmination of a lifetime fighting for the rights and representation 10 marine who identifies as non-binary made their name is an award winning movie director but censorship is one of the film's about a transgender father inspired time going to politics. now an ongoing thing fought off of her for the last thailand's 1st transgender m.p. it's my responsibility to stand up for the rights of the l.g.b. teacher manatee. i'm going up on to live with my election thailand now has to accept that transgender people are part of our society. our humanity must be
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recognised and if we don't have thailand as a complicated relationship with gender identity transgender men and women answer them to change their own identity cards while same sex marriage in the dumps in a not makes it now an m.p. turn were not only wants change attitudes they want to change legislation and it's no easy feat alongside the parliamentary g.t.s. turn when shed use paint with meetings in guest appearances at every event they greeted by fans and well wishes. the elections in a defined time when status is an icon to antidiscrimination and to bits. left b.n. and when i made my victory speech there were l g b t people in the crowd one came up to me and hugged me. and said i hope you can make everyone equal that really touched me the permitted l g b t people don't ask for much just equality we just want the same rights as you out of the. 10 wins journey to palm it hasn't been easy
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they faced a torrent of abuse but before dove to the election we were high at the moment usually transgender people are seen as clowns there does human i just. want to thank god but i want to show people who i am and challenge their views that i hope that with debate comes progress i mean they're not monch is election is proof some progress has already been made tom ridge is a member of the future forward party led by a quality minded town that's wanted in the room kit's. is just seen a groundbreaking for open the candidates elected to office they now have a national platform to push for change and inspire the next generation of campaign is. open 24 hours a day every day of the you have tokyo's convenience stores live up to their name
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but that can be me as they are no one having problems finding stuff you to japan's aging population should they reduce that opening oz or could technology provide a solution. tokyo a city that never sleeps at least when it comes to convenience stores the lights are always on at these nonstop shops known as can be. at night you buy these hot snacks i eat them on my way back home and then i can go straight to bed when i get there makes life easy. but convenient more than just his food more than 50000 around the country sell everything from concert tickets to toilet paper to big franchises family mart 711 and lorson are an integral part of fast paced japan. but it's convenience at a cost that stores search for stuff to work long hours at low pay is it time for
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the around the clock shopping to stop. at least i get on i think it's strange that convenience stores want to operate all hours or even though they don't have enough stuff. and it's not just this area it's the same all over the city. i don't think there's a need to keep them open all the time and it's going to challenge. the stores want to close the shed and be happier if they were open but it just means i'd have to walk a little further to find one if they are close that would be a problem. but there is one answer to labor shortages do away with stuff altogether some change introducing facial recognition and self check outs of this store's. technology to keep the convenience going 247. that's over now to check out the other stories i did. on facebook and twitter.
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really there now with these pictures off for a new lift off mic at supporting the thailand zoo the cubs have been getting accustomed to the outside world after spending their 1st days in an underground battle with your neck starts from but. some time in the 26th. my great granddaughter. put the world to like in your lifetime and around half a century. your world will be around 2 degrees warmer. inevitably sea levels will rise by at least one meter in this century. we're going to have some climate impacts return greater than your seo. that's really
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frightening paltrow. mother. why are people more concerned. little yellow. shorts may 31st d.w. . such. hold on to your smartphone china says it could interrupt the supply of those to the united states to boost its leverage in the 2 countries trades dispute we get some analysis from singapore and cyprus also coming up china's favorite alcoholic beverage arrives for cocktails in a trendy pullin bar but will germans by the jews. welcome to this is asia i'm going to get jones and good to have you with us. in
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a new twist to the u.s. china trade dispute chai. has called the u.s. an economic terrorist and signals it could stop exporting rare earth metals to the u.s. and that matters because rare earths are used in a wide range of consumer products from i phones to electric car motors as well as military jet engines satellites and lasers now rare earth are a group of 17 elements here are a few of them therion for one is used in catalytic converters and cars bastien site is used in nuclear industry. is used to make magnets and lanthanum is used in camera lenses and so forth now china supplies nearly 3 quarters of all the world's rare earth 120000 tons that is other big produces include australia with 20000 tonnes and the us used to be a major producers but now turns out just 15000 tonnes so our.


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