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this is deja vu news live from berlin russia's losing battle with massive wildfires firefighters are struggling to contain the blazes now covering an area the size of denmark tell you why this is being called a climate catastrophe also coming up millions in zimbabwe on the brink of starvation the u.n.
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issues an urgent appeal for a look at what's behind the crisis. and stop for gisors of the 2006 world cup in germany have been charged with fraud by swiss prosecutors over their alleged roles in a lull 2000000 euro payout. also coming up trying to stop the great coral reefs die off we go underwater and believes for a look at how conservationists there are keeping those coral reefs alive. i'm dr thomas thanks so much for joining us we begin this program in russia where firefighters backed by the country's air force are struggling to contain the wildfires in siberia the area that's a blaze is continuing to grow with some 45000 square kilometers already affected
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that's an area the size of denmark. officials say they've had to give up their efforts in some of the more remote areas in the hard hit province of crossly arsk residents are literally choking on smoke as the flames draw closer the village of belief is at the front line of the blaze residents knew they would probably have to evacuate the smoke's harmful effects have nearly driven them out already we're going to actually see the 1st fires started in july nights here weeks after they were tired there's another fire burning well through the very last kilometer that's the flames were 20 kilometers away. you could only see 20 meters in front of you that was worrying we couldn't see the bears that sometimes wander into the village you know firefighting helicopters have been in service several times a day but sometimes they need an hour to get to the flames they're dropping tons of
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water to extinguish the blazes an exhausting undertaking that may not even be successful. if you can if we send 5 or 10 times as many people and resources we wouldn't be able to put out the fires family continuous rain can do that disaster relief workers have been flown to the area to help with the effort and vajra mentalists say the impacts of the fires extend far beyond siberia it's a question. this represents a climate catastrophe. so at the fires are releasing as much c o 2 into the atmosphere as $36000000.00 cars a year the likely cause of the fires is dry lightning strikes but it could also be discarded cigarettes or neglect on the part of the timber industry. let's get the very latest on this now from our moscow correspondent emily showing today here why are firefighters having such a hard time getting these blazes under control. well 1st of all brian that's
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because the area that's burning is just so huge as we just heard and as you've said as well the area of denmark apparently it's just over $4000000.00 hectares that are burning siberia as huge as it were as it is anyway a state of emergency has been declared in 5 regions in russia there are forest fires every year in the tiger but these are just unprecedented and the other problem is that many of the areas that are burning are so remote they're very very hard for firefighters to reach nearly impossible the author already say ok there are remote areas but nonetheless there are growing calls inside russia and internationally to change how moscow flights fires in siberia what's russia not getting right on this. and there's been growing anger as well among people here who say they've been being smoke choked by smoke coming from those fires they
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also were these are acting last week putin called the army to to help put out fires there been planes that have been dropping water on the area affected and there been reports of successes as well authorities say that they've been battling the fires on over $100000.00 hectares but they also say that they have actually been leaving 2000000 hectares they've given up on them simply because they're too hard to reach and that's a huge territory as well according to russian law this is actually policy there are so-called control zones that authorities have simply declared too hard to reach in case of a fire where authorities by law aren't obliged to put them out and there is actually a law from 2015 as well that states that if the cost of fighting fires exceeds the potential damages and also already do not have to put them out so this is kind of
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a policy here in russia but you know greenpeace is calling these farmers a climate catastrophe can you give us an idea of the scope of the environmental damage. well what's worrying here is of course because of the scale of these fires there's a huge amount of c o 2 being released in the atmosphere which could of course speed up climate change there's also black carbon which is being emitted by the fires and not can settle on arctic ice and also speed up the melting of that arctic ice again bad for the climate overall and plus there's the trees huge areas of trees are simply dying or simply burning down the thai guy's one of the green lungs of the world and scientists say that these trees could take around 100 years to grow to grow back so it's understandable that greenpeace is calling this
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an ecological catastrophe emily thanks so much for that from moscow let's brief you know some of the other stories making the news right now protesters are rallying across pakistan after india revoke the autonomy a status of its part of kashmir the indian government has sent thousands of troops to the disputed territory and shut down communications neighboring pakistan which also claims kashmir has warned in these actions could lead to war. north korea says its recent missile launches were a warning to the u.s. and south korea washington and seoul are currently holding war games in the region on to say north korea fired 2 missiles into the sea it's the 4th missile test in less than 2 weeks at least 95 people have been wounded by a car bombing in the afghan capital kabul attack was claimed by the taliban and it comes as the group holds peace talks with the u.s.
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to withdraw its troops from afghanistan. well the united nations has stepped up its emergency appeal for zimbabwe warning that more than 5000000 people that's a 3rd of the population are need of aid the world food program has launched an appeal for 300 $31000000.00 and at a meeting in the capital harare the u.n. laid out the scope of the crisis some bob way was recently devastated by syke loans and harvests have also been badly affected by drought and the price of food is rising dramatically. the latest let's bring in our correspondent in zimbabwe privilege was fun harry good day to you privileged can you fill us in on just how bad the problem is and what part of the country is most affected. the situation is quite critical who have
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a bought 5200000 people who will be in need of food aid to the next. funding season you'll find that because of what the economy is going through as well a lot of people are being affected is not only now. what used opt in previously but also in the end and it is because disposable income for most people is gone and they can't buy the essential food that is needed for families ok what are some of the biggest challenges now and in getting food aid to the people that need it. particularly in the areas that we are affected by. earlier in the year infrastructure is still too damaged yet to be repaired to their roles and the bridges that we watched away and then also in other parts of
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the country you find that moving grain from one place to another is also a challenge because of the fuel situation in the country these need for adequate fuel supplies for the government to be able to be moving grain from one place to the other so there i am moment to pool challenges that the country is facing which are also increasing. problem that is the country facing in terms of food availability privilege farmers have been very hard hit by the effects of the ongoing drought what needs to be done to help them out i think it's a question of preparedness you find that i knew earlier when zimbabwe goes through a drought these are always lick of preparedness and even farmers you know in terms
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of preparing them for this season when the rainfall is low so they are caught and now we're in sometimes it ends up affecting them because they plan to maybe too late or the plant airlie when the rains are coming later or that needs to be put in place in terms of preparedness and also awareness of climate change it's one thing that is critical for farmers to know. thanks so much for bringing us up to date from harare from here a 1st. well later today in the united states president donald trump is due to visit 2 cities struck by a weekend of mass shootings that left at least 31 people dead the grieving communities of dayton ohio and el paso texas are still struggling to come to terms with their losses as we hear from d. w.'s alexander phenomena who's in el paso for us right now. vigil to
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honor the road ragers a high school student killed today in washington you know past only 15 years old bright light and quick on his feet that's how his friends remember he will always be there for me. he was a really our. he was a. positive person who will never never negative. always have been. always trying to make it others. they just said oh you don't deserve to like us for. we have a really strong community and everybody here loves each other we're really big family. students parents teachers they came together at horizon high school just outside of pastoral trying to come to terms with what they see as a terrorist attack against hispanics all over the past so residents are reeling after 30 days horrific events and they are hoping that the mass murder
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a crime committed by an alleged white supremacist from outside town does not give us a bad name after all they say this is a diverse and tolerant place which has consistently ranked one of the safest cities in the u.s. for many years. a border city with an 80 percent latino population el paso has suffered under presidents trams and immigrant rhetoric and his administration's 0 tolerance policy at the border residents say christina garcia works for a local organization that helps immigrants and asylum seekers she says some of her clients are now terrified they feel like every client that i've had interaction with they've had to apologize for what happened this week and i've had to reassure them that we that we are going to be a safe community but for now they mourn the dead. every day people gather at the
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wal-mart store where the mass shooting took place president trump is expected to visit us on wednesday and we respect him because he's the president but to be honest we don't welcome him we don't need him this was a very different city and what happened there was the worst thing that could happen to us and i know we're a lot of people know that if we will come he's going to bring a lot of people that really hate hispanic people. hate is not what should define us they say it's not what the united states is all about. this is deja vu news still to come on the program germany's 2006 world cup tainted by fraud allegations and now charges have been filed against those who organized prosecutors are following the money. but 1st it's to what you could describe as 5 g. and 0 gravity
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a new satellite system known as the space data highway is on its way into space rocket carrying satellite system blasted off from the european spaceport in french guiana on tuesday the satellites are equipped with ultra fast laser technology will help emergency services during disaster situations by transferring data and images of any point on earth in virtual real time. flying at an altitude of 36000 kilometers the really satellite has a view of large parts of the earth's surface the system runs around the clock and some of the satellites orbit the globe with even greater trajectories the easy r. and c. is intended to improve and accelerate data transmission from space by using a so-called laser communication terminal it can receive data from earth observation satellites through a laser. link then it immediately forwards the data to the ground station the
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system is $100.00 times faster than high speed internet for the actual data in europe it took several hours normally we do this we can cut this don't you turn 20 minutes maybe really. need your isp a look directly to the ground. during floods and other disasters swift access to satellite data is crucial radar satellites can see through clouds. there is able to capture the extent of floods over a wide area. emergency support needs this information as quickly as possible they can then determine the location of the greatest damage and how to get to affected areas. earth observation satellites orbit the globe every 90 minutes. but they can only send data to
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earth for 10 minutes at a time the new laser technology extends the transmission time and users can obtain data more quickly there are other advantages this is tim is useful for weather services accurate forecasts rely on huge amounts of data from around the world. the a.t.r. a c. satellite works like a laser node in space a 2nd node is already in place on a telecommunications satellite together they form the basis for europe's space data highway. the ultimate goal will of course be to achieve global coverage so the become transmit imagery that is taken anywhere in the world to europe within the real time meaning almost immediately. at the beginning of the next decade a 3rd satellite a.d.r.'s d.
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is planned to be stationed over asia after its installation the system will cover most of the globe a 4th satellite is already in the works. we have some sports now in the news that swiss authorities have charged 5 people in relation to germany's bed to host the 2006 football world cup next meryl is following that for us a good morning max one of the charges who's involved well the allegations of fraud and they sent her on a payment of 6700000 euros now as you say 5 people involved 4 of them key figures of germany's 2006 world cup bid and another the swiss x. fi for general secretary lindsay 6700000 euros that that are being looked into which went on quite a journey so let's get an overview of that journey. the men behind germany's wildly successful hosting of the 2006 world cup are in trouble on tuesday the swiss attorney general's office brought charges against former german football
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association president. and former general secretary horst r. schmidt the 3 stand accused of falsely claiming a payment of $6700000.00 euros from the german f.a. to fever was depression the financial world cup gala an event that never took place in 2002 then world cup organizing committee boss france beckenbauer received 6700000 euros from entrepreneur robert louis dreyfus back in balad and transferred this money to former qatari official mohamed bin hammam who has since been suspended for life due to corruption the central question of why bin hammam received the money is still unclear to investigators in 2005 the d.f.t. then transferred 6700000 euros defeat supposedly for the 2006 world cup kickoff gala but then transferred the money directly to louis dreyfus swiss authorities are investigating france beckenbauer in
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a separate case on account of his current state of health back and bauer were charged along with the others and then failed to appear it could endanger the entire case. and the clock is ticking. commuters are under time pressure there are only 8 months left under the statute of limitations it's high time charges are filed. now swiss justice has to hurry to reach a verdict or the fraud charges will have to be dropped. next we have an idea of what this 6700000 was used for well it's still unclear but the main suspicion is that it was used to buy votes to secure the world cup back in 2015 already german magazine der spiegel had reported that the money they thought was used to influence for asian members of the fee for executive committee and the money traveled through so many hands back and forth mohamed bin hammam involved as we had thief the 2006
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organizing committee but also robert louis dreyfus of has since died but was then the c.e.o. of german company at the dose so the suspicion is mainly that it was used to buy votes but also some think that perhaps this goes further back even approach prosecutors admit that they can trace the money back to 2002 where they think it may have been a repayment of a loan made between louis dreyfus and friends back in balance for use in various payments to a qatari company so it's still unclear exactly what this money was used ok there's something of a history a precedent of money being used to buy votes to to buy influence in in the world cup yes absolutely and fee for have been engulfed in corruption scandals for the pasta kate and the khatab bid the next world cup has also been heavily scrutinized and investigated this is now also a dent on a massively positive event in germany 2006 not just in a sporting sense in a cultural sense and also for the image of germany on a world stage however it's not new news that there are questions about this bid in
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germany even though it was seen as a clean bed back then this could bring closure to a long investigation where back as long as back as 2015 german prosecutors have been trying to get at least some if not all of these people into court and investigate exactly what this money was used for ok well many of us are not going to allow to diminish all those great memories of the 2006 world cup the dream summer it was next meryl thanks very much. well staying with football the chairman of a german bonus league club clement tanya's has temporarily stuffed stepped down from that post following comments he made in the speech last week criticised this raises the football club's honorary board meeting on tuesday it determined that all tony did violate those anti discrimination policy the accusation of racism was quote unfounded a statement from the club says the 63 year old billionaire will step aside for 3
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months at which point he is expected to return. now the world's remaining barrier reef sneed urgent help that's according to a recent call to action by unesco which says warming sea temperatures tied to climate change are taking a massive toll billie's showing how the reefs can be saved off its coast lies the 2nd largest for all reef in the world and conservationists there have found that painstaking work can nurse the underwater world back to health. with its breathtaking beauty billie's is a paradise on earth that was almost lost. the country's most prized possession lies under water the incredible biodiversity of it 7000 year old coral reef the 2nd largest in the world the reef was dying but it's now gradually being brought back to life monique vernon is one of those fighting on its behalf.
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well i feel like when i look at work it's like. when they call me or say all right we're going to all do this laughing work here at the corals here whatever it is i'm like all right let's do this let's let's wrap this let's wrap today beneath the surface it's clear why the reef is struggling the corals have been dying off the sea water is too warm too acidic and the frequent hurricanes have wreaked havoc here climate change is turning everything gray together with marine biologist lisa car and the fragments of hope organization monique is rebuilding the corals. overdue and so there's no time to waste right now for our own sir basically like the forest for the seas so just like the trees in the forest provide a habitat and shelter for so many other animals the corals do the same on the reef
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very meticulously after much research and careful selection they take a few fragments of some especially hardy quick growing corals then they plant them in new places several times a week they place the coral pieces in the prepared cement as they need to secure foundation around 80 percent of the fragments survive these ones have been growing for 18 months life is returning and attracting more life with it the reef protectors work is financed by project money and donations they proudly show us the results of 8 years' work the corals here have increased from 6 percent to over 50 percent all the hard work is worth it the reef has been able to recuperate. this is not solving the climate change craze it obvious to you is a little bit emptied by no some time for the cause of freedom of the people here i see it's all about political will i think we can do it if we have all if we have
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the people behind us hurricane season is about to begin. that means that the coral has to be established enough to withstand any storm that comes its way. the american author toni morrison has died at the age of $88.00 after a short illness she was the 1st african-american woman to win the nobel literature prize in 1903 she also won a pulitzer and the american book award for her novel beloved about and slave woman who kills her infant to spare the child from slavery works were praised for making the african-american experience accessible to a larger audience. let's get you a quick reminder now of the top stories we're following for you today russian firefighter teams are struggling to contain massive wildfires in siberia the blazes now cover an area the size of denmark marmelade sworn the vast release of carbon
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dioxide from those fires presents a climate emergency. and the u.n. is warning that more than 5000000 people in zimbabwe are at risk of starvation and it's issued an emergency appeal for donations. this is deja vu news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks so much for being.
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china this hunting down meter. detention brainwashing. torture huge prison like compounds such across the western sheen john reach an official called the reeducation camps. but they're more like indoctrination prisons china
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illegal use of people under threat. close up next on d w. d to know that 77 percent of african are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time all voices one part. of the 77 percent to talk about be issues. this is where you come. to 77 percent this weekend on d w of. the world is getting more soon. moore's catastrophe along problems. the global $3000.00 talks would seem british researchers to take
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a more optimistic view. the world is not always a good plan but it's much much rarer than i was. because the world really getting better. the global $3000.00 special reports. starts august 19th on the deeds of the. the air freedom. sheet almost forgotten the feeling. in fact there were times she thought she'd never experience it again.
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but here in istanbul on the banks of the.


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