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he knows i am with the scene but i was i. think i. was like i. was. 180 says when i was 16 i got pregnant for the 1st time though my husband and i moved to the city of para kuwait randall but we couldn't live with anyone and his family. so i stayed with a friend. and my husband was violent right from the start he scolded humiliated and physically abused me even when i was pregnant. well for me it be when she beat me the day before i gave birth. when the baby was born there were marks on his body where my husband had beaten me. you could see the imprint of his hands the baby was in great pain as soon as you touched him he'd start to scream now look calm. me down maybe they don't know much you know much the midwife felt really
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sorry for me. she told my mother to go to the police because she knew how much she had suffered because of me of if you can do it my mother said she couldn't do that . because it would lead to a divorce and that would ruin everything. i . was thinking that this is good that he was i was. sad. but i think that's wrong the crucial in the book of genesis in the book of genesis chapter 2 verse 24 it says that god 1st created man and called him adam. then he took a rib from adam and created a few of them that are and create their eve it is offered in the bible says god go. over $85.00. miles from the christian town this
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authority was not created by adam but by god himself. it will. happen what women should just be quiet is the man who makes the decisions fight. for general more women a stupid. if you're married you know that already. although when i get home i shouldn't have to tell my wife to wash my dirty clothes absolutely not my clothes should be already washed and dried so i can wear them right away. i don't want to have to argue about it with us.
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to invent the desh almost all females are married against their will while they're still children. more than half of all married bangladeshi women say they've been subjected to domestic abuse. there are no laws to protect them from this kind of violence. on mobile i want to know how does the how did says that muslim goes over the age of 10 must be segregated from the rest of society and they must also cover their bodies. falling off the entire body must be covered including the head in the face that's what it says in the koran. no part of a woman's body must be visible to others the film will only husbands are allowed to see their wives uncovered. a son is settled and women are forbidding from talking to anyone except their husbands or. i mean unless the husband gives his permission
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i mean those are the rules of put up. during the women are not allowed to go out in public without their husbands. or if a woman has children they must go with her. she's not allowed to go out by herself . you know hollington. in the certainly wouldn't i look and listen if i didn't have a child for 3 years. that's why my husband physically abused me. but it often beat me hard to push my head under the bed and pound my back and box i was absolutely one out both physically and mentally. so we spent almost all my mother's money on medical examinations. and those
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tests shows that i could technically have children. it was my husband who was infertile. so but the doctors also pointed out that i was much too young to get pregnant. the physical abuse continued my husband wouldn't give me any food for 7 or 8 days at a time my mother came to visit once and found me crying outside behind the house so i soon divorced my husband and looked with my mother for a year. away from myself but it was those it was a dilemma. i. i i. i. was equitable collector later my own offered me a new marriage proposal she said the man was ok and well there. at that
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time that i had no one to take care of me no father brothers model runs out i wasn't even 18 yet and i got married for the 2nd time was to support on my future husband was 45 years old after the wedding i discovered that this man had serious mental and physical problems. he started we couldn't work couldn't take care of himself it. looked. like i. don't want to the middle when i 1st saw him and personally i fainted when i would pick the work and i didn't wake up for 5 hours. it. was. quite alarming he slept with me whenever he wanted. but i told myself that this was just part of being his wife.
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but it was awful so i got my body felt like it was on fire but i couldn't tell anyone. it's ha's warm so i just held my breath as if i was dead for. they always thought that when it came to sex he was insatiable. he wanted it all the time. when he penetrated me it felt terrible but i couldn't say anything much for. he demanded sex every day whenever he felt like it but he always took me by force for example while i was cooking in the kitchen. the in-laws would come to visit and he dragged me into another broom and have sex while he was insane.
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this was part of the democratic republic of congo has been plagued by violence for more than 2 decades. a total of half a 1000000 women have been raped. and large numbers of women have been kidnapped and never seen again. that's when i thought about the frog into the house and stole everything and they were out of control i screamed please don't kill my children. and they asked where the children's father was around. and i told them he's not here. but they ordered me to find him and bring him over right away i mean some of them raised their knives and threatened to stab me. they pointed their guns at us. they grabbed me in the middle of the night tied me up and threw me out signed on
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they were yelling the whole time. they got their knives out and trying to kill me i thought they would kill me i didn't say anything. i just kept crying. we've been. around they came into the house and asked whether i knew where to find some young girls i refused to tell them. so they beat me up one of them punched me in the eye and someone said they should kill me but another one said that they were going to take the women into the forest and hand them over to the men who'd been asking for them. because it was. but look at you they came to the house and pounded on the door they shouted get up you idiot i could hear the boots pounding on the ground. i said to myself church of jesus one of them told me to get up and stop me with a knife. i screamed out gone to i couldn't. have
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got to have better are they stopped me here and here and here. rather comical how i felt myself leading. and i kept screaming. when i collapsed on the film because. i cracked me to my feet on tightening up. and i passed out because i lost so much blood. i have a i was still bleeding and they kept stabbing me here and here. now that really is like you crying oh jesus they just left me lying there. i can't remember what happened after that. we kind. of. yeah.
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she's my property i hope that we'll have a good life but if she starts behaving badly even though i gave a cow to have parents nothing out of the deal. with. if she goes somewhere without my permission i can't call her my wife anymore. because. every woman makes my bed thing away. the difference is in the way they make love with him if you go into the village and have good sex with a woman you can learn new techniques. but if you try them out on your wife she called you on the whole i know a good woman has to accept the way that you make love so that you don't stop chasing other women consumable with an identity round you can a woman express a sexual desire openly she's not allowed to talk about her feelings it would mean
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a man can tell a woman he wants sex but i want to contrast a man for it. i think i see. russia was. in the democratic republic of congo women do twice as much work as men on average. but they have no opportunity to earn their own money or to acquire property. i was it. i think.
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that led me. to look. at. how i. thank you maybe i husband and i had nothing yet yeah for me now but i got some food every once in a while while we slept on of affluence. as soon as he come home he'd start beating me and yeah especially when he wanted to sleep with me and i didn't feel like it. was like if i had sex with him one day and then the next and then i'd say i'm tired
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he beat me on the 3rd day that's right. just. who i am which i will have to know whenever i saw him i panicked. you're so afraid that your heart races and you bang your head against the wall. why does myself who you are really afraid of almost all you seem not to have me i wasn't allowed to talk to anyone else behind me didn't i couldn't have fun with anyone old would go i couldn't go outside to talk to people and that's what he kept threatening me and then he beat me you know he was violent we got people really we going to see me if your home one time he showed up at the apartment and asked me why were you outside with the neighbors come to you i don't leave you here to talk to people you know and then you punch me in the face when you go who. are
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normal looking at. that data set out that there's a. history of this i only saw our gold i've. got the digit you were born within the another time he beat me while i was bathing my infant son who had just been circumcised he smacked me in the forehead while my husband was beating me the child slipped out of my hands and fell into a bucket which he continued to beat me he pounded me with the bucket until it was completely bent out of shape to give us that you want all. female i wasn't wearing any clothes no shoes nothing to me i walked out of the apartment. and went to the police station. i screamed please help me my husband followed me and kept insulting me that the individual who lost it.
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oh yes i think the police to help me on the one i asked them to come back home with me so i could pack up my things and you know but they said. that there was nothing may continue please don't take action how can we get men to change their behavior so let's see the ads. you see if you give women all the freedom they want they won't be able to handle it they have no morals and they cause trouble. some people say that independent women are prostitutes. and prosecute. if you beat your wife so hard that she needs you you've got to have a good reason. if you find your wife in your home with another man it hurts me and you've got to put a stop to it. kind of not only pull you don't want to do so you beat the living daylights out of her and leave her lying on the floor that's what you should do if
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you catch your wife sleeping with another man. window but. you can't throw a man out of his house while the women have houses for i don't know so men have the right to criticize to put a dollar a gallon of the listen. to know a guy men don't want other men to see their wife naked even if she's outside you're a native we don't want strangers to see that oh yeah if a man finds his wife in the bushes he might suspect that she's having sex with another guy why when he's a man. and he can sleep with someone else's wife he will. tell you he does that because he thinks he must dominate or. that men also cheat on their spouses when i went to. the democratic republic of congo is a major supplier of cotton or which contains the element 10 to one the seller meant is widely used in the manufacture of personal electronic devices. congo's called
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turn mining industry is controlled by rebels who use profits from sales of the war to finance their military operations. i. was. told that i was in the in the affidavit. and to do i didn't it is only going to win those men were filthy animals. they raped us. if we didn't want to have sex with them they took us by force. they tore a fact loathsome i may just do things that we didn't want to do. they spat on us you can't imagine how awful these people were. and when i 1st saw them my heart
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sank when it kept beating faster and faster. it was like i'd seen a lion coming out of the jungle. or was it. that one of which is not a cop they forced the women to lie on the ground in rows. one woman right next to the other. and they raked us right there in public where they moved from one woman to another about why. some women covered their face out of shame and the men beat them and you can and yelled at them don't cover your eyes everyone who did was beaten path and what she did we were forced to watch all that. but only on my lower would look they bring in a boy and ordered him to have sex with his mother. they said that if he refused they'd kill him but we've seen a lot of suffering so much.


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