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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2019 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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national day on july 14th. andy revkin in the book the mother for the kind of hold onto the ball which is good all feeling their well being clever enough to leave the park. behind. little boys. performance analysts in the boonies league with huge amounts of live data at their fingertips. no place to lose legwork speed intensity where the problems at a set piece for example virtually everything is recorded in analyzed from big data
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to smart data high tech artificial intelligence virtual reality all deployed in the name of improvement and victory the significance of the big data is an important development for football as well. tomorrow's technology developed today. issue that we did was to. give talk on the movie about the things that. she teams 2 goals one bomb and yet so much more to. match day in the boonies league i find coach nico kovacs heads for the visitors changing room today his team at the buyer arena in leverkusen the host have a new man at the hound peter bought one last one with and now inched their game and early acid test against the champions league. 2 key members. of the team behind the
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team are simon lapin and marcel down leverkusen performance analysts 2 extra pairs of shark tactical eyes for the players and the coach. of the 1st thing was to input the current team data and tell the coach all players coming in and. marcel down is in charge of performance analysis at laver couzin he follows the action from the dago where he can pass on information directly information related to him by simon laxman from his own local position up in stance . down of what it is why both of them higher up you get a better overview of an interview it's generally a bit easier to monitor the shape of the team and see how it's working in terms of the pretty much over the border. that also involves real time analysis of the official match data set straight to simon laxman on his laptop. all the information
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is supplied by sport tech solutions the boom is the in-house data provider. currently has 6 dedicated cameras covering every corner of the pitch. in combination they can track the precise position of each player and the ball itself. 25 times a 2nd. the robots make occasional mistakes too so human system operators at the stadium can manually intervene to correct any errors a foul attributed to the wrong player for example the data is made available to the press and it's also an invaluable resource to performance analysts. along the way everyone's looking to improve. to win. or move this data that's
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available you have to extract the particular aspect was actually held. with. do you give me. yet. leave that match to 20. 6 takes pictures just. it's a high tempo encounter from the off. live because it had started well the fire was a constant threat. want to pass down the line i don't know if the cops and pushed away the desk. but what 2nd bull too much more. risk here right 7 is not a trick i'm. disappointed in the duck go 1st blood to buy a gun for each. change in a game against the champions and then to make matters worse team play maker chi habits
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takes a bad knock to the head. or comes fast cars boats come our cars off cars coming off it was both. sides full of cars injured. 2 holding midfielder yeah ok. ok but i'm going in gives me. marcel heads for the changing room to prepare is half time material for the team and the coach at the back it's not the truth. it's something i don't know unfortunately we've lost one of our key players so they'll be a bit of a reshuffle. but they're still 45 minutes to go i'm confident we'll get back in the game of. change also brings opportunity in live because his 1st half lineout habits was one of 2 more attack minded players in a 3 man midfield. that left charles there and he is largely in charge of the
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defensive side of things and he was tested to the full trying to keep pace with the fine attack is they carved out several good chances. from cold war it was quick coupled with a short. good sound that allows for instant analysis and also serves to offer fans insight into the contest unfolding before them for missing is the guest star thomas broich revise co commentary for this when is the international broadcasters and the new technology is right up the street. and face those tools close. to the sort of guide you focus on natural tendency of just watching football and. just pretty much within a ball but what's truly important for us and why they considered it or scored a goal is. is what's happening off the ball
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a case in point the build up to brian's opening goal as the analysis shows covering every passing option is an impossible task for charles around he's. and with these tools these camera angles and really helps you martin if you. get to show them how to go professional in the last games and those tools can make that visible for you every day and. into the 2nd half but leave your cousin with hammer out of the hole so switched to a 2 man shield in front of the defense making it a lot harder for biron to find space through the middle. turn respond by trying to chip the ball in over the top but now randy's is much closer to the action and able to block the attempt. branch. headed for lads. from interesting chairs. as for
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a kid i had to cut that no cut i go yeah nothing is coming your. focus is fixed. i am sorry i. think i said to myself that i can recall just. like it's 3 years now the school direct free kick. is wide open again. but the star studded visitors have their own agenda and on the counter attack young frenchman kingsley c'mon is as dangerous as they come play like. this incredible yes the is incredible. obviously our game anyway so. i had
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a change of location frankfurt's about study on last december this time leave your shoes and i did visitors up in the stands i'm tracks cheap performance analyst sebastian zella cups he is keeping his eagle eye on proceedings all around the world the football technology has long since been integrated into the match day routine. you've got to keep abreast of developments and in terms of football as well. as radically. we have. to make you something as a team for and at an individual level. here to the checking that is spent straight into the system and these days the players a very interested in their own performance stats and they'll often come looking for an update themselves from its own notes and from a. just
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we'll go over it briefly in the coach's office here is the plan that looking for any potential pitfalls we can already foresee by who. plays the game plan yesterday. physical fitness is a prerequisite at this level and in this season frankfurt's forward line certainly doesn't come up. on t.v. which. is sebastian i laid out. in order to get an accurate reading the players wear a chest strap tracking monitor matchday data straight from the source. as well as being scrutinized to technical and tactical and the data collected at frankfort during the course of the game also provide the analysts with
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a real time snapshot of how individual players are coping. these performance indicators are now in integrity part of the strategic match package. the best overall analysis often comes from a review of the combined individual. and. it opens up a whole range of new possibilities when it comes to observing performance as well as technical tactical promises. for the players it all boils down to maximizing their own performance potential and that of the team. which i. don't have any problem. you can see that this was i always give my all the work of the full 3rd within the fish for those. in his own playing days freddy both which was one of germany's top strikers. that. data overload certainly wasn't an issue in
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football. as a couple cause there were hardly any statistics that you know someone had scored 10 goals but probably not how many. kids have also changed considerably down the years. the old school figures a g.m. had more than a whiff of a school feel less into it. if you remember the. last term. not monotone. remember me of course. the drills have stood the test of time like this one for goalkeepers keeping a young. child.
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plenty of personalities from back then are still very much involved at the cutting edge of the modern international game. is this to live will it take a lot of work to break into the stuttgart. i think it will i'm coming into a circle and if i want a regular spot. did you recognise him germany coach. has certainly changed over the years. time change and sort of the nuts and bolts of training.
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perhaps there was a little more skull deprecation that. take it away hamburg. back to the present and next stop pumping. a clock that's still fairly new to the top level but has already earned a reputation for blazing a trail when it comes to integrating technology into the routine. it's not just about having. d.n.a. we also have to be selective with that innovation to ensure we don't waste the benefit was to have a thing for people over months of. the new technology we get from the club even installed a huge video screen out on the training pitch itself. usually a novice man used it to help the players visualize their specific tactical tasks.
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given that they want the ball here in the half space we have to close that downs of . a tight in the middle. why did we can pressure the man oh man i know. it's complex is the process of transferring information from the tactics to a specific area of the picture is incredibly complicated it's not easy on the bright when he goes i have a foot in. goalkeepers culliver pound and alexander still have the weekly training session on the tablet put together play sports psychologists. there's lots of little games where we have to be fast and focused and really pay attention. to. the coaching staff gave me a task i'd never come across in my studies or previous sports psychology work. they asked me to make the plans think. quickly we have numbers from the national team on
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the average time spent on the ball and they suggest that in less than 8 years the games got 3 times faster. this innovative methodology takes some getting used to there's an awful lot of data to be processed and that is a real skill in itself. in this we call it the interactive data center. and i have this raw data the need to extract information from and look at the food so we thought ok how do we create apart from data to information. every day you. go. visualisation experiment the genesis of this high tech analytical tool. darkroom. each player is complete a performance profile really with the swipe of the dashboard or it's structured like a spider's web and a very practical or organise your garden that you can get the overview on the
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players at a glance and with an. awful time i just one team testing technological boundaries kevin for land used to play for them now the place you live in a club cut from similar cloth. if you're injured or there's all sorts to help speed up the recovery process chamber altitude training low gravity treadmill belongs to fields and it was the same hoffenheim although it's a top level set up here by any standard. but when you're at the cutting edge you're always thinking ahead. nice and for the next steps to define danger around your own tactical philosophy so that that's a really complicated learning process for the artificial intelligence involves a good few starting from the basics like the difference between a pass to a teammate and one to an opponent but. that remains one for the future. as the information man expands into the round of big data machines were. play an
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even greater role in recognizing patterns constructing strategic models and ultimately offering tactical analysis of their own. for the coaches it represents another football front here. welcome to glasgow scotland biggest city built on the back of heavy industry much of it based along the banks of the river clyde much of it now long since gone here as elsewhere you have to move with the times. glasgow has its own ongoing tradition of technological innovation many new sun corner they are. at the moment that employ the senior. ranking commission in the university. and the working graphs the chief scientific officer for
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a truck one until 60. is really started a track $160.00 is one of the plethora of companies carving out any increasingly crowded football data industry. with. whatever moves. if. you will. by using advanced. and. the camera system is fairly straightforward the accompanying software anything but. the track $160.00 technology can identify players automatically without the need for a human operator. going back to shutdown their skin color and even hair style and there's more. up the road the top of the to the
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position of the players each individual joint and the former there to be there we can see if you construct if you start soon there will we can convert the real game into true b.c. more lethal in addition to that we are to be able to use it if you've tried camera moving around the clears so sure. the match floor from their perspective. from behind i mean doing the same. with the aid of a super sized video screen. looks really difficult at the moment as to exactly what a player seeing on the pitch at any given moment and sooner or later it will actually be possible to see the game through his eyes and i think the virtual reality will make a big difference in terms of perception definitely virtual reality artificial
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intelligence computer data modeling if you just look part of the right already now some of the. sports analytics company. teams and clubs. do with information in the form of zetia making a bar. recruitment and then your formation they're going to use for the next match up with the innovation comes with the process of taking the step from big data. loss to putting their money which means sifting out the most relevant nuggets of information. or some. beauty and matters man is often viewed as an archetype a modern coach but the 31 year old touchline prodigy believes that technology has to work for humans. has to be handled with feelings. not because man takes
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a critical stance on purely data driven decision making at the same time he acknowledges his fascination with the predictive possibilities of information extracted from big data the same team a scenario where as a coach at some point it's going to get more interesting in terms of how good your strategy is for a given magic that's a development football has to keep up with in the field of the big data. and with that back to the football itself liver couzin again by at the start of february 1 out in the 2nd half but now a very long rugby. 6 league against the. law has anything to check all the ok i draw all ok right now it's right. get in there by and respond with
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a tactful reshuffle and be above the pace again why time the experts to suggest a countermeasure of their own. then you just go and there you can do that as well all is really good down the left of your link we're thinking of switching kevin left with a lorry up front sounds good. here's how it plays out in a graphic analysis kevin federline has dropped back from the center forward to the left side of midfield giving biron less room to exploit the striker mindful of his defensive duties full on is watching for the long ball into space and he's well able to keep pace with biron's fleet footed weidman as such he can also cover the short pass all turner to. leave recluses tactic good just smith is proving a very smart one. from some studies here the
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facts that. it's good to be. i believe such. as you'd like to i'm just waiting for the reply ok got to do it ok tell me straight away. one of the b.s. about the 1st player isn't offsides and the 2nd one and lucas has been on the ball caught up but no sign. decision to close. the deal for the clippers and. 3 want the fish happy home sigh players and analysts alike. discuss abysmal all of the knowledge has to be put into practice and that's ultimately down to the players who are not those. myself down was previously performance analyst frankly under current fire coach nico colebatch a slight advantage against these opponents. but you just cannot plan well it's not
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a disadvantage but there's lots of other factors on the thought that guys have to do the job and on the pitch and today they did it. to sun you win south. 2 teams to goal as. one ball. it's all very simple really. did you know kickoff is now on you tube with the world of football. it was born in mexico welcome to read we travel the world can really feel how high tensions are running i'm going to say you know the stars never people the closer i discuss football i am chris here it is. this is going to go. up as a football pick up on you chief. following
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up on germany's former division. today i want to take you on a little tour along the border mccain has set and there in seattle 30 years ago the iron curtain divided the world into east and west right here to find out what has changed since reunification and we'll explore what else there is for visitors to
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see today. last. i think. it's 50 years since the moon landing. a celestial body and its power of attraction. ready and the. cosmic journey through space time. busy 30 minutes on d w. sometimes books are more exciting than real life. raring to read.
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my job. what if there is no escape. list. streets. with different languages we fight with different things that's fine but we also make up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters. made for minds.
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have always wanted to show you around my home town a small city in the state of hessen in the heart of germany.


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