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and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice. matters. made for martin's. this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin india makes a radical change the status of the disputed region of kashmir. the course does not go into parliament with critics calling it a done deal for democracy but the government says it's a necessary step also coming up hong kong's leader carry around warns the
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territories on the verge of a very dangerous situation her comments come as pro-democracy demonstrators again disrupt train services and a general strike takes coord across the city. and the parties in the us are creating a mash shooting in texas as a case of domestic terrorism as a medical give a sample of victims grieves for the victims of the 2 attacks over the weekend police say they feel a domestic terrorists are on the rise. in a warm welcome to you i'm good to have your company it's been called the most significant change the status of the disputed kashmir region and more than 70 as delhi says it's revoking the special autonomy status of indian administered kashmir . the case of
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a region has been contested by india and pakistan for decades the 2 need to have $42.00 was over it both india and pakistan came the region in full but each control it's only a part of fed and china also claims a small section of the indian administered state of jungle and is the only state in india where muslims are in a majority the hindu nationalist led indian government's decision to scrap 370 which allowed a higher degree of autonomy is full of a set to inflame tensions this song was straight to danny a 2 month old joshi he's a security analyst from the observer such foundation and he's written extensively on the kashmir issue welcome mr joshi 1st of all going to tell us why did the government decide to change the status of push me and why now well i'm. wondering about that myself and i think partly it's an opportunistic move
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given the international situation where you have things happening in afghanistan pakistan you have the americans coming up with this mediation business and. you also have a situation where the international or the united states which is the global leader is no longer being that going to federal so you have an opportunity to do something and here that we can't be which shows unknown to me that this article click 70 of your normal starts to question you should be abrogated confusion have the same status as any other speech on this is something or someone something the foundational ideology. got it right from the outset it has very clearly in its manifesto was said that it wants to abolish article 370 this issue of partition has been raised up the partition of the state has also been raised by the b.g.p. in the boss so it's a mixture of ideology and also. there is
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a certain figure of the senses that there is a certain never been taught or national critique with regard to in the country and that this group will be whitely a bit and as it is we've seen certain political parties which are not part of the cornish and well we really support this i mean like we said joshi how is this change likely to be received in kashmir it says will it be an unpopular decision do you think or course that really when you learn definitely. will look even because article 370. it has been hollowed out over the years. if it's no longer a significant value because. monsters were orders of the government that in any case. what should i see it had it had. undermined any of the fears of autonomy so far concrete or beings almost kind of
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a state actually had what the court why the standard and many of the other big states in the country and so i think go but the problem was of the issue is that article 371 the symbol it was the symbol focus means that you know we have a unique story. and that it was one of the old him but i don't you know she to me it into a pizza is a very important symbol for the people of kashmir and there was an opera in parliament today when the government announced its decision and some corn this decision by the government is a very dark day for indian democracy what do you make of that. well certainly you see the thing is what they said. also but sometimes the moves also have substance and in this case what you see is the manner in which a group. is not seem to be any kind off public consultation with the people of the state in fact to the contrary large number of police forces have been sent to the
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street to take care of what could be a possible reaction to this so something like this a constitutional change should be done to process should be gone through consultation already in part because it was done exactly designed to an executive presidential order mr amano joshi a security analyst who's written extensively on kashmir thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. let's head to hong kong where pro-democracy protesters have clashed with riot police for 3rd day in a row security forces have fired tear gas as active a step up their campaign of civil disobedience on a demonstrators disrupted train services by blocking door as a general strike is also taking place bringing parts of the city to a standstill more than 200 flights have been canceled and many shops and businesses are closed hong kong leader carrying long has accused the protesters of jeopardizing the future of the territory. but what is in front of us is hong kong
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stability hong kong's future and escalator. but we continue to allow these violent protesters to make use of the future to offenders bill and these demands to conceal that out here ia motors that is going to push hong kong through the verge of a very dangerous situation. so that was kerry land there. is in hong kong we talked to her in just a moment but 1st she sent us this report on the tactics protesters are using to win over the police. well you. know your husband her girlhood frustration like this is clear in any language. as the weeks go on even cameras are becoming unwelcome here . limits later to gasify it but it's no longer a match for these increasingly sophisticated protesters. as the toxic fumes fill
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the air the call goes out to me. under the cover of smoke processes dispersed as quickly as they arrived but this is what they're calling that the water strategy stay nimble don't get hold. group chats on social media help them plan where to target next. by thousands file into public transport and on to the next location for another short sharp best of disruption up page has as it using trains to get across the city as quickly as possible barry is left open for them to pos freely in and out of the train stations this is part of a deliberate strategy to get from location to location as quickly as possible to not stay in one place for too long move on and start the next demonstration this flash mob style tactic is now the most powerful defense against an increasingly
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intolerant police force cause the police have trusted took time together when they go there was and then we can go to another place so maybe there is less police and we can do our things secondly we will try to save also from being arrested that's the main thing i think how do you 16. and how many different protest locations have you been see today syria now it will be 5. a major tunnel is blocked for 2nd night running. cars brought to a standstill but once again it doesn't last long but. police move in but the demonstrations are one step ahead they've already moved on. all that police can do is clear the damage. this has become a cats and mouse game with protesters who are becoming harder and harder to contain . that support. bill hunan joins me from hong kong shallot we
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saw new report the protesters uncredible a determined and are finding ways to outsmart the authorities to show their anger what's happening there right now. i mean says we speak looks like townsend process's ching ponce carrying help it face not still firmly attached to that page is not because they say suspending but then stream. from delhi we are on the back of a very central and district as well this is the political and economic hub and this is that brought to a standstill by these processes barricading all these out these street launching all this precedented day of a general strike now they are now moving on to the tech spy case that is common before the strategy that i talked about in my report is soonest policed not by take
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and say oh very quickly get up and move on it looks like we could see repeated done quick movement again today it is still daylight usually these clashes the result of the thing that is still got a very very long night ahead. and we should mention the issue trish warnings of beyond missing the people afraid of a violent crackdown. i think people here would say that they're already hunting a violent crackdown we have seen in the pub the rubber bullet today he got multiple areas that will please morning china will launch a lot of people head people who are deeply concerned about the christmas tree which the chinese. of course the concern is well that china by some point sent. to the street home called be able to handle generating that that is done likely certainly in the days you should then think it is the police that they are that
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they think and i talked to tonight what they say is becoming an increasingly brutal crackdown so would under protest doesn't mean demands right now will they accept gary long remaining in power. credit is easy to find make them on. the down don't the free and the. bill is something very different now and not you get on. the reform now want to say is there ready. to carry that it has. to get today. culprit here or they would like the investigate the city behavior. right shaan a chance and bill thank you very much for that update on what seems to be like a volatile situation in hong kong. let me not be on the stories making news around the wild united nations fact finding mission has
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scored for sanctions on companies going to mainland military decided the ministries campaign against the rohingya muslim minority as the reason the un also called for an embargo on on sales to the southeast asian country. in egypt an explosion at cairo's tahrir square has killed at least 19 people and destroyed several vehicles the government said it was caused by a multiple trash explosion caused a fire in a nearby hospital which have to be evacuated. russia's military said it dropped more than 1200 tons of water on forest one fires in siberia on sunday the flames conflict territory of roughly the size of belgium and have been ablaze for several weeks in the. regions. you're watching news coming up ahead. these young men who had a couple of $100.00 to reach their goal so they were able to try to find work to be
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all the certainty and instability in yemen it's called clear and clear realities migrants will end up. we have a special report on the challenges. but 1st in the u.s. where authorities are treating a mash tooting in el paso texas as a case of domestic terrorism billie's say they found an online manifesto by the suspect indicating the attack was racially motivated 20 people were killed when the shooter opened fire at a wal-mart store in el paso the texas attack was followed 13 hours later by another mass shooting in dayton ohio 9 people were killed there. 9 dove's one for each of the victims in dayton ohio. the community in disbelief determined to get through it together people
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who never would have crossed paths opposed to each other and are most paid for moments they has done very well the best we take care of each other. the shooter opened fire outside a bar surveillance footage shows people running for cover and then captures the moment police shot dead of a gunman. among the victims his own sister and his motive so far unclear. scenes of mourning also in el paso texas here just hours before the shooting in dayton a gunman fired on shoppers in a wal-mart store killing 20 people. officers arrested a 21 year old man here for motive was clear investigators found an empty migration manifesto posted online. the rest of this country projecting their fears
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on us. on immigrants on mexicans on those who do not look like the majority of the united states of america and yesterday we bore the absolute worst of it. at the white house the flag flies a half maust president trump says it's time for action we have to get it stuff has been going on for years and years and years in our culture we have to get it stopped but this is also a mental illness problem if you look at both of these cases this is mental illness these are pill really people that are very very seriously mentally ill. but for opponents of the president's he is the real problem they say he's and see immigrants for toric is stoking division and creating hate. i hate the grief spilled over into anger and grief the an action of a government not only on gun control but also on the growing divide in american
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society. let me bring in cynthia mina interest from the american university in washington d.c. she's an award winning author and a scholar of far right extremism welcome to you now what is your assessment on why be a seeing an upsurge of violence linked to right wing extremism in the u.s. right now. well i think part of what people understand about right wing extremism is that it's motivated by a whole range of exclusionary ideologies beliefs hatred racism of others but they often don't understand that it's also tied to at the extreme fringe the idea. an imminent threat a demographic threat that's posed through immigration through the what's called the great replacement in their ideology of whites or of europeans native mourning europeans with others and that kind of part of the ideology has then ramping up on
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social media and also because it comes across from mainstream politicians and that has absolutely been fueling the violence that as we have no report people's grief is turning into anger and they're shouting do something do something what can be done to avoid such crimes and change the narrative that you've been talking about. i mean of course it's important to say we need absolutely need gun reform legislation in the us i mean this is a massive problem that is separate from the issue of far right extremism but on the ideology itself i mean gun reform isn't going to help the escalation toward violence right away and so in the immediate short term you know there are a couple of things one we need serious education across the border both in schools but but in the public narrative as well that helps restrain this idea of immigration as a threat into you know an idea that immigration is is is not a threat is something that is. is is is less threatening to others and i think you
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know when we have politicians who are using words like invasion and incursion that that doesn't help so we need to elect politicians who can move away from that framing of immigration as a problem and see it as a strength instead and we've had 2 sets of killings in the recent days one of them is being described as an act of domestic terrorism the other one is being viewed as a kid crime how do authorities distinguish between the 2. that distinction has to do with the motivation for the crime the motive and the dayton shootings still are unclear in terms of the motive i think that what's really important to understand is that sadly the motive may not actually matter and terms of whether that still feeds the same narrative that right wing extremists globally are using which is that you know they believe they need to so as much societal discord and that violent action is one of the ways to do that to bring about change and a kind of apocalyptic and time so these kinds of terrorist attacks even islamist
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terrorist attacks feed that same narrative and so when you have mass shootings that that that feeds the ideology that there is an imminent threat and imminent end times coming and that will feed other it will inspire other violent acts as well even if those acts aren't tied directly to the ideology right since it just thank you very much feel inside. thank you for having me now to yemen often called the once forgotten war over 90000 people have died since the conflict between the saudi backed government and pull it on in who began in 2015 millions of fed fighting and famine but incredibly east african refugees from ethiopia and somalia are also heading to once a war torn country their goal is to reach yemen's neighbor prosperous saudi arabia but instead they end up trapped correspondent funny visited yemen and met some of
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them. yemen is at war with itself something they know very little about. said. he's the youngest migrant i meet today he arrived by boat with his brother from one of about 100 this man is haunted by images of the dangerous crossing. when we got into the boat there was no water and no food. it was too windy. some people had to stand others were sitting in. the boat was very crowded. that. the ones who do make landfall then have to walk for days desert. these young men paid a couple of $100.00 to reach their goal saudi arabia tried to find work but with
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all the all certainty and instability in yemen it's completely unclear really are these migrants will end. an estimated 100000 migrants reached yemen from africa every year this migration route is less known compared to the want to europe through sudan and libya and it's cheaper but dangerous yemen is littered with landmines and aid organizations stops by there only prepared to talk off the record i hear most migrants will never reach saudi arabia most of the 90 percent or 85 percent of the. one of the places in war torn yemen where migrants are drawn into the conflict. in aden i meet one of the yemeni smugglers wants to remain anonymous the war in yemen of forced him into smuggling he says there are no jobs we can't find anything else to do but working at sea.
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fishing for people. makes smuggling a lucrative business he earns the equivalent of $400.00 euros dollar of it each migrant he tells me. the smuggling business is widespread because there's no security no stability no good living the business is flourishing now yemenis are struggling with chronic unemployment and poverty in their midst the stranded migrants. arrived 2 months ago from theo pierre he says he was beaten by smugglers and has no money left to continue his journey his message to other migrants just want to tell them not to come in not to try to make to make great to any country. as much as possible. they have to stay in their home in the home. but the smugglers promise that the migrants will reach saudi arabia who continue to pull them even to
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a country that has as many problems as yemen. that support my correspondent funny joins me funny you in lagos nigeria to listen a little bit more about what these refugees are hoping hoping to escape which will mean east africa. has pretty much the same factors to pull people away from their homes worldwide migrants are leaving their home countries as a lack of perspectives lack of unemployment basically bottom line a lack of a dignified life but if you zoom in a bit more on the ethiopian migrants that make up a lot portion of the migrants that arrive to yemen you find something else interethnic violence that is playing out in your home country as a result millions of people in ethiopia a country just recently visited millions of people in that country are displaced given their own country and they simply say they have nothing to do with so they're going to even embark on such
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a dangerous trip as the one from the horn of africa from djibouti all the way through the gulf of aden to to the city as well as they make it to aden. but funny given it since is a country rich in suffers from food shortages of high prices so how do these refugees survive. basically at the mercy of the smugglers the ones that smuggle the way from east africa to of the coast of yemen depending on who you ask somebody to say that the smugglers are supposed to give them food because they heat for that food but some have told us that they're being beaten tortured to give the last cent what they have in their pockets the last minute that they have and they are not given any food once again others are receiving some very very basic snacks so water by the i you am one of the n.-g. o. groups that is driving through that desert and once again others are trying to back for some food was to arrive in the biggest city in aden begging for food in
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a country where people themselves yemenis themselves don't have much to eat so many infants being made to get them out of yemen. they are asked for is for example by this u.n. agency i'm trying to voluntarily return some of these people according to them around 2000 migrants have well and truly just are to return to ethiopia but if you look at the situation on the ground in yemen the political situation in that country once these people actually have decided to return to the next question is khalid you get there all pm and because the southern part of the country is controlled by the soul of that coalition but there is a rift within that coalition itself and between the yemeni government and the soul of the that coalition so as a result it's completely unclear what the planes will actually take off from aid to bring these migrants back to ethiopia where most of them are from. thank you very much for that. you're watching new day here's
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a recap of the top story that you're following feel india has revoked the special status of kashmir to sponsor the plan to integrate the region with the rest of the country critics say the move is undemocratic and can spark undressed but the government in delhi says it's a long overdue step. that should remember that she man the news team can do math and there's lots more now web site is g w dot com a bite. to
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. eat. on a delicate mission in the holy land. wolfgang schmitz. used the provost the highest representative of germany's protestant church in jerusalem. commute cheever in a region to avoid conflicts now does he cope with the pressures of his job. provost
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. jerusalem. next on t.w. . indiana said if something is going to reach people it has to tell. you that in the case was the. result of any training since monday's many courses the good and it's hard for young people in remote financiers. to make a sunni extremists comes from op. global 3060 minutes on t.w. . robots they're still in the development phase. but it's going to happen when they grow up they will schumann's and machines be able to peacefully co-exist or are we
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on the verge of a robot collapse. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society ai will experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. or robot to let us start august 14th on d w.


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