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taking his grandmother day out to eat it's all about ok. i might show join me to meet the jenin fronted up to you. post. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin mexico signals tighter migration controls as u.s. tariffs looms record numbers of central american migrants are heading through mexico to the u.s. border but their numbers could swindle just washington's perhaps up pressure on its southern neighbor a record high for germany's environmentalist green party
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a major opinion poll shows the greens would get the most votes in a national election right now heading out to educate the transfer michel's conservatives are we witnessing a major shift in german politics. and the women's world cup kicks off in france there are so many favorites in the running that it's shaping up to be the toughest and most exciting competition in the tournaments history plus we meet the photographer who takes credit pictures to a new level he hangs around art galleries looking for weird and wonderful audience . play. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us the white house says it plans to follow through on threats to slap tariffs on macs. imports that's despite signs of
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progress ongoing talks between the 2 countries trump is trying to ramp up pressure on mexico to stem the flow of central american migrants through the southern u.s. border why president vice president mike pence says that although he's encouraged by mexico's they just proposals the 1st wave in an escalating regime of tariffs is set to take effect on monday. hundreds of migrants sent back into guatemala every day in the future most of those coming from the south won't be able to enter mexico at all the government has pledged to deploy up to 6000 troops in the area to stop the flow of north bound migrants despair spreads fast among those being turned away. you know what are we going to do go back to our country and software we have no choice like killing us back to. an agreement on illegal migration between mexico and the u.s. could see an overhaul of asylum rules across the region with central american
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migrants having to seek refuge in the 1st country they enter after leaving their homeland it's thought that would drastically reduce the number of migrants reaching the u.s. border. mexico has repeatedly rejected the so-called safe 3rd country agreement but the increasing pressure could make the country buckle. i hope we reach an agreement. i'm confident that we will reach a deal. put in place the unilateral measures expected to start on monday but. a loon is. due to its strategic location free trade agreements and low wages mexico has become an attractive destination for international companies companies that what all be hit hard by the tariffs. according to donald trump they would start at 5 percent and steadily rise to $25.00.
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minutes and if you go there this is because the decision makers they don't have a red line that the united states is violating the rules of the free trade agreement. that the. struggling to a piece u.s. decision makers mexico has broadened its migration crackdown in recent days not only turning back but also detaining hundreds of migrants and freezing the bank accounts of suspected human traffickers. but there is a risk none of the measures will be enough for donald trump despite mexico's efforts many in washington still expect the tariffs to go into effect on monday. well for more on the story let's talk to luis. she is a research fellow at the get go institute for a lot of american studies in hamburg thanks for being with us thanks so much is planning to deploy an extra $6000.00 troops to try to stem the flow of refugees
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coming up through its country what impact do you think that's going to. 1st of all that's going to have an impact in the lives of so many people that live that make a living out of trans border. that's going to make life very difficult for them and that's going to of course make migrants very wary of trying to cross the border to mexico do you think it will actually solve the problem. arising a border it's a problem that is deeply rooted. in the politico systems of the country triangle and central america if we don't address those costs is the problem with. what is driving migration from central america up through mexico into the u.s. because if we don't address those problems or the sources the drivers of course will be very difficult to stop what is driving a political crisis we have a government that has been posting. a big driver of migration from us
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it's the lack of economic opportunities for so many migrants is the widespread criminality. that is especially for young men young boys that's why. people. working with mexico and other countries in the region to address those fundamental causes of migration it is not that is mexico to stop migration flow and that's the precedent. to stop migration flow would be to address those causes more fundamentally by investing in the economy so these 3 countries that the u.s. is not ready to join such a plan what options does mexico and its efforts to. address the flow itself getting away from the causes now but to avoid the sanctions or the
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tariffs that are that the u.s. is threatening and looks like will now. imposed well very few options if we just look at the economies of mexico and the us the huge power imbalance the huge power symmetry between these 2 countries it's obvious that mexico has very few options also because it's very powerless on the economic side because we have the mexican economy is very dependent on exports to the united states but the only option that mexico has is to try to separate these issues and to they him and reject the connection of migration to economic policies migration is a social issue and that's what the current government government is trying to to portrayed as a social and economic issue but not an issue that should be addressed with terrorists and we see thank you very much for talking with us today luis your pedroza research probably at the institute for latin american studies in hamburg
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thank you. well here in germany the environmentalist green party is enjoying a big surge in support for the 1st time it's pulling ahead chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and it's emerged as the number one party in the nation if elections were held today this would be the outcome for the 1st time the greens would get the most votes 26 per cent going to michael's conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc would be right behind with 25 percent then comes the far right all turned populist alternative for germany party with 13 percent michael's current coalition partner the center left social democrats would drop to 4th place with just 12 percent of the market friendly if the p. would get 8 percent followed by the left party with 7 percent. take a closer look now at what's driving this boost in support for germany's environmentalist we ask climate protesters today is friday is for
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a future rally here in berlin what they think about this green search for. demonstrators have been protesting for weeks to get the politicians to act on climate change many think the green party has at least some of the answers does that explain the support for the greens. green v i would vote green i think the greens have the best goals the best. think of my life i think many people see them as an alternative to feeling that but also as the lesser evil that's to minister at least they have fresh ideas they stand up for the environment and they don't block everything in advance they're the only political force who are doing anything or at least say they're going to do something. in the recent year opinion elections green parties more than doubled their seats in brussels in germany they took one in 5 votes giving them the 2nd highest support of any party
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greens leader robert thinks he knows why. these. changes its young people are involved immediately you don't have to climb a long ladder before you get heard instead you can prove yourself quickly that makes us accessible and open to social changes shifts new forms of communication issues sound fresh views. of current as one poll shows 27 percent of germans think the greens have the best chances for the future far ahead of the other main parties is it time for them to start building up the personality who might lead the next german government for now they're reticent. at the next form of elections in germany or into a few years away so. such such a thing like the chancellor of the green party especially because we have
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a couple of very very complicated to like since coming in the east of the country so i wouldn't rule anything out but it's definitely. for now the anger about climate changes lead to a blossoming in the greens popular support only a national election will show if we can take them back into government. well let's hear from ricardo alarcon now she's a spokeswoman for the german green party's youth organisation welcome to the program hi so from party to the top how does this new popularity feel. well it does feel good but i think on the one hand it's a huge opportunity because many people trust us to have a future and trust us to be able to put change into political reality on the other hand a huge responsibility because distrust also means that people are going to look very closely what we're going to do in the next year is what we are going to put forward so it feels like both at the same time trust raises expectations shall we say given
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these poll numbers with your party now at the very top in germany for the 1st time your party could profit most if the current government under chancellor merkel were to collapse some say this might happen would you like to see fresh elections in germany right now but i think 1st of all the pox the died the moment the government have to decide if they were to get an absolute questions of our future i at the moment when you doubt this is best for me if i look at asylum politics today to put through to them polly amend. laws to die going to make it way way harder for refugees so i have my doubts but i think it would be really wrong to say we had a good position so dead through reason when you elections i think people having the feeling that politics is mainly focused on what is going to come out from my party what is like my benefit i get out of it i think this has been something that has really diminished a trust in politics we need to see how they had to folks differently or at let's
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talk issues than climate change the number one concern of many if not most voters in germany tackling it the tory asli difficult if you really think your party could make an impact where other parties in this country have not. that's not only because i think we see that's today to meet the reality you have to be radical but i have been told many times oh you're going to try and you're going to see that radicals innocent i think radical to decline to have this for example if the ending co will and she we can't wait until 2038 we can't wait until 2040 we have to get out of coal europe wide and 2030 and the creams and about one a few only parties to really saying well we have to do what's necessary to stop climate change if we look around europe when you look at the european elections we've seen a surge on the left and the right what do you think your party can achieve in the e.u. parliament for which you are a candidate i know do you think you're going to be able to change the european
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union with respect to climate policy i think we have to i think we have to try on the one hand i think if you look at the search of the right parties we also have to be kind of the n.t. fascist part in the european parliament like showing them that they won't get through rift human rights violations but on the other hand also trying to find out a party's i think what is really exciting and also interesting about them and it's way more open to collaboration stand. for example is so i think we need to find partners and i respect them except for the right spectrum of the party amend and try to make them work with us the pressure does on the streets right now in the whole of europe for friday's future is really going to help them along spokes person for the youth wing of germany's greens thanks for being with us thank you for the imitation. of some of the other stories making news around the world today germany's lower house of parliament has approved controversial new asylum legislation the bill would make it easier to place asylum seekers in detention
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centers or even jails and deport those whose claims have been rejected the measures will now be considered by germany's upper house. warships from the united states and russia have narrowly avoided a collision in the east china sea the ships came within meters of each other while traveling at high speeds both sides of accuse each other of making dangerous maneuvers. and swedish climate activist critical to barack has been awarded an amnesty international promised 16 year old was named and the city's ambassador of conscience for starting a global student protest movement known as pride is for future to embark has announced she will take a year off school to focus on campaigning for action to limit the climate crisis. leading russian investigative journalist has been arrested galloon off who covers
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corruption in the moscow administration is accused of illegal drug possession his employer the independent website says he's innocent it's accusing police of beating the journalist and depriving him of a lawyer. here in germany people have been both shocked and puzzled by the death of a popular politician in the state of hessen walter luke was found dead from a single bullet in the head last week he was a leading advocate for refugees migrants a stance that had brought him death threats over the past few days disturbing comments gloating over his death have surfaced online a reporter travel to his hometown of is to find out more. it was a shock to the had and very close friends here in front of his house c.d.u. politician by 10 look was found by a family member sunday morning since his death no clues have
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a much about the perpetrator or the pup the trade ins and habitants of his home village east i was shocked because it's a very difficult situation for the time and for me to. he had his own views views that you could run up against that you could debate with him. at a community meeting in 2015 look this stood up for refugees telling those who disagreed that. you have to stand up for these values whoever doesn't represent them can leave the country at any point. or d.n.c. members from the far right where i would very much by his words. look even received death threats afterwards now in the days after the killing disturbing cummins appeared on line you don't have to be sad it's a reason to be happy you get what you deserve he was a trader of the people. many people are shocked by the commons german president
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franco to shine my condemns the hateful speech the monkey arctura the indians of the way that some individuals on social media are attacking his death taking satisfaction from it and applauding it it's simply cynical tasteless revolting and offensive in every way. they are on a german t.v. show the police issued an appeal for everyone with information to come forward president they're hoping to find witnesses who went to a fair fight next to look because home the evening of the crime. we're obviously hoping to receive information that can help us solve the crime it's really a unique situation we're talking about a type of crime scene that hasn't been seen and has for a long time for. the killing of has left many of the people here in his home village in shock
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a german politician shot back on his own terrorists to some it seems like a planned execution. the case raises many questions which will hopefully be oncet soon by the police. in tennis rafael nadal has cruised into the french open final after securing a huge win over his longtime rival roger federer nadal was dominant throughout the match beating the swiss veteran in straight sets 636462 he'll face either dhoni team or novak djokovic in sunday's final with his sights set on a 12th french open title and staying with tennis czech teenager market drove but so has powered into her 1st grand slam final by beating britain's johana contant in the french open semifinals the 19 year old won in straight sets to continue her stunning run another teenager munda on a sea wall of the us was denied her place in saturday's final by australian ashley
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r.t. . now some football in the women's world cup is about to get underway and the defending champions the united states are among the favorites once again but they're not the only former champion seeking to reclaim the trophy and as the popularity of the women's game explodes across the globe they face more competition than ever to retain their crown. 7 games separate these players from immortality the usa have won the world cup 3 times making them the most successful country in the competitions history but they've never retained the trophy the team has the quality to do just that based on the round strike attics morgan is one of the best goal scorers in the world and she has support from stars like megan rapinoe and carl you know yet we are defending champs but at the same time i think the game has evolved so much i think that there's going to be challenges that present itself in there in
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france the u.s. could well come up against a familiar opponent they face japan in the last 2 world cup finals captain seche kumagai will lead the team at her 3rd world cup she scored the winning penalty when japan took home the trophy in 2011 and to my guy has an extra motivation to repeat those heroics she plays her club football in leone where the final will be held on the 7th of july. germany to have a star in their ranks creative midfielder jennifer marijan will be one of the key players for the 2 time champions in front of her captain alexandrov pop will have to be on top form for germany to have a chance of a triumph a 3rd title would be a monumental achievement for coach martina voss tech limbaugh given that she only took over the saw it earlier this year. we have to look at france but also england spain and the usa japan have shown time and again that they raise the game at tournaments there's the scandinavians we as germany always get mentioned the
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netherlands are european champions i've already mentioned so many to. indeed the former champions are all in contention to win football's biggest prize but with this year's world cup promising to be the most open tournament ever many sides will arrive in france dreaming of glory. seen glory the world's most highly paid for ball player neymar has made a statement to brazilian police denying any wrongdoing after he reportedly publicized intimate messages from a woman it was an attempt to defend himself after she accused him of rape the woman recently detailed detailed her allegations during an interview on brazilian television for. naima to make his way through a media scrum to reach the police station in his wheelchair he was there to give a statement denying the rape of the brazilian woman he had invited her to paris
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where he plays after exchanging messages on social media the front of people meant to hope the rest of the way. his accuser appeared on brazilian television to acknowledge she expected to have sex with him but alleges that when he became violent and she said no he didn't stop. i had a desire to be with neymar at 1st it was all ok everything was nice the messages except i thought it would be fine the when i got there he was aggressive totally different from the guy i chatted to in the messages that. name left the police station on crutches his dream of leaving brazil to glory in this month's cup or america has already been dashed by injury now he must face a different kind of fight. that if it was just want to thank everyone for the support and the messages they sent i just want to say to my friend
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this to my fans to everyone who has supported me thank you thank you for the affection i have to say that i feel very loved so i thank everyone for the. way he drove off to an uncertain future. the austrian photographer stuff and russia has been spending a lot of time in art gallery is for the last 3 years but he's not there to capture masterpieces what fascinates him is the way some people seem to blend with the art on display. can begin. over these as a museum a camera good reflexes patience and shoes that don't swing the preclude me the battle can commence. different directions work has appeared in
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polish school books glossy french magazines and only u.s. television. char let's take a look at these guys. he uses what he finds artworks people angles the bright moments the arts of stalking no price. when the motif appears you have to act fast. people. it's the driver idea that's good for a few amusing shorts or so you might think when you see the 1st 23 or 4 but he doesn't stop there russian finds more or more without staging a single picture 750 amazing what should we call them. coincidences.
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to crazy there are situations that look like they have been staged even though they are real it's absurd but it all happens. the photo blog has been tracking down his prey in museums furth free he has. he has 11 seconds for each shot that's the average time a person stops in front of. his you know coincidence or do certain artworks draw certain people. fathoming the true meaning in the order of things is not given to humankind allows us to seek meaning and direction isn't lost this.
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just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on d w news the white house says a pleasure paulo through honest threats to impose tariffs on mexican imports starting monday the troubled ministration is trying to ramp up the pressure on mexico to show. called the flow of central american migrants traveling through the country to the us. i'm sorry march and even watching did not be a news thanks for being with us.
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in the. city for knowledge willing to experiment. and concerns about the environment. ecology students are coming to germany from india. the reason universities are among the world's best when it comes to environmental science. has come to him
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university students to maintain my. next on g.w. . rock'n'roll. sinful rhythms can you tell by the church. and 0000 feeling that you feel when you think. stop. no one is more popular than jesus our good religious morality preachers or subversive. passion
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with some marketing potential by placing a warning label on music products. rock and religion that brings the carlow. really so there reconcilable. god the devil woman and rock n roll. 17 on t w. hello welcome to eco india world and weidman be false this month and it serves as a reminder for each one of us to step up and take care of our planet better onto this special shall we train the spotlight on how communities of the grassroots are
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working hard for ecological and social justice i'm sunk i'm cool coming to you from mumbai in india all.


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