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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 6, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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the be. the be. this is good news coming to you live from berlin beijing wants hong kong protesters spanish mint is coming police make mass arrests after clashes with pro-democracy protests as the reports from the midst of the street battles which if plunge the city into prices also coming up. pakistan's army says if you go to any extent to
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support kashmir tensions on the rise after india revotes case means special status tightening its control over the muslim majority reach it. and what to do what concerns the racism in german football is one alone division team has find its captain and a top 5 business to get team to take action today against its champion. i don't welcome i'm a myth. china has issued a stark warning to protest as a government spokesman in beijing has warned protesters that punishment is coming and they should not underestimate the strength of the central government hong kong police also announced that they had arrested more than 148 people the largest single day tally since demonstrations began 2 months ago here's some of what
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beijing spokesman had to say. we want to warn the handful of violent criminals. behind. that play with fire will perish but. while the punishment will only be a matter of time. this sounds strange go to beijing and to our correspondent. one to strong winds there is this meant to be a shock warning to those channels calling criminals and madness. yes it is meant as a warning you can imagine if you heard these words in some mafia movie you would shudder now and you would expect something to happen however this is not a mafia movie and we can also notice that this these these words did not were not
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followed by any specific means that beijing plans to implement he did not elaborate on how these people would perish in the fire that they have said as he put it so it is still giving us a hint that beijing has not made up his mind on how to react to these clashes in hong kong on how it should deal with them other than that he has sad that beijing stands firm behind carried around the chief executive and that it would be hong kong's governments tossed to resolve this issue so in that regard there was nothing new with this press conference. so that was did obvious correspondent mathias and in beijing telling out of hong kong which saw another night of angry demonstrations our correspondent there charlotte chosin bill was in the midst of the protests and sent us this report. i was seeing as we arrived the calle speaking. i was just
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was i was i was ill for that hour after the hour i was told i. was. told that. is the take as clear as protesters slowly returned i was among them dozens of local residents was many joining child's demanding police retreat. furious bystanders watching all stunned at the scene unfolding in this normally quiet neighborhood. the police call for more backup as the mood once again tense dog was the showdown begins the little was the us that was the only car coming from the no further god god god god
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god god was around all over the was the each side waiting for the other to make the 1st move both threatening to tip this standoff over the edge. the place to midnight the police made this. sending people scattering. with the blockade cleats theorists begin. to die yet i feel like it was this is a residential area one woman screams people here weren't even wearing face masks site down 7. the. mall protestors a sweatshop as the police round on the struggle is the only way it was the only one he wanted it to end this way was. those arrested face up to 10 years in prison
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if they're charged with rioting was it's a heavy price to pay for a night on the streets the drug. not of the political firestorm over kashmir kicking up as in divorce of region special constitution status baka stance on mia said if you go to any extent to support the contested territory islamabad and delhi have fought over kashmir for decades both claiming the muslim majority region in full india's hindu nationalist led government hails the abrogation of article $370.00 as a historic moment for the integration into the nation but the movers once again dramatically reduced tensions. the train the new. the the singer on the streets of pakistan here nationalists supporters furious at events in kashmir call for revenge against india and its leader prime minister narendra modi the loop. this is all pression human rights violations have been carried out all
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peace loving people of the world must stand by us we demand that the pakistan government and army take bold steps in response on board to step in and it is a. jubilation for hindu nationalists in delhi they say scrapping article $370.00 which gave kashmir its special status correct historic wrong. for the opposition and critics it sets a dangerous precedent they believe that the presidential order on article $370.00 odd by them of the government is basically a constitutional cool this is an attack on the constitution and this is this amounts to bunning the bridges which political speak to the rest of india. the disputed territory is now on lockdown. authorities have ordered thousands of indian and foreign tourists to get out major roads are sealed off and a curfew is in place all communications severed.
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the kashmir region has long been a bone of contention between india and pakistan they have fought 2 wars over it. both claim the region in full but each control only part of it china also claims a section. the revoking of its special status gives delhi increased power and influence in the territory but it's feared this could through the insurgency there which has already claimed thousands of lives over 3 decades the was pakistan's government has condemned india's move calling it illegal and vowing counter measures the united nations is urging calm we are following with concern the tense situation in the region we're also aware of reports of restrictions on the indian side of kashmir and we urge all parties to exercise restraint. but it's feared prime minister modi has just reignited uncertainty in
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the world's most follicle nuclear flashpoint. was that we now join giuliani from. shows in pakistan a strongly condemned india's move and especially joint session has fallen into has been courting islam law what was said that. when the session started there were no protests by opposition politicians the session then had to be adjourned there's no statement as yet the opposition politicians for protesting against the fact that the government resolution did not even mention the scrapping all. 370 so they wanted to be changed this session is likely to continue tomorrow and that's been expect a clear statement. that the indian media is incomplete and knocked on right now and there's very little information coming from that the pakistani foreign ministry says that an exercise all possible options to block india's move to book article
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370 what are its options. they're primarily talking about diplomatic options so one could be that they've been seek. the un security council to get involved in this it doesn't look likely the pakistani foreign minister is currently in jeddah saudi arabia where he's meeting organization of islamic countries trying to shore up support if we go by past trend we're not expecting a very strong stance there. we'll try to play this up but the prime minister has already called leaders of turkey and malaysia he'll probably call others as well but we know for some time now that the world isn't really interested in kashmir they only care about kashmir when the 2 countries are on the brink of a nuclear war but a device is not on the horizon for most leaders and we also know
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that before doing this the indian government took into confidence major capitals of the world so the national security advisor of india got in touch with washington with other countries so they know that india is doing this and why pakistan may be stunned by this the world is kind of watching it with alarm they might make some rhetorical commons but we're not really expecting the world to get really involved in this and also accuses pakistan of supporting what it costs terrorism in kashmir what is the pakistani government's response to these allegations. it's one of those classic situations where one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and the pakistani army incident leverage has been meeting this morning they have just come out with a statement and they are saying that we formally stand by the kashmiris and what they call is their just struggle and that we will go to any extent to fulfill our
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obligations so pakistan is accused of arming the push me to struggle for many years it denies the charges believe that it is it is a local because midis want to get their rights and their freedom struggle is justified so there are 2 opposing views and a lot of people believe the only way to solve it is through dialogue given what has happened in india i think that we have probably gone further away from that kind of desire. from deep down news desk thank you very much for that assessment. at some other stories making news around the north korea has launched 2 more missiles its 4th test in this than 2 weeks south korea's ministry says the short range missiles fell into the sea off the korean peninsula as an east coast in online statement north korea protested against a joint military exercise being had by the u.s. and south korea. japan is marking 74 years since the us dropped an atomic bomb
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on hiroshima during the 2nd world war that left an estimated 140000 people dead prime minister shinzo also attended the ceremonies the hiroshima america so we might see the new japan schools abolishing nuclear weapons. colombia has announced it will grant citizenship to more than 24000 children of venezuelan parents born on its territory who had no legal status or access to health care and education almost one and a half 1000000 of an estate in refugees are living in colombia. 72 people have been arrested or the climate change protests in brisbane australia police clear protesters after they have blocked traffic on a number of roads causing major disruptions the action was organized by the extinction of a 1000000000 movement. turning out or to sister cities on opposite sides of the us mexico border
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a mass shooting kills 22 people in el paso texas over the weekend authorities have said they're investigating the rampage as an anti immigrant hate crime el paso has been long intertwined with mexico's see with this a magnet for migrants seeking asylum to the u.s. but it's become a miserable wait tinge to its fear. many of the emergency shelters on the mexican side of the border are full but people continue to arrive the u.s. is sending margaret's back here across the border until the asylum applications are processed. this is the detention center in el paso asylum seekers describe what they've experienced there not a recent thawing us they searched everything and touched us everywhere a woman next to me told the border guard to stop touching her but they just continued to make booking he could see it. even removed posts on
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a tree pads to see if she was hiding something that they mean even though men were present. i think yeah vietnam base. emily is 18 years old she would only talk to us after she was certain that no one was watching she seen a lot she fled guatemala on foot then continued by train in may she arrived in the us and was separated from my family because she's already considered an adult you know me a bit of those my mother said no that's my daughter you can't take her away i answered by saying it's a different process for her yeah you got my mother to tears and simply took me away anyway i didn't know what to do. during. you know even after being sent back to mexico and billy and her mother can't stay in the same facility emily now lives in the border city of ciudad juarez along with thousands of other asylum seekers they're watching for their appointment with us immigration chicken pox is
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going around the center and despair is everywhere many give up and leave voluntarily. anyone wanting to enter the u.s. legally has to put their name on a waiting list in ciudad juarez alone around 5000 people have registered few of them he was to silence seekers even get an appointment with u.s. authorities. i mean but it's amazing when i think the entire system is unfair the migrants have to wait for their appointment here in mexico and they're ultimately rejected that's what happens in 9 out of 10 cases anyway it's not just have. the sound of solving echoes through the emergency center novi. marcella is 33 years old she left honduras with the children and now finds herself completely alone. give me your only hope it's unbearable having to stay here my whole body hurts my back my arms and they just give me pain killers nothing else.
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but know if you're is not alone. many people here say that the conditions are terrible the realities of migration on both sides of the border are brutal. federal prosecutors in switzerland to file charges against some of the organizers for 2006 world cup in germany the success of the global event has been tarnished by alleged corruption former german football association president of wolfgang is and once again now face indictments as does horst schmidt the former association treasurer the 3 were part of the one to come nice in committee that lobbied fifa to bring the event of germany charges against the head of that committee france beckon bow and now being handled separately because of his health condition. the buddhist leader club shaka is expected to decide today whether to take action
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against its chairman clemens tony s. after he made comments that were widely condemned as racist the billionaire has has led the club's board since 2001 he's apologized for his comments but many consider the apology self-serving with a german footballer facing increasing scrutiny the question of race 20 s could be forced out. with less than 2 weeks to go until the start of the bundesliga season shall have a crisis to deal with after discussion about climate change policy last week club chairman clements tony suggested tax money should be spent on building power plants in africa adding quote many africans would stop chopping down trees and stop producing kids when it gets dark. those comments have received much public criticism including from the shall care fan initiative supporters group that has worked with the club to fight against racism in football for over 25 years
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and then also told in order to the large number of people who have contacted us share our views namely that the comments are massively racist zuzana frank says 10 years must be removed from his position at the club. i consider it's kimmons turn intolerable for clemens tourney's to continue in his role at the club which is a high profile and important role for. fans in guessing cation are divided on the issue you have 10 years future at the club the consequence enjoy it shouldn't be any consequences they should just move on it was a slip of the tongue it wasn't meant in a bad way disc of mind indiscreet. owners of games out of the question and intolerable in my view 10 years has to be removed and if shaka doesn't do that then i would probably quit as a member because that's not ok they also garnish the decision now rests
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with shark is on a very board. now max named from the japanese sports disc is here and has more on the story welcome max tell us more about this shall commuting rich is today and that's going to take up this issue isn't it yes there's huge pressure on the honorary board who are meeting today and shocker but. it's been a tricky one really because a lot of people have listened to the apology and said we should accept the policy for people like sporting director young schneider said he should be given another chance many many others feeling differently as we saw in the report as well the fans are somewhat split but many former salcombe players with african roots of come out against attorneys and said it's just not ok this is not a normal club board that i'm using to say the honorary board is somewhat like an ethics commission that's made up of 2 judges. and 2 university professors all of whom have been longstanding members of the club one of whom is actually represented 10 years in court so could complicate things
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a little bit and they have sanctions available to them anything from a verbal warning to a suspension to dismissal from office i suspect they will either suspend him or perhaps ask him to resign ok so we have to wait and see but another story xenophobia and racism in football came to speak and it was in the eastern german city of camden it's what happened yes it's a 3rd division club and they have parted ways with their captain daniel fallen over his links to neo nazi groups and on saturday he was injured so he watched the game from the stands which is quite typical for a captain to do however he was sat together with leaders of the far right who you can see and he's a repeat offender he's done a few of these things in the past we can take a look at him celebrating a goal back in march where he collects a t. shirt that was printed with support your local who was. produced by the group who hooligans nazis racists he apologized back then he's had
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a few of these incidents come up in him and always said oh it's a misunderstanding of the club have now come out and said these apologies are fos we were. to trust him and of course kemet embroiled again and again with ties not just the club the city to last august the city saw 2 days of far right violence and the clubs clubs fan groups were seen as instrumental in coordinating those so the question then is that this incident symptomatic of a larger problem in german football i would say not necessarily because i think it's a localized issue a lot of it tends to happen predominantly in the former east of germany and also the lower leagues seem to have more of a prevalent connection and the fan culture is with right wing activism in the op at least for instance the bundesliga there's a very positive fan culture and oddly enough some of it is more typically associated with the left of the political spectrum so i think it's definitely prevalent in the lower leagues german football clubs like candidates who have sent mixed signals out in the past have to send very clear messages this is
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a step in the right direction that we have to wait and see where that goes back snedden philosophy let's just thank you very much. now to a summer sport of downey recently on really a place called skate cross it's built on the winter sport an ice cross which has become a hit here in europe skid cross has found a home in moscow and this was the finest race organizers apart just for this sport event sort of event athletes all inline skates fly down the bumpy interesting course and try to outmaneuver others before crashing into a padded wall at the finish certainly not a sport for those getting a few bumps and bruises. getting to tucson getting into has never been so popular tattoos have been around the world for thousands of years but 1st became fashionable in the west in the 1960 s. counterculture rebels saw them as
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a mark of individuality today people from all walks of life sport tattoos and europe's biggest tattoo convention here in berlin on sunday some of the arts biggest superstars won hands to show off their skin is. the annual convention sees hundreds of tattoo artists tattoo enthusiasts and the curious converging on the german capital to tattoo artists some of the best in the world modern day jet setters whose reputation precedes them thanks in part to instagram. a large following means worldwide recognition sponsorships and global gigs. tattoo artist rafa looks from brazil started working on skin at just 13 he has high hopes for the future. i'm a talk show artist and a surfer and i have 110000 followers and i want to be famous across the whole world . and he may well get there he's striking designs typically
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involve intricate geometric patterns flawless symmetry cymbals and the love of nature. sizable instagram following means rafa has work waiting for him wherever he goes. but the big players celebrity brings freedom melech tashkin is a rising star from turkey her work is truly unique vivid hyper realistic playful images that have bursting with life she and her crew a committed to designing people's dreams and applying them to their bodies she has 101000 followers on instagram. i am melech i'm thought this. can't really say much more the turkish woman was under pressure to get a 3 day tattoo done in just one and a half days her client had travelled all the way from austria. to lynn prefers his advertisements in the flesh with his travelling troupe of
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models. with just 23000 followers the glyn has a bit of catching up to do but he did win big at this year's convention garnering a lot of attention and the taiwanese artist loves working on big pieces in traditional japanese style where she right is wrong it's great because every character has his own individual story his own history he's part of a very meaningful tradition. bound with their tattoo guns these traveling artists really can go anywhere. here's a recap of the stories that we're following for you china has issued a warning to protest as in hong kong that punishment is coming hong kong police also announced that they arrested 148 protesters on monday the largest single day
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tally the city's been tricked by 2 months of pro-democracy demonstrations. and india's lower house. all fallen into such a vast fire beloved from the limits of the local governments and bash me the reason is under security lockdown after a special status was removed on monday moved closer to the site specially in pakistan which has long claimed to crush me as a cell phone. that's a phenomena to say what does it want to see the industry go highlights and kick off by.
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the. odd. kick off the boss sees the highest scoring single mom this millennium. there was some great greats won.
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some hope for your education the ones who. always feeling. very best killed off this evening thank you yes on to double shifts. china is hunting down the leader of. detention brainwashing torture huge prison lake county town stretching past the western sheen john region officials call them the education camp. but they're more like indoctrination prisons china and national race of people under threat. close up in 60 minutes on d. w. . ill will toward.
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the quiet military resumes when the white of the. ready reasoning to within its soul. the mind and the music. need to open 1st bond 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. much cash. acas lives next to you. thank you. thank you what's.


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