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how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on love. don't expect happy ending. let's just say. it's all happening the children of forgetting. your link to news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories of an discussions anyone would consider abuse us to cling program life from funny to me from the news of easy to out with safety deputed slash africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa.
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i never thought i'd find myself doing something like this my name's by gosh steinbrenner and i'm a reporter but today i'm a freedom fighter and my mission is to take the enemy's base. and with some 500 comrades in arms all armed to the teeth at a former military base near knocked about. with in-depth coverage fire shoot because of compulsory military service ended in germany in 2011 but more and more people are getting into john's. what is a weapon like this do to you and to me that's what i want to find out as much. playing. ok. because we aren't using lethal weapons
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these are airsoft guns looking credibly real and cost around a $1000.00 euros each. they only fire small plastic balls. but it still hurts. i got here that's my 1st 11 more and i'm out. of all of them to all the other popular shooting games include laser tag and paint ball the bullets are still quite high velocity which is why we only wear goggles and you can't play until you're 18. the demand is huge here in knocked about alone the number of players has increased 10 fold since 2013.
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everybody seems to know what to do apart from me i'm a complete novice. coach and i'm actually pretty stupid here but it's not something that comes naturally to me i'm a civilian at heart. military service wasn't for me i refused and did civilian service instead and then i presented a good show. but as a journalist now of course i'm curious where does this new love of guns come from. ok ok can we take a short break here. so muscle group the crazy monkeys does this a long as nobody knows what excites you why do you like it. more you with your pearls for sure but it's all about strategy it's just great fronts this is not playing toward experience. it's really hard to say. you know we don't want
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war. ok the weapons look real well you shouldn't just run across the road with one 0 it is exhibit a that's why we're in an enclosed space here you should only play with your guns here we comply with very strict rules if we didn't you could be no game. so cops and robbers for grownups ok got it but what's it like to carry a real gun i designed to visit a high 9 funds police academy to find out. if you're ready. for your signal. it was this is target practice for juliana my she's 20 and in her 2nd year as a police training. she's using her future service weapon and of course live ammunition.
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it takes 3 years to become a qualified police officer. off i've often. wow that's still pretty well out of business you can still below but you know you're right. and so how do you feel when you're practicing are you nervous that an offer that as a chairman was that well you know it's a practice situation but you still get an adrenaline rush and you do get nervous i'm always nervous when i'm here but you also learn to respect the gun ok but it's good time with the weapon is also part of your job isn't it that it's jobs it's just that i know of course it gives you security and you have a weapon to use if you have to. act have you ever had a situation where you had to use your gun. i was once in
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a situation that was just one step away from using guns you stand there you're full of adrenaline trembling pumped full of adrenaline and then of course it's difficult to just aim at the arms and legs so she isn't the 1st visit that means when you actually a doctor or a certain right as an extra an extremely tense situation what's going on inside you . you get tunnel vision you don't notice what's happening around you it's a really crazy stressful situation. to prepare officers for situations like this recruits receive legal and ethical training in addition to weapons handling. the task today is to disassemble and reassemble the weapon using only a practice pistol of course.
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effect. and 1st a 1000000000. dollars go outside into some handling training. again with practice weapons and no ammunition. but when you're facing straight ahead you should always know where your weapon is pointing without looking where is your purse. there is a billy club we'll start with the guard. and take up a firing position. i've already been shot. that's what. so you got your pepper sprayed put your thumb in there although like a gun put your thumb in there it was ok i'm going to press it.
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you can be trained to handle a weapon still i couldn't imagine using a real gun in an emergency. so i thought. i and most people in germany today find carrying a gun unthinkable but what was it like before when there were no gun laws. you know that's about it today i'm on my way to school to find out to all has the only museum in europe for handguns. guns are being manufactured here in the thuringian forest since the middle ages in the museum you can see many firearms made by local gunsmiths its real craftsmanship then industrialization made guns more affordable and they can be found in almost every household. journalist and gun expert lars being closed off knows all about germany's relationship with these weapons.
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what is the most common god some people took part revolvers with them on long journeys most of them every village had a police entry but seeing a police patrol on the road as we do today was very uncommon it's. ok it's not like ireland rast west but what else did you have with you this is a classic gun and. recycle. some of them could be bought a successor bicycle shop sat by the others were sold together with bicycles who would have shot that's what they're supposed to chase dogs away they didn't take kindly to the newly developed bicycle of the sort of revolver was part of your cycle kit at the time like pumps were repaired tools are today. it was a very different times like. that after the world war defeats and the peace movement of the 1980 s. guns largely disappeared from our everyday lives peaceful germany i always imagined
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it to be so but is that still true. the message that it's the numbers suggest there's a revival of ghana's like slang and hunting licenses where's that come from china why qantas doesn't hesitant interest has increased because people feel they need the extra security events are exploited by the media like new year's eve in cologne they've also contributed to this. this is that's the legal side what's the situation on the illegal side is that growing too so i noticed all i know about it too because of it this is a water p.-p. the typical police pistol from the last war tens of thousands of these have been traded on the black markets and prizes a risen just has to come so i could buy one relatively easily from the black market sure. legal guns have only been registered nationally since 2013 there are 6000000 registered in germany and experts think there are least 10000000 illegal guns left unregistered some even say up to 30000000.
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how easy is it for me to get a firearm in germany. i have an appointment with helmet i don't mean. you can bring about. out of you but hello mr adam a i'm here to have a little look around. for a helmet is a 6th generation gunsmith in his workshop he mainly makes high precision hunting weapons he makes all the barrels breeches and chambers here. fine rifling all grooves inside the barrel stabilize the trajectory of the bullets. helmets exclusive craftsmanship is sold all over the world some of his weapons cost as much as $19000.00 euros.
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you just go ahead take it. yes it's not loaded. heavy how long to make one like this tradition between one and 4 years that's called it always depends on the finish this one and so you're now. clear the next and that explains the price. so under what conditions could i buy a gun do i need to always tough. love off to buy a gun for me you'd need a hunting license and then you can even buy long guns anything your heart desires to get ok it's not a hunter or a shooter and i don't have a hunting license i only have an id card could i get 20 just to do if you're over 18 and i assume you are. you could buy an air rifle up to 7.5 jewels to buy a blank or a gas gun intersections waffled across well ok can i see it through to sure over here we've got some blank firing guns here. does it also looks pretty real to me.
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carlos walters pay 229 millimeter caliber p.a. . let me see that there you go. it's heavy isn't it actually feels like a real gun but. really is a gun this is not it's a gun his name looks like a gun too so maybe it's doing its job to scare someone. up seconds of the ok my wife won't even let me touch the kitchen knives or. put this in here yet that's the way they always do it in me. now. but back when you're unloading always. it's lotus good luck you're going to laugh at my hands are actually a bit sweaty. this is really the 1st time i've had i think like this in my hands. when i try to out actually firing and i might come here we can do that ok going to
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be demure come around the corner with me and put on your ear protectors at least in good health so it'll be loud back i take the magazine and load cartridges from those the other way around. we're going to do you know put the magazine in the gun well just always keep the barrel down on. the carriage back and forth once she's going to shoot. up the safety zone. shall i reload it so that i don't believe it would have overpowered me already. yet you know shoot. good heavens. it's allowed to you it's not you still to win there. you know.
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that you were going to shoot again 6. this really is something else. this thing is so loud and although i know it's firing blanks honestly i have a lot of respect for it despite that. this is sectionals only. i can carry my pistol with me unless the safety catches on to carry small arms within reach you need a small gun license which is becoming more and more popular the number of small license holders has more than doubled since 2013 with a huge increase in the 15. so now i've got my blank gun neatly packed so i can carry it with me but just to remind you anyone over 18 can buy something like this. but anyone who buys a gun illegally isn't interested in the law. in germany
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a one year weapons amnesty ended in mid twenty's 18 illegal guns could be handed over to the police within the community here at the bomb disposal center in boston but they are collected and destroyed. with and this is a machine gun and infamous heavy machine gun you can tell that from the sound when it's fired but this is our comes out once we put it through the incinerator. tell what it was. the guns are burned to separate the words and other materials from the steel anything left ends up in the smelter. was. legal guns were also surrendered during the amnesty in germany they're only allowed with a firearms ownership license and have them on you within reach you need a license to carry. most guns in germany are owned by hunters 417. 1000 hunters are listed in the gun register there are also 376000
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recreational shooters and 97000 people who inherited guns but who's prepared to hand i mean. there's the classic case of a deceased grandfather who was a hunter or a sports shooter and now the weapons legally. of course there are also illegal weapons and decorative weapons that people hang over the fireplace or something. but i would say there's been a considerable process of rethinking since they've been in school shooting. people said actually we want guns out of the house after all these are things that people can be shot dead with. here in boston verdun back alone the amnesty brought in about 14000 guns more than 5000 of them unregistered more than most guns now get melted down not all of them go straight to the incinerator.
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somersaulted and sent to the criminal police in stuttgart focus from the firearms recalled service has hundreds of pistols revolvers and rifles than guns seized john a wide range of investigations. he uses them to reconstruct the chronology of events. and they were either illegal property or murder weapons ok. there's a lot here. the guns 1st go to the evidence room next door that's just i mean that's one of the weapons that was handed in during the amnesty. now we have to fire it. ok but because he and i have been used in a crime that correct. so this is our firing room. here we have the water tank. i think that's right given the water
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ensures that the markings left on the bullet by the barrel are not changed. today we're shooting a water p.-p. k. and i suspect it will be loud. that what. we're going to fire 3 shots. the bullet shoots half a meter through the water and is collected from the bottom of the tank.
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now you can see the markings of the surface of the barrel. if you look at this under a microscope you can often see fine structures that come from the barrel and by comparing them with other projectiles you can often identify them. and died by the gun use that sensational. the federal criminal police send them to us and we compare them with our store of munitions used in criminal cases. so i brought myself a gun that doesn't need it's a blank is it really harmless you can try it. this watermelon will make a great test subject. here protectors are. ok it's come. when descended to ft when you see how deep the shot is despite the melon being
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relatively hard. i wouldn't want to blank out my head. shots are still dangerous so you should mess around with only. ok kind they're definitely not toys. so owning a gun is a big responsibility who's actually suitable. is professor of forensic psychology and brain and a police profiler he thinks he knows how people work especially those who are interested in guns. i'm a teacher you see a lot of people showing interest very different people as a fascination but how can you tell if someone would be responsible for that sort of a for not really a carrot of course you have to do appropriate research when you come in here you
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can see that certain people groups of people are attracted to weapons knives pistols revolvers they're fascinated but the reasons can be very different and that's what you have to find out. who. has co-develop to suitability test for this purpose young gun buyers have to take it as do adult gun owners who have stood up for some reason. content of us in contact with firearms. but. mentally ask about knives 1st about them and also your own pocket knives yes my pocket knife is a knife because i brought one so you have got one with him. because. i always carry it in my. case i. why do you need a pocket knife. to slice cheese off at a picnic picnic you slice cheese him public every day so there's
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a bottle opener in a multi-tool to. this is a dangerous object and and it deadly weapon that you're carrying around with you see did you ever think about that because i wouldn't use it against people of course at all likely against salami or cheese. are you aware of the law you're allowed to carry a knife round or not honestly. say impression i get it tell me if any of these sentences apply to you when i'm angry i don't miss my words yes yeah i've done a lot of things wrong in my life. that i sometimes feel like others are laughing at me i hope others laugh at me it's even if someone is unusually kind to me i get suspicious. if i get yelled at or yell back could happen here i was tortured animals. and everything worms or anything you know me yes but you could
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just stomp on them. much much sometimes i imagine what a just punishment would be for those who treat me badly and. seriously considered suicide and i know. i never 9 now haven't got to know pre-adolescent crisis ok one last question i sometimes spread rumors about people i don't like. when this was news it was about myself and ten's and i want to take a little break and then i'll be sweating. we'll talk again after i've done an evaluation. of these out to 2 tests have been done on tens of thousands of people including criminals and gun owners with no criminal record for the evaluation these results are compared with my answers. yeah. i've done your going your way should i look at it in terms of gun laws you would be
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absolutely heartless. absolutely but it's made us off we quite often hear people say that they feel a certain fascination with weapons or the technology behind a lot of the craftsmanship and so on that's high but this doesn't mean that they want to be violent or use the weapon. depressive paranoid saturday me against the world they all want something from me i don't fit into this world so. they become socially isolated withdrawn socially they represent the greatest threat in the flight not the people who are maybe fascinated by things like guns so i may even have a neurotic relationship with guns which we would ask about but they're not a source of great danger because of the. ok. having passed the test i now feel ready to finally shoot a real guy i am allowed to do this with the german rifle association an offshoot of the american profile rahm's pressure group the national rifle association. after
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a safety briefing from shooting instructor on about we start with a magnet i've heard that name before. you. know the other hand then you can shoot on. the side kick my fingers a sweaty again. if you really notice something happen there it's a weapon of stop us. as. an aid gets worse the eof 15 semiautomatic rifle. shotgun that's in a hole differently. and you're like this. insert
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the cartridge and draw back at. the winchester defender is a pump action shotgun. for word and forward again now there's another one of the breech. still too high ok. anyone can take part in all of his trial courses the german rifle association has 16000 members and they consider the german gun laws too strict like in the us they want weapons for almost everyone. if god is what about a pensioner who lives in her apartment think can't run away or defenders off with martial arts or. handicapped people. or women who've been attacked. maybe your fear just shown
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a gun the attacker would have backed off it's. a plus. people who want to buy a gun for self protection in germany are often refused a license they have to prove that their own lives are more at risk than those of the rest of society this applies for example to employees of cash in transit companies or security personnel but would private firearms really make our society safer a counter-example is australia where semiautomatic rifles were banned in 1996 since then the number of deaths from shooting every year has harped suicides using firearms have also dropped to less than a 3rd. but i have to admit one thing. although i don't think gun should be freely available here in a shooting range it's pretty cool. why did i find shooting fun
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i'm going to find out at the university hospital in austin and undergo a test by dr klaus head of psychosomatic. your. own hours of i don't have a real gun in my hand so is it anything like reality. from what we know of course the mechanics are somewhat different but it seems the brain responds in exactly the same way for a simulation and a real situation. catches. on curiously so i'll take off anything metallic that i'm exactly 2 or 3 minutes set up over here. to find out what happens in my head when i shoot i take an m.r.i. scan. with a joystick in my hand and a screen above me i have to shoot as many opponents as possible. klaus observes how my brain reacts.
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and indeed every time i hit an opponent the reward system is activated at the same time the part of the brain responsible for empathy is switched off. so could shooting games numb your real senses. almost wish one of religion and if you shoot people in these games again and again that's fine you say 2000000 times a year and suppress your emotions to do so and maybe even get a reward stimulus. rides that can also influence your long term behavior for the atlas 5 percent come. i found the game in the simulator rather boring so i was all the more surprised by the results of the experiment. as assert shooting stimulates the reward system in our brains i can imagine that. but the idea that our emotions like empathy are dampened at the same time i find questionable but they. can to our neighbors in switzerland see it
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the swiss are known to be peace loving folk but at the same time they are not afraid of guns today there are about $32.00 guns both legal and illegal ones per $100.00 inhabitants in all straight it's 30 whereas in germany it's just 20 so it's a completely different gun culture. you can also see this at the 0 and she's and the city's oldest fan one weekend a year everything here revolves around shooting organizer cloudy oh get explains it to me. is that you can buy for her that you can get on a tram in switzerland openly carrying an assault rifle is that really the case and is it illegal because it is so that this leak out it's legal. and it happens. it's becoming increasingly rare because most were taken in a car now but in principle an assault rifle can be taken into
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a club or express where you feel it all more guns. about $5000.00 young people between $13.17 compete against each other in the shooting contest including 14 year old the aspect people have been competing in the canal been shiism since the 17th century when it marked the end of the unloved summer military drill exercises girls have also been allowed to take part since 1991 children as young as 8 can take part at another range next door. here at the 25 meter range kid shoot with an air rifle air pistol all crossbow. it's jasper's turn and around a corner gives the briefing he's been looking after the young shooters for 50 years
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. to use the swiss army's assault rifle. so let's get started. there you go load the rifle there. like this. take and then slowly or don't fill with the trigger. next to you on a pressure point they will call. the target is 300 meters away shooting is down lying down for better control because the stray bullets can fly up to 4 kilometers there's a lot of competition. the shooting king wins $5000.00 francs and up to 5 shots it's all over sadly yes but didn't do well enough this year. round up or left more
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on down right so in the middle would have been to 6. when asked but joins the army in a few years he'll even be allowed to take his rifle home with him if that's what i'm mot seems like that rifle really packs a punch that i feel like it's a real gun and with a real volatility the best with that if people beat them that's not i or isn't it because it's the can our machine isn't so it's normal. since i was not like that. so it's nothing special for you but. is there are you can run something once a year that's cool ok best of luck now. is. it is no coincidence that william tell is the national hero of switzerland but shooting also has a long tradition in germany the oldest shooting clubs here have been around for several 100 years. shooting sports are especially popular in bavaria and lower saxony in eastern germany that
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figure is significantly lower shooting was forbidden in the g d r. i'm visiting the xcel shooting club in hessen where 14 year old kalgoorlie is training with around 1400000 members the german shooting federation is one of the largest german sports associations kalin where stiff shooting closed to give her a more stable posture. unlike in switzerland young people here shoot only with the air rifles. there's a special reason why catalin took up this hobby 2 years ago she was struggling with her concentration and her mother had the idea to register with the rifle club she'd heard that shooting can have a therapeutic effect and boost attention span since then carolyn has been training at least twice a week the 2 hour session not only includes shooting but also progressive muscle
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relaxation. so i still remember what you were lying 2 years ago the vast adama's how well i was still very young focused and didn't have that much stamina and stuff. and so on ok and what happened with how do you feel now compared to then and i've become much better at school i'm getting much better grades and can definitely concentrate well in class. and you'd say that related to this for. what next you've been to the history and championships you're going to be a star. i was a sure enough and i definitely want to my next goal is the german championships next year. catalan sporting performance is impressive but i would probably look
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for a different form of therapy for my children. last stop on my journey in brandenburg here there's plenty of forest game and of course hunters the people with the most weapons in germany who actually use them. by a company 26 year old forester venturesome. can't wait to see the. bus routes and the safety catches on. it's all. part of the m.o. in my bag. when we load when we are in position. ok but is it.
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so once we're in the words we won't be able to talk so let me ask you now when you're just about to shoot how do you feel this time for good food. and fun i'm relaxed you feel nervous when you're still very inexperienced. i was still a bit shaky with the 1st animals i killed. but it happens to every hunter no matter what kind of animal you kill. the 1st is always something special. vinda de vos when you have the gun in your hand and know or hope the next shot will be fatal do you feel some sort of power to demand of you to talk. you don't know their weapon is for me a tool of my profession just like a chainsaw it has nothing to do with power or anything. i just need to know exactly how to use this tool safely but doesn't hide all the shows. ok. to partake in care only when you're lazy like me most people get used to
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the gun eventually there are more hunters today than ever before and among them more and more women are the brunt of bird forestry department specifies which animals can be shot animals that have been hit or are sick and also have to be shot a good hunter aims at the heart and lungs so the animals don't suffer for long. practices regularly on the shooting range hunting licenses must be renewed after 3 years. now wait shall we play cards. chad and watch us not exactly my forte. and so we wait. and wait. and wait
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i'm actually hoping we don't see anything when a is a sudden it becomes restless. why don't you tell straight over. and break because you give the animal chance to lose its life in peace. or that's ok
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with the quest best if it notices there is an enemy near it gets an adrenaline rush in the final moments and it stresses the animal out and we don't want that. as we walk over to the d.m. my knees are pretty shaky it's the 1st time i've seen a weapon used to kill anything. only. you how did you come here. i. mean high in a shot was just right but did died instantly. as long it's you know we drag it back we don't want to do anything right here. lift the back no just come forward and we can drag it back so. you can hold it lower. down i
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don't like the head dragging as if that's not so terrible we don't want anything from the head it'll be dog food. that's why raise you're so happy because she hasn't been fed today they're short of body had her next to put them to. and. the animal must be gutted immediately to prevent bacteria from settling on the meat during the decomposition process with hunting shooting still maintains its original function killing. me kyla knows what she's doing and has a sense of responsibility by goes for everyone i've met on my trip but unfortunately a lot of people don't seem to have those standards. and that's why this is now clearer to me than ever before guns don't belong in the hands of any one.
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type or hysteria. artificial intelligence in daily life certainly has its perks but also its downside. is this new technology actually intelligent or just cleverly program scientists to tackle that question with surprising results to borrow digit pin $13.00. i am not very creative yet but i would
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love to be considered an artist one day. everyone is talking about artificial intelligence and we are to. computers and algorithms one to surpass human creativity. art on the edge. or talk to global media for somebody. in 60 minutes calling d.w. might be a terrible idea. rock-n. may. lead. player sinful ribs condemned by the church. i know that. he made the trip. we want to thank. our stop no one is more popular than. rock and religion
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a clash that brings many parallels to light in order to really soak your reconcilable. and. june 17th. at least 12 people have been shot dead in virginia united states by a man shooting into a government building complex the shooting happened in virginia beach a coastal resort town and according to authorities the gunman was shooting indiscriminately until he was shot dead by police.


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