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this is. from berlin tonight in italy the government teetering on the brink of collapse right wing populist and deputy prime minister matteo selvi and he says the governing coalition is finished and he's calling for new elections will get the latest on this breaking story from rome also coming up india's prime minister proclaiming a new era for kashmir or intermodal he says the region has been stripped of its all tanami to free it from terrorism and separatism the indian administered region is in its 4th day of walk down $500.00 local politicians have been arrested also
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tonight eat less meat to fight climate change a new report from the united nations warns of massive hunger without drastic changes to the way we use land to put food on the table and the plight of urban gardens city planners want to replace these green always with more concrete and steel. i'm bring cost to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome it looks as if the days for italy's governing coalition could be numbered the deputy prime minister and right wing populist any is calling for new elections to be held as soon as possible says there is no way to patch up differences between. his league party and the 5 star
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movement he says parliament could initiate the necessary procedural steps as soon as next week to and i'm quoting here to give the choice back to the voters salvini has previously called for several ministers to quit over policy the dispute. for more on this developing story we want to bring in correspondent philip will and he is in rome tonight philip good to see you again what exactly prompted this coalition to begin its collapse. well the excuse was the vote yesterday or an outline tunnel between italy and france the 5 star movement to has been against it believe that it should be done they want infrastructure investment they want to get the economy moving so it is no surprise that there was disagreement but it has provided an excuse to salvini say economy
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except these nets from the that from his coalition as anymore and they just can't continue to work together and of course the fact that he is party did extremely well at the european elections and he wants to turn that into votes in the italian parliament is the real reason why he's acting now. calling for new elections is that enough to trigger snap elections. it's true that test out the is the most influential politician in italy at the moment he wants the election it's very likely that he'll get the election in fact the yes prime minister decepticon thing is about to make his fate. very shortly in another of minutes and i should provide greater clarity but there's also the role of the president of the republic he's not obliged to fall in with some beanies
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requests and he could see whether there's a possibility of any alternative coalition emerging in parliament so we're going to show how this will turn out but it is very likely that the government will fall and there will be new elections in the us and in what would be the most probable outcome of elections were to be held i mean would we see an even bigger victory for populous. i think we were alone i think. the knee is counting on doing extremely well he's been dominating the political scene in italy now under this government has been in power i think there's little doubt that he'll turn his popularity into more though it's possible in a real government on his own without any other. so. i think he will do very well but of course no one knows for sure how these things turn out and there
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could be hitches there could be problems there could be people unhappy and. the prospect of such a dominant they get such a right wing. as prime minister of italy. or a correspondent philip will unfolding us tonight from rome as we wait to find out if the league is headed for new elections philip thank you. india's prime minister has for claimed what he calls a new era for indian controlled kashmir it follows his decision to revoke the region's sim my all thomas status in a t.v. address the ranger mode said that his government's action would free the region from terrorism and separatism pakistan disputes india's claim to the territory and has responded by suspending trade with india and expelling the countries on board however it has ruled out military action for now a security lockdown in the region is now in its 4th day hundreds of local
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politicians have been arrested. the streets are usually thronging with traffic but since then he's decision to revoke to semi autonomous status of the engine controlled kashmir ami fatigues have replaced the colorful bustle of everyday life few civilians still venture from their homes. but there is no one in sight on the roads. it doesn't look like a curfew people are imprisoned in their own homes because i feel that the situation kushwaha look at worse and this could continue for the next 4 or 5 months. i feel like kashmir is on the verge of burning. i feel that whatever the government has done is not right for us to be going to. over $500.00 people have been arrested in the engine controlled part of kashmir since monday to military enforce he's a tight kind of few that not only restricts the movement of the population but oh so food and essential supplies. with conditions increasingly difficult migrant
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laborers crowd train stations across the region having come in search of work done no desperate to leave. now as we are leaving because of the curfew the government made the situation worse yesterday the locals asked us to vacate our rooms and told us to go home. we have been here since yesterday there are no arrangements for us to leave no one cares about us or the government nor the police . there are no arrangements for food we have been lying here hungry. every departing train is rushed and pulls out of the station packed with people. as the government continues to in sports or not down in kashmir it is ordinary people that suffer the consequences. we want to go to our correspondents on your car she joins us from delhi good evening to you so tell us more about what mr. in
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that televised address today well this was a hugely anticipated speech and prime minister narendra modi essentially said that the scrapping off of special status was the beginning of a new era that would really usher in you know peace and prosperity in the region of we have to remember that article 370 didn't just you know guarantee jammu and kashmir greater autonomy it also got into that special privileges privileges when it came to things like jobs education property ownership and supply municipal the said scrapping scrapping these laws essentially meant integrating fully with the rest of india and this would bring in much needed investment and growth to the region and he really called upon the young people of kashmir he said they need to take charge of the development of their own country of their own land sorry
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are you 70. our party play any. 370 and 35 i. have given judge moon kashmir. nothing but separatism are terrorism. denounced it politics and corruption. ok so that's what we're hearing from india pakistan for now there will be no military action a response so your water pakistan's other options well spock is then has come up with a series of measures this week in retaliation after this move which it says is really illegal in breach of international also box that has downgraded its diplomatic and create ties of india expelled india's top envoy in the slum about today the pakistan also hold to the major train service between pixel countries and
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pakistan is also said plans to take up the kashmir issue with the un security council which does see as a disputed region pakistan has tried in the past to to him to internationalize the bush meat issue its called for a plebiscite but the question here really is you know i'm listening to saying how much latitude how much leeway pakistan really has when it comes to given that it has been you know repeatedly accused off providing covert support to militant groups of fueling the insurgency in a did indian administered kashmir. and so what are you hearing about all of these reports of politicians being arrested. that's right i mean these reports suggest that it's really not just politicians of course these politicians also include mainstream media politicians former chief ministers of the state and of jammu and kashmir. these are very prominent politicians we really haven't heard from them since they've been detained but we're also hearing off arrests off activists of professors or even business leaders so i
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think the situation the valley remains really tense amid an unprecedented security lockdown amid total curfew and of course crush me it isn't a bit of an information black hole because you know internet connections mobile networks landlines still remain cut off so i think the reports that are filtering from the body suggest a real sense of anger and betrayal and this reason is you know real fears of whether this will further still resentment and alienation in a region that has really been scarred by a long running insurgency that has killed thousands of people. so very good point. joining us tonight from sonia's always thank you good to see you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a regional authorities in russia have reported a spike in radiation levels after an explosion at a military facility near the port city of sever blood that sc 2 people were killed
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in what the defense ministry is describing as an accident involving a jet engine nuclear submarines are based in that area officials in myanmar say heavy flooding has forced tens of thousands of people from their homes in recent weeks emergency services have been helping to bring people to dry ground with many taking shelter in monasteries the most severe flooding is currently in the south and southeast of me and more. of the jailed kurdish militant leader abdulla also and has said that he could stop the conflict between the turkish state and kurdish militants within a week well that's according to a statement released by his lawyers and so on is the founder of the kurdistan workers party which is known as the p.k. k. he has been in prison for 20 years you're watching news still to come urban gardeners enjoying a taste of country life in the city they're facing growing pressure from city
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planners who want to green zone they're bringing paradise or developments we'll tell you more in just a moment. in kyrgyzstan police in the capital bishkek are on alert tonight supporters of the former president trying to get him released from detention. by yes was taken into custody by security forces following violent clashes with some of his supporters he's wanted in connection with allegations of corruption. this is the residence of kurdistan's former president must pick cotton by of. after they had been beaten back the day before security officials came back on thursday to finish the job. according to media reports item by of surrender to security forces and was later taken to the interior ministry for further questioning. on the day before the
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ex-president had been meeting supporters as special forces moved in to arrest him to get. them by a plate inside to escape capture as his followers clashed with police. as night fell things became more chaotic. the confrontation left one policeman dead and dozens of people injured supporters fought to protect their former president. but i can by i have tried to paint a different picture i don't. know it was the only one om to watch when the guys came to the 3rd floor by 55 or 6 times in the air it was dark i don't know if i heat anything i tried not to heat any of the guys with the responsibility for what happened with this special forces and the civilians should be born by the current authorities headed by president jay and because of that i want to get to the bottom of this thing is i don't need the truth they just want me to be quiet at any cost
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preferably forever but that the conflict marks an escalation in a power struggle between the 2 leaders who were once allies and are members of opposing clans item by if stepped down in 2017 and was succeeded by suing beijing because his one time protege. the 2 men fell out earlier this year gen because has since accused his predecessor of corruption and removed his immunity from prosecution. by have says the allegations are politically motivated. and the confrontation is being watched where early in the region the observers fear the conflict could plunge central ages most tumultuous republic into even greater chaos . millions more could go hungry if we do not change the way we farm and lower our consumption of meat that is the message from scientists on the un's intergovernmental panel on climate change they released a new report today and they say this since the late 19th century the average global
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temperature has risen by almost one degree celsius one degrees not a watch you may think but it has helped create deserts it's degraded land and it is endangered our food security of the world's land area that is not covered by ice roughly 70 percent it's already used to produce food textiles and fuel and housing that is likely to increase as the world's population increases so the i.p.c.c. is the latest report is also a call for action with a clear message if things do not change quickly it will become increasingly difficult to ensure that the world has enough to eat. this german field is bone dry drought has again gripped parts of the country these crops will yield much less wheat than usual and a new report by the intergovernmental panel on climate change warns that dry
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periods like this will become more frequent and more intense. the mediterranean region and southern africa will be especially hard hit climate change is already here one result the quality of soil is deteriorating in many places deserts are advancing elsewhere rich topsoil is being eroded but more and more food has to be produced to feed the world's growing population this is a vicious cycle on the one hand farming produces the food that people desperately need but on the other hand it's a huge factor in climate change overall farming generates more than 20 percent of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide cattle and rice production make up half of methane emissions a climate pollutant worse than c o 2 and human made fertilizers create 3 quarters of nitric oxide emissions it's a particularly potent greenhouse gas scientists are worried about how quickly the
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farming sector is growing an area 2 thirds the size of australia has been turned into agricultural land in the last few decades the i.p.c.c. says it's time to change otherwise deserts will continue to advance and hundreds of millions more could go hungry. he is a leading climate scientist and co-author of this latest i.p.c.c. report from there it's good to have you on the show let me just ask you the findings the conclusions in this report do they represent the vast consensus among scientists when it comes to. climate change. good evening from geneva this is a question. at the i.p.c.c. and this report has been prepared by more than 100 expert scientists from 52 countries is said i should also emphasize that the report is assessed 7000
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publications from the scientific literature and this kid is brought to the table here is the assessment of the scientific knowledge in those publications to us to validate the level of confidence with which we can make these statements and and also to identify the open questions and. research that should be done to fill those gaps so we clearly identify those statements that we can make with high confidence and many of those and most of those make it into the summary for policymakers which has been published today so it's all of the fine yes if i could if i could interrupt there i want to just ask you about what the report calls for in terms of our diet is that the world. maybe should eat less meat but we
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know that particularly in china and brazil with those countries becoming wealthier people are eating more meat so is it reasonable for us to ask those populations to reduce their meat consumption just when they are beginning to increase it. well this is i think the wrong angle to the public or core problem is we have climate change that we have cause of. tree causing 23 percent or 3 worlds emissions and part of this must be to go into sustainability in this sector where use the land demanded in demand for cattle growing and associated creek growing which is 77 percent off the land surface and that used by. enjoyed using meat consumption would be an essential step so going going for high quality meat that is produce
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a stain of billy and going for meat that is produced in your region rather than being added in from abroad must not a. feat that comes from other continents and needs to be transported like your imports of soil from brazil for example all of these measures would help to reduce emissions from this sector does this report. come to the conclusion that we would be better off everyone if everyone were to become a vegetarian or a vegan would that help solve a lot of our. global warming emissions problems. this is do nice at least still oppose no decision whether you want to to do that but overall there must be a trend toward towards less nice meat consumption and it comes to get there with the benefit of healthier food if you go for more plant based food
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containing grain containing nuts and vegetables and less meat than before and the meat should be of higher quality than from animal production and invest respect there are good reasons to move that way with without considering climate change and their cool benefits for goes for both sides policy makers need it's own board and develop their respective policies to make this happen climate scientist harms also portman joining us tonight from geneva mr further we appreciate your time and your insights thank you thank you very much for the questions over millions of city dwellers around the world the best they can do for a bit of outdoor space is to have a balcony or a roof terrace here in berlin there is a long tradition of green spaces in the midst of the urban jungle city authorities rents the popular allotments to residents but those same authorities are now
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increasingly trying to crawl back to the land for development take a look. same look can you see the getting some color over lovely these allotment gardeners are happy when their tomato plants their fruit it's paradise to the kluges who have been tending watering and harvesting for 32 years. and. we're actually here every day almost without fail when we're done with everything else the housework all the doctor's visits you can find those here who. don't want to hear from you for the clue it's the plot a half leased from the city is their 2nd home they pay $300.00 euros a year for it many other hobby gardeners do the same there are 70000 such a lot mens' in building alone more than any other european city.
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if you want one of these garden lots you will have to be very patient waiting lists are long and it can take several years to get a lot of the garden colonies have become increasingly popular among germans and it's easy to see why when you look behind me most colonies are right in the middle of the city with a kluge plot as part of an allotment colony that is surrounded by apartment buildings you know the land is sought after the city wants to build a school here and the garden is designated to be torn up to make room so will their blackberry hatch be dug up by a bulldozer the clute are very upset. and the limbs what would be losing here is the quality of life. i don't know what we will do then the moment was we can only. do a few other allotment called a nice also slated for destruction land is limited in the growing german capital
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which is why the city sees no other option than to sacrifice some of the green spaces. if. we don't want to make life difficult for allotment god but will need to repurpose some of them in the coming years because berlin is a growing city that needs space for schools daycare centers and sports grounds and a few allotment gardens about one percent did have to make way for those plans in the years ahead by. the kluges intent to fight. they have joined forces with their neighbors in the colony. they agree that schools are important but feel they should not necessarily be built here. garden colony has already been squeezed to make way for apartment buildings once before now it could completely disappear at the end of a 102 year old green oasis. are. european
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soccer's governing body your way for has attempted. with recent incidents being met with tough punishment. in place for lothian club then spitzer was banned from european soccer for 10 matches for racist behavior during a europa league qualifier meanwhile georgian side tbilisi has been fined 50000 euros and ordered to pay its next european home game behind closed doors due to its supporters racist conduct another europe league. well since your feline friends probably cannot read a calendar even if they could they probably would refuse they may not have noticed that today is world cat day created nearly 20 years ago by the international fund for animal welfare it's got fans around the world nell unlike here at this shelter
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in hollywood california current with joy a recent estimate put the number of cats world while i think living dozens of 3 at about 600 meow 1000000 and since being domesticated thousands of years ago they've remained humans aloof must deal with this campaign. you're watching the w. news so after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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the world is getting. since. moore's catastrophe a lot of problems. the global $3000.00 talks would seem british researchers take a more optimistic view. the world is not always a good plan but it's much much clearer than it was and how. is the world really
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getting better. a global $3000.00 special reports. starts august 19th sunday july. 4th. and on demand. hard cash language courses. video and. anytime anywhere. w. media center. you know that 77 percent. are younger than the fox. that's me and. you know what it's time all voices. on the 77 percent talk about the issues. from politics to flash from housing to
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top this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend d w. when you sit down tonight to enjoy your dinner take a good look at what's on your plate what you are about to eat is partly responsible for the hotter summers making you sweat a new report from the un's panel on climate change says the way we use land and the way we put food on our table both are not healthy for the planet and for us tonight a recipe to slow the global warming a radical change on the menu i'm for a gulf in berlin this is the day.


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