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and in a 100 german must read a book called the bustle faced about a family falling apart on the. run. but we begin with a brave dance festival in austria on lake constance and literally on like constance the audience sits on the shoreline and the stage is on the lake lending itself to amazing productions which of course include the water and the incredible backdrop as part of its role for the performers in brigance it's quite a stretch as they have to do things they certainly never learned to college especially this year as the director is better known for making heavy metal videos this is opera like you've never seen before. ways had a soft spot for new voices in fragrance even for these young birds whose nest is inside a head it's part of the stage 6 it's a kind of scary clown some 14 meters high and weighing 140 tons moved with
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heavy machinery he sang on so singers who are moved along with it have to be totally safe we have wind with the waves and making sure that it really works and works in a magical way the way it has to be on the lake stage was the biggest challenge i am making and the head does become magical it turns into rigoletto the jester who makes a fool of himself in the course of the opera a tragic fall since the story ends badly that's why in this production the head is not only moved it's taken apart dismantled becoming addicts head. rigoletto as daughter gilda has the musical high point melissa pity sings her aria norma from on high.
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was. the wrong. was it's just very intense because you're not used to be that high and so the breath can be sometimes you know a little bit unstable as you're literally flying in the air so it moves and eve there is a little bit of when you will you will feel it right away. this story is about power and abuse the juke of mantua commits rape and murder those who stand in his way are done away with this production is directed by philip stewart cink better known for his music videos for ramstein and he's used to drastic imagery here in break ins to pulling verdi's written letters into the present day. the opposite was true so it was obvious to me that this is absolutely the right opera
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for them to debate. it's a piece that's about abuse of power and sexual dependencies it's about how powerful men sexually exploit the lower classes so it's a sport and cannot stand in the larger too obvious way. is the 50th anniversary of the stumble riots in new york city when gay lesbian and transgender groups stood up against constant harassment from the police and it led to the start of the gay liberation movement society thankfully has come a long way since then but the l.g.b. t.q. movement still fights for equal rights my guest is canadian musician salman slaw who has an album called homotopy here's a song it's getting at play right now in germany cold gay baby. will you be my. new. birds. and your.
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new 30. you be my. wife and joining me now in the studio is the mount him self sam bounce of all thank you for coming thanks very much rather that that song about gay couples adopting child is just one example of the album how much hope you have the record is pretty monothematic a clear statement of intent so i would say in today's society here why did you feel the need to stay on the one subject. well 1st of all the title is too good not to not to go with it and and the 2nd thing is that we like to pretend that perhaps because we have gay marriage now we've we've finished whatever fight there is going
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on as you pointed out before before interviews were hanging out actually germany has become a less safe place on the gay travel index for queer people that doesn't suggest that any fight is over quite yet. is the 50th anniversary of the stonewall riots this year you're too young but i can remember when in my country it was illegal to be gay it was illegal also even a bit longer here in germany so we have come a long way though yeah absolutely i think the other the other problem though is assuming that any rights gained rights that are then irrevocably gained and i i don't think that's the case i think anyway where there's still bigotry in discrimination you have to you have to work against it and i happen to have the privilege of being out and comfortably out which many people still do not have and i have the privilege of being pretty well trained musician which means i can actually turn turn those stories into songs that hopefully people enjoy you mentioned we took full but i still want to ask the gay travel in
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germany has gone down which surprised me and you i think canada your home country has way out i mean why do you think that's happened i mean my and my sense is that we live in a time of increasing folk well it's not my sense that we live in a time of increasing polarization that polarization tends to push people towards the fringes of what we politically and socially believe which means that whoever is being radicalized towards any type of bigotry being islamophobia anti semitism which are also on the rise tend to also pull in other bigotries with them that would be homophobia transphobia and the rest of it that's a very. quickly some more music this is called pretty boy. pretty girls.
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i love that video by the way you know you people i should say should watch more it's great fun let's talk about the music though you have a beautiful baritone voice and it's not typical of pop music in fact i find there's a classical quality with it new music generally where does that come 5 grew up as a classical musician i was a chorister 1st and then i and i and a custom train violinist at least as a child and youth so that's where i come from i didn't i didn't get into pop rock and anything not classical into those in my very late teens early twenty's so that all came way later and i'm still getting used to that now ok now in another song actually this is it goes on you are
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a boy chorister in fact that you talk about. it rails against christianity's attitude homosexually i quote i love gold but he doesn't love me i think gold hopefully loves you but it's the bigoted. norm christians are would say yeah is not right well that the songs are not necessarily written from my personal perspective they're written from the perspective of various at various different characters and this character believes that his god does not love him which is not a strange belief in some parts of christianity. the c. of e. which i grew up in always was kind to me in regards to homosexuality and and relatively open but when it comes to conversion therapy and other. strange cruel practices those tend to be rooted in one's own self hatred is as much as a parent's desire to get you into a camp. when we were talking to your agent earlier today we could talk to you cause
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you're in the studio you know exactly what you're doing and then you go making it more record making the record absolutely tell us about it it's. already very proud of it and we have finished yet so i'm love i'm loving it i'm working with the band at the moment to make it as good as possible i think it's musically pretty all right and and lyrically this work and very different very different i mean on home and hoping on this we don't do the same song twice and this is definitely on the same record twice either some a little i could talk to you for hours thank you very much for coming in thanks for having me thank you. to $100.00 german must reads our continuing series about german books which are translated into english the all for the big it fun to bake wrote the muscle feast in 2013 it immediately started winning prizes and after it was translated it also made it on to the independent foreign fiction prize short list that surprised me with the man booker anyway mole from man david leavitt who
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has been flexing his muscles literally. you want to see my muscles. now or not muscles muscles self for the world of muscles washing cooking and eating. a mom and her 2 kids are preparing a family dinner of fresh muscles that's the starting point of their good fun of because novel the muscle feast ready ready ready ready ready. actually the only person in the family who even likes muscles isn't there yet emotionally and physically abusive. while the other 3 wait for this tyrant to get home we get a glimpse behind this post-war german family's picture perfect the side. why in this world does everything have to keep going on why can't it stop i think is going
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on and on should stop and my brother added yes especially the torture the torture of humans my mother said as she was afraid he might hear us he wasn't there of course but that was what we were like we thought he knew everything and could see and hear everything even though we realized how impossible this was instead of giving his family of love and security the father demands obedience and self-sacrifice their good founded because book terrorism part patriarchal family structures in one breathless monologue with dry humor and without mercy. would start as meekness and in mutiny the author says he wrote the book to understand how revolutions start ready ready ready. finally we pay tribute to one
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of germany's great patron of the arts read a book whose just died. afraid of voters greatest love was contemporary arts in 2005 he built a museum. in southern germany which has one of the most collected comprehensive. collections of in europe from picasso to banksy indeed banksy famous picture that was shredded was 1st exhibited after shredding anyway we have to leave it there free to bordeaux who has died aged 83 thanks for watching.
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never has it been the star. is facing mass extinction. you could say that hope itself is in danger. but there is a glimmer. because companies are uniting to create a global. possibility to. not only animals will be saved. to. the lions share. of the conservation of hope. jimmie's the slow funded lion has announced she was stepped down as the country's defense minister on tuesday the european parliament is set to vote on where the fund a line is going to become a you commission president she's faced opposition from some factions in the parliament who view her nomination binational latest as i'm democratic. chairman
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she has flagged all knuckle as bright to good let a piggy to protesters during a visit to dresden in the country's aist members of the far right move.


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