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in goma in the east of the democratic republic of congo's so-called. the king of the road the homemade wooden skate is health transport goods around the city at breakneck speed and some of the drivers of the local here as. there are many ways to transport heavy loads. and this one in goma in the democratic republic of congo is unique but powered scooters made of wood their culture could use and they can used to carry everything imaginable. for years eastern congo has been wrecked by war. peacekeepers from the united nations with their distinctive blue helmets on the ground they don't need to could
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use to get around but scooters painted in the un kindness can be found this one's own public seed claude giovanni he and his 2 could do are a familiar sight across the city i'm not bothered by how much you could do like this because the area i travel through is home to many rich people from the u.n. it's really a mugger you know. he makes a roll of not transporting objects that might make his brilliant scooter dirty but his work is the same as it is for all other to put in the driver's transporting heavy objects to customers. doesn't want to. cause and i want my job i don't have any other much you could do helps me feed my family and thanks to this work i can afford to send my children to school boy. and when the route goes downhill even the heaviest load is easy to transport.
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alexy has been made more realize for his victories in the city's annual 2 could do race he's proved himself the fastest pilot several times over not just that you're some major attraction in goma but the work itself isn't so glamorous. nor did a workers' union for drivers. it helps us plan our lives and ensures nobody tries to trick us and. not with us the more we try to stick together so we can all be successful and how. much the gun. nobody can say exactly how many wooden scooters there are in goma definitely more than 100. so much to come by lives and works on the outskirts of the city he's a chill could do specialist and the man who build alexy giovanni's race winning ride. after close inspection he
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spotted the problem you need me to come by really gets to work he knows exactly how to build a robust roller using 2 different types of wood the axle wood comes from a strong tree that grows around goma. she got a new woman dynamo isn't turning properly so it needs adjusting so . i just can't work as well as i want to when it's not running smoothly so. it should do has to be found. you can see here that something's chafing. up. within a few minutes the transporter has dismantled and reassembled and it's wooden wheel is spinning freely again. one alexey giovanni can once again provide
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for his family with a simple emission free. made of free nubile locally sourced natural material perhaps the beacon of the future. perhaps that is now today is international youth day and this year there is a focus on education in africa school and university remains inaccessible to many especially those in rural areas beyond be hard reality in certain instances of people's hopes and dreams we took up cameras to the streets to austin young people about their vision for the future of our dreams. you know to be successful you know. to leave a better life because right now i would like to you live are so hard especially in this part of the world. you go to school you know i've seen every sense of security which was seen then you find out there are no jobs you know. so many children
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suffering here we don't have schools we don't have water you can see you we just come from fetching water we buy one jerry confort 20 u.s. cents and it's about 5 konami's as a way to post your future in the future i want to stop being a motorbike operator and it will grow and maybe become a taxi driver i want to be able to deal in many businesses not just taxi work i could even run a business. our live my life to the fullest how to become someone my periods were proud of out of someone my siblings also were proud of the biggest change i would like to see in south africa is to see younger many leaving the country improving themselves standing up for themselves and been fair and so independent that's no other main or any other person can take wants to have achieved from. and that is it for now from the news africa as all. catch all stories on our website and facebook
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page because it's international youth day today we leave you with some images of some young people in africa that the next time i buy. earth home or saving global india's told stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy
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solutions global oil has been by a series of global 3 goals and on d w and on mine. it was a season of high pitched sharp correction as it winds down the next exciting event is right around the corner. the german bundesliga is heating up and as always we are there to keep you updated with the latest on the kick off. the food industry has suffered starting august 16th on the g.o.p. . law. cruise ships unlike the celebrity sons of our ports. year after year more luxury liners enter our harvest the industry is booming.
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german tourists go on cruises all year round even in the winter. should i like getting to see different places without having to unpack and repack my bags from the you know there's all these bars and 17 restaurants you always have your home right with you. but the ocean giants just glamorous they're also harmful to the environment they're exhaust fumes contain sulfa nitrogen oxides and such particles people are now becoming more aware of the problem. because it's terrible we're from s n n as in is clean now but that wasn't always the case in most of the people living on the coast always used to have clean fresh air now it's the other way around to the side with the. cruise operators have responded to the growing criticism and saying their vessels have now become more environmentally friendly
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the tough they really. it's december he environment on the baltic sea ever since cruise ship companies began offering more when to delist the harbor he is busy even during the cold months. germans are europe's top cruise ship customers with over 2000000 passengers in 2017 and asked the business increases so does the air pollution it causes we 1st visited vandeman dane 2014 when we spoke with local residents like magdalena fleming 5 years on we meeting her again magdaléna ritchie moved on amanda for the clean air. crews operators have been promising. ships with clean exhaust fumes for years now we asked magdaléna whether she feels they've kept that promise she simply
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said. they haven't gotten any cleaner i'm so angry that this video people bring it up from time to time and you believe them you think the ships are finally going to get cleaner but then nothing happens to see it 1st it's all talk. but this is nixon the newspapers are full of it but nobody's taking any action ok now left us. dream boats and their dirty air what a cruise operators doing about it. this is for. a court city on madeira in the atlantic ocean just north of the canary islands down here is a popular destination for winter cruises. most passengers on board are german tourists. we asked axel freedoms to join us on this trip he's one of the world's leading experts on air pollution. right now he setting up his instruments to
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measure the cruise ships emissions. axle free today she used to head the department for transport annoys the german federal environment agency u b a and now regularly advises governments and environmental organizations. like all larger ships cruise liners emit pollutants into the air. the floating hotels need electricity 24 hours a day including when they are at port they get that energy from fuel generators. the cruising line's international association or clear says it has recently adopted the exhaust gas cleaning systems e.g. cns the association has reportedly fitted $111.00 of the $253.00 cruise ships in its fleet with the system. just how effective are the filters to find out. will be monitoring emissions on 3 separate days.
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the equipment he uses measures nitrogen oxides salt sulfur dioxide and ultra fine particles. a crew ship is approaching the harbor is exhaust plume is still only faintly visible axel free to his particular interested in the amount of fine particles it contains 3 cruise ships have now docked at port. even at a distance axel fraser likes the quitman his able to measure the particular matter of the cruise ships the minutes but the wind direction keeps changing so he cannot say for sure which pollutants the coming from which. the portable device detects 65000 particles that's 3 times more than on some streets in germany where driving has already been banned. but this level is typical for busy small harbors like here . here again there's only room for 3 ships the dark here is strongly 3 ships are
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here but other ports or bars alone are brought in a good honest as up to 7 ships can dock each day. the cruise industry does not consider a one off measurements like this to be significant yet the cruise operators won't provide us with more detailed information despite our request neither clear nor the 2 big german companies aida and. provided us with pollution levels. axel freight of h. was environment in 2013 to measure the am pollution caused by cruise ships for the documentary series 45 minutes his film raised a lot of awareness for the problem. tourists sought out this seaside resort for its clean and but these days even the pedestrian zone has a pollution level similar to a busy traffic intersection. it isn't worth a fine if we're measuring ultra fine particles that are smaller than 300 not
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a meters music serenely small matter can penetrate deep into the lungs. in some cases this can have fatal consequences the particles also come from the ship 6 almost the engines are pallid with diesel or heavy oil. what kind of fuel is heavy oil to kill will to police explained it well in 2009 in a documentary by the public thought constant one from on ships. does he is listening glitched crude oil from the forty's as an oil from the north sea. this is the stuff everyone is after on us all the rest of the crude oil contains lots of components each one can be sold better separately because that's why crude oil is refined. and the from the that the refinery crude oil gets broken down into its components is there are gas components liquid components and also
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solid components or i'm in at the end of this process and so there's this leftover we hear that it can no longer be refined and it does this is what power ships come on down we're trying to shift that's just a source. when i turn it upside down nothing happens that's how dense it is it's at room temperature it's like a road surface this is the stuff ships run on. no matter whether a ship is powered by heavy oil or diesel exhaust fumes will always contain 4 main pollutants. carbon dioxide the greenhouse gas that mainly contributes to global warming. which you may know from seed rain it also affects marine life. nitrogen oxides also known as and ex they made headlines during the diesel scandal and are especially harmful to children pregnant women and sick people and finally
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atmospheric aerosol particles many studies have shown that ultra fine particulate matter is most dangerous and. heart attacks and strokes. is a chemist investigating the effects of fine particulate matter from ship exhaust fiends. in his research he collaborates with other chemists physicians and biologists from the german research center for environmental health. they use a special method to show how particulate matter is harmful to humans the research is direct exhaust fumes from a ship's engine into their lap and expose it to living cloned human lung cells. here is the exposure of the most experiments to date added the pollutants into a solution and you cells that were also in solution. that's not natural because
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lung cells are normally exposed. that's their characteristic feature and we managed to simulate that with this machine. here the cells are out of the open so to speak and take in air pollution like real dogs would and. this is to date the closest. research has come to faithfully simulating the impact of ship exhaust on living human cells. generally speaking fine particles cause pulmonary information that if you're exposed to particulates matter over long periods of time that inflammation can become chronic chronic inflammation can be to cardiac diseases and permanent pulmonary inflammation which in turn can trigger or aggravate diseases like asthma c o. d c. it's an
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invisible threat.


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