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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm CEST

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this is a verbal abuse ride from the prime minister his resignation. flames the interior minister. talking the government after he withdrew his support for the ruling coalition earlier this month taking life for the latest on the program germany's far right parties poised for big gains in an upcoming election and the big issue is coal mining is big business in the state of prime didn't. have to use fighting to keep the sector i mean government to shut it down. here to see
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places of worship targeted by terrorists world religions gather in germany to debate their social and political responsibility. i'm so gail welcome to the program italian politics is facing yet another up tivo after prime minister content offered his resignation speaking in the senate he called it on the far right interior minister met him stealthily responsible for sparking a political crisis he threw me out through a grueling 14 month coalition into chaos by withdrawing his support for the government and demanding snap elections he hopes new elections could see him become the next prime minister but it's now up to the president to decide whether to call the elections will try to put together a new coalition. so let's get the latest on this situation
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that from d.w. correspondence of max zander in rome max hoffman in brussels welcome both let's start with you matt zonda so the prime minister told the senate to be the government and here and that he's to offer his resignation so talk us through what this means. what essentially means what he said because there is no longer the head of the governing coalition between the 5 star movement and the far right lead party and a lot of damage has been done throughout the last couple weeks and days ever since is helping me put back to put forward or put this motion on the table talk about the no confidence vote so it seemed to many that it was inevitable at this point that is if the council would take this step and as a consequence step down and now there's a lot of uncertainty here in the country about who's going to be in power who's going to run this country the future and what happens next. so the prime minister
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was was a member of neither party he was effectively a figurehead and we had 2 strong leaders of the 2 coalition partners so in effect does it matter if it's a he does not have a prime minister. well that's to sound. all counted as one of the next steps up its it does not. cut conscious contraception down does not mean that the government is dissolved this has to be put in the hands of the head of state which is the president on such a matter of so such a matter of law will try to find a new governing coalition with the bush with which would likely be the 5 star movement together with the p.t. party instead of the far right the purpose of a center left coalition another option that he could undertake would be putting in place a caretaker government until the country goes to elections which would happen in
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october or november and that way the country could still work on or the government could still work on important budgetary and financial procedures that are scheduled for the next couple months max hoffman in brussels what talking about political the top 10 wealth and europe's 4th largest economy how significant is this for the blog and if you talk to konami uncertainty is never good for the economy and we are entering a period of uncertainty as mike sunda just explained in rome and already italy is the use biggest problem child by far with a debt ratio of 132 percent that's only 2nd to greece and greece is a much much smaller economy but the markets don't like what is still the current government of italy and so there is stumm hope at least among the markets that whatever comes next might be better and poll pulled the talons out of the economic
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slump that they're in now with hoffman in brussels a thank you. rob thank you as well. now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world spain says it sending a naval ship to pick up 83 migrants stranded on a spanish humanitarian rescue vessel the boat the open arms has been blocked from entering the italian port of lampedusa for 19 days several migrants have already jumped into the sea in a desperate bid to swim ashore. police in brazil say they're shot dead a gunman who took a bus load of passengers hostage in rio de janeiro ending an hours long hijack the gunman took $37.00 people hostage and threaten to set the bus on fire and none of the hostages was injured. and indian space sac raft you know just last month has become this thing the moon it will attempt to india's 1st moon landing on the 7th of september if this happens and you would be
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only the 4th country to do so after the united states russia and china. there are less than 2 weeks voters in the german states of saxony and brandenburg go to the polls in 2 closely watched elections that of particular interest because the far right after he's poised to become the strongest party overshadowing the established parties the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. the f.t. campaign has been given extra appeal because of coal the last major wealth producer in this economically. region they have to he wants to keep coal fired power plants in operation while the c.d.u. and s.p.d. have decided that have to go with thousands of people employed in the coal industry position is popular in the region. it's half past 3 and stephan kubicki is under pressure he needs to order a crane. and it's me again what kind of crane do any kind of wine was it
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again or what. works in a coal fired power plant in the eastern german region of loose asia lately he's been managing his election campaign qubits key wants to represent the far right alternative for germany party or in brandenburg state parliament. if you're not seen years ago i never would have thought that i would get into politics so to speak and we this involved i could have gone officiated already taken my dog for a walk i could have had a lot easier it's tough to be in the a.f.d. . hostile to you on your point of but the f.d.a. is popular here germany's phase out of coal fired power plants has many people here worried and the a.f.d. backs coal power which is practically the region's only source of income the party
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thrives on frustration with germany's mainstream parties. whatever they've done for the last 30 years they make most people sick people don't believe in all the promises being made again just before the election. and. after the collapse of communist east germany many people moved to the west sense then the center left social democrats have governed the state of brandenburg. but since the emergence of the f.t. many voters deny climate change and use fear mongering to stir up than a phobia. this party that's been tied to the nao nazis could become the most powerful force in the former east only a few people here are willing to comment on the f.t.'s rise in popularity has come from within the kinds on where they want to go. we won't know until they're in power. and also by then it may be too late all of those lessons.
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a.f.d. candidates steffen qubits key who could lure s.p.d. voters to his camp dismisses concerns that his far right party is too extremist when george's issue of what they have something in the f.t. became unacceptable i.e. out fast but i don't think that's an issue about it all week mish you mean a far right trend yes that's always the assumption there isn't one it's well informed and yet some of its keys own friends and family criticized him when he joined the f.t. from you you have all your spuyten of of my family was divided some other relatives too were really surprised and some were horrified and they said man you're a decent guy how can you join the effort did you come through. him. even so other parties have been losing ground to the a.f.d. but not the environmentalist greens they've won supporters on the issue of the
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climate crisis and say they don't know why eastern germans vote for the far right. people are doing well and that's why they're willing to do ridiculous experiments we have 3 percent unemployment and our district is at the top compared with others . but when it comes to the f.d.a. they act crazy and take risks. for us. they d. has nothing to offer and they don't contribute to solving any problems at all they just make vulgar complaints about their discontent. hearkens this evening another drawn out complaint. a.f.d. party leader alexander gallons made an announcement he thrives on polarizing communities stephan kubicki also knows how to score points with this crowd.
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the funniest question was what do i think of the climate activist gratitude and bag i was taken aback so i answered i drive a v.a. with 388 horse power do i still have to answer this question. but the party chief gets even more applause. ladies and gentlemen if the f.d.a. governs branden org we will patrol our borders again. when. we're not even dear friends even if that means things get ugly many voters say gellman's unvarnished frankness compliment steffen could be more amiable style. he talks so much like ordinary people other politicians use more of a parliamentary language but he talks like the workers in the power plant and of course people really like it. the f.d.a.
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can do what it wants in eastern germany at least it's set to become the party of the people. now in a year when places of worship across the world seem to have become targets of terrorist attacks the world's biggest interfaith assemblies meeting in germany $900.00 representatives from world conventions debating the. politics of a particular emphasis on women and bringing about peace president from. the pickiness address the world assembly of religions for peace. yes. this is taking place in the south german town of lindau de to. bring him back welcome how many conflicts around the world use religion to fuel hatred so do religious leaders there at this conference a knowledge that they may well be part of the problem. i mean the
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delegates that i have spoken to would not agree with that statement the ones that i've spoken to say it's not religion itself that is the problem it is the way that some politicians or some groups abuse or misuse religion for their means so they would say they would they would that's their own subjective opinion but they would say that it has nothing to do with faith itself it's about how some people use it for example yesterday i met. shia iraqi woman who under the saddam regime suffered greatly because of her faith had to spend over a decade in prison because of her religious belief and even after this experience she said she says you know i i understand it wasn't because of the the sunni tradition that this happened to me but because it was a political. mean to a particular a particular and of course that's their own subjective opinion others might disagree with that but that this idea of religion being abused by people to justify
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violence was is an overarching theme here at the assembly and was emphasized by the president's address this morning who said you know we must all be to the delegates we must all be united in our believe that religion should never be used as a justification of violence that no war should ever be waged in the name of religion i'm quoting the president of course now one of the other big issues of this year is the gender of course is how to protect places of worship the time when attacks on these places be on the increase and we'll take a look at the record then we'll speak more in a moment. disbelief in christ church new zealand. it's march 29000 and a white supremacist has just shot dead 51 people in consecutive attacks at a mosque and an islamic center in the city. what is especially horrific many of the victims were killed or injured while praying the mosque
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a place of peace turned into a site of slaughter soon after the u.n. secretary general makes this play i am making a global call kenya for the sanctity of all places of worship and the safety of all worshippers who visit reverend sides 1 in a spirit of compassion and told those people everywhere must be allowed to observe and practice their face in peace. yet just several weeks later on easter sunday terrorists carry out attacks inside lanka among the targets a christian churches nearly 260 people are killed. churches or other places of worship and not immune from violence on the contrary attacks on religious sites are commonplace all over the world in october 28th teen a gunman killed 11 people during present to synagogue in pittsburgh pennsylvania it
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saw terrorists target congregations to kill as many people as possible but killing people at their place of worship also sends another message that religious communities are at risk even when they're remotely supposed to be a place of sanctuary. was. abraham. what is being said about violence against places of worship. well this was a subject of discussion today at one of the press conferences where the. high representative of the united nations alliance of civilizations was present he cited the 2 attacks mentioned in the report at christ church and on the synagogue in pittsburgh he reiterated the united nations secretary general's commitment to working with governments to come up with some sort of global action plan that would be in court mission with the united nations and local governments to give places of worship
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more protection he said that this is a kind of he sees this as a commitment from the united nations to take this issue seriously but perhaps a little bit away from the talks that happened on the level of senior leaders at the conference here you're seeing a host of workshops as well as what is called peace consultations that really take. really approached head on places where religion is the cause of conflict and they bring together religious leaders young and old from places like bangladesh and myanmar to try to resolve the crisis and to discuss the terms of the possible return of the refugees to their home another piece consultation will tackle the issue of the koreas bringing senior religious leaders from north and south korea to try to take steps towards a nuclear free korean peninsula ok so i'm bishops if nothing else.
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but thank you. it's no secret that many. take to the local cox of green spaces to try and get a bit of a boost but just how happy does being outdoors make you researchers in the united states in the power of social media can give them a precise. life can be hard in the concrete jungle and increasingly research is revealing that greenery and open spaces can have a big impact on how urban dwellers feel but how to show that spending time in a park makes you happier in their new study researchers from the university of vermont in the us turn to a popular social media platform twitter and an online tool called a heat anomic or which has been used to analyze billions of tweets the 2 ranks common words typed into the short electronic messages on
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a scale from one to 9 and assigns them a score words like happy and flowers score high while words like crash and jail scored low the researchers focused on almost 5000 twitter users in san francisco who publicly identify their location the scientists geotagged and analyze tweets from when and where the user spent time the he nominee then spat out a score on those tweets and the scientists analyze changes in sentiment before during and after the twitter users time in green spaces their results show tweet happiness wars rose dramatically for the users and parks in fact they were equivalent to scores only otherwise averaged across the social media platform and one day a year christmas. as vast numbers of people moved to urban centers and the number of city dwellers who suffer from mental health disorders grow sharply proof that green spaces can make you feel like it's christmas could have major implications for both city planning and public health. or less of the world have
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a reports that lead author he is that hour and schwarzer joins us from the university of vermont welcome to day w. what is the folly of this research. yeah i think the mean value of this research is for public health and urban planning more and more people are living in cities every year and mental health crises are on the rise across the across the planet really at this time so with more people in cities it's important to prioritize these green spaces and understand which kinds of green spaces provide the greatest mental health benefits and does you know does your research do that does your research help us to understand the difference between a pox on the botanical garden and a field where we compared where specific kinds of parts in san francisco so the main 2 parts that we want out of the regional parts were these large green spaces with a variety of vegetation types different amenities with neighborhood parks and then
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finally said the closets and spreaders and we found the parks that had more nature ever larger a number greener had a larger impact on people's mood but many people would look at this and say this is obvious people who go outside and spend time in pods in nature at 10 to derive some benefit one wonders how you have added to the sum total of human knowledge yeah what i would say to that is we've 1st of all we've quantified this benefit and compared to something. that people can understand this idea that people are happiest that on twitter on the day of christmas and the benefit of going to parts of similar to that what we've also found is. in this in this i didn't make field. people often wonder how are people just happier because they're off work or because they're outside but we found that that was above and beyond just being offered an outside when people went to the greener spaces the parks that had more trees that
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had more vegetation so i'd say that was our contribution to the study to this area and i didn't figure he really gave me a tour interruption but you do seem to be sort of overselling the research if you know your title you're saying that going to a big green park is the equivalent of having a happy christmas it's not it's just a pop correct so i would say that the christmas thing is really just put the numbers in context because this is the happiest day of your on sweater the boost on our scale. is equivalent to the same boost twitter experience as a whole in christmas it's not just a can touch realize the impact the change in the words people use when they visit arks good talking to thank you for joining us out of shorts and get. u.s. president donald trump has caused a stir with his tweet about his reported interest in buying greenland the u.s.
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several thomas tertian of denmark in tweeted an image of the trump tower writing i promise not to do this to greenland some 2 or 3 years since his human others were staving in their criticism of the leaders of greenland and denmark and i'm going that's a green light it's not for sale but there are plenty of reasons that the president might want to fly us flag. in. prime location unrivaled views in a great neighborhood for a man who made his fortune through real estate deals this must sound very attractive u.s. president donald trump says his country is interested in buying the world's biggest island greenland. sensually it's a large real estate deal lot of things could be done so hurting denmark very badly because they're losing almost $700000000.00 a year caring so they carry it at a great loss and strategically for the united states it would be nice president
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trump has done the math denmark pays for up to half of greenland's and your budget and that figure comes to around $700000000.00 u.s. dollars greenland is a semi autonomous region belonging to denmark greenland the sits in the danish parliament and sometimes the danish prime minister comes to the capital nuke she's been there since sunday as part of a visit that she insists was planned some time ago. but every. 2 things 1st of all are not currently in greenland because of trump i would have come here anyway i totally agree with prime minister kim keels and that of course greenland is not for sale by the way greenland is not danish greenland is greenlandic can kill synthetic quite clear in greenland will not be solved the same of those which are 7 or. 5060. 1000 people live on the island fishing and tourism of the main industries but it is thought that huge mineral deposits lie on
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the rocks and i see many islanders hope that developing these roll materials will help the territory get richer climate change means the ice is melting this makes mining more attractive in areas that used to be inaccessible a sale to the u.s. right now could be a bad idea that's because that big a deal is still to come. take a look at the sport will start with football in manchester united have called on social media companies to do more after the midfielder paul pogba suffered racial abuse online the french world cup weather mr penalty during united one draw at mohan 2 moms on monday he subsequently be sieved abuse on social media in a statement you know as he said to take the strongest course of action against those involved i think we also courage social media companies to take action in this case i. was very surprised to see you know messi and
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abraham rich making the shortlist for gold of the year but this year at the name billie simpson simpson plays for the cliftonville ladies in the northern ireland women's league volley this stunner from inside from inside her own half against a show in swift's last summer a simpsons one of 3 women making the template shortlist shortlist that will be announced at the fee for. next month. something that looks like a piece of video from you see him or gallery but what you see behind me is a real sea from the u.s. state of colorado strong gusts of winds that create what's being called the great mattress migration of 2019 year old mattresses that have reportedly been laid out from open air move in with the wind had other ideas and they eventually migrated across the park to a public swimming pool. i set you up tonight
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to talk. don't forget to get all the latest news information around the clock on our website that's state of middle call of a good. law .
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because the brain through a business season starts hollaback may be ok. thanks to a spin class back thank you. the feasting and bending. and
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demands into home and the 1st weekend to claim. it's time to take a stand. and face. time just such the no. and the fun for the trophy. time to overcome baldrick's and connection. it's time for. the debate is coming up ahead. minds. how does thailand taste. w correspondent susan hahn and host
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