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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2019 8:00am-8:03am CEST

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massive. forests and money. tragic reality behind. the exploitation starts july 24th. the united nations is calling on europe to restart my current rescue operations in the mediterranean and to stop returning refugees to libya the e.u.'s operations the fear ended in march because member states could not agree on how to divide up migrants arriving from north africa. u.s. regulators have reportedly agreed to fine facebook $5000000000.00 for data breaches
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the penalty relates to the lake of private information about millions of facebook users to cambridge analytical last year it would be the biggest fine ever imposed by the federal trade commission. the us city of new orleans is bracing itself for the most destructive storms since hurricane katrina in 2005 residents have been warned to expect 48 hours of nonstop brain emergency services say the mississippi river is close to breaching the levee system which protects the city. police in japan all to have released 4 crew members of any rain in tankers suspected of transporting oil illegally to syria the ship's officers have been freed on bail the vessel had been detained by british forces a probe into possible sanctions busting continues.
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i've always wanted to show you around my hometown a small city in the state of hessen in the heart of germany. there are more than 1000 have to merge houses here. and if you're lucky you'll hear the bells ring at the market place. when i was born and figure was located on the fringe of the german federal republic germany's and our border ran only a few kilometers from here it's.


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