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things look a lot different there than elsewhere facebook and google are blocked for example what's the internet like behind the chinese firewall i want topic today. most of the world uses products from google apple facebook and amazon or. but not china there are 3 homegrown tech giants dominate the industry they're called by do . and handsome also known as b. 80 in china but i do replace a google. for e-commerce and is more popular than facebook is here but that's not all. my dues map service instead of google maps where instead of twitter and tweet charts instead of what's. in china
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separate providers for almost every online service available in the west but they're far more than just copies in many fields like live streaming. and online payments chinese providers have become global leader. stockman is a professor at the hattie school of governance in berlin and an expert on china's digital trends she says uses play a big role in these developments main difference between chinese users and european users that chinese internet users a fast adopters so when there is a new platform they were. try it out. we chat alone has more than $1000000000.00 users a month. pain is the leading mobile payment service it works in supermarkets and at restaurants hardly anyone uses cash in china anymore users can even doctor appointments. like this without it getting around in china is. and easy.
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social media platforms like we chat for example emphasize less the distribution of information more social networking so we chat was invented as a means to develop what's called in china. social connection. video streaming services are especially popular in china. instead of future and their flicks 10 cent video. and your cool are popular platforms for short videos that last around 15 seconds off flooded with $800000000.00 visitors each month. the current market leader is by dance with a program. outside of china we know it as tech talk. another innovation to video streaming is on the platform billy billy user comments are displayed live as the video player. things are
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trending more and more towards live streaming the market leader who counts 25000000 active users every month and the company takes uses supervision very seriously with the help of ai more than 1000 schulmann contemn managers monitor streams for violations they look for pornography depictions of violence and calls to violence but smoking on screen or showing. could also get your account blocked the chinese state has started much earlier than us based and european platforms to develop a vast institutional infrastructure in order to control and censor content in the west this is called clinton moderation in china they call it content management but china doesn't stop at moderating content it's created an enormous fire wall to shield his users from the rest of the digital world this
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comes in handy for many chinese path forms because it eliminates foreign competition but it also makes it easier to silence uncomfortable opinions how does it all work it is basically a huge huge vast either net connection that is connected by a very few stormers to the global internet and. because all traffic has to go through these servers the chinese government is able to block certain content in china foreign websites are mostly inaccessible when the content is seen as not conforming to chinese government regulations their ip addresses are simply blocked that applies to google the most you search engine in the world as well as the user administered online encyclopedia pedia and even less websites. chinese online services are usually censored before they even reach the public show
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chang is familiar with this phenomenon is a human rights activist and editor in chief of the china digital times the advantage of those chinese companies are the promise of the government they harbor compasses to censor and control like contents so they will not they will listen to the government or they will actually preemptively deleting lot of the contents before the internet police even take a look the messaging up we can use algorithms to prevent the transfer of photos in real time. kind of his university of toronto citizen lab found this out the image of an empty chair commemorating a dead human rights activist simply doesn't go through to chat partners in china. so if upload a picture to share with a friend it's immediately compared to a database if it raises concern there the picture is simply not sent the whole
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process is completely automated with image recognition software while it's technically fascinating socio political consequences are terrifying she was young says online censorship has massively increased under general secretary xi jinping now the chinese internet is much more a politically quiet place. it's still commercially very vibrant culturally still full of activities innovations but the in the last of its political action intense of a lens has all but politically silenced china's internet but the government is not satisfied with just blocking and filtering out on one of the opinions it also keeps looking for new ways to use technology to its advantage the communist party of china has its own app and it's been especially successful. digital politics the communist party of china keeps citizens in line with the little red
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app in the beginning of 2019 she jungle which means as much as study to make the nation strong was the most downloaded app in china even more than we chat and do you mean. the propaganda tool spreads the views of the general secretary of the communist party xi jinping uses must register with a telephone number and their real names in order to study political articles to comment or to solve little puzzles voted coupons and prizes just like in mobile against hunger an activist joshua long is critical of the way millions of chinese people are directly manipulated in this way he says the voluntary civic education platform is a surveillance tool just implied to rise off digital. in china and it shows how. true it propaganda and ideology there we go muslim minority in northwest china they are
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being monitored very closely. region it's like a testing ground for total states of aliens police officers into what's called the integrated joint operation from the program collects extensive personal data and flags individuals who appear potentially dangerous the organization should. when rights watch analyzed the program on its surface most of this information looks like standard fare for police but as we dig deeper into the hour we can see that ordinary routine regal behavior is being treated by authorities as suspect the data gathered in citizens is shockingly comprehensive and includes information ranging from religious affiliations and driver's licenses to employment records and even gathers data on residential energy consumption movement patterns filmed by the ever present surveillance cameras if something appears out of the ordinary
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consequences can be devastating for example it's helped single out and detain approximately 1000000 people from the week are minorities. recent studies show that the state is not only monitoring residents but also foreigners who end of the country by land at the border police install an app on their smartphones that scans contacts images videos and voice messages for certain key words there are 73000 terms deemed suspicious even the picture of a mosque could raise eyebrows and other chinese regions surveillance is not as massive here the internet can also polls a great up as unity this is possible in theory as long as you stick to certain rules. one way to start online discussions and spread news is way about it's similar to twitter and this time is not just micro blogging platform when they use wave or they're using it as a means to. come out with new stories that then often are picked up and go
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viral and they're picked up by market based media and then funneled into the center of public discourse one example is a discussion of a working hours that the founders of the startup dimension of kicked off they developed encryption software but on the sign they engage in the fight against the heavy workload from the tech industry. the so-called. 996 phenomenon working from 9 in the morning till 9 in the evening 6 days a week is a violation of chinese labor laws. they also speak with successful business men like ali baba founded jacques mom who compares work to love. despite all this it's very important to them to not be perceived as political activists here's what they had to say in an interview the 1st question he asked me is our 1st. part of this what.
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i know. despite various battery is online political debate is possible in china to a certain extent. chinese internet users are incredibly politically active and they can criticize policies specifically leaders becomes more sensitive because as soon as you mention a specific person by name topics become more sensitive and if you organize collective action chances are that your information your messages will be removed. when we look at the internet behind china's fire wall we get a glimpse into the future there's live streaming and mobile payment but there's also reaching surveillance and heavy state control users and platforms alike are quick to censor themselves to avoid sanctions this makes a free and open democratic discussion practically impossible beyond satisfy while the internet culture and economy surprisingly dynamic vibrant and diverse but
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personally the prize i'd have to pay for that would be too high for me what do you guys think that was on you tube facebook and e.w. dot com that's all for today take care and your next. birth. home to millions of species of home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use those critical
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climate green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on d.w. . her. they are thin though of i'm doing something social and i'm very proud of it when you. came in as who is is from mexico which is poor now he's living in germany which is rich he's volunteering at an addiction treatment center in the belief it. led that the german government voluntary exchange program made it possible. for the world.


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