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this is the news live from berlin and she has made history now the 1st woman to become a new commission president sets her sights on europe's future. it's necessary to have to take bold action. first look down the line tells d. w. what's at the top of her agenda as she takes over the ease of use top job. also coming up a rare congressional review the u.s. house of representatives a vote to denounce president donald trump for racist comments to form minority
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congresswoman on twitter again trump denies he's a racist. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program members of the european parliament have made history by electing the 1st woman as commission president germany's outgoing defense minister arcilla fonda lie and one lawmaker is backing to take on the role she has promised a quote united at a strong europe saying that she would work constructively and pragmatically in order to achieve it she will succeed in the top job after being voted in by a narrow majority. uncertainty until the very last minute. the members of the european parliament here installs book new with a vote on the next commission president was going to be close but not even the candidate herself was
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a loaf on the line would have thought it was going to be that close. vote the 5 votes in favor 3 shots 383. things are on the line secure the majority by just 9 books a week results in the end still enough to celebrate. my message so all of you is let us work together constructively because of the endevor is a united a strong year old. the former german defense minister spent the last 2 weeks building a majority trying to convince the political groups in the european parliament to support her bid. her final address to parliament which some called the speech of her lifetime seem to have tilt of the scale in her favor for having the backing of her conservative p.p.p. group she could afford moving towards the left and resonating with other groups on issues such as climates. this is the greatest responsibility and opportunity of our
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times. i want europe to become the 1st climate neutral continent in the world by 2050. 1 the night has vowed to fight for a greener hammer and more to the base. to be in line in a permanent so fragmented building majorities around any of these issues is likely to prove difficult. pregnancy w. political correspondent excuse me our brussels bureau chief max hoffman who has the view from strasburg bear so max what will arcilla founder line being bring to the role and what will her main challenges be. well as she said in her speech by the way the way she started her speech yesterday she is a woman and she's the 1st woman to have that position by the way also the 1st german to have that position so that's already a big change and
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a big deal obviously also for germany but that's not the only thing the most visible thing will probably be that she promised a gender balanced commission she said in her speech if the commissioners that the different member states sent to brussels don't add up to 50 percent male and 50 percent female then she will do something about that so expect your new commission at the end of the year to have a very different look from the one we have now as for the topics she intends to to work on and the way she feels i got the opportunity to talk to her yesterday right after the election here's the interview it was an i phone and is with us today and i have a very simple question to start out the interview how are you feeling. relieved and happy because it was a tough ride over 13 days now i had to. formulate the guidelines the political guidelines and to convince the parliamentarians this was not
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a lot of time and i made it and i'm happy right now does the majority bother you that it was only 9 votes ahead majority's majority and 2 weeks ago i didn't have at all a majority of course i understand that because the parliamentarian said we want to know more of you we want to know what your program is we want to know the details in the topics we're dealing with so it was a tough time a very intensive the most intensive in my political career i've ever had but now i'm happy and you happy with the speech or deliver the feedback you got yes because it showed my conviction and it's worth to fight for this europe and it's best to tell the story of our europe united and strong how i see it for the future and so this was a important moment you made a lot of promises today you do realise it'll be very tough to keep all of those right but it's right it's not promises it's politics and policy would want to bring
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forward if we're talking about the climate neutral continent in 2050 it's necessary that we act we have to take bold action to achieve those goals and we need it for our planet and for life so these all these topics are extremely important and we have to be ambitious and what would you say of all those topics you talked about which is your absolute top priority i think top priority is. the climate mutuality 2050 with a goal for 2013 and digitalization those are the 2 biggest concerns all opportunities. we have to tackle you're going to work with a divided parliament where it's harder than ever to get a majority and also you could say with a divided council because you have a rift between eastern europe and the other european countries for example on migration how will you handle this i think we absolutely have to overcome the division of east and west between east and west i know that people in the
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east i'm come through central european countries often think they are not accepted as they should be and as i've been working as a defense minister very much in those countries i have a lot of friends and they trust me so i know how to work together that we can improve the relationship and there is a division between north and south has to do with questions of competitiveness and flexibility and we have to solve that too why that because europe has to be united there are many many big questions we have to tackle and europe has to play a role and we only can do that when we are united ok so what are you doing over the summer. i'll spend it in for us of getting my cabinet there the commissioners on board and to work on my work programme that i have to lay down and lay out in october for the president elect of the european commission thank you very much for
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talking to us. going to be a busy summer for us all max so tell us because he highlighted it there in your interview with our front ally and one of the majority by a very narrow margin in you've spoken with many m.p.'s what's the reaction been to that. a lot of things happened here sara on tuesday that were hard to anticipate 1st of all it seems that a significant number of. piece of her own party the european people's party so the conservatives did not vote for. in fact we heard that many of them were very angry with that speech because it was enough on the line was left leaning in that speech clearly trying to convince the social democrats and maybe even some of the greens to vote for her on the other hand it appears at least that's what those i mean are saying that the polish law and justice party the peace party also gave their votes
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tools enough and which is ironic in a sense because they're even farther to the right then the e.p.a. and all this added up to this very slim majority and many parliamentarians here are saying this is not a very good start it'll be difficult to have majorities in the future for legislation that will be initiated by. but then of course you also have those that echo what she said in that interview a majority is a majority indeed it is but you know we have to talk about the fact also max that many of her fellow germans especially the social democrats the greens did not vote for her what were their objections. to the greens decided very early on that they would not vote for it. actually they released their press communiqué just like 90 minutes after they had talked to her last week in brussels
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and some of them seem to regret that a little bit after hearing the speech on tuesday that as you know was very much oriented towards climate protection and i have a from firsthand that some of the greens not necessarily the german ones did vote for. now the social democrats the german social democrats that is a story you know we've never heard anything of the like because they are in a coalition with the party of. you have especially one p. ca to rina barly hugh was the minister of justice in germany she sat next to. in that coalition back in berlin and still they didn't vote for her it seems like they put themselves into a corner because they were mad that she wasn't. one of the lead candidates she wasn't on the campaign trail and it seems that there is this general feeling with the german social democrats that in the end. always wins next often and strasburg
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thank you. well r.c. the founder line is stepping down from her role as germany's defense minister today she'll be succeeded by. power the head of chancellor angela merkel's conservative party karrenbauer took over from merkel as head of the christian democrats at the end of last year and is widely seen as merkel's protege. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world in sudan protesters and ruling generals have signed a political document part of a power sharing deal paving the way for a civilian government this has been one of the key demands of demonstrators since president omar al bashir was deposed in april a 2nd constitutional document is likely to be signed within days. at least 13 people have died after a 3 story residential building collapse in central nigeria it happened after days of torrential rain in the city of jobst locals say that the building was the last updated and dangerous it's
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a common problem in the west african country where building regulations are frequently ignored. and the united states the house of representatives has passed a motion condemning president donald trump for making racist comments it follows a series of tweets in which trump said that 4 democratic lawmakers should quote go back to their countries although they are u.s. citizens and 3 were born there of all of the 235 democrats voted to condemn trump although this move does not have any legal weight. it was a symbolic vote and one easily approved by the democrat held house of representatives but 4 republicans and one independent also supported the motion to condemn donald trump for making xenophobic statements we condemn the hurtful and offensive comments that demean immigrants and people of color these comments from the white house i disgraced and disgusting and it's comments are racist how
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shameful to hear him continue to defend those offensive words words that we have all heard him repeat not only about our members but about countless others we are america america is a nation of immigrants we are not going anywhere america is our home and many of us will still be standing here long after occupant over office leaves earlier this week trump released a series of tweets attacking progressive female democratic politicians saying they should go back to their countries his unnamed but understood targets for outspoken nonwhites lawmakers all u.s. citizens. trump is standing by his comments. it's up to them with the law i think they can stay they should lower country and they should work for the good of our country senior republicans are supporting
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their leader. will the president authorizes them breaking all races and i think the tone of all of this is not good for the country following the verge of condemnation texas democrat al green introduced articles of impeachment against trump saying the president was unfit for office another symbolic move unlikely to succeed. police at spain's barcelona airport are no strangers to drug smugglers who often come up with ingenious ways of entre but this past week a man seen here wearing a hat and a rather large a wig sparked some suspicion among these officers now the man who arrived on a flight from colombia was asked to remove the wade were feeling half a kilo of cocaine glued to his head he was then swiftly arrested in what police are calling operation to pay. you're watching to have your news from
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doc film is coming up next and of course we have more news coming up at the top of the hour you'll be joined by my colleague sumi sell misconduct i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for your company tough a great. place. for 1st economy let's shift some of the doors grandma's arrives. to join your recantation on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. returns home on t w don't come into tanks.


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